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Though making juice appears to be very simple and creative, yet the first mentioned adjective ‘simple’ regarding it, is not that much exact because nothing in the world is as simple as seems to be, and same is the case with making juice. Before, you are unwillingly shoved to be ashamed for making a glass of nasty juice you can try the Omega 8004 juicer, which has a value of your feelings.

So, here in this Omega 8004 juicer review article, I am presenting every detail of this juicer including its specifications, features, specialty, pros, cons and my final thought of it.

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Reasons for your consideration about Omega 8004 juicer

While thinking of buying a juicer, you should remember this product at least once. Why? Let’s see below:

This juicer probably is the first such product that makes your ingredients of juice smoother like a piece of polished wood but with low speed. Being ANXIOUS about timing? Don’t worry it will not take more time than other juicers. Then, what is the specialty at low speed!

Okay, okay be cool! Firstly, a low-speed juicer does not make any sound so there will be no more irritating sound pollution in your kitchen, and none will feel disturbed. Then, as the juicer will blend the ingredients with low speed so there will be no more foaming on your juice that often distracts the guests and the customers as well, and for this perspective at least this Omega 8004 juicer should be bought by the restaurant owners who are AWARE of customers’ satisfaction for more profit.

Lets We Started the Omega 8004 Juicer Review

Product specifications

  • Color- White
  • Weight (Real and shipping)- 16.45 pound
  • Dimensions of product- 5 x 15.5 x 6.5 inches

Vital enthralling features of Omega 8004 juicer

This Omega 8004 juicer review lets you get introduced with the features that will blow your mind. The features follow below in details:

  • Multi-tasks accomplisher: What if you demand $1 to your father and he ends up giving you $3 or $4. You will feel exhilarated because everyone likes and secretly wants to get more. This product is like that liberal father whom all demands to perform as a lovely juice maker, but it gives more than they need. Yes, this Omega 8004 juicer is not only a juice maker but also a grinder, food processor, homogenizer, and pasta extruder. So, you wanted it to be a juicer only, but it becomes all these to serve you satisfactorily.
  • Silent machine: Normally when you are making juice in your juicer you can hardly listen to anything because of excessive sound caused by the device inserted in it. But you are assured that from onwards you will be able to talk over the phone, yes, you heard it right that you can easily have live chat with anyone while using this juicer as its machine works silently because this product believes in work rather than words.
  • Super stronger auger: The auger that has been used in this juicer is known as GE Ultem Auger, which is eight times stronger than the plastics commonly used in most of the juicers.
  • Strong gear reduction: It includes a super stronger gear reduction, which is identical to a 2HP motor; it means that the rotation of blades will hardly lose power, and thus will remain balanced.
  • Faster RPM rate: When most other juicers of the market require speed ranging from 1,650 to 15,000 rpm to process this juicer needs only 80 rpm that means savings of a lot of electric bills. Don’t you find it enthralling? I know you do.
  • Low speed: Though I have already mentioned it in the previous section, yet its further importance goes here- as it is a low-speed juice maker it produces less temperature, and so you can get the juice in average temperature. Besides getting juice in normal temperature, you can easily keep your juice in the fridge for further preservation just after bringing it out of the juicer that saves your time and patience. Moreover, the juice made by low speed can be preserved until 72 hours because of the lowest degradation.
  • Dual-stage juice processing: This Omega 8004 juicer is really a miracle as dual stage juice processing system is accurately maintained by it for what it can bring out the maximum quantity of fluid from different types of vegetables and fruits.
  • Presence of a particular chamber: In it there is a ‘nutrition center’ that can easily be used for making nut butter and baby food, mincing garlic and herbs. Nut butter can be made from the nut, and baby food can be made from different kinds of fresh and regular elements.
  • Presence of some fantastic parts: This juicer has well-built parts those contain robust and enduring materials. Besides some other parts are offered to the customers such as shoot compacting stick and brush.

Pros and Cons

Nothing in the world can be an unmixed blessing instead of each and everything is somewhat faulty, inconsistent, and ultimately subject to decay one day. Even the germ-killing soap cannot kill 0.01 percent germ. Hence this product Omega 8004 juicer should be expected to be out and out perfect even where it is a refurbished product, but that does not mean that the product is full of cons only; yes, it does have cons, but those are petty before its pros. So, here follow the pros and cons of his refurbished juicer respectively and separately.

The Pros

  • Faster shipping: If you are planning to buy a juicer sitting at home within the shortest possible time, then you are reading the right product post that will be delivered to you just after 24 hours from your order making time.
  • Glowing parts with warranty: Though this is a refurbished product as having been mentioned yet its parts glow in such a way that none can sense it renovated if not informed. Then this product has an attractive ten years warranty system.
  • Flexible price: Many people who want to buy a juicer yet do not because of a high rate. For such people, it is a GREAT opportunity of buying a juicer as this Omega 8004 juicer costs $50 less than the regularly priced juicer of the market, but with the same advantages.
  • Adaptability: One of the attractive pros’ of its, its adaptability means it can be fit anywhere for its color and size. It has been made keeping the size that regularly fits kitchen’s cabinet.
  • Anti-footprint system: Sometimes it is seen that blenders and juicers leave a harsh footprint on floor or glass of table that makes those unattractive. In this case, the foot of this Omega product has been made with such material that no footprint will be left on anything no matter for how long time you leave it there.
  • Irrespective of good performance: This product does not believe in discrimination like other juicers that works better either with greens or fruits, but not with both equally. On the contrary, this Omega juicer does an excellent performance with both greens such as spinach and fruits like apple, lemon, and pear.
  • Comfortable chute: You are to cut your materials of juice into small parts so that those can fit well to the chute, but you may avoid this part of cutting if you wish to. Cannot believe? Then purchase it, do an experiment, and prove me wrong.
  • Handy pulp collector: The pulp collector of it can be void very effortlessly, and additionally the pulp produced by it is always justly-arid.
  • Easy cleaning: After enjoying a glass of lovely juice the part of cleaning arrives that is a most annoying to many ones. So for their kind information, the cleaning of this juicer is comparatively easier as very little scrubbing is needed to clean it, and the brush that will be given with it is convenient for cleaning.
  • Easy reassemble: Many people who do not want to unpack their juicer being afraid of the time-consuming reassembling process. To them, this juicer will definitely be a blessing as it takes hardly 10 minutes to be appropriately re-assembled.
  • Easy to use: This is a unique product in respect of usage means that its system of usage is so easy that even a child can use it effortlessly.
  • Durability: Each part of this product is long lasting, even though producer claims that it can last till three days without degradation yet it can last longer than that.

The Cons

  • Comparatively smaller chamber: The chamber where ingredients of fruits or vegetables are put is comparatively smaller that may hinder one putting many things together at a time. But this issue can be solved if ingredients are cut into smaller pieces.
  • Comparatively smaller chute: The, this has a chute, which is comparatively smaller than that of other products, but it is sure that this issue will not create many problems in preparing juices or anything else means nothing serious has been reported yet related to this matter.
  • Pretty good with soft fruits and vegetables: This juicer deals greatly with hard types of fruits and vegetables, and also does well with soft fruits and vegetables such as tomato and celery. But it does not mean that it’s dealing with these is worse rather it means pretty good instead of very good.

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What is the most attractive thing about it?

The most attractive thing of this product is its ‘low speed’ that impede the machine create- less temperature that let the users enjoy a glass of instant cool juice and freeze the juice instantly and for a longer time; less noise that causes no disturbance to customer keeping the environment serene.

What other tasks can this juicer accomplish?

Though outwardly it appears that this is capable of making juice only, yet it is capable of performing some other tasks meticulously. The tasks include making nut butter from a nut, making baby food from green and natural food elements, whipping soy milk, extruding pasta, grinding coffee and different types of spices, and mincing garlic and basils. Moreover, this product has the capability of maintaining beneficial enzymes that keep the nutrition balance of the ingredients put for blending unchanged and preventing oxidation that does not let the inner formation of food to be changed.

How to use it?

Using this juicer is so easy that even children can use it spontaneously. However, here follows the proper usage system of it: set the five individual parts and two plastic bowls scrupulously; this should not take more than 40-50 seconds. Then cut your fruits or vegetables proportionately, and put into the feeder. Your job is done.

Now put on the switch. Juice will come out of a tube, and the pulp will be out of feeder through another tube. Collect your liquid, and enjoy. If you feel like anything has got stuck in the auger area, do not panic just turn the juicer off, and turn it on again.

What is said about Omega 8004 juicer by customer reviews rate?

The reviews of the customers regarding this product are very satisfactory where mostly rating is 5 preceded by 4. Rating rate of 3, 2 and 1 is trifling, unexpected and exception to regular reviews as well.

Most customer reviews demonstrate their satisfaction with specific clarification. Similarly, the comparative lower rating reviews contain a specific clarification of users dissatisfaction from where it is seen that their reasons for dissatisfaction are very petty and avoidable, and sometimes caused by the customers themselves sub-consciously.

Where to buy?

For buying this great product an online order is a must that can be accomplished using numerous sites, but it would be better if the task is performed using Amazon as this site includes a wonderful depiction of each part related to this product. Moreover, if you have never used Amazon for making an order, then use it now for getting an instant credit statement of $75.

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Final thought

After going through each section of this Omega 8004 juicer and coming to know of each and everything of it, something laudatory comes to my mind regarding it, and so I am exposing my final thought in this Omega 8004 juicer review to encourage others to use it just for once.

I think that no refurbished product of market can match with it in terms of price, advantages and customer services as well. Therefore, my final recommendation to my well-wishers will be- do not ignore this excellent juicer thinking it refurbished, if you do then you are definitely going to be deprived of getting an exceptional juice making an experience.

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