10 Steps How to Update an Old Kitchen On a Budget

How to Update an Old Kitchen On a Budget

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At some point, you or maybe a friend has complained about how old their kitchen looks and feels. This is mostly the case with kitchens that were built decades ago when the taste was somewhat different or those that didn’t incorporate proper interior design during construction.

That old kitchen solution would be a total makeover. This would also equate to throwing more cash for a renovation. However, there are better and cheaper ways to give your kitchen a modern and classy look.

Follow through this article to find out how your old kitchen can have a modern and high-end look, all without breaking the bank! Lets start how to update an old kitchen on a budget.

Ways how to Update an old Kitchen on A Budget. 

No one wants to be stuck with an old kitchen- we all know how tiring and boring it can feel. Changing something as little as the color use can go a long way to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Below are some brilliant ideas you can borrow to bring that million-dollar look. More so, you can pull off most of these hacks by yourself. Awesome, right? Let’s get going: –

1. Upgrade the Lighting

You can give your space some uplift by adding a modern lighting fixture. Installing a chandelier can add beauty and vibrance to your kitchen. Ensure you choose one that will match the kitchen décor.

For bulb lights that are too high near the ceiling, replace them with a hanging pendant instead. This will ensure there is even light distribution in the room. If you have many small pendant lights, your kitchen might be looking quite dated. Harmonizing these lights into one big pendant light will unify the kitchen as well as relief the visual load.

Also, installing LED lights either under cabinets or inside them can change the appearance of your kitchen. They will bring that warm feel, especially during the night. A good version is the LED battery operated lights.

2. Painting surfaces

What other easy way of upgrading your kitchen than adding a new color to your wall? It’s quite affordable and you can do it all by yourself! Whether it’s white or gray paint on your wall, trust me it will make a big difference.

You might be feeling stuck with your old cabinets. The simple solution here would be applying a fresh coat of paint. Ensure you also paint the door and the window frames so that your kitchen stands out.

Before painting, ensure you clean the surfaces, fill any holes that might have formed on the surface you working on with wood putty for the best results. If by any chance you have a stained surface, the first thing you should do is sanding.

3. Upgrade the Decor

You can bring out your style and personality by installing a wallpaper, adding a flowered one gives your kitchen a classy feel.

And if you have seen art displays in other kitchens, you can agree with me when I say it’s a perfect idea to display your love for art. If you pull the strings just right, it could as well bring out a great sense of style. A good example would be a framed print. There are some other cheaply available pieces of art in the market. You can also try some easy DIY décor ideas like a wall plate décor from your old plates to save yourself some bucks.

Kitchen curtains can wholly transform a kitchen. They should however be changed regularly as they easily absorb smell. Go for newer curtains that will match the new colors in the kitchen. This will bring out a newer kitchen feel.

If your rugs are so old, give them an upgrade, or a facelift if you’re really on a fixed budget.

4. Work Backsplash

If you walk into a tile store, you will find displays of expensive tiles and you might start to think you made a mistake going there in the first place. Especially if you had gone in search of budget-friendly tiles, well, worry not for there are some less expensive yet stylish tiles to fit your needs. An example is the subway tiles that do easily complement any kitchen design.

There are also peel and stick backsplash tiles available in the market. The advantage of these tiles is, they can be stuck over existing surfaces like over the old tiles.

Another perfect way to add life to this very noticeable surface is to apply some tile paint onto it. Surprised uh? Tile paint comes in finishes with stone resemblance meaning they fit well with different kitchen designs.

5. Use Shelves

If there is plenty of wall space in your kitchen, add some open shelves. This will enable you to show off your kitchenware collection and it also gives you extra storage space.

You can spice things up by intricately labeling those shelves for a super organization in your kitchen. The shelves can be used to display some of your plant pots and vases too.

Another easy fix for open shelving can be doing away with your cabinet doors.

6. Upgrade the Hardware

Do your cabinet handles and drawer pulls look aged? Replacing them will have a great impact on changing the appearance of your kitchen. You might be thinking that they are less noticeable but do not leave them out when upgrading the kitchen. And if at all the handles you find don’t suit your budget, you can get some spray paint and spray them.

For your sink, which is a focal point in the kitchen by the way, you can replace a shorter faucet with a taller one. This does increase kitchen functionality, especially when cleaning large pots and pans. Examples of cheap trending faucet designs are matte aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

7. Change Your Floor.

The floor is the most forgotten surface that is so important in defining how a kitchen looks. You can look at different flooring styles like a linear foot, sheet, and square foot and choose as per your preference.

Luxury vinyl is one tile type that is good for the kitchen. It is cheap and does resemble stone and is available in peel and stick.

Another affordable and stylish option is installing ceramic tiles with a hardwood look.

8. Use Countertops

Not long ago that countertops were only made of tile and grout. These days, there are tens of trendystyles ranging from natural stone to marble.There’s just something for everyone!

Have you seen wood countertops? They are an amazing addition to your kitchen. The best thing about them is that they are easily maintainable. Sadly, wood countertops tend to grow ugly as they age. Fortunately, all you need to do is sand and refinish them to bring back their beauty.

9. Work on Furniture

If your kitchen has an island, spice it up with some new furniture. Brightly colored furniture brings that rainbow feeling in your kitchen.

Also, if your set of dining chairs didn’t match, try making them uniform. Adding a fabric on them can have a huge impact.

10. Go for Newer Accessories

You do not need the expensive designer kitchenware to make your kitchen feel newer. You can go for cheap brands at your nearest store or even buy some from friends who have previously updated their kitchen. That will save you a lot.

Final Word

Paying for an expensive kitchen could drain your finances tremendously. But trying out some of the above cheap ideas could mean that your savings would be top-notch. So you would be covered in emergency cases and you’d also be financially safe.

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