Whey Need A Masticating Juicer in Your Kitchen?

Whey Need A Masticating Juicer

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A busy day will make it impossible to eat healthily, but fresh fruit or vegetable juice can provide a welcome boost of nutrients. After all, it’s sometimes easier to drink the vitamins rather than consume them. Of course, the high cost of juice these days will add up almost as quickly as the day’s events—but there’s a better way.

You may be familiar with the advantages of conventional juicers, which use blades to pulverize fruit and vegetables into juice. The keyword here is “tear” since the process generates heat and exposes the ingredients to air. Both factors reduce the availability of essential nutrients. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, take a unique approach. Masticating juicers remove the juice rather than beating it to a pulp, which is a fancy way of saying “cold-pressed.”

Masticating juicer is the choice that makes delicious, nutritious juices within the comfort zone of your kitchen.

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Slow Juicer

Slow juicers, gear juicers, and auger juicers are all names for juicers that crush produce slowly. The fruits and vegetables are smashed at about 80-100 RPM in this juicer before being passed through a sharp lens.

It produces a more nutritious juice since the juicing mechanism is smoother and does not introduce too much heat and oxygen as a centrifugal juicer. Masticating juicers typically contain a good amount of juice, which is good for your wallet and the environment (you get more juice out of the products you buy).

These juicers are a step up from centrifugal juicers, and they are the right choice for those looking to produce high-quality juice.  A slow juicer’s juice does not create a lot of “fiber” and separates easily from a centrifugal juicer’s juice. This is the reason juices made from masticating juicers have a long life.Furthermore, the overall flavor and mouthfeel of juice made with a slow juicer are fantastic.

Its remarkable appearance and its effectiveness are some of the reasons why ladies love to have a masticating juicer on their countertop. Masticating juicer is a healthier and better-tasting alternative that will save you money and encourage you to make your own nutritious juice from the convenience of your own home. When you’re rushing from a workout class to work, the time, commitment, and money saved will go a long way.

The masticating juicer is what you need if you want to make great-tasting, nutrient-dense, longer-lasting juice that you can sell or keep in your fridge for many days.

Masticating Juicer

A masticating juicer functions in the same way as your mouth does when you chew fruit. It grinds it up gently, though without jaws or teeth. This reduces the amount of heat generated, which speeds up the oxidation process. It also increases the amount of nutrient-dense juice you receive in general.

Vertical masticating juicers grind in a column that is opposite to the countertop they are on. This allows gravity to help drag whatever you’re juicing down, but it makes clean up a bit more complicated.

The chewing part of horizontal masticating juicers is parallel to the countertop. This location allows for a bit more space between the body and the receiving container for the juice. However, operating and cleaning these juicers takes a little longer.

Auger juicers use a low-speed spinning column to slowly grind and turn fruits and vegetables into juice. Since it’s sluggish, it produces less heat, ensuring the oxidation process doesn’t get supercharged.

If the phrase “destroys any of the natural enzymes and nutrients” makes you cry, this section is about you. You should now open your eyes; the scary part is done, and we’re about to start talking about juice cleanses.

Benefits of Slow Masticating Juicer

Masticating juicers provide you with everything you need. They can provide you with the famous cold-pressed juice. A masticating juicer will remove all the good stuff and magically make a drink that will have you sparkling from the inside out, whether it’s your latest target to get a fresh juice every morning or you’re going all out and doing a juice cleanse. Okay, it’s not exactly magic…you essentially do it yourself, but it’s still fantastic.

 Health Benefits of Masticating Slow Juicer

The gradual pressing method collects juice at a lower RPM so that the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables is not disrupted. This avoids degradation and isolation of juices, resulting in 100% living juice rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

A slow juicer will juice anything from fruits and vegetables to ginger, leafy greens, and even pomegranate. It’s simple to put together and take apart, and it’s easy to vacuum. These juicers are practical and guarantee that 85 percent of the juice from the fruit or vegetable is extracted. Yeah, the juice contains 50% more vitamins.

  • No oxidation: the gradual pressing method removes juice at a low RPM such that the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables is not disrupted.
  • Long shelf life: Cold-pressed juices have a longer shelf life than juices made by other methods.
  • Nutrient preservation: Since no heat is produced during the juicing process, natural nutrients are retained.
  • Maximum squeezing: the natural vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are extracted by the gentle mastication process.

You must get a masticating juicer!

Everyone deserves the highest nutritional quality and yield they can offer regarding nutritional quality and yield. The amount of force used to extract the juice from the pulp and how much the plant fibers are broken down are two factors that influence your juice’s nutritional content and quantity.


The procedure ensures the consistency of the juice. Because of the grinding and chewing action masticating juicers have on the ingredients, which is the most effective method of breaking down plant cells and membranes, masticating juicers get great feedback for juice content.

Why You have Masticating Juicer in Your kitchen

Another reason masticating juicers produce higher-quality juice than centrifugal juicers because the ingredients must pass through very narrow openings between two stainless steel gears, resulting in a smoother cell breakup.

Just auger and dual augers may be used in masticating juicers. Single-auger masticating juicers are cheap, but they break down quickly. Since there is only one juicing machine, it would not be able to juice a large number of vegetables and fruits.

Double Auger juicers, on the other hand, have just two gears/augers working simultaneously for juicing. They’re capable of juicing leafy greens, wheat germ, fruits, and everything else you throw at them.

Due to the second gears, dual auger juicers can handle heavy loads and juice with more strength.

When using masticating juicers, keep in mind that the smoother the juicer runs, the better the results. A masticating juicer cannot spin more than 100 RPM. Masticating juicers are ideal for eating vegetables because of their sluggish pace.

However, when juicing fruits, people can need a higher cost. Get a high-quality masticating juicer with “Double Speed” or “Speed Switching Mode” for this.However, a slower speed does not mean that a masticating juicer is less efficient. This juicer’s engine is designed to produce torque rather than rpm. But there’s plenty of electricity if you need it. Purchase the masticating juicers with the highest torque production as well.

Key Importance

There are some great benefits of using a masticating juicer:

  • Since fruits and vegetables aren’t shredded with scissors, which exposes the produce to air and speeds up oxidation, juice absorbs more nutrients.
  • You get the juice out of the fruits and vegetables. Since a centrifugal juicer extracts less juice per ounce, using a masticating model will help you save money on fruit.
  • When you use a masticating model, the juice you get has more pulp in it. As a result, pressed juices have more fiber and even a small amount of protein.

Just a thicker quality may be a disadvantage. Since there is a little more pulp in the juice, it is smoother. Some people like it this way, and those who prefer a thinner juice will strain it quickly.

You should buy a juicer so you can save money and have more control over the selection of the food, and you will be able to choose fresh foods or fruits and vegetables from a nearby farmers’ market. At home, you even have your own “reset” icon. This is especially useful during breaks, weekend binges, or when you’re feeling under the weather.

After getting the masticating juicer for your kitchen, now focus on dark, leafy greens like kale, spinach, dandelion greens, and romaine lettuce to get a decent amount of them. These are the nutrients that our bodies need the most, but we don’t get enough in our diets. Other foods, such as natural coconut water and even cinnamon, are favorites of mine. Another one to pay attention to is ginger. It has a slew of health benefits, like lowering inflammation (which is particularly beneficial during workouts), shifting the digestive tract, and even warding off sickness. New herbs like mint (excellent with grapefruit and greens) and basil also bring a unique and tasty taste to the dish.


Masticating juicers also help you bring more nutrients into your system. Since the procedure is slower, the juice retains more vitamins and nutrients than juice with a standard centrifugal juicer.

This makes the product cleaner and more flavorful overall. In addition, the slower speed helps you to extract more juice at once. This allows you to try out different flavor combos. Some people also make fruit and vegetable drink mixes with masticating juicer recipes.

Another excuse to check it out is that masticating juicers use less fuel, which makes you save money on your energy bill. Check out these masticating reviews for more detail.

For people who are worried about their nutrient consumption, masticating juicers are a good option. They use a slower extraction method, allowing more nutrients to be retained, resulting in tastier and healthier food. Masticating juicers are an excellent purchase for someone who wants a second helping hand in their kitchen.

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