How to cook bagel bites in the microwave

how to cook bagel bites in microwave

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A bagel bite is a nutritious treat, enough to jumpstart your energy levels for the day. They are the perfect snack alternative for lunch or dinner when you are low on time to order your favorite pizza.

So if you have bagel bites in your freezer, you might be wondering how to microwave them correctly without tampering with their quality.

Well, microwaving bagel bites is easy!  By just following the required instructions, you will have the yummiest snack in no time.

Let us understand now understand more about how to microwave bagel bites correctly.

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How to cook bagel bites in the microwave step by step

There are various ways to cook your bagel bites, among them, is the stovetop method. But did you know that a microwave is a kitchen appliance that’s fast and efficient to properly cook your bagel bites?

Before heating them up, you should understand some crucial instructions that should be followed for a delicious meal.

Preheating oven

Preheat your oven to 4250F.


Bagel bites come packed in crisping trays that are used in microwave cooking.  Remove this plastic tray and place it onto the shiny side of your microwave tray. The function of the crisping tray is to protect the bagel bites’ bottom from sogging in the microwave.

Arrange bagel bites onto the crisping tray

Arrange the bagel bites onto the shiny side of your crisping tray, leaving some space between them. This will allow the bagels to cook well and have a good crisp.


Even though bagel bites have different microwaving times, the majority of them cook on high-power settings. The time they cook can also vary on the number of bites you are cooking. Here is a breakdown of the duration you should microwave different bagel bites:

  • Mozzarella: Microwave 4 pieces for 55seconds and 12 pieces for 3 minutes
  • Cheese and pepperoni; Cheese, Sausage, and Pepperoni: Microwave 4 pieces for 55 seconds, 9 pieces for 2 minutes 30 seconds. and 12 pieces for 3 minutes
  • Supreme: Microwave 9 pieces for 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • Buffalo Chicken Style: Microwave 9 pieces for 1 minute


Leave the bagels to sit in the microwave for a minute to cool off.  After that, wear oven mittens then remove them from the microwave.


You can now enjoy your bagel bites!

Bagel bites cooking instructions microwave

Microwaving bagel bites is the most sought option because it is fast. Here are the most basic instructions that you should follow when cooking either frozen or thawed bagel bites in a microwave.

Frozen bagel bites

Frozen bagel bites are great if you are on a restricted diet. They are one of the healthiest snack out here that are low in fat and sodium and high in protein. They also come in different flavors so you can get one of your favorite.

  1. Remove the bagel bite from the freezer.
  2. Read the package instructions to check if there’s a specific instruction you should follow.
  3. Open the carton box and throw out the plastic wrapper that covers the tray.
  4. Do not thaw them before tossing them in the microwave.
  5. Place the bagels in a baking dish with a paper plate laid on it.
  6. Place the bagel bites into the microwave and close the door.
  7. Let the bagel cook for 1-3 minutes in the microwave and retrieve it once the desired crispiness is achieved.
  8. leave the bagels to sit for a minute before serving them.
  9. Thawed bagel bites

If your bagel bites are already defrosted, you will just follow the same instructions as cooking the frozen ones. The only difference in the steps to cooking thawed bagel bites is the cooking time. Thawed bagel bites should be cooked for additional 30 seconds.


  • Since microwaves vary, it is easy for the bagel bites to cook unevenly thus increasing the fat content. So ensure that you adjust the microwave according to the model you have at hand.
  • You can cook the bagels in the crisping tray if you do not have a microwavable dish.
  • The cheese on the outer side of the bagel bites might harden if it is microwaved several times. 

12 bagel bites cook time microwave

Bagel bites cooking time also varies depending on their quantity. 12 bagel bites cooking on high power setting takes 2 minutes 45 seconds. To make them:

  1. Arrange 12 frozen bagel bites onto a baking sheet or a microwavable plate in a single layer.
  2. Set the microwave on high.
  3. Place the bagel bites in the microwave in the middle rack of the oven and bake.
  4. Bake for 2 min 45 sec.
  5. Once ready, serve immediately. Be cautious of the first bite as it will be very hot.

How long to cook bagel bites in a microwave?

As mentioned earlier, microwaves are different. So the question of how long you microwave bagel bites is determined by the type of microwave you are using. It is best to ensure you get the best out of your bagel bites by following the cooking instructions of your microwave.

You might need to make adjustments in cooking time in some instances, depending on how crisp you want your bagels to be. Adjust the time in small portions so you don’t ruin your bagel bites.

Usually, 8 bagel bites take 1 min 45 sec to cook through.  A 12bagel bite pack takes 2 minutes and 45seconds on high power.

Basic rules on cooking bagels in the microwave

  • Bagel bites cook at an ideal temperature of 500W for 3 minutes. The time is quite enough for the bagel to properly cook inside without burning the outside.
  • Cook the bagels at the right time. Do not overcook or undercook it. Undercooked bagel bites get soggy while overcooking dries them up.
  • For even heating, turn on the defrost function in your microwave before cooking it. This ensures heat is distributed equally in the bagels, thus allowing for even cooking.
  • Let the bagels sit in the microwave for a minute after they cook. That way, the cheese at the center melts completely and they also won’t be too hot to handle.
  • Avoid leaving the bagel to sit for too long in the microwave after cooking to prevent the cheese from overflowing in the microwave. Their taste might also change as it will probably have turned soggy.
  • If you love the bagel bites crisp, eat them almost immediately after retrieving them from the microwave.
  • Do you love soft bagels? Remove the crisping tray and the plastic wrapper and let it sit for some time before serving.
  • Prepare some homemade bagel bites at home. This gives you the freedom to control what goes into the bagel. The good thing is that preparation is quite easy. By just baking them, adding some cheese then microwaving them, you end up with the yummiest bagel bites.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Why do microwaved bagels turn chewy?

A microwave that’s not big enough to fit a bagel bag. You should turn over the bag in between the cooking time so that they don’t overcook.

Which is the best microwave to microwave bagel bites?

Any microwave ranging from 7” to 7.5” is ideal. Microwaves found in offices tend to not have a rotating turntable, so it is advised to turn your bagel bites every couple of minutes when microwaving them.

Video: how to warm up a bagel


Bagel bites are great! With a microwave, you can cook them in a matter of minutes. Follow the guidelines so you do not worry about your bagel bites turning chewy or hard. So what are you waiting for? Get some bagels and cheese and get them ready! Your loved ones will surely enjoy them.

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