5 Best Stovetop Popcorn Popper Reviewed 2024 and Buying Guide

best stovetop popcorn popper

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A stovetop popcorn maker is a necessary kitchen appliance for families that enjoy movie nights or parties. With the popper, you can feed several people with a batch of popcorn, making the movie night or party a success.

There are several models of stovetop poppers in the market, and selecting the best can be difficult. Therefore, before purchasing, you should consider several features such as durability, material functionalities, ease of cleaning, and gear durability. In this article, we have highlighted a lot of information concerning the best stovetop popcorn popper. Ensure that you read it to the end for a better understanding.

5 Top-Rated Stovetop Popcorn Popper At A Glance.

Popcorn is a hot commodity these days. It’s almost always at the center of many parties and gatherings, and it never goes out of style. And even though making popcorn on the stove may seem tedious, there are easy ways to make delicious popcorn at home without much hassle. Here Listed the top 5 stovetop popcorn popper at a glance.

What Is A Stove Popcorn Popper

A stove popcorn popper is a traditional kitchen tool used to make popcorns. It looks like a pot, except that it consists of an in-built mechanism for cooking. Most people prefer stovetop poppers because they produce an old-timey flavor. In addition, the stovetop doesn’t consume electricity.

However, the pots are challenging to clean and store.

Stovetop Popcorn Vs. Microwave Popcorn

There are several reasons why people love microwave popcorn. First, the popcorn contains artificial flavoring, and it is wild salty and very Compulsive. Second, it is similar to other commercial snacks that contain addictive flavors. Therefore, you cannot stop buying more and more even though the popcorns are not healthy.

On the other hand, stovetop popcorn tastes like real food. The key to the wonderful taste is little oil, which consistently pops the corns, giving them a sweet taste. You can use any type of oil. However, virgin oil produces the best results.

In addition, stovetop popcorn is very easy to prepare. You are only required to follow three steps: The first turn on the stove, second add oil and finally add the popcorn. Don’t be worried about the few warnings from the media. As long as you regulate the heat and slightly open the lid, the popcorns will not burn.

Aside from taste, stovetop popcorn is affordable compared to microwave popcorn. If you calculate, you will discover that you pay four times more for your microwave popcorns. Look at it this way. If you purchase a 100-gram bag of popcorns from your hood, the cost will be $1.20. On the other hand, a box of 900 g of popcorn kernels costs 2.59 dollars. This amount is equivalent to 29 cents for every 100 grams.

Let’s not forget the nutritional contrast. Cooking popcorns on a stovetop popper saves you calories as compared to making them in a microwave. Furthermore, you avoid ingesting addictive chemicals that can easily affect your health and lead to chronic diseases. 

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Microwave popcorn poppers reviewed

5 Best Stovetop Popcorn Popper Reviews

If you are looking to purchase a stove popcorn popper for your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to benchmark at your neighbor’s kitchen. Below we have listed the five popular stovetop popcorn poppers in the market.

1. The Great Northern Stainless Steel Popper

The Great Northern Quart Popper is 61/2 quarts. This feature enables it to make 5 quarts of popcorn in a few minutes. Therefore, you don’t waste a lot of time waiting for the poppers to pop.

It also has a non-burning spinner that prevents the popcorn from burning. So you can quickly cook several batches of popcorn without burning them.

The handles and knobs consist of wood material. You don’t need to purchase additional kitchen towels to hold the popper.

Further, the lid is well ventilated to release moisture. For that reason, your popcorns will cook thoroughly and remain crunchy.

Notable Features

  • It consists of a spinning mechanism that prevents burning.
  • The handles are wood-made.
  • The lid is vented.
  • The dimensions are 17 by 10 by 8. 
  • It weighs 2 pounds.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t rust.
  • It saves on time.
  • The method is toxin-free.
  • Saves money.
  • It is difficult to regulate heat.
  • The screws are not made from stainless steel.

2. Great Northern 83-DT5676 Popcorn Spinner

The 83-DT5676 popcorn maker consists of a wooden handle that controls the internal stirring system to ensure that the popcorns cook consistently with less burning. 

The kitchen appliance also saves on time. You can easily make popcorns in few minutes. It is a must-have for your birthday parties, game nights, and movies.

It is also easy to use. To make popcorns, you only need to heat one or two tablespoons of oil, then add a half cup of kernels. As soon as the content is well placed, use the handle to stir the kernels.  Stir continuously until all the kernels pop. After they have all popped, remove the pot and season the popcorns to suit your needs.

You don’t need to worry about washing utensils. After you finish making the popcorns, allow the pot to cool down. Then use a paper towel to wipe the pot. You can hand wash it later after using it several times.

The popcorn popper is also convenient for large families. Due to its stirring spinner feature, it can pop up to 5 Quartz of popcorn in minutes.

Notable Features

  • The dimensions are 17 by 10 by 8.
  • It weighs 2 pounds.
  • Consists of a unique stirring mechanism.
  • The handle is made from wood.
  • Pops 5 Quartz of popcorn.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Convenient for large families.
  • It is affordable.
  • Cooking pot is toxin-free.
  • Saves on time.
  • It can come with a flimsy spinner.

3. New Zippy Pop Stovetop Popper

The popper is made from aluminum material that distributes heat evenly across the stovetop. It also consists of a xylan-plus coating that prevents the kernels from sticking on the bottom and sides of the stovetop surface.

The mixing paddles are efficient. They maneuver over all the unpopped kernels settling at the bottom of the stovetop to ensure that all kernels cook efficiently.

The stovetop is an all-in-one snack-making machine. You can roast other snacks such as nuts or instead cook up different snack mixes.

The New Zippy Stovetop consists of a glass lid that enables easy viewing. Therefore, you can easily mix the snack ingredients such as caramel and chocolate to achieve perfect results.

It also consists of a silicone rim that secures the lid in place.  Hence, you will be safe when cooking. Finally, the cover will ensure your contents remain in the pot despite vigorous spinning.

Notable Features

  • The popper is made from aluminum.
  • The lid consists of a silicon rim.
  • Consists of a spinner.
  • Made of xylan-plus coating.
  • The dimensions are 17 by 10 by 8.
  • It weighs 4.99 pounds.
  • The popper is toxin-free.
  • Can make different types of snacks.
  • The aluminum surface efficiently distributes heat.
  • The lid has a silicone rim that ensures it is safe to use.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The coating can quickly melt.

4. 02626 6 Cook N Home Aluminum Stovetop

The Cook N Home lid consists of steam vents that prevent the kernels from soaking. As a result, the popcorns are always crispy.

The stovetop also has an attached wooden knob and handle. The two remain calm during the cooking period and are safe to use. You don’t need to purchase extra kitchen towels to hold the stovetop. 

It also saves on time. Once you add the kernels to the popcorn maker, you will only wait for a few minutes, and the popcorn is ready. Furthermore, the spinner mixes the kernels and prevents them from burning or sticking on the stovetop.

The Cook N Home stovetop is convenient. It works on ceramic, glass, electric cooker, and gas. However, the stovetop is not compatible with induction cooking.

Finally, the popcorn stovetop is made from aluminum. The aluminum distributes heat evenly to ensure that all the kernels are fully cooked. 

Notable Features

  • The lid is made of steam vents.
  • Consists of a wooden handle.
  • Made from aluminum.
  • The dimensions are 16.78 by 9.25 by 7.5.
  • It weighs 1.75 pounds.
  • The lid is firm.
  • The vents ensure that the popcorn remains crispy.
  • The handle is sturdy.
  • It saves time.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made of aluminum that dents easily.
  • Difficult to control temperature.

5. Frankin’s Original Stovetop Popcorn Popper

This stovetop comprises metal gears. The gears are the most preferred in the market because they rarely break. However, you can also select a nylon gear option instead because it doesn’t rust.

It consists of a wooden handle that turns the stirring system and moves the popcorn across the pan. The system distributes the heat and oil evenly until all the popcorns are ready. Also, the lid is well ventilated to let out the steam and keep the popcorns dry and crispy. 

The stovetop popper is also economical and easy to clean. You only require 1-2 minutes to prepare popcorns. After the popcorns are ready, you should wipe the stove popper with a damp towel and store it for later use.

Did we mention that it makes authentic and delicious popcorn? Well, now you know. There is no restriction on what flavors to use. You can add some butter or honey and wait for the delicious popcorn.  

Notable Features

  • Made of metal gears.
  • Consists of a wooden handle.
  • It is made of a well-ventilated lid.
  • Measures 11.6 by 7.7 by 16.6.
  • It weighs 2.7 pounds.
  • Made of solid metal gears.
  • Has stirring mechanisms that ensure heat is well distributed.
  • It consists of a wooden handle that is safe to use.
  • Toxin-free.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The stovetop is too thin.
  • It is difficult to regulate heat.

How To Choose Stovetop Popcorn Popper

We have highlighted the Top-rated stovetop popcorn poppers in the market. However, we need to add a few insights to help you settle on the best stovetop popcorn popper. As we have mentioned in the article, many manufacturers offer different types of models that differ in functionality, size, cost, and appearance.

 Even though all stovetop popcorn poppers perform similar roles, you need to review the features before buying the stovetop popper. In this section, we will outline key elements to consider before purchasing the stovetop popcorn popper.

The Capacity

If you live alone, you can purchase a small stovetop popper. However, it is essential to buy a stovetop that can make more than five quartz of popcorn if you live with your friends and family.

Stovetops come in different sizes ranging from 1 pound to 4 pounds. We recommend the 4 pounds stovetop popper to anyone living with their family. Nonetheless, also consider the storage space. There is no need to purchase a large stovetop popper while your kitchen cabinets are full.

The Cook Time

Imagine a scenario where the movie has already started, and the popcorns are taking longer to cook. Well, such a scenario can quickly kill your movie mood. To evade such scenarios, make sure you purchase a fast stovetop popcorn popper.

Most manufacturers indicate the cooking time on the purchase sticker, so you don’t need to worry about that feature. Nonetheless, we recommend stovetops that take 2 to 4 minutes to cook the popcorns thoroughly.

Easy To Use

Ensure that you purchase a stovetop that is easy to use. Avoid stovetops that will force you to use manuals. A simple stovetop should consist of an easy stirring mechanism that distributes the heat evenly.   

In addition, look for features such as a wooden handle to hold when the stove is too hot or level marks to guide you when putting in the kernels. These additional features make work easy. 

Built-in Stirring Mechanism

To ensure that your popcorns are well cooked, purchase a stovetop that has a well-built stirring system. The mechanism will cook your kernels adequately.  Don’t panic about the stirring mechanism. It is straightforward to use.

Further, ensure that the stirring mechanism is from a suitable material. For example, metal stirring mechanisms are more durable than nylon stirring mechanisms.

Supplementary Features

Modern appliances come with additional features. For instance, some come with several colors, while others are all in one and can make several types of snacks. We also have others that come with recipe books. All these features ensure that popcorns are delicious and crispy.

Pro Tips On A Stovetop Popcorn Popper

We have several types of stovetop popcorn poppers in the market, and it is challenging to select the best popper. However, listed below are some of the features to consider when choosing the best popcorn popper.


The two primary materials used to make stovetop popcorn poppers are aluminum and stainless steel. We recommend the aluminum popcorn popper for economic advantages because it is cheap and heats up quickly. However, if you are looking for a durable option, you should purchase a stainless steel stovetop popcorn popper. It is non-reactive and long-lasting.


Before making a purchase, you need to determine the amount of popcorn you intend to make every day. If you are looking to make low volumes, then a 2-pound stovetop will be enough for you. However, if you are looking to produce high volumes, you should purchase the 5-pound stovetop.

In addition, ensure that the stovetop makes popcorn within the least time possible. For instance, the stovetop should make a volume of five quartz in three minutes. This feature will enable you to save on time.


Most stovetop poppers are of high quality. However, before making a purchase, you need to ensure that the product has a warranty. The warranty should either repair or replace a defective product after a few months.

In addition, you need to ensure that the manufacturers have an active customer care division that can address any faulty issues. Unfortunately, some manufactures claim that the product has a warranty and later become inaccessible.

Stirring Mechanism

The stirring mechanism consists of gears that turn popcorn. The market offers two types of gear; metal and nylon gears.  We recommend the metal gears because they are durable and will serve you for a long time.

Further, buyers should ensure that the stirring metals have wooden handles and knobs. The wooden handles protect you from getting burned.


All buyers should purchase a stovetop that is easy to clean. Unfortunately, some stovetops burn easily, making them difficult to clean.  Look for a stovetop that you can easily clean using a damp towel and store. Avoid stovetops that will require you to use brushes and corrosive abrasives.

Who Makes Stovetop Popcorn Poppers

Out of the five stovetop poppers we have reviewed, the New Zippy Pop Stovetop is our favorite. It has an all-in-one feature that allows you to roast different snacks. It is also easy to use. To cook popcorns, place the kernels on the stovetop, add some little oil and wait. After three minutes, the popcorns will be ready.

The Great Northern Popper comes in second due to its durability. The appliance is made from stainless steel, which is rust-free and durable.

Video How To Make Stovetop Popcorn

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is stovetop popcorn healthy?

A: Yes, it is! Stovetop popcorn consists of little or no oil at all. Therefore, it is cholesterol-free and low on sugar. Unfortunately, most people consume unhealthy popcorn at the movie cinema. The popcorns consist of flavorings and toppings that have no nutritional value. Furthermore, the popcorn might consist of dangerous additives.

Cinema popcorns also consist of high sodium levels. Sodium can easily lead to high blood pressure or other health complications. That said, to avoid health complications, it is vital to eat stovetop popcorn.

Q: Can you cook microwave popcorn on the stove?

A: Yes. It sounds impossible, but it is very doable. First of all, you need to understand that microwave popcorn is similar to typical popcorn. Therefore, if your microwave is faulty, you can use a different method to pop the kernels. In this case, we will focus on using a stovetop to make microwave popcorns.

The first step to making the popcorn is by removing the plastic sleeve from the popcorn. Then, scoop the kernels, seasoning, and oil and place them on a stovetop. After that, set the burner to medium heat and allow the popcorns to cook. Next, shake the popcorns after every 15 seconds until almost all the kernels pop. You can now serve in a snack bowl.

Q: What temperature to cook popcorn on the stove?

A: When cooking popcorn, set the stove over medium heat. Then wait to hear the sizzling sound. Continue waiting until you hear the first pop sounds.

We recommend medium heat to avoid burning the popcorns. Nonetheless, always test the temperature before cooking. To test, heat the oil on medium heat with a few kernels. If the kernels pop well, you can add the remaining ones. However, if the kernels don’t pop, you should wait a little longer.

Q: Can I pop popcorn on glass top stove?

A: Yes, you can! To pop the kernel on a glass top stove, you only require to put one tp. of oil in the stove, then add a ½ cup of kernels and allow it to cook. After some kernels start popping, shake the glass top stove until all the kernels have popped. Then, remove the stove from the heat and open the lid. Finally, serve the popcorn in a big bowl. You can add some salt or butter to season the popcorns.


All the above-listed stovetop popcorn poppers have their pros and cons. You can now select the stovetop that suits your needs and avoid the one that isn’t good for you.

 If you settle for any of the recommended glass top stoves, you will discover that it is a significant investment and an easy way to remain healthy for a long time. You will also find that the method of cooking contributes significantly to the final taste.  

Finally, we wish you all the best as you purchase the best stovetop popcorn popper!

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