How to cook sausage in the microwave

cook sausage in microwave

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Sausages are meat products consumed as breakfast. They are made with meat (poultry, beef, pork), spices, flavorings, and breadcrumbs or fillers. Sausages can be prepared in a couple of ways. One of the easiest and fastest ways is microwave cooking.

Microwaved sausages do not end up with dark brown skin like other cooking methods. The skin actually peels off once the sausage is ready. This article will give you insight into several matters surrounding cooking sausages in a microwave. Read on.

Can you cook raw sausage in the microwave?

The world has adopted various methods for cooking sausages. I have cooked fresh raw sausages in a microwave before. So, yes, you can. It is very easy making them straight from their packages, and they are very safe to be consumed once cooked.

Less oil is used with a microwave oven, not forgetting the adequate heat treatment. The heat helps alleviate microbial levels in the sausages.

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How to cook sausage in the microwave step by step

Cooking sausages in the microwave is quite easy, and no special equipment(s) is needed to achieve that. Just a microwavable dish and microwave and you are good to go.

I have a friend who had no microwave-safe plate or dish and used a Pyrex jug to cook sausages. They were good, and you wouldn’t even know the difference between those cooked in a microwave-safe dish and the Pyrex jug.

Note also that microwave sausages do not brown. So if you like them brown, you can use a browning dish. To cook:

Select the dish to use

Pick out the dish you are going to use to cook your sausages. Ensure it is microwave safe; a glass bowl and metallic bowl can be used, and as mentioned earlier, you can use a Pyrex jug. Lay 2 sheets of paper towels on the dish.

Prepare sausages

Lay flat your sausages and divide them if they are in links. If you will be using any color to brown them, then this is the point you apply it. You can toss in some Worcestershire sauce in your sausages. 

Add sausages to the dish

So now, Lay the sausages on the paper towels so that none lies on top of another. That will ensure they cook evenly. Cover the dish with a lid, clean the kitchen towel, paper towels, or microwavable plastic wrap, and place it in the microwave to cook. 


Microwave the sausages for 2-5 minutes on high power. Remove the cooked sausage once ready and serve. 


  • Microwave cooking instructions given by manufacturers should be followed.
  • Microwave the sausages at the correct temperatures.
  • You can use a Microwave browning dish if you want sausages with brown skin. 

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How long does to microwave sausages?

Getting microwave sausages right is tricky. They are exposed to heat that might turn them dry and tough if cooked for long. Microwave sausages need 2-5 minutes on high power to cook well.

You will need a few tricks to get the best from your sausages. They include:

  • Don’t add too many sausages to one dish. Leave at least ½ inch between the sausages to prevent them from sticking to each other.
  • Use a microwave-safe dish for cooking. They are the best because they do not conduct heat.
  • Supervise the sausages as they cook. They should have a plump and juicy look once done. Do not let them brown too much, or brown them to your liking.
  • Do not cut into the cooked sausage too soon. Allow cooling for some minutes.
  • There are different types of sausages, and that, coupled with the number you will be working with, will determine how long you cook them. For instance:
Type   Quantity Cook time
Chipolata sausage(25g):82 minutes 30 sec
41 minute 45 sec
21 minute 15 sec
Standard Pork or beef sausages(50g): 85 minutes
44 minutes
22 min 30 sec

With the 8 pieces of chipolata sausage, first cook at high heat for 1 ½ minutes, then turn and cook for 1 minute. Cook the 4 pieces for 1 minute, then turn and cook the other side. Lastly, cook 2 pieces for 45 seconds, then turn and cook the other side for 30 seconds.

With standard beef, cook the 8 pieces for 2 ½ minutes and turn and cook for another 2 ½ minutes; for the 4 pieces, cook for 2min, then turn and cook the flipped side for 2 minutes. Lastly, cook the 2 pieces for 1 ½ minutes, turn the other side, and cook for 1 minute.

 Can you cook raw sausage in the microwave?

Yes, you can cook raw breakfast sausages in the microwave oven. You can also precook them before making a pitta snack. So don’t hesitate to make some sausage and egg sandwiches in your microwave.

The only drawback, of course, is the peeling away of the skin. But if you love sausages without the skin, you are at an advantage. Here is how to cook microwave sausage: 

Preparing sausages

Uncooked sausages can come in links, separate the sausage links and make some small pricks on the sausages, so it doesn’t burst in the microwave. If you work with frozen sausages, ensure you defrost them before reheating. Proper defrosting heat the sausages evenly and prevents the sausage from exploding. 

Place in a microwavable dish

Place the sausages in a microwave-safe dish and cover it.

Place sausages in the microwave

Put the microwave dish with sausages in the microwave and microwave on high heat settings for 2 min 30 seconds. The amount of time you cook them will depend on:

  • Size of the sausage
  • Number of sausages
  • The wattage of the microwave

Flip the sausages to the other side in between the cooking time for heat to distribute evenly. 


Once cooked, remove them from the appliance and let them sit for 5 minutes while still covered, then serve them. Check the internal temperature of the sausages before you serve. They should hit 740C or 1650F. 


  • You can add onions and pepper for a flavor boost. Spices like garlic powder also bring in a new kick of flavor.
  • Sprinkle cheese on the sausages.

 Can you cook breakfast sausage in the microwave?

Yes, you can cook breakfast sausage in the microwave. This great breakfast option saves on time and energy alike. With the conventional cooking method, you will:

  1. Preheat the oven to 3500F.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper on a baking tray.
  3. Place sausages on the parchment paper
  4. Place the sausages in the microwave to bake.
  5. Bake for 20-30 minutes, then retrieve your sausages.
  6. Allow the sausages to cool.
  7. If you will be cooking raw breakfast sausage in the microwave, just add them to a microwavable dish and cook on high heat for 2 ½ minutes. 

Can you microwave sausages?        

Yes, you can microwave your sausage with less worry. As long as the sausages’ internal temperatures hit 1650F, the sausages are safe to eat. Do not wait for the sausages to brown in the microwave, as doing so might lead to overcooking them. They will brown if you use a browning bowl or use added color.


  • Practice safe handling of the sausages, especially when dealing with raw ones.
  • Familiarize yourself with the temperature danger zone before and after serving them.

How to microwave sausages

To cook sausages in the microwave, place the sausages in a microwave-safe dish or container, then place it in the microwave and heat for 2-5 minutes. Remove the sausages from the microwave once ready and let them sit for some minutes to cool. Serve and enjoy!  

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Microwaves make cooking so much easy, and now that you understand how to cook sausage in a microwave, it will be easier to go about the process. For 1000 watts microwave, the cooking time needed is 2-5 minutes, but you can adjust the power levels if necessary.

After cooking, examine the sausages; they should look plump and full. Some sausages with casings might explode since there is no escape route for the steam building up.

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