10 Best Dish Drying Mats Reviewed | Buying Guide 2024

Best Dish Drying Mats

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Nothing beats the feeling you get when working in a dry and organized kitchen thanks to the best dish drying mats. You get to stack your dishes neatly and allow them to dry as you go on with other chores.

The best dish drying mats are a must have in every kitchen. Now that you are here, I hope that you have great interest in owning the best dish drying mats.

Why is a dish drying mat necessary? As you read this article, you will get the answer to that and any other questions you may have.

10 Top Dish Drying Mats List

This is the list only at a glance  view. You can see the product price by the link bellow. If you want to see the product reviews you have to go the product reviews section. In the product reviews section I have reviewed details for each product.  

Are Dish Drying Mats Sanitary?

dish drying mats can be sanitary. The latter is very important. If you master the art of cleaning and drying your dish-drying mats, they will be the best in keeping your family safe from waterborne diseases.

Before you decide to use mats to dry your dishes, you should ensure the mats are dried completely. Wet mats are likely to carry germs. It is especially dangerous if you store dish drying mats before they are completely dry.

A good practice is to let my dish drying mats dry completely before you store or use them.

The 10 Best Dish Drying Mats You Need To Try

There are different types of dish drying mats available in the market. They come in different materials, sizes and colors. Let us review 10 best dish drying mats you need to try.

1. Umbra UDRY Dish Rack & Drying Mat

Umbra is a global company providing modern and functional designs for home use. The UDRY dish rack and mat is a combination of a dish rack and mat all in one designed by David Green and Nate Asis.

Umbra UDRY is one of the best dish drying mats as it performs different functions like utensil caddy, stemware holder and dish drying rack as well as being a mat. The three compartments are removable for easy use and storage making it useful for small spaces.

The super absorbent microfiber mat absorbs water drained from the dishes and protects the countertop from water buildup. The dishes remain dry and the counter is free from water buildup and scratches.

The stemware holder is useful for drying delicate stemware. You do not need to worry about drying wineglasses anymore. This feature makes it one of the best dish drying mats available in the market.

The umbra UDRY is the best dish drying rack because it is carefully designed to minimize clutter. Once the dishes are done drying, it can be folded and stored away in a drawer to reduce clutter. I see UDRY is the best drying mat for dishes.

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Notable features: 

  • Folds easily making it useful for compact storage.
  • Safe to dry delicate wineglasses as it has a stemware holder.
  • Made from absorbent microfiber mat which keeps the counter dry and scratch-free.
  • Removable dish rack to fit the size of your kitchen.
  • Size: 24inches by 18 inches by 10.75 inches.
  • Weighs 1.32 pounds.
  • 19 slats for utensils and dishware storage


  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to use.
  • Super absorbent mat.
  • Folds easily making it great for small kitchens.
  • Stemware holder to dry delicate stemware.
  • Movable utensil caddy.
  • Removable dish rack.
  • You can use, reuse, and store for future use.
  • Unique design with a modern-day charcoal finish.
  • Great for mobile homes and campers.


  • Only suitable for small spaces.

2. OXO Good Grips Small Sink Mat

The OXO mat is made of soft material that cushions the dishware. Therefore, utensils are secure and free from any dents and chips. On the other hand, the sink is well protected from scratching.

The mat is carefully designed to allow for free flow of air. It is rigid and slightly raised to ensure proper drainage. Therefore, the utensils dry quickly.

In order to work properly, the mat needs to stay in place. OXO provides functionality and that is why this mat has non-slip feet. They elevate the mat ensuring it stays in place and speedy drying of utensils.

The small size is ideal for small kitchens. You do not need to worry about space as this mat is great for small spaces because of its size.

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Notable features: 

  • Small in size. It measures 12.35 by 11.5 by o.5 inches making is suitable for small sinks.
  • Soft surface is protects the dishware and ensures the sink does not chip or scratch.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the PVC- free design.
  • Rigid construction helps the mat to stay in place because it does not slip.
  • Feet to promote flow of air and speedy drying. The mat is characterized by non – slip feet that allows free flow of air.


  • Easy to clean thanks to the PVC-free design.
  • Soft surface helps to protect dishware.
  • Ensures sink remains scratch-free and does not chip.
  • Designed to allow for proper drainage and free airflow.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Does not collect mold.
  • Small in size to reduce clutter.
  • Sturdy and protects the sink from wear and tear.
  • Non-slip feet ensure that the rack stays in place.
  • Proven durability.
  • Great value for money.


  • Small slots can trap food.
  • Only suitable for small sinks.

3. HBlife Bamboo Folding Dish Rack

The HBlife dish rack is made from renewable bamboo. In addition to being eco- friendly, the collapsible rack is spacious. It can hold up to 13 plates and several bowls and mugs.

Even though it is big, it is lightweight. Weighing 3.19 pounds, it is easily foldable thanks to the X-shaped design. When not in use, it can be folded and put away.

The dish rack is a function accessory that is a must have for nature lovers. The beautiful bamboo is harder than local woods. This feature makes it sturdy and stylish yet very functional.

Ease of use should not be under estimated. The foldable rack is easy to assemble and use. The X-shaped design makes it easy to dry plates on the upper part and leaves room for mugs and bowls on the lower part.

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Notable features: 

  • Made from natural bamboo, the best dish drying rack adds a natural feel to your kitchen. Being eco- friendly is a plus.
  • Apart from being environmental friendly, durability is assured as bamboo is renewable. It is advisable to occasionally use bamboo oil for extended life.
  • Spacious – capable of holding up to 13 plates on the upper compartment and several mugs and bowl on the bottom compartment.
  • Folds easily to allow for easy storage when not in use.
  • Measures 16 by 9.8 by 9 inches when open and 16 by 12 5/8 by 1 5/8 inches when closed. The utensil rack measures 8 by 5 by 6.5 inches.
  • Weighs 3.19 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great 2- tier design.
  • Easy to fold. Allows for clutter-free kitchen as it can be stored when not in use.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Sturdy.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Great for nature lovers.
  • Value for money.


  • Screwing in the side basket can be a mess.
  • Can easily mold if not handled well.

4. CLIMATEX 9A-110- 27C-6 Rubber Floor Protection Mat

The CLIMATEX rubber mat is made from recycled material. Comprising of a diagonal texture, it does not trap any mud, dirt or water. This feature makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions over a long period of time.

Notably, the runner is made from commercial grade rubber. Therefore, it can withstand frequent use without wearing out. It is water repellant making it suitable for use in slippery floors.

For indoor use, it is suitable for different spaces. It can be used in offices, fitness facilities and garages. On the other hand, outdoor uses include wood floor, patio and deck.

Ease of cleaning. Since it does not retain dirt or mud, you only need to spray it with water using a hose. The mat does not retain water so do not be worried about being soggy.

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Notable features: 

  • Made from recycled material. The black rubber mat is water proof.
  • Multipurpose. It can be used in either indoors or outdoors.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial environments.
  • Able to trap dirt and water. Floors are therefore anti-slippery and free from mud thanks to the runner mat’s diagonal texture.
  • Easy to clean and does not retain water.
  • Easy to clean and does not retain water.
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds.
  • Size: 72 by 27 by 0.13 inches.


  • Light weight.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Does not become soggy.
  • Endures all weather conditions.
  • Durable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Great value for money.
  • Multipurpose – it can be used in commercial environments or in the residential areas.


  • Fairly slippery when wet.
  • Curls at the edges after prolonged use.

5. Homeway Essentials Silicone Dish Drying Mat

The silicone dish-drying mat is made from 100% food grade silicone. It is therefore suitable for home use. You do not need to worry about harmful chemicals in your kitchen.

The mat is spacious. It boasts of a 21 by 18 inches size. Therefore, you can dry all the plates, pots and pans without worrying about the space.

Flexibility is assured when using the silicone mat. Silicone folds easily making it easy to store when not in use. You do not need to have it on the sink if the dishes are done drying.

The silicone mat can be used as a rack as well as a trivet. It can withstand heat of up to 450 degree Fahrenheit. This feature gives it a competitive edge over other dish drying mats.

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Notable features: 

  • Measures 21 by 18 inches. The extra large silicone mat allows you to dry many utensils without stacking them.
  • Weighs 1.25 pounds.
  • Made from 100% food grade silicone.
  • Flexible – Silicone folds easily for easy storage when not in use.
  • Easy to clean – in the dishwasher, place it in the top rack or wipe off water.
  • Multipurpose – the silicone mat can handle up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, in some instances it is used as a trivet.


  • Large storage space.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Has a pleasant scent.
  • Can be used as a mat or trivet.
  • Does not retain any smell.
  • Protects the surface from chipping.


  • Grooves are too low. Water pools and prevents dishes from drying quickly.

6. Silicone Dish Drying Mat- 23 by 18 Inches – Extra Large Dish Drying Mat

The large silicone dish-drying mat is a very good product for one to include in the kitchen for drying the utensils.

 With the silicone dish drying mat, your utensils drying and safety are enhanced in a better wayCheck Price on Amazon

Notable features: 

  • The extra-large silicone dish-drying mat has the capability of holding almost all of your utensils. This will save on your need of buying an extra drying mat.
  • The silicone dish drying mat is easy to clean due to its build up feature of raised sides for free air circulation that also allow for minimal utensils dry up time.
  • Made of silicone trivet, its capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 450 degrees. This feature may enable it be used as a fridge liner.
  • The durable silicone material it is made up of is easily flexible and this help in times of storage. It can be easily folded to fix into small spaces within the kitchen.


  • The silicone mat is made of soft materials which are also durable and also enhances a faster cleaning.
  • It has a multiple use, can be used both as a mat and also as a trivet.
  • Flexible nature allows it to be easily stored in the kitchen cupboard.
  • Free air circulation is enabled by the raised side hence faster dish drying.
  • Can fit all of your utensils due to the fact that it is extra-large and also flat.


  • The cushioned mat can easily retain much water, this can bring about slow drying of the utensils.
  • The rack part if not well arranged, utensils might topple and fall. This can cause many damages to the user.

7. Amazon Basics Dish Drying Rack and Mat – 16 by 18 – Linen and Nickel, 2- Pack

The Amazon Basics dish drying rack and mat, linen and nickel comes in a pair packed together for the user. The dish mat is of good quality and is manufactured to match the user want.

Having one in your kitchen is a good choice, all of your utensils are easily and comfortable dried with ease.

The drying rack and mat and both delivered as a pair and can as well be used in their pair.

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Notable features: 

  • The linen and nickel 2 mats measure 17.25 by 15.88 inches.
  • The mat is made of an easy to dry polyester that makes it close to impossible for mold and mildew to accumulate to it.
  • Highly flexible because it is made up of a flexible material. This also makes it easy to wash even in a washing machine.
  • Made of a cushioned mat that prevents glass utensils from breaking.
  • It is double sided with a close intact side that keeps the rack in place.
  • The product is about 1.1 kilograms, that makes it easily portable for the user.


  • The mat can be easily washed in a machine.
  • Easy storage, can be folded.
  • Made of polyester that can quickly dry up.
  • Saves much space by holding much utensils.
  • It is absorbent at the bottom.
  • Less bulky thus can be easily carried around.
  • Has an elastic band with which storage is easily enhanced.
  • The cushioning helps prevent damaging of glass utensils.


  • The cushioned mat can easily retain much water, this can bring about slow drying of the utensils.
  • The rack part if not well arranged, utensils might topple and fall. This can cause many damages to the user.

8. Amazon Basics Drying Mat- 18 by 24- Charcoal, 3-Pack

Amazon Basics once again brings a wonderful drying mat for your use in the kitchen. The drying mat is built to cutter for several uses; dishes, glass utensils, serving utensils and very many more can be all dried on this amazing Amazon Basics drying mat.

With this, the user wants are all catered for when the mat is used accordingly. I will be happy to inform anyone who wishes to buy this product that this is the best option to go for. With it, all the utensils drying experience will be wonderful as never before.

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Notable features: 

  • The drying mat consist of a 3-pack mats which offers a larger space for the utensils.
  • Material used to build the mat is easy drying polyester that prevents the growth of mold and dew.
  • It is made of an absorbent material. This suck water faster, there by brings a faster drying experience to the user.
  • Cushioned inner parts protects glass utensils from breaking by reducing the shock during fall.
  • The double sided and non-slip sides keep the utensils in place. This prevents utensils from toppling over and falling.


  • Made of fabric material that has the capacity to dry up faster.
  • Glass utensils can’t break with the cushioned lining for the mat.
  • The mat is made in such a way that it can be easily washed in a machine.
  • Mold and mildew cannot grow due to the absorbent nature.
  • Easy storage is enhanced by its flexibility nature.
  • Light thus portable to fit the user want.


  • It cannot be cut to fit the user specifications. When cut, raveling occurs this can bring about a faster wear out.

9. Amazon Basics Drying Rack- 18 by 24- Black/Black, With 2 Mats

The Amazon Basics drying rack with two mats is a better commodity when it comes to utensil drying. With it you can be sure of having the utensils well dried. The drying rack comes with 2 mats in it that makes it much spacious for use.

The features make it an exclusive product to be used in the kitchen for utensils drying purposes. Without hesitation, I will recommend this product for a customer who wishes to buy it.

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Notable features: 

  • The product dimensions are 23.25 by 17.88 by 19 inches. This allows you to have all your utensils easily placed.
  • Its weight is about 1.98 kilograms; this makes it slightly portable to carry around to a better place.
  • The mat has a cushioned side that prevents breaking of glasses. The cushion acts as a shock absorber in a case where the glass utensils falls.
  • The quick-drying of utensils is enhanced by the absorbent fabric material.
  • Mold and dew build up are prevented by the faster drying polyester mat.
  • Double- side and the non-flip sides helps put the mat and rack into position.


  • Up to 7 dishes can be held on the wire rack.
  • Good storage, it can easily fold.
  • Washing not a problem, it can be washed with a machine.
  • Cushioned mat prevents glass breaking.
  • Faster drying fabric wick away water in the utensils making them dry faster.


  • The absorbent cloth wet faster thus making it ineffective to dry up the utensils faster.
  • If not well placed on a flat base, it can easily fall.
  • The elastic bands used for the simple storage can cut with ease after a long time of use.

10.AmazonBasics Large Drying Rack- 18 by 24- Black/Black, With 2Mats

The Amazon Basics makes part of the essentials to be used in a kitchen or in a household. It is a good choice for a quick washing and drying of utensils.

It is also a lasting solution for households when it comes to utensils drying and washing. This is one of the best choices for anyone’s kitchen or household.

Check Price on Amazon

Notable features: 

  • The Amazon Basics comes with two mats and a large dying rack which makes it have a dimension of 23.38 by 17.25by 19 inches.
  • It can weigh up to 2.59 kilograms of weight, which is relatively lighter.
  • Faster drying polyester mat makes the mat free of mold and mildew growth and build up.
  • Up to 7 seven set of utensils that is plates among others, can be hanged through elevation on the rack.
  • It has a plastic closure and a flexible material that allows it to be easily folded. This makes it to be easily stored.
  • The mat is kept in place by the double-sided surface.


  • Can be easily stored because of itsflexibility.
  • Close to seven dishes can be held in the elevated rack.
  • The polyester mat dries up faster.
  • Can be easily washed by a machine.
  • Used to dry a vast number of kitchen utensils.
  • Flat base helps it firmly rest on the placed part.
  • Relatively light hence can be easily carried.


  • When plates are only placed on the rack, they can easily fall off to the ridges because of the poor balancing.
  • Over time the absorbent part becomes non-recessive to much moisture thus wets the plates thereby slowing the rate of drying.

How To Clean Dish Drying Mat

Like many home laundry, you can clean dish drying mats in a washing machine. However, if you choose not to use a machine, you can use cold water with soap. The most important step is how you clean off stubborn stains and finally dry them.

To start with, you place water and soap into a washing machine and set the timer. After the timer goes to zero, you can drain the water and put in clean water for rinsing. After ensuring no dirty water is in the washing machine, you can remove the dish drying mat from the machine and tumble dry it in an airy place.

You need to avoid strong detergents such as bleach. Do not iron or even use a fabric softener.

 In case you are cleaning, you dish drying mats by hand, you will scrub off soup or any other stains from the mat and upon rinsing, you can tumble dry it in an open and airy place to ensure sun hits the mat until dry completely.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Dish Drying Mat

Before purchasing any of the dish drying racks above, you need to put different factors into consideration. Some of the features have been discussed in depth for each rack.

However, different kitchens have different needs. Therefore, you need to scrutinize every dish rack before making a purchase. An informed decision will ensure you have the mat that best suits your needs.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before buying the best dish drying rack.

  • Size

are suitable for small spaces while large kitchens require mats that have a high storage capacity.

Therefore, you need to consider the size of your kitchen before buying a mat. For small sinks, choose one that is small in size and folds easily. When not in use, it can be folded and kept away to reduce clutter. In the case of a large kitchen, choose a mat that is big enough to handle pots and pans neatly without stacking.

  • Ease of cleaning

that it is made from material that is easy to clean and does not retain smells.

You need to clean your mat frequently as it is exposed to water and can easily mold. Most of the dishes drying mats discussed above are easy to clean.

However, the eco-friendly bamboo collapsible rack needs special care. You are advised to use bamboo oil occasionally to ensure durability.

  • Flexibility

Everyone loves a neat kitchen. The drying mat contributes to a neat kitchen because of its flexibility. It should be foldable or collapsible for easier storage. When not in use, it can be tucked away in a drawer to avoid clutter.

  • Durability

Durability is undeniably one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. You should choose a mat that is made to last long. The edges should not fold and it should protect the counter top while drying the dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are dish drying mats safe?

A: Yes! Whether the mat is made of microfiber or from any other material, dish drying mats are safe to use. The best practice is to use them for the right purpose the best way possible. All you want is for them to dry up your dishes not to absorb moisture.

Q: How often should I wash my dish drying mat?

A: The best practice is you wash your dish drying mats at least four times in a year.

Q: Can you hand wash/machine-wash dish drying mats?

A: You can. You need to wash your dish drying mats if you want them to give you the best service. If you decide to use a machine to clean your dish drying mats, you do not need to mix them with other clothes. Besides, you do not need to use fabric softeners or bleaches. Just soap and water until the mats are clean.

Q: Does vinegar kill mold from dish drying mats?

A: Vinegar is a highly respected mild acid, which is good for elimination mold and other germs from surfaces and fabrics. However, the way you decide to use vinegar matters a lot. On dish drying mats, you only need to spray on the moldy parts and leave the mat to dry in the air.


Your family’s health and safety are important. You do not want them to get sick simply because you never drained water from your dishes. Using some of the best dish drying mats on this list will not only help you achieve your goal, but also show that you love your family. It’s true that the market offers a variety of dish-drying. However, it doesn’t mean each of the mats in the market will serve you right. We have strived to compile what we think will give you the best dish-drying experience. The remaining part of choosing, which dish drying mat to take home is now yours.

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