How to Clean a Meat Slicer and Maintenance Itself

How to clean a meat slicer

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The meat slicer is used for slice meat of beef. Slicing is important to produce sausages, kebab, and another food item. This device is found on restaurant kitchen or butcher shop. In-home enjoinment people do not feel the need to have one. Both analog and electrical meat slicer is available in the industry. But most of the sector now a day go for an electrical meat slicer. This is pretty easy to use and work faster than the analog device.

To ensure the hygienic food, Cleaning and maintaining process is too important here. People often become confused about how to clean this device. By featuring all about the cleaning of this machine we are going feature this article.

Cleaning Procedure of Meat Slicer

  1. Before starting the cleaning of the meat slicer, set the thickness of the machine to zero. At the same time turn off all the power supply and cable. Keep a bucket with mixed with half cup of bleaching power.
  2. When the slicing meter is turning off mode, if there are any hood then drop it down. And unscrew the blade portion. You should notice the safety matters. Else it can be a huge reason for harm.
  3. Use the cotton stuff by wetting on the water. And clean the center plate, and slicer base. Different type of meat slicer is able to un-screw the slicing base. If your device is able to unscrew then do it. Drop the base on warm water and clean it properly.
  4. If there are any hammer inside on your machine, then use a soap solution to clean. Get a spray to clean. After spray, the soap solution uses wet cotton stuff the wash it properly.
  5. Never go to screw and assemble the device instantly after over the cleaning. You need to wait for dry it properly. Once it becomes dry, check the total electric portion, that there is an error or not. If you don’t find any then screw it again.
  6. Regular cleaning: Use cotton stuff to regular cleaning. Wet the stuff with water and use this to wipe the machine body after each use. Butif you think any piece of mutton, meat is getting stacked inside then you have unscrewed it again for cleaning.

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Taking Proper Care of Slicing Blade

After screwing off the blade, notice few things. Rust, sharpness, and spots. To share the rescue procedure, it takes as the blade have all the problem. So now keep following things below.

Sink the blade under lemon juice. And keep it there for 1 hour. The spots will be removed. If there is any rust, lemon water will be started to remove this.

Use sandpaper to remove rest of rust. Remember, if you leave the blade without removing the rust, tiny rust can make damage the blade. Rub sandpaper till the blade become clean.

After cleaning rust, the blade must be losing the sharpness. It should sharp again before using. Use a sharpening stone to make sharp the blade again. But if you don’t have proper skill to sharpen a blade, then take it to the shop to make is sharp again.

Keep Concern About the Safety Issue

  • Most of the meat slicer is electrically operated now a day. If the meat slicer is electrically operated, before cleaning then turn off all kind of electric power supply. Make sure you unplug each cable from power.
  • Have a pair of gloves on your hand. It will protect you from blade from inside of the slicer. If you are working for sharping the blade on sharpener then have a safety glass on the eye.
  • People often drop down the blade on the surface. It can occur in an accident. Even hard drop can erase the sharpness of the blade. Avoiding and keep the blade on a safe place is too important. You can use a chopping board or towel to keep the blade to it.
  • Different meat slicer can contain a different manual. This is the reason it is important to read about the instruction paper what is added with the slicer. It will help you to get the advance step if necessary.

How to clean a Meat Slicer: Video Action.

Things Should You Avoid to do

  • Use unequable driver to open the screw: Because of the maintenance issue, it can become important to open the body of the device. On those case, we suggested to you to have proper screwdrivers. Trying to open by using Unequable driver can be cankered to driver path. It will be better if you have a screwdriver tool pack for you. Even these things are available on market in cheap.
  • Crushed power cable by the edge of the body: The most as the usual reason of electric accident is crashed cable. During the time of close of re-assemble the device, the cables can be cranked. Be aware while you suppose to clean the machine. Even you can check that is there any damage inside or not. It is an advanced step to safety. But cranked cable is a huge issue to be blasting the device.
  • Switching on during cleaning: Most of the time we think, turn off the switch is enough for electrical safety. But in order to a different device and different power supply, it is important to unplug is necessary. There are many examples that people were cleaning of their device on plugged but switched off condition. Meanwhile, because of oversight children or other people turn on the switch. I guess you can understand the rest of the story.
  • Use rust affected blade inside: During cleaning, if you find rust affected blade, keep avoiding to assemble it with the device. Rusty metal becomes damage faster and it is unsanitary as well as. Better to fix it or change. Remember this is a blunder step to assemble a device with a faulty component.

Proper maintenance will make your meat slicer more long-lasting. And regular cleaning will keep food hygienic. If you an owner of the restaurant of butcher shop it is your duty to pay a particular time of your every day to clean your tools.

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