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How to Clean Induction Cooktop: Uses and Cleaning Tips

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Here is my today’s presentation I describe that how to clean induction Cooktop. I want to discuss details on Induction Cooktop for our KitchenFact lover. Lets we start to know everything on  Induction Cooktop.

What Is Induction Cooking Mean?

So exactly, what is induction cooking mean? Since I’m somewhat of a nerd, I love to keep up with new technology. But in reality, Induction cooking has been around for around 100 years to some extent. However, I name it a comparatively new technology as a result of it’s solely been with recent technological developments which can be making induction cooking extra possible and inexpensive.  It’s funny to me because induction cooking is now beginning to become popular here in the US since I was first introduced to it 3 years ago. Induction cooking has been quite popular in USA for the past 30 years, and I actually heard about it when I first visited the US. However, I truly didn’t get one until a couple of years later; I wish I bought one sooner! Enough about me, since this might be your first time learning about it. Let’s just get straight into it and begin with the fundamentals.

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

  1. So within your induction cooktop, there is a copper coil that creates a magnetic field. (Doesn’t it look an awesome computer?)
  2. This magnetic field created by the cooktop creates an electric current with your pot or pan, which has to be magnet-friendly cookware.
  3.  From that electrical current between the pot and the induction cooktop, it creates warmth which primarily cooks your food.
  4. Heat is only created at the bottom of the pan, which means everything surrounding the pan is not hot and very safe.

How Does Induction Cooktop Compare To The Gas Cooktop In Terms of Cooking Power(BTU)?

A typical home gas range provides at most 12,500 BTU. (BTU is the unit to measure cooking power.) Now, most induction cooktops are measured in watts and most induction cooktops usually have a maximum power capacity of 1,800watts or 1.8kW. This makes it a bit troublesome to check since they’re in numerous unit. But with the help of scientists who are smarter than me, we will normally convert watts into BTU, which is able to permit us to make better comparability.

  • kW x 7185 = BTU
  •  1.8kW x 7185 = 12,933  BTU 
  • Average Gas Cooktop = 12,500 BTU
  • Difference with Induction Cootkop = 433 BTU

As you can see, the typical induction cooktop creates 433 BTU more maximum cooking power than your typical gas range of 12,500 BTU. This implies you’ll cook dinner quicker with extra precision like driving a Ferrari whereas utilizing considerably decrease quantities of power.

Of course, if you’re cooking for hundreds of people, you can also get even a higher powered induction cooktop maxing at 3,000 watts. However for a typical house, 1,800 watts induction cooktop supplies greater than sufficient cooking energy to feed a family of six.

So How Much Faster Is Induction Cooking Should?

As you can see from this video that my friends have made, an induction cooktop at the highest setting can bring water to boil in about 30 seconds and definitely under one minute. It’s actually unbelievable and fairly unbelievable.

I hope I’ve satisfied you that induction cooking is fairly awesome and actually, in my view, the way forward for cooking  Make sure to read about our #1 recommendation from our induction cooktop reviews.  Now that you realize what induction cooking is, you can read and learn more about the pros and cons of induction cooking here.

How to Clean Induction Cooktop and Maintain

So hopefully by now you’ve been loving your new induction cooktop and cooking up a storm. In case you haven’t carried out that yet, you can read more about our reviews about the best induction cootkops, why you should give it an attempt.  So the reason why I made this post is that the first time I bought and used my new induction cooktop, I believed I made an enormous scratch on it. I tried everything to get it off and scrubbed my hands off. Nothing would work and I freaked out and was upset. I discovered a video on YouTube they usually really useful the cerama bryte cleaner. I bought it and gave it a shot! It eliminated what I believed was a scratch! I seriously so relieved and it’s totally worth for under $15.

What You Will Need?

  1. Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner Kit.
  2. Some Elbow Grease

I discovered that using the ceramic cooktop cleaner is among the greatest products when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your cooktop. It’s also highly recommended by Samsung who makes induction cooktops. But severely, I’ve tried all sort of products such as alcohol-based window cleaners, 409 all purpose cleaner and soapy dish soap before but everything else fails in comparison. I severely hate burnt on food and grease! Yuck!

Quick Steps

  1. The cooktop cleansing equipment comes with a scraper, which I first use to remove all the crud that I can. I simply preserve this close by on a regular basis and use it no less than as soon as every week to wash every part
  2. Pour a bit of the awesome cerama cleaner, not much just a few drops are good enough.
    3. Scrub away with the cleansing pads that come with it!
  3. BOOM! You have got a brand new looking cooktop.

How Typically Do You Want To Clean It?

I suppose it is a private choice and completely as much as you. However, I prefer to hold a comparatively clear kitchen because I’m the form of a clean freak. I clean it once a week and this product has lasted me for about a year. Though the scraper did break after near about six months, I’ve been using a razor blade instead. It really works nice!

So head over to Amazon and purchase the cleaner, it will save you money, complications, and headaches.

If you’re still on the fence about buying an induction cooktop, check out and read about why induction cooktop is awesome and our recommended induction cooktop reviews. Happy Cooking!

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