10 Best Dish Drying Racks Reviewed and Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Dish Drying Racks

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Each day of our lives brings forth new activities, challenges, and other chores that we tend to carry out routinely. Washing of the dishes and drying them, using a towel, a piece of cloth or letting them to dry on their own are some of the activities that are inevitable, just like eating and sleeping. How do you ensure your dishes are clean, dry, and ready for use the next time you are preparing a meal? Well, the best dish drying rack comes in handy.

Ensuring that you get the right dish drying rack is one thing and maintaining cleanliness and ensuring it is sanitary is quite another. For that reason, you need to conduct proper research. Thankfully, we have made things easier for you.

This guide does not only give you the 10 best dish drying racks but also takes you through the various ways you can clean and dry your dish drying racks as well as the various factors you must consider if you are to get the ideal dish drying rack.

Before I take you through the list of the best dish drying rack, here is the firstthing you need to know about dish drying racks:

Dish Drying Racks At A glance

Are you passing busy time? If so this section is just for you. I have choose 10 best rated dish drying racks price from amazon. Go by the link and know the latest price. But I have reviewed detail  each product on review section. Hope you will enjoy the reviews part. 

Are Dish Racks Sanitary?

For a long time dish drying mats have been used for drying dishes after washing. However, if you opt to dry your dishes using dish drying racks, then you must know that the health of your family should come first.

Like dish drying mats, dish drying racks may or may not be sanitary. Cleanliness is key if you want to make your dish drying racks sanitary.

For instance, best dish racks can also be sanitary depending on how they are often and properly cleaned. Best dish racks at times cannot be sanitary if the user does not invest much on cleaning. To make your dish rack sanitary, cleaning should always be done. A clean dish rack is sanitary.

The 10 Best Dish Drying Racks Reviews You Can Trust

Now that you know you can dry your dishes in a dish drying rack and that it is possible to make racks sanitary, it is time to look at what our clients say work for them. Here are the top best dish drying rackyou have been waiting for:

    1. Best dish drying rack for small spaces: Surphas Roll-Up Dish Rack

    Surpahs Over Sink Foldable Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack,...
    • Large Size, 20.5 x 13.1 inches, works for over sink up to 19.5...
    • Resistant to rust, non-slip, durable, glassware friendly, and...
    • Heat resistant up to 400°F (204°C), BPA-Free, Can be used as...
    • Warm Gray color makes you a cozy, natural, and sophisticated...
    • Measurement: 20.5 inche (L) x 13.1 inche (W) x 0.3 inche (H) (52...

    We all want a dish rack that matches the color scheme of our kitchen. Surphas Dish Rack is one of the best dishes drying rack that fits that description. It comes in a grey color that is neutral and easily blends well with most of the kitchen color schemes. Your kitchen will definitely look sophisticated with this great addition.

    In addition to being dishwasher safe, the rack is able to withstand high temperatures of up to 204 degrees Celsius. It can dry dishware and be used as at trivet. You can safely place hot pots or baking trays on the rack. Simply place the rack on the counter top to convert it from a dish drying rack to a trivet instantly.

    Notably, the over the sink dish rack is large enough to hold several dishes at a go. It boasts of a size measuring 20.5 inches by 13.1 inches by 19.5 inches. The rack is made from premium quality food grade stainless steel. Therefore, you can use it to many dishes at a go.

    Other amazing features include rust-free stainless steel, durability, non-slip material, glassware friendly and oil-resistant. Apart from being easy to clean, it also rolls up easily for storage purposes. Therefore, it is ideal for small spaces.

    The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the dish rack.

    Check Price on Amazon

    Notable features: 

    • Weighs 2.3 pounds.
    • Size: 20.5 inches by 13 inches by 0.3 inches.
    • Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
    • Heat resistant trivet.


    • Durable.
    • Ideal for small spaces.
    • Sturdy
    • BPA free.


    • Plates and saucers need to be dried face down across the rods to avoid falling through the spaces.
    • Only suitable for clients with two sides on the sink.

    2. Atom Tech Home Roll up Dish Rack

    Tomorotec 17.7" x 15.5" Roll Up Dish Drying Rack Over Sink Drying Rack...
    • [Universal Fit] - Choose from our three sizes: 17.7 x 12.5in,...
    • [Enhanced Rust Resistance] - Crafted with premium 304 Stainless...
    • [Multiple Use and Heat Safe] - This versatile accessory, designed...
    • [Space-Saving, Foldable Design] - Quickly and easily roll it up...
    • [Food Grade Material] - Constructed from durable 304 stainless...

    The Atom Tech dish drying rack is made from 304 grade stainless steel. The edges of the rack are coated in food grade silicone to form an impressive integrated design. To ensure that you are sate from any toxins, the silicone used to make this roll up dish drying rack is BPA free. Therefore, you can be assured that this rack is safe to use, sturdy, non-slip and rust resistant.

    Atom dish rack can perform multiple functions. Apart from drying dishes, you can use it to prep vegetables before cooking. It acts as a cutting board for vegetables and fruits. Not only are you buying a dish rack, but also a cutting board. Isn’t that awesome?

    The manufactures put into consideration the sturdiness of the rack. It is constructed with strong and durable material that comfortably holds up to 70lbs of cookware. Even though it weighs o.8 pounds, it holds a large capacity. You can dry many dishes and pots because the rack is strong. Also, it does not wrap or bend easily.

    You will be pleased to know that this dish rack is heat safe. It can be used as a trivet because of the heat resistance feature. Worrying about where to place hot pans and bake ware straight from the oven will be a thing of the past.

    Notable features: 

    • Weighs 0.8 lbs.
    • Made from stainless steel and silica gel.
    • Dimensions: 17.7 inches by 15.5 inches.
    • Made from 20 stainless steel pipes and folds up easily


    • Sturdy.
    • Ideal for small spaces.
    • Heat resistant.
    • Coating made of food grade silicone.


    • It may rust after prolonged use.
    • It is only suitable for small sinks.

    3. Sweet Home Collection Drainer Rack

    Sweet Home Collection Metal, Plasic 3 Piece Dish Drainer Rack Set with...
    25,968 Reviews
    Sweet Home Collection Metal, Plasic 3 Piece Dish Drainer Rack Set with...
    • Set includes one dish rack, one plastic cutlery Caddie, and one...
    • The plastic cutlery Caddie has two spaces for convenience and...
    • This set measures 17" x 12" x 5" and has separate slots for...
    • The drain board has a convenient lip which will hang slightly...
    • Care Instructions: spot clean with damp cloth.

    The Sweet Home rack is a clever invention that is guaranteed to change your dish drying experience for better. Comprising of a drainer rack, utensil holder and a self draining drying board, the rack is considered to be one of the best dish drying rack available in the market.

    Water that drips from the drying dishes is collected in the board which drains the water directly to the adjacent sink. Therefore, the dishes dry quickly and water does not pool.

    The wire rack is coated with vinyl to ensure a smooth and glossy look. The moisture tray is made of plastic and has an opening that allows for draining of water from the drying dishes. It also protects the countertop from chipping and scratching.

    The rack is easy to clean. It also provides you with a solution for your small pace. The size makes it fit perfectly in the nook by the sink and does not clutter the countertop. The dishes are also organized neatly because of the separate utensil caddy. You get to work in a cluster-free kitchen.

    Apart from having a smooth texture, the rack comes in six different colors to choose from. You can choose a color that matches your kitchen color scheme. This addition will be a good addition to your home décor.

    Notable features: 

    • Comes in a set comprising of a wire rack, cutlery caddy and a moisture tray.
    • Dimensions: 11” by11” by 4”
    • Has a solid pattern as well as a smooth texture.
    • Weighs 2.84 pounds.
    • Six different colors to choose from.


    • Durable.
    • Great value for money.
    • Lightweight.
    • Self draining.


    • The moisture tray might retain some water hence the dishes take longer to dry.

    4.Best over the sink: G-TING Over Sink Drainer Rack

    G-TING Dish Drying Rack 17.5" x 15", Over Sink Roll Up Large Dish...
    • 👍[Multiple uses ]: Heat resistant up to 446°F (230°C),...
    • 👍[ Easy to store]: Foldable design, easy to store. When the...
    • 👍[ Easy to clean]: Rust resistance and food grade...
    • 👍[ Large dimension]: Size:17.5"x 15” with 16 PCS 304...
    • 👍[Strong and sturdy ]: Weight only 475g, but this dish drying...

    A dish drying rack that fits perfectly over the sink is essential in every kitchen. G-TING dish draining rack comes in an easy to fold design that can be placed over the sink. The dish drainer is easy to store because it can be folded when not in use to reduce clutter.

    Who does not love multipurpose kitchen gadgets? Not me. The dish rack can withstand high temperatures. With heat resistance of up to two hundred and thirty degrees Celsius, the G-TING rack can also be used as a trivet.

    The rack comes in a large size. With dimensions of 17.5 inches by 15 inches and 16 pieces of stainless steel pipes, it can hold a large capacity of dishes. Remember to measure the size of your sink before buying any dish rack to avoid inconveniences.

    One advantage that comes with best dish rackthat are placed over the sink is the resourcefulness. Apart from being used as a drainer, it can also be used as a vegetable colander. After washing fruits and vegetables, you can place them on the rack to drain water just like a colander. Therefore, the dish rack is multipurpose.

    Even though the over the sink drainer is light weight, it can support 15 KGs of dishware. Sixteen hollow pipes made of stainless steel put together to create the rack make it sturdy. It is durable and does not bend easily.

    Notable features: 

    • Weighs 1.15 pounds.
    • Multipurpose. Can be used as a rack or vegetable colander.
    • Size: 17.7” by 5” by 1.3”
    • Made from stainless steel and silica gel.


    • Easy to assemble.
    • Sturdy.
    • Large storage capacity.
    • Versatile.


    • Hard water makes it turn color.

    5. iPEGTOP Deep Dish Drying Rack

    iPEGTOP Expandable Multifunctional Dish Drying Rack, Rustproof...
    • ✔ 3-in-1 FUNCTION: This dish drying rack expands for use on the...
    • ✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made from sturdy bold food grade 304...
    • ✔ EXTENDABLE & SUITABLE for Different Size Sink: The unit...
    • ✔ KITCHEN ORGANIZER: Much deeper to holds up to 10 plates and...
    • ✔UTENSIL HOLDER: A knife and fork holder is included for easy...

    iPEGTOP is made using 304 stainless steel. The material is resistant to rust. The iPEGTOP deep dish rack is guaranteed to be rust free even after a prolonged period of use. 304 stainless steel is a premium material that is also used to manufacture atomic equipment. However, there may be cheaper grades of stainless steel that rust easily.

    Why choose this rack? There are many exceptional features that this rack possesses. It has a caddy with modifiable arms that fit perfectly well in sinks that have a width ranging from sixteen inches to twenty-two inches. Drying fruits, vegetables and dish ware becomes simplified and reduces clutter in the kitchen.

    Your sink and countertop will be protected from any chipping and scratching. The dish rack has non-slip rubber on all feet and around the bar. The slip-resistant feet allow the dish rack to stay in place to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

    A utensil holder that comes with the dish rack should not be underestimated. It holds silverware, forks and knives in place. The dishes go in the deep part of the rack while the silverware goes to the utensil holder. Therefore, it is easier to find forks and knives without lifting dishes in the rack.

    You do not need to worry about the safety of your dishes because they are well protected. There is plenty of room at the bottom of the rack to ensure that the plates do not come into contact with the counter. Aeration occurs efficiently to speed up drying of the dishes.

    The best dish drying rack is versatile. You can use to dry dishes, drain fruits and vegetables and well as thaw frozen foods. Food can be placed on the deep part of the rack to thaw and drain the excess liquid.

    Notable features: 

    • Weighs 1.2 pounds.
    • Dimensions: 15.8” by 11.8” by 5.1”
    • Made of 304 industry grade stainless steel.
    • Multipurpose.


    • Sturdy.
    • Durable
    • Versatile.
    • Does not rust.


    • It is not deep enough.
    • Does not handle bowls well.
    • Cannot hold many dishes.

    6. Best dish rack for small kitchen: KESOL Expandable Dish Drying Rack 1867

    KESOL Smartly Compact Expandable Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack with...
    • 📏MINI DISH DRAINER OVER SINK measures 14.75"(37.5cm) D x...
    • 👌3in1 SPACE SAVER COMPACT DESIGN. Dish strainer for kitchen...
    • 😍NON-SLIP, SCRATCH PROTECTION: Dish drainer - dishes drying...
    • ✨100% STRESS FREE PREMIUM RUST PROOF: Made of Top SUS304...
    • 🎁BONUS UTENSIL HOLDER: 2 Compartment Cutlery/Utensil holder...

    KESOL expandable dish drying rack is a clever invention that can be used either in the sink or over the sink. It is designed to fit well over the sink as well as the countertop. When used inside the sink, it acts as a fruit and vegetable drainer. While placed on the counter top, it allows dishes to drain excess water and dry without leaving water marks. However, your sink should be more than fourteen inches and not more than 18.5 inches.

    Small kitchens call for proper utilization of space. Whether the KESOL dish rack is placed over the sink or on the counter, it takes up small space. This is a great feature for small kitchens or minimalist lovers. Dishes dry in the rack while the utensils have a separate compartment at the side of the rack known as a utensil holder.

    Simplicity of use and functional designs are features we love. This dish drying rack is simple to use and comes in a functional design. It can hold dishes, wash pans and utensils by hand, drain and rinse vegetables. You can also use it to thaw frozen foods. This perfect addition to your kitchen is useful because it can be used for different purposes.

    If you are looking for a dish rack that will serve you for years without rusting, then you are in the right place. KESOL dish rack is made from SU304 stainless steel. It might be more expensive than other materials like chrome but a premium quality dish rack is guaranteed. Therefore, you are assured of a replacement if the dish rack rusts within the first five years of use from the manufacturer.

    Notable features: 

    • Weighs 1.7 pounds.
    • Made from premium stainless steel.
    • Size: 14 inches by10.2 inches by 4.7 inches.
    • 5 years quality service guarantee.


    • Durable.
    • Value for money.
    • Ideal for small spaces.
    • Sturdy.


    • The plastic holder that is used to hold silverware tips easily.

    7. iPEGTOP Expandable Dish Rack

    iPEGTOP Expandable Multifunctional Dish Drying Rack, Over The Sink, in...
    8,562 Reviews
    iPEGTOP Expandable Multifunctional Dish Drying Rack, Over The Sink, in...
    • ✔ 3-in-1 FUNCTION - This dish drying rack expands for use on...
    • ✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY - Made from sturdy bold food grade 304...
    • ✔ EXTENDABLE & SUITABLE for Different Size Sink - The unit...
    • ✔ KITCHEN ORGANIZER - Much deeper to holds up to 10 plates and...
    • ✔UTENSIL HOLDER - A knife and fork holder is included for easy...

    This expandable dish rack is guaranteed to change your kitchen experience for the better. Weighing 1.54 pounds does not mean that it is weak. It can comfortably hold up to seven plates and several mugs. It comes with a white removable utensil holder that has two compartments. Therefore, you can dry your silverware separately.

    You get to enjoy the versatility when you use iPEGTOP expandable dish rack. It boasts of a size of fifteen inches length, twelve inches width and three point five inches height. However, it can be adjusted from fifteen inches to twenty-two inches. This makes it ideal for use in large sinks. It is advisable to measure your sink before making a purchase.

    Food prep will be easier when using this amazing dish rack. You can place it in the sink to create space on the countertop when prepping food. You can also dry the dishes in the sink to allow the water from the dishes to drain directly into the sink. Also, you can dry fruits and vegetables in this rack.

    iPEGTOP dish rack is made from premium quality 304 stainless steel. You are guaranteed of a sturdy rack made from food grade steel that is durable. The feet and arms are fitted with rubber to ensure that it does not slip and prevent the sink and countertop from scratching.

    This rack is a space saver. You can use it in the sink to avoid clutter on the counter top.

    Notable features: 

    • Deep and expandable rack.
    • 2-compartment utensil holder.
    • Non-slip feet and arms.
    • Weighs 1.54 pounds.
    • Made from 304 food grade stainless steel.
    • Size: 15” by 12” by 4”
    • 3-pack roll.


    • Lightweight.
    • Sturdy.
    • Long service life.
    • Does not rust.
    • Versatile.


    • The utensil holder falls off if silverware is not well balanced.
    • It is only suitable for large sinks.

    8. Best dish drying rack for pots and pans:KIBEE Roll Up Dish Rack

    Zulay 20.5” x 13” Roll Up Drying Rack - Silicone-Coated Stainless...
    • OVER THE SINK DRYING RACK: Our sink drying rack comes in...
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of high-quality steel rods covered with...
    • MULTIPURPOSE: Use this foldable sink rack as a dish drainer for...
    • SPACE-SAVING: The 18 stainless steel bars, connected with...
    • FOOD SAFE & HEAT RESISTANT: The food-grade silicone has heat...

    The KIBEE over the sink dish rack is modern and stylish. It is made from SUS 304 stainless steel. This material is strong and food grade approved. You are assured of a sturdy, stylish and safe dish rack.

    KIBEE Roll Up Dish drying Rackis one of the dish racks that serve different purposes in the kitchen. You place it over the sink and drain your dishes. You can also use it to dry fruits and vegetables like a colander. Frozen foods can be placed on the rack to thaw and drain the liquid directly into the sink. Therefore, this rack is not only lightweight, but also functional.

    You no longer need to stress about where to place your hot pots and pans. This rack can withstand up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit when exposed to heat. It can be placed on the counter top to be used as a trivet. For that reason, you can place hot pots and bake ware straight from the oven on this rack. It can also be used to cool baked goods as a cooling rack.

    We all know that the kitchen should always be kept clean. This rack is easy to clean and store. You can take out all the steel parts and clean them. It can either be cleaned in the dishwasher or simply wash it under a water faucet and air dry. When not in use, fold it and store to save space and reduce clutter.

    You can sure, that this rack will serve you for a long period of time. It is made from SUS 304 stainless steel, which does not rust easily. It will remain shiny and stylish. It is gray which blends well with all color schemes. The best party is that the manufacturer offers a 5-year-warranty.

    Notable features: 

    • Weighs 0.8 pounds.
    • Manufactured using SUS304 stainless steel.
    • Dimensions:17.75” by 13.75” by 0.35”
    • Can withstand heat up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Durable.
    • Multipurpose.
    • Sturdy.
    • Value for money.food.


    • The dimension stated by the manufacturer is short by 0.75 inches.

    9. SimpleHuman Kitchen Compact Steel Frame Dish Rack with Swivel Spout Fingerprint-Proof Stainless

    simplehuman Kitchen Compact Steel Frame Dish Rack with Swivel Spout...
    • you wash, I'll dry: Our compact steel frame dishrack has an...
    • anti-residue coating: Hydrophilic coating on plastic tray causes...
    • pivoting swivel spout: Spout pivots in all directions to drain...
    • extendable drip tray: Pulls out below the cup holders to catch...
    • utensil holder: Separate compartments keep utensils neat and...

    One of the best things you would love about this dish drying rack is the weight. Because the dish drying rack is made of stainless steel and other quality material, the product weighs just 4.1 lbs. Apart from the weight, SimpleHuman measures 15 by 12 by 8 inches, a size that fits in a majority of rooms.

    With an extendable drip tray, this dish drying rack is perhaps one of the best you can admire and order. The extendable drip tray moves with ease below the cups, making it possible to pull utensils without a problem.

    The dish drying rack’s improved and innovative drainage system makes it an excellent product in the kitchen when it comes to combating spillage.

    In order to prevent clogging, water-lodge, and possible rusting, the product comes with an anti-residue coating, which is hydrophilic. Thanks to this, the plastic tray dries up very fast and efficiently.

    SimpleHuman kitchen dish drying rack is soft to handle and has a utensil holder, which makes it possible to keep your utensils separate and organized.

    The durable stainless steel material is another thing you would love about this dish drying dish. The material is corrosion-free and does discolor. In addition, the material resists smudges and the entire frame is able to remain shiny the entire time you will use the product.

    Notable features: 

    • Anti-residue hydrophilic coat.
    • Extendable drip tray.
    • Innovative drainage system.
    • 5-year warranty.
    • Swivel spout.
    • Finger-proof coating.


    • Lightweight.
    • Spacious.
    • Keeps utensils organized.
    • Drains water fast.
    • Does not rust.


    • The rubber pipe doesn’t fit properly.

    10. Stainless KIBEE Dish Drying Rack

    KIBEE Dish Drying Rack Stainless Steel Roll Up Over The Sink Drainer...
    • [Multi-purpose Rolling Dish Rack] The dish drying rack can be...
    • [Modern Version & Perfect Size] 17.75"(L)×13.75"(W),the sink...
    • [Never Rust & High Quality Material] The dish drainer is made of...
    • [Easy To Clean] Put the sink rack in your dishwasher or just...
    • [Space Saveing] Roll up, when not in use, easily put away, saving...

    KIBEE dish drying rack is a strong, durable and modern multi-purpose rack that can be used for drying plates, dishes, cups, bowls, cookware and tableware.

    The product can also be used for defrosting frozen food, a colander platform for vegetable and fruit washing, cooling baked goods, and under the pans and hotpots as a mat.

    This roll-up drying rack can be rolled up simply, easily and put aside when not in use. This helps free up counter space in the kitchen. It also adds storage space in the kitchen when working on something.

    With a load weight of 40 lbs the dish drying rack can support a considerable amount of weight.

     You can be guaranteed of no mess when you choose to use the KIBEE dish-drying rack as all the water from dishes will drain into the sink.Check Price on Amazon

    Notable features: 

    • Made of steel.
    • Weighs 40lbs.
    • Rust proof.
    • Measures 17.75 by 13.75 by 0.35 inches.
    • Grey in color.
    • Corrosion resistant.
    • 5-year warranty.
    • Countertop.
    • Fitted with rubber ends for gripping.


    • Cleaning it is easy.
    • Heat-resistant.
    • Dish washer safe.
    • Easy to install.


    • May not fit in a small or large sink.
    • Its silicone enclosures become loose with time.

    How to Dry Dishes Without a Dish Rack

    Dish racks are amazing solutions because, for longtime have been used to dry and store dishes in our kitchens. They are also used in places such as hotels, restaurants and many more places where dish drying and keeping is required. For a very longtime they have provided one of the simplest ways to dry dishes.

    There are several ways that have been successfully applied in drying dishes without the use of the dish drying racks, this also makes them to be good ways of drying our dishes.

    Either ways of drying dishes are all effective for our needs so long as they are used in the right way.  The main aim is to have the dishes dry and safe, with this there is need to pick of the most effective way to use comes in. Once the best and effective way is picked, the dishes are washed and the rest follows as per which means is to be used.

    There are many ways we can use to dry up our dishes without drying racks, they include; the sanitizing cycle on your dish washer, drying in the dishwasher, air drying, drying with a paper towel, drying with a dishtowel. I will be discussing into details ways through which we can successfully dry dishes without a dish rack.

    How to Clean a Dish Rack

    It involves few and easy steps to rightfully do the process, so as to make your dish drying rack sanitary.

    What you will need:

    • Small scrub brush of toothbrush.
    • Hot water.
    • Soap or even a detergent.
    • Cloth.

    Step 1: Dismantle: You will need to dismantle your dish rack for easier washing.

    Step 2: Use Brush to Scrub: Having the drying rack over your sink, scrub it gently with your brush and hot water. With the presence of stains, gently scrub them as you run hot over it.

    Step3: Rinse with Hot Water: Run hot water on your drying dish to remove the soapy form as you carefully look for stains that have remained behind. When the stains are present, gently scrub them once more and run hot water again to remove the soapy form.

    Step 4: Let it Dry up Completely:  Leave your dish rack to completely dry. If the dish rack is a metal, then use an absorbent cloth to dry it up to prevent rusting.

    How to Spot-Clean a Dish Rack

    For a period of continuous using, your dish rack may attract some stains, which might not be easy to clean. The following procedure will help you get rid of the spots.

    What you will need:

    • A large basin of water.
    • White vinegar.
    • Scrub brush.
    • Cloth.

    Step1: Fill Your Basin With Hot Water And Add The Vinegar: 

    Fill your basin with hot water and add the vinegar. When using sink do the same process as in the basin.

    Step 2: Submerge Your Dish Rack and Soak: 

    Completely submerge the rack and soak it in water. After submerging it, leave it for about a half an hour.

    Step 3: Drain and Scrub: After leaving the drying rack in the water for about an hour, drain all the water and completely scrub it.

    Step 4: Let it Dry: After drying and scrubbing the rack, let it dry. The metal dish rack is to be dried with an absorbent cloth to prevent rusting.

    How to Prevent a Dish Rack from Rusting or Molding

    The best ways to prevent mold, mildew and rust from forming on your dish rack is by regularly cleaning your dish rack with the required detergents or soap. Having a regular timetable like cleaning once a week is one of the best ways it can be done.

    Great care should be a consideration when handling metallic utensils such as knifes spoons and many others, to avoid unnecessary scratching of the metal drying racks because when this happens, rusting is accelerated.

    The Sanitizing Cycle on your Dishwasher:

    Some dishwashers come with a “sanitize” option, with this be sure that it is the best proved way to keep your dishes clean and germ free. The hot water with at least 149 degrees Fahrenheit rinses your dishes and because of the high heating temperature kills all the bacteria.

    With this, you are sure that your dishes are clean and germ free making it one of the most effective ways to use when drying and washing your dishes without a dish rack. After passing the hot water to sanitize by the clicking option, the next is to click an option of “Heated Dry”. This option activates hot air pumped by the machine into where your dishes are, causing the water remains on your dishes surfaces to dry up inform of steam.

    This has been always considered the most sanitary way to wash your dishes and to dry them clean. It is time saving and not effort intensified. Care should also be taken to switch off the dishwasher machine once it has been used.

    Drying in the Dishwasher

    From the above, we can figure out that we can perform two functions in the dishwasher machine. We can skip the sanitizing washing cycle but still have our dishes dry within the machine. This also remains as one of the sanitary ways to dry your dishes.  The drying process reaches high temperatures thus helping in killing of bacterial germs within the dishes.

    Air Drying

    It turns out that air drying is also one of the best ways to dry our dishes. Air drying as compared to the dish drying towel method, is the best. Air drying one of the easiest ways to dry your dishes because it involves washing your dishes clean and having them placed on relatively flat spaces to dry.

    There are many types of surfaces that can be used, this may include drying mats or even placing them on top of the kitchen sink side clean concretes where they are exposed to free air for drying them up.

    Drying with a Paper Towel

    Paper towels are specially made for cleaning your dishes dry and good for cartulary usage. Paper towels are always made to be used once for the dish drying purposes once one is used it is carefully disposed into the right place that is a dumping pit.

    Using paper towels tend to be such a wasteful way since it is always one per utensil. But it is also nice to be noted that paper towels do not allow for the spread of bacteria as in the case of a dish towel where the drying is done with one drying towel.

    Drying with a Dishtowel

    Considered as one of the least effective ways to dry dishes because many do not frequently wash their dishtowels every time they have been used. When using this method on items that cannot be dried by air, it is always advisable to regularly wash your dishtowel as much as you can. Due to the laxity of cleaning your dishtowels, there might be bacteria build up within the towel; this makes it a least effective way to dry dishes.

    Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dish Rack

    After having all the dishes washed, the next step is to dry them for keeping or for using. Without the availability of the dishwasher, then there is need of having dish drying racks. There is also need to have your dishes well decorated in your kitchen and this perhaps will force the user to select on the best and quality type of dish drying rack that is to be used.

    How exactly should a buyer make a choice of the best drying rack that is to be fitted in the kitchen? Without hesitation, I will help the buyer on the factors that should be considered before buying a dish rack. The factors that are considered include the following which we will be discussing in details.

    • Versatility:

    Before buying a dish drying rack for your utensils, you should also consider that the drying rack is not only used for drying purposes but can also serve other purposes. Most of the drying racks are made of some complicated features that one needs to look at before deciding to buy. Professional views are some of the ways through which a buyer can have an option to choose from.

    Modern dish racks are made to be versatile, in addition modern dish racks can also be easily assembled and disassembled without the use of sophisticated tools.

    Modern dish racks come with neatly organized hooks used for hanging spoons and table clothes. In addition, with this kind of versatility, it may be a little bit complicated to have it assembled up and this may make it very difficult for some to assemble.

    • Size           

    When having a dish drying rack in your kitchen, one of the considerations is the amount of space that is in the kitchen. One also has to consider the amount of space that is left aside after buying and fitting the drying rack in the kitchen.

    For bigger kitchen space or many dishes, there is need to settle for a bigger drying rack. For a smaller kitchen and few dishes it is better to settle for a small size dish rack.

    • Capacity

    The size of a dish drying rack matters a lot especially if you have many dishes that need drying. Bigger racks tend to have some additional spaces in them through which many dishes are neatly arranged in them. For instance, when we take a look at most of the two-tier racks, they tend to be taller and larger than the normal ones thus offering additional space.

    The two-tier racks are also more impact as compared to the normal ones, this can make us have conclude that capacity triggers the compactness and stability of drying racks. From the above explanations, we can conclude that using two-tier racks can be one of the best options since much space is not compromised.

    • Material

    Options that are easier to clean are one of the best when buying a drying rack. Some materials are likely to wear out and degrade easily, this is likely to make the cleaning experience less effective. Plastic and stainless steel are some of the common drying racks manufactured by most companies.

     Drying racks made of plastic materials are easily portable than the ones made of steel. Plastics also do not stain easily and are more versatile than the steel racks. A point to note is that plastics are not long lasting, they can easily break when heavily loaded.

    Stainless steel is long-lasting, durable, easy to clean and do not break easily. Stainless-steel drying dish racks tend to be expensive and are the best as compared to others.

    • Placement

    Where to place your dish drying rack matters a lot. Placement is in line with the space in the kitchen or other things that are in the room. With the placement, there are options like placing it inside the sink or the other side.

    Rightfully placing would mean the drying dish rack correctly fits the sink where it has been placed easily. We can also have option like having it placed on the kitchen floor or in the kitchen cabinet with the stands in place.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Question: Are dish drying racks Sanitary?

    Answer: Compared to dishtowels, drying your dishes using a dish drying rack is more sanitary. One major reason for this is dish drying racks make it possible for dishes to receive more air.

    Question: Do stainless steel racks rust?

    Answer: Stainless steel dish drying racks do not rust. However, you still need to take good care of the racks by not soaking them in water for a long time.

    Question: Can I put a dish drying rack in a dishwasher?

    Answer: Whether it is made of metal, plastic, or coated, it is safe to put a dish drying rack inside a dishwasher.


    Finding the best dish drying rack should not give you headache. This guideline has obviously made it easy for you to find the right dish drying rack ‘you can trust. Most importantly, you can now clean your dishes, dry them fast, and store them for the next use without the fear of the dishes carrying mold or any other germs for lack of proper drying.

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