7 Best Single Serve Smoothie Blenders Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Single Serve Smoothie Blenders

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Owing the best single smoothie blender is like the magic lamp with a genie. It will save a lot of time/effort to clean the blending jar that you often do with family blending jar. The typical family blender comes with a minimum of 1 liter of the jar with a heavy cover. Who is going to keep out that and clean every day? No one.

5 Single Serve Smoothie Blenders from amazon best seller lsit

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Top 7 Single Serve Smoothie Blenders at A Glance

If you want to check the price, customer reviews, and product description from amazon you can check the link below. I reviewed each product individually in the product reviews section. Let’s check now.

  • CHULUX Personal Smoothie Blender – Check Price.
  • Personal Blender 2-in-1 Single Serve Blender- Check Price.
  • Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender- Check Price.
  • BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender- Check Price.
  • Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies – Check Price.
  • Oster My Blend with Travel Sports Bottle- Check Price.
  • Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender – Check Price.

7 Best Single Serve Smoothie Blenders Reviews

Previously we have tried and tested different types of blenders and shared with our readers on this site. That is why we thought now it is time to check some single-serve blenders that are GREAT  for smoothies. We have listed some high-quality blenders after spending 120 hours of tests among 12 different brands of mixers. These are 7 best single serve smoothie blenders that are efficient in many different ways. These blenders are slightly different from a  portable blender.  Check them out.

1.  CHULUX Personal Smoothie Blender

CHULUX Personal Smoothie Blender

If you want a multi-purpose serve blender that can make your life a bit easier then here you have it. The CHULUX Personal Smoothie Blender. It can grind and blend both. For that, the blender has two different blades also.

The motor is the main equipment that makes it worth it. Its 1000w/20000 RPM cooper motors give you efficient and quiet processing. Generally, it takes 30 sec to make smoothies or juice, in some cases less in time.

This blender is perfect to make smoothies, juices, baby food, and sauces. Also, you can grind your dry spices like pepper, chili or crushed nuts. The grinding bled is so powerful that its ability to grind hard coffee beans in fine powder.

Important Features

  • Two separate options to use grinding and blending.
  • Versatile and can multiple types of foods.
  • Food doesn’t leak so easily.
  • Easy to clean too.
  • Powerful blades that can grind coffee beans also.
  • The motor base has a silicon body that holds the power unit in a fixed place.
  • The smart one-touch operation for easy and fast action.

What we don’t like

  • Some user complains the motor has an overheating problem.

Check Price on Amazon

2. Personal Blender, Willsence Smoothie Blender 2-in-1 Single Serve Blender

Here is another 2-in-1 best personal blender for smoothies from Willsence. This blender also works well for grinding and blending and comes with a travel jar and a small cup with lid. Infect this blender is faster in making juice or smoothie, just in 20 secs.

You can make smoothies, salad dressing, baby food, grind nuts, coffee bean and so on.

The best side of this single-serve blender is it has many safety features that can prevent additional damage. Like it has to overheat protection technology that shuts off the motor if senses overheating. Also, the double seal lid makes sure there is a way to escape the liquid outside.

Important Features

  • Safer to keep the foods for a long time.
  • Simple one-button operation.
  • Its double-sealed cup gives more firmness to the lid and prevents any leakage.
  • Blend all fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits.
  • Suitable for grinding dry spices.
  • Easy to clean and also dishwasher safe.
  • Great customer service.
  • Cheap in price.

What we don’t like

  • The cups are made of thin plastics.
  • No additional cups are available to buy.

Check Price on Amazon

3. Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender

Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender

If you want a super easy and extremely cheap single serve blender than there is nothing better than Chefman Ultimate Personal Smoothie Blender. It is a twist-on design blender that can make single-serve smoothie or juice within 20 sec.

It’s an ultra-compact lightweight travel blender. That easy to carry anywhere or store in a small place. It’s best for students who live in the dormitory. The cup is much easier to take your drink in the office or gym.

The blender can blend and grind wet to dry ingredients very well. With this blender, you will get access to Club Chefman for tailor-made recipes, videos, help from chefs and cookbooks, etc.

Important Features

  • Lightweight easy to store is a small place.
  • Excellent at its job of blending, mixing and grinding.
  • Safe to store food in its containers.
  • It can crush ice very well.
  • Makes traveling with the smoothie very convenient.
  • The blades are sharp and good to go for a long time.
  • Dishwasher safe is so easy to clean.

What we don’t like

  • Twist-cup is a pain.
  • The replacement parts are not available all the time.

Check Price on Amazon

4. BELLA BLA13984 Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

BELLA BLA13984 Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

The BELLA BLA13984 Rocket is a money-saving option for those who want more cups and lids in their smoothie blender. It includes four same size small cups with five different types of top. One for spices one for travel and quick sip and rest for completely cover the jar mouth.

Bella has got a powerful motor that good to crush, mix and bend fresh to frozen and kind of ingredients. It’s good at mixing leafy greens also.

If you need to grind coffee beans, peppers, nuts, etc. then you will be happy to have this one. If you grind your all dry spices or coffee beans in the right texture in the right amount.

All the lids, cups, jars are good to go in dishwasher anytime. The plastics are BPA free so safe for making baby foods too.

Important Features

  • Very affordable single-serve blender.
  • It has lots of accessories to utilize from its 15 piece set.
  • This is dishwasher safe and good to hand clean also.
  • Takes less time to blend everything even there are leafy greens.
  • Compare to its price the unit lasts a very long time.

What we don’t like

  • The company does not have any additional cups or other parts.
  • The motor is loud.
  • The extraction blades tend to wear out quickly.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending

Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes

Ninja has an excellent reputation for serving powerful blenders. And

personal blender is ideal for any fitness-loving people. There is an extra load or mess with this model. You have got two same size travel cups with the same cover and the motor base. The cups are good for a sip the drink direct and store the drink well inside of them.

All the lids cups are made of BPA free materials. The cups have max line engraved so you can make without overpowering them. The good thing is the 700 watt motor of this ninja is fast and efficient to crush and blend all kinds of foods.

Cleaning all the containers and cover is straightforward. You can wash them either dishwasher or just but hand. If maintained well, this ninja will stay workable for a long time.

Important Features

  • Very fast and effective blending.
  • Especially useful for frozen foods, drinks, etc.
  • Two travel mugs with sip lids for on go drinks.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Made of BPA free plastic.
  • The spare parts, cups and recipe books are available to buy later on.

What we don’t like

  • Sometimes the lids open during the run.
  • Make noise while working.

Check Price on Amazon

6. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sports Bottle

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender

We are heading largely to travel size blenders now. The Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender is a single server blender that has only one bottle to blend and serve- the travel bottle. The mixer is made literally to travel with. You can use at your office, in RVs, boat and so on.

The Oster blender has a powerful motor that crush freshly cuts fruits and vegetable well. You can add ice, sugar in it two. What we don’t like traction quality of the motor, cups, and lids are durable and safe for dealing with foods.

If you want to work with it well, make sure you fill 50% of liquid and rest of other ingredients. It may give trouble with less liquid and drier or semi-dry items. That is why adding protein powder or frozen berries takes time to blend well with it.

Important Features

  • Perfect to make drinks with ice cubes.
  • Bpa free, dishwasher safe plastic bottle.
  • Resettable fuse for revives motor if it’s overheated.
  • Excellent shape and vibrant colors of cups.
  • Includes fitting lids.
  • Good for traveling with you.

What we don’t like

  • Takes time to blend protein powder well.
  • Frozen fruits get stuck in the bottom sometimes.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender

Last but not least. Our final peak is the best small blender for smoothies for single drinks serving. Its compact design makes it worth for small living space, office, gym, etc. you can make shakes, smoothies, marinades or even baby formulas.

The blender has a 175-watt motor that gives the right amount of power to crush and slice all the items inside of it. You can add an ice cube with all other ingredients too. The model has a perfect stainless steel blade that stays sharp for a long time. Also the container and lid quality is very well. If you don’t drop them often on the floor with will last for many years.

The blender is simple and easy to use. It has one button that works as on or pulse button. So you can make a drink with you desired What we don’t like is latency.

Important Features

  • Both the motor and container is very durable.
  • The jar has measurement marks on it.
  • The power cord can be hidden in the bottom by coiling up.
  • One button operation to start/stop.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Light and easy to travel with.
  • Great price.

What we don’t like

  • The container bottom is hard to clean.

Check Price on Amazon

Single Serve Smoothie Blenders Reviews on Video

Care and Maintenance Tips

Single serving personal smoothie blenders are made for light jobs. Like, making one meal or two juice, smoothies or small batch of sauces. These are not kitchen horses that can run hours to hours with a load of a massive batch of the meal. So, here are some tips for you to make sure you can use it in the right way and for a long time.

  • Always obey the max fill line printed on the blending jar. Overfilling the pot often causes an overflow. And that can damage the motor.
  • Dice/slice your fruits well before putting them into the jar. Whole fruits take much time to blend.
  • Put the dry ingredients first and then the liquid ingredients into the jar.
  • Most of the smoothie blender has a preset timer; the mixer will stop automatically after the time pass. Adjust your blending timing according to that.
  • Don’t blend hot liquids in the blender. That thing applies to carbonated drinks as well.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully and follow it thoroughly. It will save you from anything like motor burn out, leakage, speed settings, and others.

What Considers Before Buying a Single Serving Smoothies Blender

you need to know something important before getting a single serving blender for smoothies. Here is a quick discussion over that. Have a look below.

  • Motor power– Try to get a blender that has enough power for certain things. Like a 600 or more wattage motor blender gives freedom to work with all kinds of blending, chopping, and kneading. For smoothies and other drinks, the watts should be in 175.
  • Container material- Always look for a container that is made of BPA free plastics or glass. The pitcher needs to safe for every kind of food to blend or store so it can lead you to a health hazard.
  • Blades– Extraction blade made of high-quality stainless steel is safe for the long run. These don’t get rust and stay sharp for a pretty long time.
  • Other features– Usually single-serve blenders especially the cheaper one don’t include variable speed settings or safety features like stop while the motor is hot, timer, etc. but you need to count these features too. Some of our smoothie blenders have these features, and these are very convenient for multi-purpose use.


You have now more reliable, smart options from these best single serve smoothie blenders. These can make enough drinks that one can enjoy at the moment it made or later. Because it has the option to carry the whole jar. Also, this type of best single serve smoothie blender is safe and reliable to use for a long time. So overall a win-win situation.

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