Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker Reviews For 2024

Aroma Professional plus Rice Cooker

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Most of us enjoy easy home cooking. To enhance this experience more I have a great option for you. In this article Aroma professional plus rice cooker review, you are going to learn a cooking gadget that actually does what it promises.

The Aroma offers a cooking pot which can cook in high/low HEAT and work as a steamer. It can prepare restaurant style healthy and tasty steam meal every time and perfectly. Also, its hassle frees in order to use, clean and maintain.

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Some Important Features of Aroma Professional Plus Rice Cooker Reviews

Aroma Professional Plus Rice Cooker

Here are some main features that make this aroma professional slow cooker unique. Read on to learn all the features and facility of it.

A Nifty Cooking Pot

Why most of the people prefer rice cooker? Off course for its versatility and cleanliness. This kitchen gadget offers different types of meal preparation method that solves half of your cooking hassle. The Aroma professional plus rice cooker includes more than dozens of functions. It cooks rice, veggies, including protein which doesn’t requires extend periods of boiling or searing.

It has buttons for cooking white/brown/sushi rice, soup, sate/simmer, warm, delay times, etc. A great thing about the cooker is it can delay timer up to 15 hr. like the other top quality electric rice cooker it serves you one pot meal. That means, while making the rice or oatmeal, you can steam the veggies, eggs, or make some nice dumpling while making soup at the same time.

Make healthy food

The cooker has the built-in steamer function which helps you to make food maintaining its proper food value. It establishes that steamed food can hold more nutrition than the deep fried or slow pot cooking. Either you are making rice, soup, protein or veggies, a cooking pot that evenly distributes heat and takes less time to cook offers more nutrition compare than any other method.

Test & Texture

Nutrition is undoubtedly the main priority of any food we made. Especially, when it comes to the health of your family but what about the test? We can’t deny the demand of our test buds. It’s interesting to know that, a meal is taken with much attention (that eventually come from its great test!) which not only looks great but also tests incredible leave a better impact on your body. Your body happily accepts the proper nutrients from the meal you enjoy. However, the Aroma rice cooker can prepare this kind of delicious meals too.

It has all kind of option like slow cook, sauté-the simmer option with the boiling and steaming setting. So you can make all rich, tasty food which is equally healthy.

Helping tools

To assist this champion its good buddies are always there for it. The ARC 5000Sb comes with a wide size of rice spatula, soup spoon, steam ta and a cup with measurement mark. These tools are good in quality, easy to clean and most importantly storage friendly.


At a Glance

  • Multiple cooking functionalities for Rice, oatmeal, veggies, etc.
  • Includes steamer tray, spoons and measuring pot.
  • Big display for trimmer and cooking buttons.
  • Tightly fitted lit with removable vent.
  • Has automatic warm-up option.
  • More than 15 hr delay timer.
  • Sensor logic technology.

Positive aspects

  • The cooker has a measuring cup and a wide spoon which fit to store inside of the cooker and also versatile to use.
  • It has the metal bowl with a nonstick surface which releases food easily and helps much cleaning in a short time, even if something burnt.
  • The steamer tray of the cooker is removable and stores in unite when you are not using it.
  • The manual of the cooker is easy to read. It has detail instructions on how to cook rice veggies and also about the maintenance.

Negative aspects

  • Need to be careful while cleaning; either you will end up with unwanted scratches.
  • The power cord of the unit is somehow short.


Q- Is the cooker lid detachable?

  • No, it’s not completely detachable because it’s hinged.

Q- Are all the materials of the pot safe to use?

  • Yes, the plastic tools are BPA free and the metal pot is also safe from any kind of chemical reactions.

Q- How long it takes to cook rice?

  • Eventually, it takes 25-30 min to cook 2 cups of rice. For more cups of rice, it takes no longer than 40 min.

Q- Does to cooker have an option to alert when the cooking is done?

  • Yes, it has a beeper which sounds for 6 sec after the cooking is completed, then naturally it goes are warm mode.

Tips to Maintain the Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are usually easier to maintain if you follow some basic things properly. Here it is,

  • Wipe the inside of the pot with a clean towel or a kitchen tissue each time you are going to cook. If you need to rinse the pot make sure its outer surface is completely dry (use tissue/cloth) before putting into the cook.
  • Keep an eye on the power cord so it won’t catch the wire or the joint. Sometimes the rice may over boil and flow out some starch liquid from the pot through lid or vent from the lid.
  • Don’t use a brush or harsh metal scrubs to clean the pot. Normally it’s easier to clean of all the residues from the cooking pot. If anything burnt or stick on the wall and won’t come off easily soak it in warm water for some while then normally clean using a soft sponge.


The cooker I talked about in here has the capacity to cook 10 cups of rice which literally make 20 cups of rice after cooking. But if you need something in lower capacity, you can go for aroma 8 cup rice cooker. Also, it has higher capacity also which can ultimately cook 28 cups of rice (after cooked).  The Aroma 14 cup rice cooker is BEST for those who have more than 6 members of the family or in restaurants.

In the end, all I can say this aroma rice cooker and food steamer could be a perfect gadget for any kitchen especially where time is short and need to get done multiple items at a time. If you are a single who cook once in a day or two you will surely love this low budget perfect aroma professional plus rice cooker.

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