Here is How to Clean kitchen mats

How to clean Kitchen Mats

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Kitchen mats are a beautiful way to pull a kitchen together. They add color and warmth and feel comfort under bare feet. To make a kitchen mat last for years, you need to clean and maintain it. When it’s time to deep clean you can roll it up and send it out to a professional, or you can do it yourself and save a ton of money. Here’s how to clean a mat and remove stains without spending a fortune. Now I elaborate on how to clean kitchen mats.

First, you vacuum your mat just like you would usually. Then, you flip the mat upside-down and vacuum it again. This has the outcome of sucking dirt out, but also (somehow?) pushing dirt from the front side of the mat. If you lift up the mat, you’ll see. (Warning: The first time you do this; it may be a little gross). Here are some tips on how to clean your different types of kitchen mats.

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3 Best Kitchen Mats Cleaner

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Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are often used in high traffic areas where oil, grease, and dirt are prevalent. Commercial mat cleaning is key in making these investments last as long as possible. If you have anti-fatigue commercial doormats you are lucky as they do not require complex maintenance. Consider these tips when you clean your mat.

Do A Quick Sweep: Sweep your mat or shake it above a trash can or outside to remove any debris.

Make A Soapy Bath: Add a few squirts of dish soap to warm water in the bathtub or a large bucket and mix to combine. Abstain using harsh or acidic cleaners, as they can be too strong for some mat materials.

Scrub The Mat: Using the plastic scrub brush is better to work the soapy water into the mat in circular motions, a few inches at a time.

Rinse The Mat: To rinse the mat, spray it with a hose, run it under warm (not hot) water in the shower at the highest possible pressure, or use a pitcher-and-bucket combo as we did.

Foam Kitchen Mats

As you will be constantly using the kitchen mat, it’ll soon get really dirty and will need to be cleaned. Cleaning a foam kitchen mat is really easy. Now I will tell you how you can clean your kitchen mat in the best way.

Collect Your Mat: After using the mat for many days you’ll start to see it’s getting dirty. So, first of all, collect the mat from wherever you were keeping it.

Use of Detergent: After you collect your mat you can clean it in many ways. One of the easiest ways is to use detergents or liquid washer to clean your kitchen mat. Soak the kitchen mat in the solution of water and the liquid washer for a few hours or as much time as you need.

Using Machines: Kitchen mats are easily cleanable using washing machines. If you aren’t confident about cleaning the mat with your own hands using liquid cleaners, then you can easily clean it using washing machines. Washing machines can be set up in many ways depending on the type of material you are going to wash.

Memory Foam Kitchen Mats

A memory foam mats put cushiony softness underfoot, relieving foot and leg fatigue if you stand for long periods. Available in a variety of sizes for any kitchen, small versions are often used in front of the kitchen sink. The microfiber construction holds lots of water, and the non-slip backing helps makes these mats a safe choice.

Wash the Mats: Vacuum the mats surface to remove all loose dirt and debris or brush it off with a broom. Place the mats in the washing machine with its right side exposed. Set the machine on a delicate cycle, add regular laundry soap or detergent, and fill the machine with preferably cool water, never hot, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Because the memory foam is a synthetic material, do not dry clean the mats. Avoid bleach and other cleaning solvents and chemicals.

Commercial Kitchen Mats

While some misfortunes occur in the front of the house, most of them happen in the backend – in the kitchen and food service areas. Many are the result of the fast-moving activities that often take place in restaurant kitchens but most are the result of grease and oil build-up because of cooking. That is why we have created this cleaning guide for all your commercial kitchen mats.

Regular Vacuuming: You should vacuum your commercial kitchen mats regularly to remove any dust and dirt that might be on the surface.

Hose The Mats: For a more thorough cleanup, you can hose your commercial kitchen mats with high-pressure water. Take your mats outside where you can hose them down easily.

Use Soap and Water: You should consider cleaning your commercial kitchen mats with soap and water after an extended run.

Use A Neutral Cleaner to Remove Stubborn Stains: Some of the stains on mats can be quite stubborn and even withstand soap and water. You can use a neutral cleaner, which will not discolor or ruin the colors of your kitchen mats, to scrub out these stubborn stains.

After and Before Cleaning Some Common Task and Notes for All Kind of Kitchen Mats

Dry The Mat Thoroughly after Cleaning: You should always spread the mat flat to dry after cleaning. You should never fold the kitchen mat but rather lay it flat to dry after cleaning. Make sure the commercial kitchen mat is totally dry before installing it back.

Clean The Kitchen Under and Around the Mat before Resetting It: Make sure that you clean the kitchen underneath and around the mat. Remove all dirt and debris from the kitchen where you will install the clean kitchen mat again.


•    Before cleaning the mats, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that this method will work. It should be fine, but it’s always worth checking!

•    Most of the project that’s best done outside. The bathtub or a large bucket can also work if you don’t have outdoor space or the weather is bad.

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Keeping the kitchen mats clean is probably the last thing on your mind behind the many important day-to-day tasks that come with running a kitchen. However, regular mat cleaning is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy, productive workspace and quit risk.

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