How To Cut Frozen Meat 5 Ways (Mastering the Art of Cutting Meat)

how to cut frozen meat

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Any time you are in the kitchen, your safety and that of your family should be a priority. Now, are you looking forward to cooking meat, and the only available one is in the freezer? Without any doubt, trying to cut frozen meat from the freezer is difficult. In fact, it is like trying to chop down a tree in the kitchen. However, this does not mean you will not eat your meat if you have no time to allow it to thaw. This post on how to cut frozen meat outlines possible ways to do the task without challenges.

5 Ways on How to Cut Frozen Meat without Breaking a Sweat

Cutting frozen meat becomes difficult if you are doing so with a regular knife. And because every challenge has a solution, meat experts came up with several ways you can use to cut meats straight from the freezer quickly. Below is a discussion about them.

1. Use an electric knife

Use an electric knife

An electric knife is one of the best and most recommendable knives you can use to cut your frozen veggies or meat. Like the name implies, this is a knife that runs when only connected to electricity. These knives are available in different models. Each of them works differently. However, when using it to cut your frozen meat, you only need to turn it on and press it against your frozen meat.

An electric knife features two jagged blades attached to a motor. When this knife is in motion, the serrated blades move in the opposite direction. This means when one blade moves forward, the other moves backward.

Follow the steps below to cut your frozen meat easily using an electric knife

  • Plug your electric knife’s cable into the switch and push on the button.
  • Place the end of the jagged blade on the meat.
  • Put your hand on the remaining piece of frozen meat to prevent slippage.
  • Turn the electric knife on and slice your meat as preferred by moving the blade.

Tip: When using an electric knife to cut your frozen meat, wrap the cable around your hand to maintain a firm hold on it.

2. Use a traditional meat knife

Use a traditional meat knife

A traditional knife can help cut your frozen meat. But choose a durable one that features a saw with serrations. This will ensure your cutting process is straightforward.

Before cutting your meat, take your time to ensure the knife has the right cutting edge. If not, you will end up with uneven cuts. Also, soften your meat by microwaving it first. If you do not have a microwave, worry not. Use running water.  This is meant to soften the edges for easier cutting.

Note that this is not a heavy-duty knife. Hence, it is not good for cutting bony meat or thick slices. Only use it when cutting frozen steak or chicken breast.

3. Use a meat cleaver

Use a meat cleaver

Use a cleaver to cut your frozen meat or food that has not been defrosted. It is a big, flat-bladed, hefty knife if you have never seen a cleaver. It is easier to cut frozen meat with a knife because of the thick and hefty blade. When using the device, let your dominant hand grasp it while your fingers hold the handle tightly.

On the other hand, you should hold the meat down and press the cleaver with your weight to cut the frozen meat.

4. Use a manual meat slicer

Everybody tries everything possible to cut the cost. Even though that is obvious, it is always the right decision to buy a helpful kitchen appliance. Having it allows you to enjoy the benefit of saving your time and effort. Also, you have a guarantee of the best outcomes.

Honestly, it takes time to thaw your frozen meat before cutting. Some people are okay with this as they do not want to invest in appliances that can do without and instead wait for some minutes to serve the same purpose.

Get yourself a manual meat slicer to help you cut your frozen meat void of defrosting it. This product can give you the thinnest slices of meat you prefer. Gladly, it is easier to use it. Make sure it has sharp blades to prevent your meat from sticking. Furthermore, you must cut your meat downwards while moving slowly at the same speed. This is to prevent meat pieces from flying out of your slicer.

5. Use a butcher saw

Use a butcher saw

This is another amazing instrument you need to cut your frozen meat. Gladly, you can use it on frozen and thawed meat. It is a long, thin blade you can use to cut even the heaviest cuts. The saw features sharp teeth to allow precise cuts.  The key to using the device is sawing it slowly and keenly. It helps make sure the blade is not harmed. Furthermore, it prevents your meat from ripping or shredding.

Safety Tips for Cutting Frozen Meat

Cutting frozen meat is more than just a walk in the park. If you are not careful, it can pose some safety risks. This is possible even if you are using the right tools. But that should not scare you away from doing so. You only need to consider the following safety tips.

Select the right knife

Have you decided to cut your frozen meat? Begin by choosing the right knife. Else, you are going to fail terribly. When choosing the right knife for cutting your frozen meat, sharpness, and weight are two key factors you cannot overlook.

Look for a heavy-duty knife that feels weighty on your palm and has a serrated edge. Such a knife assures you of cutting your meat effortlessly. Furthermore, a sharp knife cannot leave a jagged edge.

Cut correctly

You cannot cut your meat anyhow and expect things to be alright. Take your time to cut your meat in the right way. Regardless of the meat you are cutting, ensure it is divided into pieces along the muscle tissue. You achieve this by making your cuts perpendicular to the native fibers. Besides tenderizing the meat, doing this shortens the time taken to cook fully.

Thaw the frozen meat slightly

Before you use a meat cutter, it is wise to defrost your meat. Consider doing this if you have meat. Otherwise, be ready to face some challenges when cutting the meat. One of the best and easiest ways to do so is by putting your meat under cold running water. Alternatively, you can put the meat in warm water and allow it to sit until the edges are tender enough for a knife to cut through.

Tip: Never defrost your frozen meat with hot water because it can precook.

Microwaving is the best solution if you wish to use a method that will thaw your frozen meat fast. It only takes a few minutes to defrost.

Position your knife right

While cutting your frozen meat, make sure you point your saw or knife blade away from you. Furthermore, the meat should be on a non-slip surface. You can also avoid your meat from slipping by wearing gloves for a firm grip.

Wrap the meat

The best way to defrost your meat is by covering it in a vacuum-sealed package or a Ziploc bag. They prevent the natural meat juices from being washed away by water.

How To Cut Frozen Meat and Foods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cut meat when it is frozen?

Cut it while it is frozen to get the most out of your frozen meat. Gladly, there are a number of ways you can use to slice a block of frozen meat. However, before cutting it, consider softening it with water. This is done by placing your meat under running water and allowing it to sit there for a number of minutes.

Can you get food poisoning from cooking frozen meat?

Maybe you have heard of this misperception that frozen food is safe. It is considered so because they think freezing temperatures destroy any germs present. But freezing does not kill any dangerous microorganisms in your food.

Is frozen meat easier to cut?

If you are looking forward to cutting thin slices of raw meat quickly, it is worth putting it into the freezer for 30-60 minutes. Doing this help the meeting to firm up. Hence, it will be easier for you to slice it. If your meat is frozen, cut it before it thaws completely.

Does frozen meat expire?

According to the USDA, frozen meat kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower is safe to eat. The low temperature prevents microbes and microorganisms like mold and bacteria from growing. However, this does not indicate that your meat will taste fresh forever.

What happens to meat frozen too long?

Typically, food stored in the freezer at zero degrees is considered safe for eating indefinitely. But, if you freeze your meat for a long time, chances are higher it will lose taste and quality. Maybe you need to check if your meat is still fresh. The best way to determine if it is good is to wait until it is thawed.

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