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Cooking with Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker gives your best way to make smart and fast home cooking is to use the pressure cooker and to enhance your cooking experience here is an excellent option for you the Cuisinart 6 quart pressure cooker. Now have a look at the Cuisinart 6 quart pressure cooker reviews so that you can quickly identify whether it is suitable for your kitchen or not and makes your cooking experience far better than before. Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker is pressure cooker that completes all its promises.

This pressure cooker is available in two types Cuisinart CPC 400 Rice Cooker and Cuisinart CPC 800 Rice Cooker. Both of them are different in their weight, capacity and their KW as both of the cookers is an electrical one. This cooker is a 1000 watt stainless steel pressure cooker.

The Cuisinart 6 quart pressure cooker works as a steamer and can cook on both high as well as on low heat. This pressure cooker preserves all the nutrients cooks healthy and tasty meal precisely in restaurant style every time. This beautiful pressure cooker is hassle-free and easy to use regarding cleaning and maintaining.

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What You Will Come to Know by Cuisinart 6 quart Pressure Cooker Reviews?

Essential Features of Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker

There are many cookers which you will find very much perfect for your daily food schedule. But does this cooker provide the same features that our Cuisinart 6 Quart Pressure Cooker has? Let’s see what are the features our Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker.


This Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker has a vast capacity than before as well as from others. Lots of stoves are there where the scratches, fingerprints come quickly but this cooker is very much decent with the brushed stainless steel fingerprint proof housing. It also includes a digital thermostat which is perfect and capable of giving excellent feedback.

Push button to control the cooking options

This cooker has an attractive thing with it is the push button which controls the cooking options and also programmed settings. This button gives an impressive look to the stove by making it attractive. The programmed environments which can be controlled by the switch are Low and High Pressure, Simmer, Browning, Auto Keep Warm Settings and Saute.

Cool-touch side handles

Have some top cool-touch side handles of this cooker which helps to handle the stove safely as well gives a stylish look to the oven as well. The little amount of heat may also catch you. Whereas the cooking handle will let you handle it safely because heat will never pass to the handle and the grip is naturally way too much comfortable to hold.

Nonstick Cooking Pot and Trivet

Usually, people use the cooking pot a lot. And after using it for a while, it becomes sticky and gives an uneasy feel to cook and ends up with bad cooking. But luckily this cooker is offering the best non-sticky cooking pot which will never stick no matter how rough and how long you use it, I can guarantee it. This cooker also includes a Trivet which is very useful to use. Lots of people are there who don’t get comfortable with another trivet. But this Cuisinart 6-quart cooker gives the best comfortable trivet to you.

Dishwasher-safe Pot

Dishwasher-safe Pot

The most important thing about other cookers is, they are adamant to handle tough to dismantle as well as very tough to wash.  So you don’t need much stress to clean these stuff.

1000 Watts

This Cuisinart 6 quart requires 1000 watts which is not that much wholly compared with its service that the cooker is providing. 1000 watts are less rather than another cooker. Sometimes due to lack of some steady electricity, some stove dismantles them by bursting. Whereas Cuisinart cooker is electricity conduction free, so it cants pass electricity to the whole body, as the body is almost plastic. So when bounces of power occur, it can tackle that bumping. Still, it would be perfect if you break the circuit when you can see something like this is happening.

Limited 3-year Warranty

Now come to the best part of this cooker. Genuinely when you buy a stove, the colleagues barely take the money and hand over you the cooker. But Cuisinart is not doing that. Because they are not money freak, they are customer freak. So thinking about what they are proving a three-year-warranty along with this cooker. So now imagine how much confidence they are about their products.

This cooker is also BPA Free which is also pretty much popular and well known to the customers. Matter of fact is, this is all about the features of the Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker which is very comfortable to use very easy too clean and also gives a considerable service. As the Cuisinart 6 quart cooker is offering three years warranty, so you should not have to uncomfortable while any damage occurs and you need to change it. So I hope that you are about to like the features about the Cuisinart 6-quart cooker which is the best cooker and the well-ranked cooker till now for cooking.

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Positive aspects

  • The cooker has a cup and a full spoon inside the stove which is versatile to use.
  • Comes with a metal bowl with a nonstick surface which does not stick food to the base of the cooker easily, and if something burnt washings, it is straightforward.
  • The Cuisinart pressure cooker manual of the cooker is easy to read and has the detail instructions on how to cook and how to maintain.

Negative aspects

  • Be careful while cleaning and end up with unwanted scratches.
  • Never use this pressure cooker for frying or making oily dishes.
  • Don’t use the cooker other than intended use.


Q- Is the cooker fully non-stick or not?

A: – yes it is entirely non-stick cooker made up of stainless steel.

Q- Can we make two items at the same time?

A: – Yes it consists of a plate which helps to cook two items at the same time.

Q- How much time it takes to cook rice?

A:- It takes nearly 20 minutes to cook which is even faster than the microwave.

Q- How much electric supply does it takes to cook?

A: – As mentioned on the bottom of the cooker it takes 120v and 50-60Hz frequency.

Q- is there Teflon coating inside the cooker?

A: – Yes, the cooker is coated with Teflon from the inside and has a glass cover from outside which is

easy to wash.

Q-Is, the lid of the cooker, is detachable or fixed?

A:-Yes, the lid is detachable when the pressure inside the cooker is released otherwise it is locked.

Q-How much time it takes to release pressure naturally?

A:-the total pressure inside the cooker will release in 10 to 25 minutes. When the pressure is fully discharged, the lid will unlock and drop down.

Q- What is quick pressure release?

A:-when we want to release the pressure instantly that pressure release is quick pressure release. Quick pressure release immediately stops the cooking pressure.

Q-Do you use trivet with this cooker and of which type?

A:-yes a trivet comes with them. Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker

How to Maintain the Cuisinart 6 quart pressure cooker

If you follow some necessary things properly maintaining a rice cooker is very easy. Here are the tips to support it:-

Proper cleaning: -Each time after use clean the base from inside or outside with a kitchen tissue. Clean the pot with appropriate care and always prefer dry clean with towel and cloth. Take proper care of plug while washing.

Power plug:- keep an eye on the temperature because Sometimes the rice may over boil and flow out from the pot through the lid.

Avoid use of the metal brush or harsh metal scrubs for cleaning: – Don’t use harsh metal scrub for cleaning if anything sticks on the wall. Instead of scrubbing soak it in water for some while then washes it.

Keep an eye on led:- The pressure inside the led is the most important thing to keep an eye because excess weight can lid off the upper pointed which may cause some serious injuries.

Some more tips for safety reasons are as follows

  • Don’t place the cooker in a heated oven or on any stovetop.
  • For the protection against electrical shock, make sure that the cord, plugs and the outer vessel are not immersed in water or any other liquids.
  • Never fill the pressure cooker over 3⁄5 full while cooking because cooking foods expand during cooking such as vegetables, beans and grains so avoid filling the unit over ½ full. Overfilling may cause a risk of clogging the pressure limit valve and developing excess pressure inside the cooker.

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Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker has a capacity of 6 liters, and if you want to cook low position, the stove comes in two different sizes one with the ability of 4 cups and other with a capacity of 8 cups, i.e., Cuisinart CPC 400 Rice Cooker and Cuisinart CPC 800 Rice Cooker. In the end, the conclusion is that the Cuisinart 6 quart pressure cooker is a perfect gadget for your kitchen if you have small time to cook for multiple peoples.

It comes with the 12 years warranty but lasts long for more than 12 years if proper maintenance is done for better result inspect every part of the lid and replace the removable parts to keep your Cuisinart 6-quart pressure cooker in excellent condition.

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