How Many 5 Gallon Water Jugs do I Need Monthly

How Many 5 Gallon Water Jugs do I Need

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Water is an essential factor in the survival of a human being. Ten days without water may end the life of a person; on rare occasions, it can last several weeks. It is an excellent choice to assemble a water reservoir or have the capability for its monthly supply. The human body is made of seventy-five percent of the water that its daily intake is prescribed to be a minimum of eight and a maximum of ten or more full glasses.

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Amount of Water Supply for Storage and Consumption

The intake of water is an important activity in our everyday lives. Consistent drinking of liquids may prevent the onset of dehydration, lagging performance, and slow thinking processes. The hesitation in practicing this ideal habit may result in the occurrence of unwanted health conditions that can affect an individual’s performance and overall well-being.

Daily amounts of water consumption should be considered by family guardians, leaders, and business owners. It is why the proper acquisition and levels of water storage should always be carefully monitored. The modern advances of transportation made water delivery services fast and efficient with the ability to purchase storable amounts such as five-gallon water jugs.

The safety of drinking water is becoming scarcer every year that passes. Scientific research and advancements in filtering and distillation technology have granted a large number of the worldwide population access to safe drinking water with ease. Storage containers and water reservoirs should be thoroughly inventoried since several people are opting for filtered water.

When purchasing a water container, it is recommended to consider medium-sized storage capacity vessels like the five-gallon water jug. The standard proportion for a facility or home that houses five to ten people is advised to plan to have three five-gallon water jugs every month. If you are in an office setting and employs thirty to fifty individuals, water deliveries can guarantee fifty-five-gallon water jugs for monthly distribution.

Five Gallon Water Jugs

Five-gallon water jugs are commonly found atop an office water dispenser. These vessels are composed of non-toxic plastic that is not dangerous or risky to contaminate the water they hold within. Five-gallon containers can reduce the cost of expenditure and are more practical than buying several bottles of processed and drinkable bottled water units.

Five-gallon types of jugs are usually manufactured with a more durable material than just regular plastic. The mediums in their products consist of polycarbonate and several variants of synthetic material. They can be recycled in combination with several products to give your home or office a safer, environmentally friendly way to access water. Five-gallon water jugs can also be filled with regular tap water, which research has proven is healthier to be consumed than regular water due to the bottling process.

The purchase of water dispensers can accompany the acquisition of five-gallon water jugs for your establishment. There are dozens of water delivery companies selling five-gallon water jugs and come in a variety of different shapes and colors. These five-gallon water containers can be combined with electronically-powered smart dispensers – you can have a cold, hot, and lukewarm drinking water at any chosen moment.

For an office or corporate setting, the delivery of safe drinking water should be compatible with a cost-effective water cooler. These coolers can save your staff and employees’ time and effort to gather their water supply in time of need. Three and five-gallon containers are the standard sizes for water delivery. Some services may require or promote that you buy or lease a more refreshing product from them. The spouts and shape of their bottles may be incompatible with standard water coolers.

Having a five-gallon water jug around your workplace or home ensures that the water supply would be consistent and easily accessible for your drinking and food preparation needs. Gaining access to the water inside these jugs can be accomplished with a five-gallon water jug pump, a water cooler, or a water dispenser. Attachment of the container pump is simple, and you can get access to water that easily as with water dispensers that can provide you a stream of cooled liquid through a faucet or an electrical button.

Five Gallon Water Jugs and Climate Change

Several businesses are in a potential position to help make a positive and lasting impact on our environment. A drive and commitment to our nature’s sustainability can help foster a sense of purpose for its staff or employees. It can also revolutionize practical approaches when innovating products and decrease the costs of supplies made with inexpensive biodegradable materials.

The main advantage of five-gallon water jugs comes with their size of storing drinkable water that can normally last for a month. This type of water container can supply people at a much longer duration if it services an establishment of three or more people. Five-gallon medium-sized water bottles are the conventional volume available for office or home deployment if provisioned by most water delivery services.

How a Five Gallon Water Jug Be Recycled

Large water containers or termed as carboys were once the pinnacle of water delivery, often made from a colossal liquid vessel of glass. Some people even consumed or extracted their drinkable water by means of a gigantic metallic cylinder capable of holding eighty-five gallons of water. Modern times and scientific advances have paved the way for producing robust, lightweight materials that cannot risk contamination when in contact with water. The material known as Plastic Number Seven is the commonly used medium in the production of five-gallon water jugs.

A good attribute of five-gallon water jugs is their susceptibility to being recycled. Many water delivery servicing companies retake emptied water containers from their clients. Today’s five-gallon water jug is designed and manufactured for longer times of water storage and use. Most of the companies providing them can reuse them for delivery after a thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and filling them up with water that can once again be sealed for drinking.

Plastic-based water jugs can experience tear and wear after years of prolonged use. It is the time when they are brought back for analysis and straight towards the bottle manufacturing companies. The developers try to save most of the specialized plastic material that managed to remain intact after years of exterior exposure and harvest a percentage of the plastic to reproduce more five-gallon water jugs.

Here is how anyone can recycle or reuse a Five-gallon water jug:

  • Company Recycling:

If anyone has many empty and worn-out five-gallon water containers, they can contact the water delivery company that provided them. The water service processors can recycle the remainder of the materials found within the weary five-gallon water jugs.

  • Waste Disposal:

Fortune can be made out of used five-gallon water jugs. Most dumpster divers, reputable recycling companies and groups, or waste disposal units are interested in the materials of five-gallon water jugs. Do contact these people and ask them if they accept or buy a certain type of plastic known as number seven or accommodate or purchase five-gallon water jugs.

  • Recycling Facilities:

The plastic material has found a global application for most of our daily objects—one of these things being the standard five-gallon water jug. Any plastic recycling company can be called to extract any five-gallon water jugs past their limit of usage. Today’s plastic recycling companies have a website domain where you can request assistance or input your town and zip code to locate nearby recyclers.

  • Creative Use:

Many people that have excess five-gallon water jugs in their possession tend to get creative with their functions. Several five-gallon water jugs are repainted to be of good application within garden settings for their size to hold volumes of soil and sustain water. Five-gallon water jugs can also be used as trash bins, utility containers, or storage vessels for dangerous chemicals and products.

Why Is it a Good Idea to Recycle Five Gallon Water Jugs?

The material found to be used in most five-gallon water jugs is PETE or Number seven polycarbonates. This type of plastic can cause unwanted environmental effects if not disposed of properly.

  • Plastic bottles and water jugs are among the most commonly dispersed marine debris found in the world’s vast oceans. These materials threaten aquatic habitats and even harm sea mammals that might mistake them for food.
  • The materials that comprise a standard water jug or bottle are explicitly made to stand extensive time. These materials are not biodegradable and can take hundreds of years before their structures even begin to decompose.
  • Many skilled and talented artisans can reuse recycled plastic for their creations and inventions. The recycling of plastic-based water bottles and containers saves sixty-six percent of processing energy than a fresh material for production.


Water is a daily necessity for human health to avoid diseases and performance difficulties. Every leader or head of a group should carefully consider the monthly amount of water intake proportionate to the number of people. Five-gallon water jugs are the most recommended delivery system for water distribution. They can be used with water coolers, dispensers, and container pumps that make them easy to use.

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