How Does a Chocolate Fountain Work

how does a chocolate fountain work

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A chocolate fountain is an appliance that serves molten chocolate fondue. Some weeks ago, I hosted a party, and I served my guests with the best chocolate fondue dessert. It was a simple yet very delightful view to see my guests get mesmerized by dipping their snacks and fruits in the flowing chocolate and munching onto them.

The party was awesome as I got to know new people, but at some point, things got a bit weird. One guest wanted to know where I purchased the chocolate fountain and how it worked. The latter was easier to answer, but how it worked? No. It was embarrassing, for I was typically searching for words because I wasn’t even around when it was assembled.

I had to understand how the fountain worked in detail later on. I have compiled this article to help you understand the mechanism behind that cascading chocolate robe.

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The working mechanism of a chocolate fountain

Before we understand the working mechanism of a chocolate fountain, let’s begin by understanding that no chocolate can be used. There is a special kind of chocolate you use on the fountains. The chocolate should have high levels of cocoa butter e.g. couverture.

If you go for chocolate with low cocoa butter levels, then you need to add some vegetable oil, which you should understand can tamper with the taste and texture of the chocolate. The chocolate should be melted before pouring it onto the chocolate fountain. To melt it, heat it in the microwave.

The melted chocolate is then poured onto the fountains bowl/basin. The motor base is fitted with a heating element responsible for heating the liquid chocolate. The corkscrew at the center of the fountain pushes that molten chocolate upwards through the auger mechanism. Once the chocolate reaches the top part of the fountain, it cascades down, just like a chocolate waterfall.

The fountain’s height is 2-4 inches tall and is fitted with some tiers. As the chocolate flows down, it passes over these tiers till it gets to the bottom tier and to the basin, and the process begins all over again.

You can dip marshmallows, strawberries, graham crackers, etc., in the flowing chocolate. Make sure that no food crumbs clog the fountain to ensure a steady flow of the chocolate.

How to get chocolate flowing

Is your chocolate not flowing smoothly? If yes, then it could be that some air has been trapped in the center column, preventing it from flowing up smoothly. Some other reason the chocolate might not be flowing properly is if the melted chocolate temperature changes. Here is how you should keep the chocolate flowing: –

  • Laying the fountain on a sturdy level surface Even before you pour chocolate onto the fountain, ensure you lay it on a steady surface. The fountains’ feet should be well leveled on all sides. When well laid, your chocolate fountain will flow smoothly.  An unleveled surface might spill the chocolate all over, and that isn’t really a sight you want to enjoy.
  • To ensure that no air is trapped in the auger, pour your chocolate into the bowl at the base motor unit and let it run for about 2 minutes. Next, shut it off for at least 30seconds to eliminate any air gaps. If the chocolate does not flow freely after all that, add some little oil into the chocolate.
  • Getting the right ratio of chocolate and oil is also essential for a smooth flow. To ensure a smooth flow, add ½ cups of vegetable oil to every 5-pound chocolate. You can even use coconut oil with ¼ cup for every 2.5-pound chocolate.

Chocolate fountain not working?

If your chocolate fountain is not working as it should, then here are some solutions to ensure that your chocolate fountain works effectively.

1. Lack of the curtaining effect

If there is no curtaining in your chocolate, then there definitely is a problem with the fountain. Some of the reasons there is no curtaining in your chocolate are: –

  • A problem with your chocolate viscosity

  • If your chocolate is too thin or too thick, it might not flow smoothly as required. If you added too much oil into the chocolate, it flows, leaving gaps on the tiers. On the other hand, if it is too thick, it won’t travel up the auger tube.

    To avoid viscosity problems, ensure you use specially formulated chocolate for fountains. A good example is the Sephra chocolate that gives the best consistency. You do not need to add any additives to the chocolate; thus, it’s delicious taste and aroma are maintained.

  • There is no level where your fountain sits.

  • You might use the required chocolate, but the fountain might end up not working well if it isn’t properly leveled. Ensure that the fountain feet are all at the same level and that your laying foundation is sturdy.

  • Problem with the chocolate’s temperature:

  • Cold chocolate cannot flow well. Make sure that your chocolate is well melted and maintain the proper temperatures for the chocolate to remain liquid. Placing your fountain near air conditioning vents will tamper with the temperature of the chocolate.

    2. Broken motor fuse

    If your motor is broken, then your chocolate won’t spin. To ascertain if the motor base is really damaged, check:

    • That you are operating on the right voltage
    • That your chocolate is not too thick as it will be overworking the foundation.
    • There is no high electric current that might have damaged the fuse.
    • So how do you correct a motor that has stopped working?
    • First, check that the two lighter is on or off.
    • If it is on, then replace the motor fuse on the side of the fountain.
    • If the lighter is off, replace the fountain fuse on the base.

    Chocolate Fountain not Working: Solution in Video

    How to ensure that your chocolate fountains work properly

    There are a few tricks that bring out the best from your chocolate fountain. Check them out.

    • Use the chocolate fountain indoors only The outdoor winds aren’t good on your fountain. You do not want all the chocolate to be blown on your guests and mess them up. Another turn-off is the insects out there; they really love chocolate.
    • Preheat the chocolate fountain before pouring the chocolate In the cold weather, the fountain tiers are bound to be cold. When you pour chocolate onto it, it automatically starts to harden.
    • Avoid dipping crumby foods in the fountain.
    • Crumby items might fall into the chocolate fondue and contaminate it. If you will serve crumby foods, ensure you place small cups near the fountain that can be used to fetch the chocolate and then dip the food into the cup.
    • Avoid leaving chocolate on your fountain after the party is over.

    Cool chocolate hardens fast, and if the auger is turned on, then there is a possibility your motor might get burned. If your chocolate hardens while in the fountain, turn on the heating element so the chocolate can get melted. You will then need to grab a hairdryer and shoot some warm air onto the tiers and the auger tube to free the molten chocolate.


    Now you get how chocolate fountains work and correcting problems if the fountain isn’t working as required. Do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions on your chocolate fountain. That way, the fountain will serve you well for quite a long period.

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