List of 21 Kitchen Utensils Must Have

List of 21 kitchen-utensils

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Whether you are setting up a new kitchen or upgrading the older one, it is no easy job to find the essential yet beneficial kitchen utensils. It is nothing less than a whirlpool of kitchen tools, appliances, cooking accessories, and whatnot.

There is something that is always missing!

Let’s make it a little easier for you. We have compiled a complete list of must-have cooking utensils that will definitely help you in setting up a new kitchen and light up an old one with least effort.

At A Glance of 21 Kitchen Utensils

Here I just added 21 kitchen utensils for at a glance views. I discus individual for each items at the end of this section. Lets we see the list of 21 kitchen utensils.

1. Metal Spatula

Flipping and tossing have never been easier, especially for the ones who are not fond of cooking, but a good spatula can be of great help.

Metal spatula with plastic handle is of great convenience when it comes to safe handling. Their plastic handle helps in heat insulation while cooking.

2.Silicone utensil set

Silicone cooking utensils are proved to be the best purchase for the kitchen because of their never-ending benefits and wonderful properties. Silicone is capable of withstanding high temperature, which leaves you stressfree of melting into your food and leave any kind of contamination behind.

Besides the temperature, silicone is the best spatula for nonstick pans as they are non-scratch and flexible, which help in keeping your pans safe from any kind of scratches that can cause damage.

3. Chef’s Knife

An efficient knife is one of the best kitchen utensils that everyone needs to own for the best and convenient cooking experience. A good knife is a chef’s best friend because it literally makes the challenging part easy, cutting and chopping. A good quality knife is made up of carbon-plated stainless steel as it stays sharp for a long time.

It is super easy to hold, offers required balance, and not too heavy or flimsy. A good-quality chef’s knife may be a little expensive but it’s definitely is one of the best investment one can make.

3. Whisk

A whisk is used to blend various ingredients smooth by a continuous yet steady beating process. It can be used as a handy replacement for a beater. You can find whisks in multiple sizes and shapes that offer different functionality.

Stainless steel, a mid-sized whisk is proved to be the best as it fits in the hand perfectly

5. Cooking Tongs

Cooking Tongs is basically an extension of your hands as it is used to grip and lift the food items instead of touching them directly. A high-end, heat-safe and comfortable metal tong with wooden or plastic handles can last you a lifetime without bending or wrapping

6. Kitchen Shear

Kitchen shear is one of the must-have kitchen utensils for its multiple purposes. It is an enhanced version of kitchen scissors with more versatility and durability.

It offers a wide range of functionality from trimming meat fats to opening up packages and snipping away herbs stems. Any kitchen is incomplete without a good quality kitchen shear.

It is probably a one-time buy so it is better for you to go for the expensive ones that are durable and easy to clean.

7. Slotted Spoon

A slotted spoon is a type of spoon with holes, slots or any other openings which let the liquid pass through while keeping the solid items on top. Slotted spoon usually acts as a handy yet miniature strainer.

You definitely do not want to get burned while straining noodles, pasta or vegetables like potatoes from the boiling hot water. Keeping the durability in mind stainless-steel slotted spoon is proved to be the best for longterm use.

8. Cast-iron Skillet

Cast-iron cooking wears are proved to be the best for newbies as well as experts because they are pre-seasoned and can be used right away. Cast-iron skillets made with heavy and thick bottoms and sides possess a unique ability to spread heat evenly throughout the surface.

Cast-iron skillet helps the food to cook easily because of its ability to spread heat evenly. Not only cooking, but you can also use them for serving your meals right away. It is also proved to be very practical or indestructible if bought rightly.

9. Non-stick Skillet

When it comes to cooking utensils, a high-quality non-stick skillet is a must-have for beginners and professionals as well. Make your cooking experience fun and easy with non-stick skillet having ceramic coating as they are also healthy and environment-friendly.

10. Sheet Pan

Sheet pan, also known as a baking tray offer extensive baking purposes. It is best to be used for baking cookies, pastries, toffees along with other bakery items. Heavy-duty aluminium sheet pan is proved to be the best and most durable cooking utensil.

It is ideal to make one-dish dinner for easy cleanup afterwards

11. Sauce Pan

No kitchen is complete without a saucepan. It comes in multiple sizes and shapes offering a versatile range of cooking almost everything. As per your personal preference go for the saucepan with variable handle lengths, depth, and size.

12. Baking Dish

As the name refers, the baking dish is used for extensive baking purposes. It is made exclusively to carry out baking in an ideal way. Baking dishes come in various sizes and shapes but 13 x 9 inches is considered the ideal size. They are usually made of ceramic or glass.

12. Dutch Oven

Made from cast-iron, Dutch ovens are designed to keep your food warm for a longer period of time. It is an ideal alternative for a saucepan or baking bowls. The best part is that it can go in the oven and on the stovetop as well.

Dutch ovens may cost you a little more, but they definitely save a lot of time and prevents kitchen cluster. Check out the best dutch oven here

14. Immersion Blend

It’s time to kiss your standing blender goodbye as once you start using immersion blend, you would forget any other you ever owned. These blenders are not only fun and easy to use, but are compact as compared to electric blenders that take most of the space on the counter or in closets.

15. Prep Bowls

As the name refers, prep bowls are ideal to prepare various batters and mixtures while cooking a proper dinner or carrying out baking.

Prep bowl is must-have especially if you love to explore and try out various dishes.

Always go for metal or glass prep bowls as they don’t lose colour and are least prone to pick up stains.

16. Microplane

Half of the taste lies in the presentation. A good handy Microplane can reduce half of your work when it comes to close cutting or fine grating. Make your dishes more presentable with a fine grater that is compact yet sharp. They are ideal for sprinkling parmesan or lemon zest on the top of the dishes without spending hours on fine cutting.

17. Box Grater

No doubt, a box grater doesn’t seem like an everyday cooking utensil but it is used at the most unexpected times. A box grater is super handy and easy to shred every kind of vegetable or dry fruits without using bulky appliances.

18. Colander

A colander is something that is used on a daily basis for fruits, vegetables, and other eatables like pasta. Colander makes it super easy for the beginners and professional chefs to quickly get done with the draining. Colander doesn’t take much of the space and can easily be used as a basket.

19. Cutting Board

Cutting is one of an all-day, everyday activity that calls for high quality, stable surface that makes cutting easier, fast, and precise. You can find a lot of cutting boards that are made from different materials that offer versatile functionality.

A high-quality cutting board will help you in protecting knives from getting dull quickly along with making a hectic and boring cutting routine super fun and easy.

20. Instant-read thermometer

Instant-thermometer is one of the must-have tools especially for the beginners as it increases confidence while cooking. It is used to take a quick temperature read of the food while the food is in the middle of cooking.

Choose from the analogue and digital thermometer as per your convenience.

21. Timer

No doubt, the timer doesn’t seem to be must-have cooking essential but timing is everything as the whole dish can go into a bin by a little over time. Phone cannot beat a traditional, dedicated kitchen timer as they are more efficient and easy to use.

Some dishes require exact timing to get the perfect taste or the texture, which cannot be compromised over anything.


All of the above-mentioned cooking utensils are super affordable and proved to be very handy and fun. If you are fantasising an ultimate kitchen or idealizing your perfect cooking experience, it is important to get hold of the right tools.

Cooking enthusiasts are very well aware of the importance of the right tools. No one besides you can tell better how easy and fast the right kitchen utensils can make.

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