What is Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

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My today’s issue is heavy duty commercial blender If you are a new food trader or you want to expand your small business to a large scale you should setup a new commercial heavy duty blender in your kitchen. Even you can also use the commercial blender in your family because of the much family border. Have you decided to buy a new commercial blender in your kitchen? I request you to read my experience-based presentation. Let’s start without any delay.

Heavy-duty commercial blender has come out in the market with more FUNCTIONS  more actions, more options, and more operating techniques. In the meantime popularity of it has increased notably. So we should know about it ins and outs before taking the decision of purchase. I have involved myself with this equipment of kitchen and bar for a long time. As a result, I have gathered mentionable experience and executed some surveys about it. That’s why I would like to help by sharing my experience and market survey in the case of your blender buying decision. If you read my content step by step you will be able to purchase blender which you expect. It will save you time and money. I have furnished a list of heavy-duty commercial blenders that are verified and justified from the many sides at the end of the writings.

The Fact of Heavy Duty Commercial Blender

Heavy-duty commercial blenders are more effective and long-lasting. These are made of heavy and strong metal. Some extra metals are used in such blenders. So it has a quality of multi-purpose use. It can use easily and smoothly. It is a bar and kitchen friendly. The operating system of a heavy-duty commercial blender is more attractive than others. It is so much easy maintainable. Minimum supervision is enough here.

The Volume of Working Capacity

Heavy-duty commercial blenders have a vast volume of working capacity. There is so many scopes to prepare the necessary foods and drinks by this. Such as soups, salsas, puree, a paste of spices, juice and any other liquid foods.

Considerable Matters Before Buying a Commercial  Blender :

The time when you are ready to buy blender you will have to consider is as follows:

  1. Type of machine
  2. What kinds of foods will be prepared by the blender?
  3. What is the status of materials and capacity of the jar?
  4. How much horsepower is used in the blender which you want to buy?
  5. How are operation methods?
  6. Length of warranty.
  7. Controlling and settings.

How to Identify a Real Commercial Blender:

There are so many kinds of blenders in the market. If you don’t know what is a real heavy-duty commercial blender and what is fake you will have to justify is as follows. The following indicators will help you to identify real commercial blenders.

  1. Must have the long-lasting design of the blades.
  2. Must have suitable power of motors.
  3. Must have various functional processes.
  4. Must have the ability to handle repeated use.
  5. It is made with modified and verified metal and raw materials.
  6. Must have a quality to use for long life.
  7. Must have up to date electronic system.
  8. Must have an environment-friendly sound.
  9. Must have a cleaning facility.
  10. There will have a modern electric wire.
  11. There will have lucrative a set of jar and lid.
  12. Must have suitable power changing tools.

Difference Between Heavy-duty Commercial Blender and Normal Blender:

There are several differences between heavy-duty commercial blenders and normal blenders. Strongness of blades, power of motor, electric system are the important factor or elements of a good blender. But normal elements of low quality are used in the normal blenders. So you should like a heavy-duty commercial blender to get a long time service.

What can you Make by the Heavy-duty Commercial Blenders:

Nowadays the range of use of blenders has been increased many times. Blenders can be used to make in the under noted food and juice products.

  • Hot soup
  • Baby foods
  • Flours and dough
  • Fruit juice
  • Mixing milk tea
  • Rice paste
  • Ice crushing
  • Bean product
  • Meat mixing
  • Varieties of spices
  • Drinks etc.

Benefits of Heavy-duty Commercial Blender:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • More durable
  • Self-cleansing
  • Good performance
  • Easy portable

The technology of Heavy-duty Commercial Blenders:

Heavy-duty commercial blenders are made based on high-quality technologies. It is designed on the basis of developed machinery and raw materials. Acceptable and modified electronics and electrics are used in such blenders. As a result of no mentionable complaint in the case of performance among the users.

Usage in the Residents:

You can use a heavy-duty commercial blender in your home for your daily family needs. It helps in the kitchen matters and helps to hospitality for guests. It is is very fit for making child foods.

Uses in the Shops, Hotels, and Offices:

Heavy-duty commercial blender is the super choice for the shops, hotels even in the offices. Because it has multilateral functions. It is fully capable to meet up the demand of customers. Recurring uses of blender in the shops and hotels need to clean again and again. But no tension, heavy-duty commercial blenders have an auto cleaner.

Decoration of the Kitchen:

Now it is the necessary equipment for a kitchen. The kitchen is not fulfilled without a heavy-duty commercial blender. Usage of it enriches the capacity of the kitchen. In the list of modern men and women, the heavy-duty commercial blender is common. So buy a heavy-duty commercial blender without hesitation very soon in order to decorate your kitchen for getting modern facilities.

Types of Blenders:

Usually, there are three types of blenders are found in the market. Such as :

  1. Bar Blender
  2. Food Blender
  3. Immersion Blender

1. Bar Blender:

Bar blender is a very ordinary and common item. It is only used for frozen beverages such as ice, frappes, and smoothies. As far as we know maximum bar blenders only have one function and one purpose.

  1. Food Blender :

It has expanded the work area. It can handle manifold of ingredients. Food blenders have the ability to do more tasks in the kitchen even in commercial places. It can be used for preparing Puree, soup of vegetables, blend frozen fruits, chop of potato, grind nuts, salsa, sauce, etc.

3. Immersion Blender:

Immersion blenders have an extra facility to insert handhold appliances into a liquid and soup container. They will not come with a jar.

  • Immersion blenders have multiple speeds that come with changeable shafts and accessories.
  • Here is a facility to blend and mix in a wide range like pureeing, whisking, mashing and emulsifying, etc.

If anyone wants to enrich and decorate his/ her kitchen and shop can choose the blenders mentioned below. After a long recurring visit, analysis, and scrutiny I would like to express my experience and suggestion to buy under the noted list of heavy-duty blenders. A maximum of them is available in the Amazon online market.

Important Heavy-duty Commercial Blenders are as Follows:

A. Ninja Professional Blender with 1100 watt:

Ninja professional 1100 watt is a nice and very useful blender among the heavy-duty commercial blenders. Ninja professional 1000 also heavy-duty blender.

Well designed pour spout:

  • It has a well-designed pour spout by which you can blend your favorite smoothies and pour it out cleanly. It is expertise for fruit smoothies.

Plastic jar:

  • The plastic jar is used in this blender. The blenders in which have used glass jar is not nice because the glass jar converts into a foggy jar after some time use and less durable. According to my observation, the blenders which have plastic jar is good for use.

 Locking lid:

  • ninja professional blender with 1100 watt has a locking lid so that it can use without any hesitation.


Blades of this blender are removable. It is an extra facility of this blender.

 Easy to clean:

This blender is so much easy to clean.

The big volume of pitcher:

Ninja model has a big volume of a pitcher like 72 ounces. There is a scope to chop foods without blending them when using the big pitcher. Anyone can use it to shred cabbage for coleslaw or chop onions. Because it has a pulse button to control the chopping.

Dishwasher safe parts:

Due to having dishwasher safe parts even after 12 hours dishwasher cycle, the pitcher looks like a new and not foggy.

B. Vitamix Quiet One Blender 36019

Vitamix is a dependable and famous name in kitchen appliances. It is a very much popular US-made blender. It can be used both commercial and in-home.

It is very clear from the conversation with customers, Vitamix 36019 is the first choice of women. It has sleek and easy box shape for storage. It has luxurious and attractive looking.lt has a capacity to lifts out easily for pouring. It has six touch buttons offers 34 options to make smoothies, coffee, desserts, etc.

C. Kitchen Aid KSB4027CU K400 countertop blender :

This model of blender is also excellent to use. It has a unique asymmetric blade by which blends at four distinct angles to pull contents into the blade. It works with the 1. 5 peak HP motor. So the blade creates a powerful blending vortex to power through the strong ingredients. The capacity of the used motor is a high standard.

There are 3 preset recipe programs. They are ice crush, icy drinks & smoothie. It is a blender of 5-speed variable speed dial and Soft start feature. It can be started the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade. After that, it can quickly increase to the selected speed setting to avoid splatter. Accessories of this blender are available in the market.

Conclusion :

At present heavy-duty commercial blender is a very useful thing in our daily life. I have written this content in the view of sharing my idea and concept, experience and best point after analyzing the varieties of information of blenders among the readers and viewers who are interested to buy a heavy-duty professional blender. I hope, you will be benefited from this content.

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