How to fix a Blender at Home Without any Assistance

how to fix a blender

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Have you ever had a situation where your running blender stopped working and won’t run again? And you were thinking how to fix a blender without a mechanic.

Last time my black and decker blender stopped working due to the overheating problem, I cooled that down and ran again. But did not work. So I ended up calling an expert he fixes it in 1 min open the blender bottom and screw and unscrew two parts.

That the time I thought I have to learn some tricks to tackle some  EMERGENCY with my blender. Since then I learned some useful stuff and now I can handle some essential incidents and without going to the mechanical shop.

You can keep some accessories and use the parts when the blender goes to trouble. For the best blender performance, I request to keep the accessories.

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Shortlist of Accessories to Repair Blaner

I added the necessary accessories and parts on my list for my “kitchen fact lover”.  At the end of the list, I have added all accessories and parts list items that most need to fix a blander.

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How to fix a blender at home?

So today I m going to share some useful tips and tricks on easy methods to repair a blender that won’t spin. I learned all of these from my research, experience and of course from my mechanic friend. If you have a few collection screwdrivers, then you can handle some problems like these.

How to fix a blender motor?

Blenders work with their blades linked to the motors. The link is a metal stud or coupling that attaches the blades with the motor. As long as these two are free to rotate there won’t be any problem. But over time the blender could be overloaded. Here is how you can fix your blender.

Step 1

Check your blender with a volt-ohm meter with its RXI scale. Before that unplug the blender from the socket and turn the power switch on. Now the clip the clot-ohm meter probes to the plug prongs. Now press the speed switch of the blender, chances are you will see a low reading in it. But if the meter says the reading is infinity, then the blender CONDITION is really bad.

Step 2

Carefully detach the switch housing from the base housing by lifting the corners of decal or facing the surrounding cover of the pushbuttons. Take a matching screwdriver and remove the lower screws on the unit.

Step 3

Now you need electrical contacts that happen to clean electrical devices. Spray that on the blender, opening, terminal, etc. Front and back of the switch block. Wipe all the parts with a clean, dry cloth. If wiping does not solve the issues, you need to replace the switches.

Step 4

Remove the wire connector joining power and the lead-containing fuse. Now check the fuse well either it is blown out or not. Set the volt-ohm meter to RXI and clips the probes to both ends of the lead. You need to replace the fuse if the reading is high.

Step 5

Disable the blade coupling as far as you can to unjam the blade shaft. Take a few drops of white grease and lubricate the blade using a sponge or cotton. Don’t use a bare finger on the blade; you might end up cutting or get scratches.

Step 6

Hold the cap nut with taped pliers and start to replace the jar coupling. Now turn the coupling clockwise to and slowly remove it. If the condition indicated to replace the motor coupling, hold the motor shaft with pliers and unscrew it. After fining all the replacement or coupling units flow all these steps backward to assemble the blender.

Fix blender leaking from the bottom

Your blender can start leaking food and drink. Sometimes it can release black liquids that are a combo of ingredients liquid and grime, dirt that store inside the blade joint over time. Follow these processes to fix blender leaking black liquid and other significant problems.

To fix blender leaking from the bottom, remove the gasket and clean it thoroughly after drying it place it tightly in its position and run the blender to check. Jam or overload gasket is another cause of black liquid.

Check the blending jar bottom either it’s crack or not. If you found any crack small or big that causing leakage, replace the jar. To check this, fill the jar with some water and leave it counter for 5 min, even if there is sleek non-noticeable creak it will starting release the water meanwhile.

Fix blender smells like burning

There is much cause of the smoking smell. But mostly happen motor coil is wound at high speed on the machine a lubricant is added to the lacquered wire which could off-grass sort of stinks.

  • So sometimes it is ok, but sometimes it indicated trouble. So, follow these steps to determine what you should do if anything happens to like these. Check the bottom of the decanter if you see any discoloration than consult with your seller (if the warranty is available) of a mechanic.
  • Remove the bottom cover of the motor while unplugging the power cord from the socket. Take a thick dry cloth to make barricade putting it on the middle where the motor and you are standing. Plug it back, run it on high speed until the smell coming back.
  • Now unplug the blender again and remove the towel. Take twisted up paper towel, make it wet and touch each of the connections of wiring. If you hear any hissing noise its time to take the blender motor in a mechanic shop.
  • If you don’t get any sound from wet paper testing than try the same thing on bearings. Did you hear any hiss then you should consult with your buyer if the warranty is still on? If not, run the motor outside with water in it for a while to boil off the rest of the lubricant, and you are fine for the rest.

How to fix a Blender Blade?

It’s possible your blender blade gets stuck and won’t spin even the motor is working. If you found that, just detach the blade from the container or the lid wherever its attach. Now soak it in warm water with few drops of the soap for a while. Take an old toothbrush and scrub it carefully. After cleaning it with water dry it with paper thoroughly and use some white grease to lubricate it. Your blade should spin by hand how without any trouble. If so, it’s ready to work again with the motor.


You could try all the above steps to fix little things when the blender doesn’t start or stop working. Whenever it gives trouble to try to check all the elements to see anything cut, burns, cracked or not. Sometimes little resemble, cleaning or mins of break works out to solve some matters. If not you check the warranty or consult with an expert to fix your blender.

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  1. Ohms blender jars/jugs leakage very common. Hardly takes year after buying before leakage. Where can one get jugs sold separately?

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