How to Cook Popcorn Without Microwave

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Whether you are planning on going to the movie theatre or curling up on your couch glued on Netflix, there’s always a satisfying snack that makes the moments more fun- popcorns!

They are great and healthy snacks that are light in calories and rich in grain fiber. But do you understand how to cook popcorn without a microwave?

Well, a microwave is not all you need to pop those kernels. There are other easy and quick ways you can cook them. So, let’s look at how to make some tasty homemade popcorn in this guide.

Can you cook microwave popcorn without a microwave?

There’s nothing extraordinary about microwaved popcorn; they are the usual unpopped popcorn, oil, and seasonings. So, yes, you can take your popcorn kernels from their bags and incorporate other cooking methods. If your microwave is down, and you want some popcorn, try methods like:

  1. Using toaster oven
  2. Using a machine popper
  3. Popping popcorns with a Toaster oven

I know what you might be thinking, cooking popcorns in an oven-no! Let me ease that frown on your face; it is possible to use a toaster oven as it efficiently pops your kernels.

It’s simple, I usually fold the kernels, sprinkle oil in an aluminum foil, and cook on high heat for 8-15 minutes at 4500F. You have to be patient as ovens tend to heat up rather slowly.

  1. Preheat your oven to 400-4500F.
  2. Place aluminum foil on a flat surface and sprinkle it with some oil, salt, and seasoning.
  3. Pour your popcorn kernels onto the aluminum foil and fold it, leaving enough space for the kernels to pop. You can also use an oven-safe dish, ensuring it’s covered in aluminum foil or a tight-fitting lid.
  4. Set the aluminum foil or the dish in the oven.
  5. Wait and listen for the kernels to pop and remove them when popping decreases.
  6. Remove the dish or foil from the oven and be careful, so the escaping steam doesn’t burn you. You should have oven mitts in your hands.
  7. Leave the popcorn to cool and enjoy!
  8. Popping popcorns with machine poppers/popcorn makers

You can pop microwave popcorn in a machine popper as all you require is oil and a cup of popcorn kernels. A good popper you can try is the West Bend Crazy popcorn machine.

However, not all types of popcorn poppers can pop the kernels. Air poppers, for example, cannot pop your kernels since they don’t use oil.

Ways to make popcorn without a microwave

If you love popcorns as I do, you ought to have explored the various cooking methods. For instance, I have cooked them on an open fire, electric skillet, and even on a grill.

  1. Over open fire

Ever heard of campfire popcorns? The open-fire cooking method is best for your camping days. So you can carry that bag of popcorn and enjoy some freshly made ones out there. Here is how to do it:

Fold an aluminum foil into halves.

Remove the popcorns from the microwave popcorn bags and empty them into an aluminum foil.

Remember to pour in oil or butter. Add enough of it for proper popping.

Twist the sides of the foil shut and attach it to a long enough stick.

Place the foil over your fire on the hot embers. Avoid placing directly onto the hot flames so as not to burn the kernels.

Let the foil remain on the embers until popping stops.

Remove from the fire and set them aside for them to cool. Don’t use bare hands to remove the hot foil from the flames.

Pour seasonings and serve.

2. On a grill

Grilling popcorns is so much like popping them on the open fire. But here, you can incorporate two different methods. The first method entails using a baking pan and the other a deep skillet:

  1. Scoop the kernels from their bag and sprinkle them on an aluminum baking pan.
  2. Add some oil to the bottom of the pan, then season accordingly.
  3. Cover with aluminum foil set your grill on medium-high heat, and then close with a lid.
  4. Cook till popping stops, and shake the tin (with tongs) as the popping continues.
  5. As popping stops, turn off the heat and leave the tin to sit on the grill.
  6. Pour the popcorn into a bowl.
  7. Enjoy.

Using a deep skillet, you follow the same steps as a baking pan/tin.

3. Using electric skillet

Many of us do not want to invest too much energy when making a snack. If you are short of time, an electric skillet will save you the day. The method is simple, quick, and requires little experience. Electric skillets are also large enough to give your kernels space to expand.

  1. Add some oil to your skillet.
  2. Make a single layer of the kernels on the bottom of the skillet.
  3. Set the skillet to 2200 C.
  4. Get the top of the skillet and cover it.
  5. You will hear popping start, and as it intensifies, so does the kernels reduce and popcorns increase.
  6. Once popping reduces, open the top cover of the skillet, then unplug it.
  7. Your popcorns are now ready to serve. Don’t forget to shake the skillet clockwise direction as the popcorns get ready.

How long to cook popcorn in 1000-watt microwave

Popcorns take up to 4 minutes on high heat to pop on a 1000 watts’ microwave. The available time needed in all other microwaves is 2-4 minutes on high. High-powered microwaves can take just 3 minutes to pop. Any minutes further from 4 minutes on high heat settings risks scorching your popcorns.

Can you cook microwave popcorn on the stove?

Yes, you can cook microwave popcorn on the stove. This method is the best alternative to microwave popcorn, even though I would say that there is nothing as the best method to cook popcorn.

  1. Get a heavy-duty saucepan with a lid. You can pick one of your choices.
  2. Coat the bottom of the pan with cooking spray.
  3. Test with 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels by adding them into the pan and placing it over medium heat.
  4. Wait for them to pop. Once the popping starts, you can add in more kernels.
  5. Add in more kernels without overcrowding, as some might fail to pop.
  6. Cover the pan and shake the kernels continue popping.
  7. Once the popping starts subsiding, remove the pan from the heat.
  8. Transfer the popcorns into a bowl and enjoy.

 Tips to follow

Below are some popcorn hacks to follow so you have the most delicious popcorn at home.

  • Use the right oil. Oils with high smoke point are the best. Butter tends to stick on your popcorns and a better alternative is ghee. Olive oil can be used but avoid the extra virgin one. Coconut oil gives the popcorns a movie theatre flavor.
  • Use hands to toss through the butter, so your popcorns don’t get soggy.
  • Use the correct ratios. 70g kernels make 7 cups of popcorns using 40 ml oil. A 110g cup of kernels makes 10 cups popcorn and will require 60ml ¼ cup of cooking oil.
  • Let your seasonings be ready before you start popping so you can add while the popcorn is still hot. This helps the seasoning stick better on popcorn.
  • Use large bowls to toss popcorns. If you have small ones, toss them in smaller batches.
  • Don’t stick to the old version of preparing popcorns; explore new ideas like:
  • Use butter, sugar, and cinnamon if you love sweet and savory tastes.
  • If you love healthy options, try using olive oil and garlic.
  • Melt hot caramel on the popcorns and add some melted butter for a gooey and satisfying dessert.
  • Try giving the popcorn a spicy kick with your favorite spices.


You can easily make some fresh popcorn at the comfort of your home now that you understand how to make popcorn without a microwave. This quick snack might not emit the rich cinema-style popcorn aroma, but you will love it anyway. Do not forget to be creative and choose a cooking method that works best for you.

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