8 Best Countertop Blenders Reviewed

Best Countertop Blenders

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We all love cold juice made in our kitchens whether it is a mix of tropical fruits from our vineyard or we bought them from a flea market. Whatever the source of your fruits, with the best countertop blenders, you are able to crush fruits and create that smooth drink to kill your thirst.

Kitchenware manufacturers are doing all they can to come up with the quality appliances that stay for many days. Besides, the latest gadgets and kitchen equipment come with exceptional features that you would not get a few years ago.

5 Countertop Blenders from amazon best seller list

One of the quality portable blenders in this review is Vitamix Explorian Professional 64 oz Blender. The cabinet of this renewed black blender is categorized as a low-profile container. Although you can get a red color of the same product, a majority in the market are black.

Let’s talk more about this portable blender as we start our review…

At A Glance Top Countertop Blenders

What We like ?

• The product is BPA-free;
• Tough and hardened stainless steel blades;
• The blades are rust-free;
• Low-profile container that fits small kitchen cabinets;
• The ten variable speeds enable you to create the smoothest drink;

What we don’t like:

• It is a bit heavy compared to like products;
• The jar is small thus carries a few ingredients;
• It is one of the loudest blenders we have seen.

Vitamix Explorian Professional 64-ounce blender is one of the leading kitchen appliances that fit small cabinets. It does not consume a lot of electricity, is dishwasher-friendly, and self-cleans itself in 60 seconds. You should beware of its noise especially if you have a sleeping baby in the house.

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2.Oster BLSTPB-WBL 250W My Blend with Travel Bottle

Hardly will you find a kitchen item praised like this that sells for a few bucks. In fact, Oster BLSTPB-WBL 250-Watt My Blend is one of the most affordable portable blenders in the market.

This kitchen appliance is currently available in 4 different colors namely red, green, orange, and a mix of white and blue.

Crushing fruits and nuts has never been this easy. With this blender that has two motors for crushing and blending, you are able to create your shake within seconds. The first motor is 400 watts that is ideal for crushing hard ingredients such as ice and nuts.

The second motor is a 250-watt is used to make your favorite smoothies to attain the texture of your choice. Interestingly, Oster BLSTPB-WBL has a resettable fuse that revives the two motors in 15 minutes in case the machine overheats.

Oster My Blend 250W Blender is dishwasher safe and comes with a travel bottle, which you can use to carry the juice you’ve just prepared. The bottle carries 20 ounces and is BPA free.

For convenience, Oster has a 16-inch power cord. With this card, you are able to place the blender inches away from the power source, where you monitor the progress of crushing the fruits as you perform other house chores. Oster BLSTPB-WBL measures 7” by 7” by 15”.

What we like:

• It is lightweight;
• The 16-inch power cord helps you to position the machine whenever you want;
• Does not consume a lot of power;
• Perfect size;
• Comes with additional accessories such as a water bottle;
• Dishwasher safe;
• Fits in small kitchen cabinets;
• Guards against motor damage by shutting itself off;
• Restarts by itself.

What We don’t Like:

• Starts to produce a lot of noise after some time;
• The plastic jar is not strong. If it shatters, the price is equivalent to a new blender.

If you love waking up every morning to a quick shake or smoothie, Oster BLSTPB-WBL is the best portable blender to think of. It is light, dishwasher-friendly, comes with an extra travel bottle, and will shut off and on when the motors overheat and cool down respectively. Beware of the blender producing a sharp noise after some time. If it shatters, you will need to buy a new one.

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3. Magic Bullet Small 11-Piece Set Blender

From the name, you can easily tell that this blender can do magic in your kitchen. Yes, Magic Bullet 11 or 13-piece set helps you chop and crush fruits and nuts, turning them into your favorite juice in seconds.

The blender/mixer has among other features a 250W motor base, resealable lids that help keep the contents fresh, lip rings to halt leakages, tall cup, cross-blade, and a party mug among others.

Magic Bullet’s cross blades are made from hardened stainless steel material while the cups are products of extremely durable BPA free plastic.

Thanks to the high-torque 250 watts motor, preparing snacks, drinks, dips, and sauces are cheap, easy, and faster. Besides, inside the package, you will find a recipe guide you can read through quickly within a few seconds. You can also pin the guide on your kitchen notice board.

Cleaning the blenders is also super fast and easy. To do it effectively, you simply remove the lid, cups, and twist the cross blades. Pour a liberal amount of dish soap and rinse with clean water. After rinsing the cups and the plastic jar, place the cups on the rack to dry.

The blender measures 13.2 inches by 6.9 inches by 10.6 inches and comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

What we like:

• Comes with a powerful 250-watt motor;
• The blender has crushes even the hardest fruits and nuts;
• Has a tall cup that accommodates many ingredients;
• The resealable lids make it possible to keep the ingredients or the smoothie fresh;
• No leakages;
• Has a 12-month warranty;
• Washing the item is simple and fast.

What We don’t Like:

• Not dishwasher-friendly;
• May develop gear complications after some time.

Utilize the simple and fast cleaning process. The blender makes smoothies fast and does not heat up fast. It is excellent in chopping, blending, and mixing. However, this product may start to show how flimsy it is by stripping off its gears thus marking the start of mechanical issues.

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4. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Professional-Grade Blender

Like Vitamix Explorian, Vitamix Professional 750 is also a 64-oz capacity blender. Besides, the blender is also a low-profile type thus fits inside small kitchen cabinets when not in use. The other similarity with Vitamix Explorian is that Vitamix Professional 750 is also self-clean.

If you are after consistent results in the kitchen, you have no option apart from putting your money on this blender.

Explorian comes with 5 automated blending settings, which lead to quick and convenient smoothie preparation. If you are not happy with the present results, you can use the Pulse Feature to enhance the texture of your shake.

Aircraft-grade blades from high-quality stainless steel handle even the hardest and toughest ingredients such as ice cubes, frozen fruits and veggies, and nuts. The result is your favorite shake that you do not want to miss every morning.

The 64-oz container makes it possible to stack the blender under small kitchen cabinets. Besides, it will not be a hurdle in case you need to carry it on a trip.

Vitamix Professional’s power ratings are 120V, 12 Amps, and 50 to 60 Hz.

When cleaning the blender, you do not need to disassemble anything. Just ensure the blender is set to run at its highest speed. Then, pour warm water into the jar, add a little dish soap and allow the machine to self-clean itself.

Manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio USA, Vitamix Professional 750 measures 18 inches by 8 inches by 9 inches. In addition, the blender comes with a 6 feet power cord for convenience.

What we like:

• It has the exceptional ability to crush the toughest ingredients;
• You can use it away from the kitchen if you like thanks to the 6-ft power cord;
• Hardened stainless steel cross blades do not rust;
• Fits in low-profile kitchen cabinets;
• Last longer than most blender/mixers in the market;
• The small horsepower translates to electrical efficiency.

What We don’t Like:

• Although looks small, the blender is heavy, weighing 13 lbs;
• The base is a little unstable and may leak.

Vitamix Professional is one of the best countertop blenders you can trust. It is designed to last. The 6-ft power cord and the aircraft-grade blades make it possible to blend and mix fruits at your convenient place in your house. You should beware of the 13 lbs, which is weighty to many uses.

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5.Hamilton Beach Elite 12-Functions Power Blender (58148A)

Hamilton Beach 12-Functions Blender is indeed elite. Although the machine is renowned for its blending prowess, Hamilton does other chores that comparable products don’t such as crushing ice, preparing shakes and more.

For the best blending power, Hamilton Beach runs at a peak power of up to 700W. While this may seem to be on the higher side, the truth is the texture of the shake, smoothies or whatever it is that you are preparing is out of this world.

The blender has five buttons with an easy to read and understand CPanel. Because of the simple language used on the hard plastic cabinet, it is easy to understand the process of setting up the blender in case you are using it for the first time.

Although Hamilton Beach Elite blender has few buttons, they help in ensuring the machine’s 12 functions work harmoniously to produce the smoothest and sweetest juice in the kitchen.

The blades are removable, making it easy when you are cleaning the blender. Apart from the blades, which you need to first disassemble, the other components that make up the blender including the jar, cups, and the lid are dishwasher-friendly.

This 3-cup blender has a mark showing the level at which you should fill the ingredients. As long as you keep in mind the level, you will have no problem using this portable countertop blender for many years. The blender measures 7” by 10” by 15”.

What we like:

• Powerful motor that crushes all acceptable ingredients;
• Few buttons that do not confuse;
• A stable and firm base;
• Thanks to the 12 functions, it is easy to create the smoothest shake there is;
• Easy to clean;
• Lightweight although with many features;
• Dishwasher safe;
• Very affordable among most of its peers.

What We don’t Like:

• It is a heavy consumer of electricity especially if it runs every day;
• The motor may burn out after a short while.

Hamilton Beach Elite Blender is one of the rare kitchenware you do not want to miss. It is lightweight, has many functions, few buttons, elaborate inscriptions on the cabinet on how to set it up, and it is a powerful crusher. However, the motor may burn out faster than you thought.

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6. Ninja Professional 1100W Countertop Blender (BL660)

Ninja Professional Countertop is one of the largest blenders you can find today. In total, the blender can hold up to 72 oz of nicely chopped and crushed shakes. However, the 72 oz is not all that the blender can hold. There are an additional 32 ounces.

This blender is perhaps the strongest yet one of the affordable on our list. It is built with an 1100-watt motor that helps in the crushing, mixing, and blending whatever acceptable ingredient you will put inside it.

The two 16-oz cups will help you in adding and serving the ingredients and the smoothie thereafter. All the parts of this blender are dishwasher safe with 99% of it being BPA free.

  • This is the latest and upgraded version from Ninja. You can rest assured that the service it will give you is top-notch.

You can adjust the blending speed using the three speeds a pulse function that is placed where your hands can reach with ease. Besides, you can set the timer as you do other house chores.

This product measures 8” by 6” by 17” and weighs 7.6 lbs.

What we like:

• Powerful motor that has the ability to crush various ingredients;
• Large enough to prepare enough drink for the whole family;
• Dishwasher safe;
• Easy to operate control panel and buttons;
• Additional cups that help in serving drinks;
• Fast in preparing shakes;
• It can help you do other chores thanks to the timer.

What We don’t Like:

• Consumes a lot of electricity;
• Due to a lot of shaking from the motor, the base may develop cracks.

If you need a powerful countertop blender, consider Ninja Professional 1100W your option. You will forget unnatural shakes. Instead, you will nice smoothies whenever you want. Besides, you will do other things around the house, as the juice is prepared. Base cracks are inevitable after some time.

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7.Personal Sboly Small 300W Blender

The Personal Sboly Small 300W Blender is a single-serve for smoothies, juice, and shakes. With one-touch and just under 10 seconds, you can have your nutritious drinks ready and enjoy them on the go. No, wonder this blender is most people’s favorite.

It has a measurement of 4 inches by 4 inches by 14 inches and weighs 3 pounds.

Every part of this blender is safe and secure. Its cup is BPA-Free and automatically prevents overheating. The appliance only works after properly installing the bottle in its lock place.

Except for the motor base, all parts of the blender are safe to wash in a dishwasher. Its 20 oz Tritan blender cup is not only portable but also easy to clean. It comes with an additional bottlebrush to make the cleaning process effortless.

The blender has a peculiar and compressed design. It has a 300W powerful motor. Additionally, you can watch the 4 razor-sharp, stainless steel blades chop your contents into fine pieces. Storing it is easy.

The appliance requires a voltage converter when used in other countries outside the USA. It can only be effective when used under a voltage standard of between 110V to 120V.

What we like:

• Is available at an affordable price;
• Its powerful motor blends frozen fruits and ice effortlessly;
• Has a free ice cube tray to help with the cube sizes when blending;
• The blender is super easy to clean especially with the free bottlebrush;
• Its compact design allows it to pack more inside while taking up less space on the counter;
• It comes with markings on the bottle to help you to measure the amount of liquid inside especially when following a recipe.

What We don’t Like:

• It has a strong plastic smell.

Many people love Personal Sboly because it is easy to clean, use, carry around (for instance on a road trip) and store away. You can be sure to prepare your breakfast smoothie easily and fast and dash out for work. It is suitable especially for those living in the city. You should be ready to contend with the hard plastic odor.

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8. NutriBullet NBR-1201 High-Speed 12-Piece Blender

The NutriBullet High-Speed 12-Piece Blender is a perfect solution for making nutritious slushy smoothies. Talk about the effortless mixing and grinding of your favorite vegetables, fruits, nuts, and even seeds into smooth, nutrient-packed drinks and just like that, your journey to a healthier lifestyle is made easy.

Its 600W motor and sharp extractor blades enable it to blend effortlessly ordinary foods into delicious smoothies in seconds. The sharp blades are designed to crush hard food in cyclonic action enabling them to extract the most essential nutrients from the food, unlike other juicers and blenders.

Apart from the extractor blades and a motor base of 600 watts, the blender has one 18-ounce cup, a handled cup, a cup ring, 1 milling blade, a 24-ounce cup, 2 resealable lids and one-cup ring with a handle. It also comes with a manual and a recipe book. The plastic cups are BPA-free and last for so long.

Not only is the NutriBullet High-Speed 12-Piece Blender easy to operate but also easy to clean up. It easily blends food away with a push and then a twist. In the same way, you effortlessly twist off the blade and wash with soap and water. Then place the cups in the top dishwasher rack and voila, they are clean.

The appliance measures 12.87 inches by 9 inches by 13 inches and is of 7 ounces. It is only available in gray color. The product is assembled to Canadian and North American Electrical Standards. A limited warranty of 1 year is also assured.

What we like:

• Its powerful performance, which allows it to extract nutrients from the toughest ingredients;
• The plastic cups are BPA free and durable;
• Easy to operate and clean;
• Excellent shape;
• Exceptional design;
• It has a warranty of 1 year.

What We don’t Like:

• It smells like burnt plastic.

The NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender is a winner because it breaks down even the hard foods you would like to make smoothies out of in seconds. It makes the health-conscious lifestyle super easy and fun as you get to enjoy your smoothies on the go.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Countertop Blender

Countertop blenders are very common. They have a base and a jug where you put in the shredded materials for blending. You can leave the blender on your kitchen countertop after use other than storing it in the cabinets, hence the name countertop. The countertop blenders come in different shapes, colors, and designs.

If you are a fan of smoothies at four o’clock, muesli, and granola, these blenders are the best. They can grind, crushing fruits, ice, or even vegetables. The list is endless. You can do a variety of tasks with your blender.

Selecting the best countertop blender depends on various tasks. Have a look at this simple and easy to understand guide before you buy a countertop blender;

1. Capacity

Blender capacities vary. Your choice while considering this factor will run on the purpose of the countertop blender. You could be having a smoothie bar where you want large quantity production. That means you will go for the largest capacity. For your home use, a one or two liter-capacity is sufficient enough to make smoothies for your family. Also, if you have limited space, you will not go for a jumbo countertop blender but a small or medium-sized one.

2. Blades

Better performing countertops come with solid and dull blades that are safe, easy to clean, and rustproof. Perfect countertop blender blades comprise stainless steel, which outstands other metallic edges. The blades are also strategically placed such that you can clean under to avoid food remains decaying underneath.

3. Size

Your countertop blender should be the ideal size that is easy to lift and doesn’t consume too much space on your kitchen slab. Also, consider the space between your kitchen countertop and the cabinets above. That will determine if the blender will fit underneath. Some countertop blenders have a high height and will not fit well under your kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes, you require to use the countertop blender outdoors on picnics, travels, and RH. That means it should be a lightweight and portable model and considerable size. You can tuck a small or medium sized-countertop blender in a small cabinet to avoid clustering in the RH limited space. 

4. Material Glass, Stainless Steel, Or Plastic?

Having a countertop glass blender is a classy experience. The glass models are easy to clean and don’t pick up strong smells from ingredients like garlic. A setback with glass is that it is fragile and may break due to the blender shatters.

Plastics can last long but emit carcinogenic substances. Some manufacturers have improved the material with Tritan plastic that is BPA-Free. These last longer and do not emit risky substances.

Stainless steel jars are great, but they are not very common. They can withstand the countertop blender’s shattering and high-speed rotation. The other drawback with a stainless-steel jar is that it is opaque. You will see inside as the solids liquefy. 

5. Wattage

Watts are the units of power consumption. High-performance blenders consume more power but also perform better. A high-performance countertop blender will be ideal for commercial use where you have equally budgeted the cost of energy.

You can go for a low or medium-performance blender for home blending that gives you your expected output at a lower electric bill. The wattage factor will go hand in hand with the functions.

5. Motor 

Determining the countertop blender motor power is crucial. For a blender to work efficiently, it uses a motor. Some countertop blenders have the horsepower that crushes solids in a couple of seconds. Others are not strong enough to crush the solids and require water, juice, or milk to grind and mix the ingredients. How will you gauge the power of your best countertop blender’s motor? 

Check its wattage. A blender with less than 500 watts of power is slower and may not have the capacity to crush solids. Blenders that have between 500 and 700 watts are great for making soups and smoothies.

Above 700 watts will be the best countertop blender as the capacity is strong enough for solid ingredients. If it has a mill, you will get your grains into flour within a few minutes. Remember, the higher the performance, the higher the power consumption.

6. Distinct Features

Countertop blenders have multiple features that offer you different functions. You whip cream, chop herbs, crush ice, grind grains, or mix smoothies with additional features on the best countertop blender. Some of the blenders have the features of extra detachable attachments. That is even more convenient.

When purchasing, ensure that you can detach and replace with ease. With many features and functions, you will not limit yourself to only a few options. The cost maybe the same as those countertop blenders without the extras. Alternatively, some manufacturers ask you to pay for the extra features, which is worth the price.  

7. Safety

The best countertop blender should be safe to use. As we mentioned earlier, sharp-bladed blenders are not safe. They can injure you as you handwash beneath the blades. The blade should be considerably blunt or sharp to shred your solid ingredients.

Stainless steel blades a dull but perform excellently. Very sharp edges are purposeless as the blender uses power to shred your solids. Even the bluntest blade will chop at high speed. 

The blender’s lid should fit and lock well to secure the contents safely inside during processing. Clearly labeled dishwasher-safe jars and accessories are easy to clean and dry. If features are not marked, that confuses you as to whether handwash or dishwasher.   

8. Price

The price of the countertop blender will determine whether you are going to buy it or not. Every purchase goes with your budget. Anything above your pocket is not going to work for you. Of course, the price should be equivalent to efficiency and durability.

Electronic kitchen appliances may cost from tens to hundreds of dollars. That tells you to be careful not to buy at a low price and begin replacements in a few months. As we said, let durability and efficiency guide you.

It would be more favorable to spend time comparing various countertop blender brands from different stores to check on their pricing. Before you decide what price is high, scrutinize its functionalities, motor power, and durability. That overly depends on your kitchen needs. 

9. Noise Level 

Some countertop blenders are crazily noisy. If you are using your blender occasionally, that can be tolerable. The deafening noise of blenders can damage your eardrums, especially if you spend most of the time blending stuff in a restaurant.

You need to figure out that, and the only way to do that is by watching the videos of different models on manufacturers’ or e-commerce websites. While there, slip into the user reviews of each blender and analyze them.

Most reviewers are honest and talk out of the experience. They will be super helpful before you click that order button. 

You will also be lucky when purchasing since most modern blenders nowadays have low noise levels, particularly high-end models. They are pricey but have an inbuilt-in sound cover that allows silence during blending.  

Bottom Line

With a counter blender, you have the essential kitchen innovations ever. This simple electric appliance will liquidize, chop, mix, and puree food substances into your desired texture.

The effort you would have used to pound and sieve the ingredients is seventy folds. With a countertop blender, you save on energy and time.


To buy the best countertop blender that will chop solid, puree, and blend effectively, you have the above simple guide at your fingertips. You will find the exercise easy and get not only a blender but also the best countertop blender that suits your requirements.  

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