How to Organize Kitchen Pantry Properly

How to organize kitchen pantry

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Kitchen pantry organization is one of the 2020’s top kitchen trends. The best thing is that there are many ways of making your pantry stand out. I’m talking about potions like ordering your shelves, bins, racks, and practically anything that belongs to the pantry. Here I present how to organize kitchen pantry properly in your kitchen. Lets start.

The kitchen has so many things to clean out and put in order. To most of us, this is quite a daunting task. This will not be the case anymore after reading through this piece. I am a kitchen enthusiast who loves attending to the tiniest detail of my kitchen. I have managed to put together the best ideas on organizing the pantry, and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

That said, let’s begin. In this article, I am going to share the tips and techniques of organizing the pantry, that I’ve picked up in my own kitchen. I shall also highlight the benefits of an organized kitchen pantry, some of which you may not have anticipated.

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Pantry Organization Techniques

To keep your kitchen neat and ATTRACTIVE, you will need to put in some work. The following ways will restore elegance to your kitchen with a minimal budget, and in most cases, without spending a penny on it.

1. Introduce Clear Containers and Label Them

This storage hack comes in handy for bulk bin items. It becomes better when you label these containers. Clear containers offer the best here as you can see how much the stored ingredient is left.

2. Asses the Pantry on Maybe a Weekly Basis

If you’re a meal planner, asses the pantry as part of the meal planning. This rids you the cumbersome task of organizing the pantry after probably months of disorganization. Weekly assessments will also help your pantry stay in order after you have organized it.

3. Group Like Items Together

To organize like items together in the pantry, make use of heavy-duty sheet pans. This organization technique is also a good way of arresting any inadvertent spills. Hotel pans can also make good organizers.

4. Keep it Tidy

As part of your routine cleaning, make it a habit to tidy up the pantry. This can involve such things as wiping the shelves and rearranging the labeled containers so that the labels face outwards.

5. Explore Alternative Storage

Household items such as crates and racks can be added to your pantry to give it not only facilitate grouping like items but also increase the available pantry space.

It may not be possible to implement all of the above points at a go. One thing you can however do is divide the pantry space into zones. Each zone should carry similar or related products that do not spoil each other.

As I try different organization ideas, I document all the steps for reference and sharing, just like I’m about to do. Zoning the pantry has become my favorite organization idea. I have come up with a few zones and dedicated certain items for each zone. Check these out below:

Zones you can Designate in Your Kitchen

A.Zone-1: Baking Items:

I prefer using airtight, clear containers for my baking supplies. These containers stack neatly over each other and I get to monitor what I need to restock. For this zone, you can have things like frostings and mixes. If the containers don’t stack really well over each other, use a pantry shelf riser to achieve that.

B. Zone-2:Fast Weeknight Meals:

If you’re a meal planner like me, this is a great tip for you. In this zone, I decide what a week’s worth of dinner fixing should include. All the items should fit nicely on the front of the pantry in containers. Attaching a recipe for every bin is a big saver. With each bin containing the ingredients of an entire dinner meal, you do not have to locate a thing. Everything is there.

C.Zone-3: General Food Storage:

Some food staples have a long shelve life. This zone is designated for such items. These foods include veggies, fruits, soup, and such. The foods should also be grouped by type here, i.e. veggies on one shelve and soups on a different shelve. It makes more sense to arrange the items in rows on the shelves. If there is canned food, use a stair-step shelve to have the items in the back row in the view.

D. Zone-4: Quick fix Lunch:

We all need a lunch on the run, at some point during the tightly-scheduled days. Create a zone for non-edibles that aid in making a quick meal. You’ll certainly need things like utensils, napkins, and lunch items. Place these items in a basket, preferably one with handles. Whenever on a busy morning, everything you need is right in the bag. This arrangement is also great for a weekend lunch.

E. Zone-6: Breakfast on the run:

The least you want a busy morning is having to locate every single ingredient you need. Make an easily accessible spot where you place everything you need for breakfast. Bread, for example, is best placed in an under shelf basket. The shelf space in this zone should be reserved for definite-shaped items such as boxed cereal, oatmeal, or pancake mix. This organization idea brings the comfort of a coffee bar in your kitchen.

F. Zone-7: Tools/Appliances:

The pantry is not meant for bulky cookware and appliances, at least not in a kitchen with limited space. Those utensils that you do not use daily should be hanged on the wall hooks. You can add extra hooks at the back of the door. If you have an appliance, say a toaster that you use almost daily, make some space for it in the kitchen, or near the pantry.

G.Zone-8: Other Quick Fixes:

Depending on your individual food-related problem, have a fix nearby. You will find a basket of appetizers and another containing toothpicks and napkins. I store these on an upper shelve, with the basket’s handles within reach.

Benefits of an Organized Kitchen Pantry

We wouldn’t care to organize a place that’d be better unorganized. Organizing the pantry accrues some benefits to you as a kitchen owner. These include:

  • Appeal:

The look on an organized pantry can be something to pride in. It not only makes it visually appealing but also makes your stay in the kitchen quite satisfying.

  • Keep Tabs on the Stock:

The idea of using clear and labeled containers ensures you never run out of a given ingredient unaware. You can see the levels of items without taking them off the shelves. You also get ample time to restock.

  • Hygiene:

Organizing like items together prevents the mess associated with storing some items together. Potatoes are known to go bad really fast when stored together with onions. Separating them makes them last you longer

Also, the labeled containers should have the expiry dates on the labels. This way, you won’t consume expired foods unknowingly.

Pro Tips on Pantry Organization

During my routine kitchen activities, I’ve come up with tips that can further make your pantry organization better. These are;

  • The most frequently used items should go to the most easily accessible zones on the pantry.
  • Enforce the first-in-first-out system. This makes sure the older ingredients are used before the fresher ones. It is not only economical but also promotes pantry cleanliness.
  • Put small containers in the big bins containing the bulky item. The small containers or cups facilitate scooping of the ingredient.
  • Clearly mark the manufacture and expiry dates on the storage containers before discarding the packaging.

See Video: How to Organize Kitchen Pantry

From here you watch how to organize kitchen pantry. I hope the kitchen organizing video will help you much. 


Achieving an organized kitchen pantry is not a one-time thing. In fact, you’ll never be done organizing your pantry. You must always tidy up any mess and keep on maintaining the order. This way, you’ll never have a totally messy pantry.

The tips discussed here are just but what I’ve encountered in my kitchen. If put in practice, your pantry will surely be adorable. You will also discover more in your own kitchen- just be imaginative.

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