How to Grind Your Own Meat | 8 Step Instructions

How to Grind Your Own Meat

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Are you a steak, kebab, or burger lover and want to make it at home? You have to learn how to grind your own meat first because grinding is the first step towards preparing the meat.

However, you should learn each step carefully, and don’t miss the equipment; remember, ground meat at home is safer than the ones available at stores. Once, my friend didn’t chop the meat correctly, and she failed to make the patties for hamburgers.

Let’s find out the necessary ingredients and process to grind meat at home and some other relevant things.

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Why Home-made Ground Meat is Better Than Buying the Instant?

There are multiple reasons to support the ground meat at home; the first reason is you may select the meat per your choice. You can use beef, chicken, pork, or even a buffalo chuck to prepare meat for the burger.

Moreover, you can control the meat’s fat contents; for instance, some meats should have only 15% fat, and some should have 25%-35%. You can also control other things, such as salt, ice, sauce, etc.

You can maintain the hygiene and food quality you want if you prepare everything at home instead of buying.

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Steps of How to Grind Your Own Meat at Home with Necessary Items

Here are the steps to prepare chuck meat (let’s take beef) to prepare patties for a burger or other food items.

  • Cut the meat pieces into cubes.
  • Keep the cubic meat pieces in a freezer for half an hour.
  • Chill the grinding and cutting parts you need.
  • Keep the meat on the hooper after mixing them with other ingredients.
  • Turn on the mixer and send the food item to grind
  • Mix the ground meat with other ingredients (spices or others)
  • Shape the meat into necessary patties.
  • Grill or broil the raw meat patties according to your choice.

Step 1: Cut the beef chuck/ meat pieces into cubes:

Take a sufficient amount of boneless meat because you can’t grind meat with bones inside; it will destroy the meat’s quality and damage the grinder. After taking the boneless part, you should cut it into some sections.

Moreover, you have to cut those sections in small and even cubic shapes, helping the meat be ground well.

Step 2: ​ Keep the cubic meat pieces in a freezer for half an hour

Chilling the meat cubes is an essential part of grinding it at home; it helps the pieces to maintain their shapes. Moreover, it prevents bacteria from growing and spoiling the meat because the moisture from wet and raw materials is favorable for microorganisms.

Therefore, you should accurately prepare the raw material to ensure food safety and quality. You can keep the pieces for more than 30-minutes in the refrigerator, either raw or marinated.

Step 3:  Chill the grinding and cutting parts you need

Take a hooper, hand-grinder or motor grinder, grinder plate, and a hand rotator worm to grind the meat. Sterilize them first to reduce the germs; you may then put them together to cool down so that they equally chill as the beef pieces.

You can prepare both meat and plates and put them together into the freezer; thus, they can be at equal temperature and sterilized.

Step 4: Keep the meat on the hooper after mixing them with other ingredients

You may use some salt and sauce if you haven’t mixed them before; if you take more than 2-3 pounds, you should put them in a bowl full of ice. You can also surround the area with ice to maintain the cold temperature.

You can place a large ice bowl where you have kept the cubes and one small ice bowl to have the ground meat under the grinder. Therefore, the end product will also remain chilled, and bacteria can’t grow there.

Step 5: Turn on the mixer and send the food item to the grind.

If you’re using an automatic or motor grinder, you may set everything according to the manual, especially the speed. If you’re using a hand grinder, control the speed with your hand grinding worm; it should not be more or less than necessary.

Moreover, you can put onions, ginger, garlic, and other items that a grinder can stand along with the meat. Mixing them before will create a pleasant flavor; you can save your time as well.

Step 6: Mix the ground meat with other ingredients (spices or others)

Once you’ve prepared the ground meat, you can mix the spice pastes and peppers with the meat; don’t miss a single spice. Otherwise, it won’t taste as you wanted, and all your preparations will go in vain.

Step 7: Shape the meat into necessary patties

After you’ve mixed everything in the correct proportion, you should shape them in the necessary size; the patties’ size depends much on your purpose. 6-ounces per patty is the ideal measurement, but you can modify it per your recipe.

You may put each patty distant from each other in a tray and lightly wrap them. A tight cellophane wrap may cause breakage there; put them into the oven after wrapping.

Step 8: Grill or broil the raw meat patties according to your choice

In this last step, you have to decide what format you want in your meal; you can broil or grill the oven’s meat. You can make steaks to eat fried rice, fry kebabs, or broil to put that between burger buns.

The cooking temperature, timing, and the oven or stove’s mode depend on your dish; you can even make barbeques with the ground meat.

You can use the same steps for grinding your own venison to prepare burgers; I hope you will find the desired results.

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Please don’t dependant on restaurants or instant food shops; prepare your non-veg food items yourself. Learn how to grind your own meat and prepare the dish you want to have; follow the steps to make your meal accurate.

However, try to maintain food safety, taste, and quality; the hygienic home-made food is better than junk foods outside. Use the grinder from a well-known brand, and check the ingredients’ quality while buying.

This article will help those who want to enjoy their meal staying at home during the pandemic; it’s multitasking.

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