How To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas

How To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas

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Christmas is the perfect time for loved ones and friends. If you have been busy throughout the year, use Christmas to have fun and mingle with your relatives and friends. What’s more, the season is also the best for decorating your house. Fortunately, you can decorate many places in your home. And the kitchen cabinets are one of them.  Are you here to learn how to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas perfectly? Relax! This article covers this and many more. Keep Reading!

Top Tips on How to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

You have decided to decorate your kitchen cabinets for Christmas?  Congratulations!  Remember, here is where you will store your drinks, food, tools and supplies for that festive season. Gladly, you can do this in different ways. One of the best and most common is adding Christmas ornaments to the cabinets. The secret to using these ornaments is getting one that matches your style perfectly. And because you are here, let us look at the different ornaments you can use to decorate your kitchen cabinets for Christmas.

1. Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths

Here, you will need to buy several mini-size Christmas wreaths. But you can prepare hand-made ones to offer them a more personal touch. To make them appear decorative, it is advisable to add golden balls, lights and jingle bells to them. Once they are ready, attach them to the cabinets’ doors professionally.

2. Lightings

Lightings Kitchen Cabinets

A Christmas decoration without lighting? No way! They help impart a festive-like feel to any place. You cannot keep away from lighting when decorating a home for Christmas. These lightings help brighten the kitchen cabinets. It is worth attaching them to the cabinet corners. This way, you can be sure you will not harm them when you open or close the cabinets.

Otherwise, you can brighten up the area around the kitchen cabinets by using twinkly lights. Another possible method is wrapping the lights around the cabinets’ handles or knobs.

3. Sparkling candles

Sparkling candles on Kitchen Cabinet

Maybe you are wondering how this is possible. But, because you are here, you will see how sparkling candles can beautifully decorate your kitchen cabinets. Buy the sparkling scented candles and put them in a jar. These jars can be the ones you use for desserts or shakes. Afterwards, place it below or above the cabinets. To give the jars a more festive appearance, decorating them with green from the outside is advisable. On the other hand, give the area around the cabinets a warmer look by using the floating candle holder with tealight candles.

4. Garlands

Garland on Kitchen Cabinet

You can attest that flowers help transform a place into being attractive. Therefore, why not use flowers to decorate your kitchen cabinets? White flowers will be of great use. Alternatively, consider other colored flowers like roses of varying colors. Such flowers will give your kitchen a charming and warm look, especially the kitchen cabinet area. Take your time to make a lovely garland from these flowers and then attach or place them above the cabinet.

Luckily, nowadays, you can find artificial garlands. You can attach them to your cabinets with or without lights for a beautiful look in your kitchen. In the case you are looking forward to adding more glimpses to the area, it is recommendable to use white colored flowers with lights attached to them.

5. Ornamental glass jar

Ornamental glass jar

Here, get a jar and fill it with colorful beads, berries, ornaments, and leaves. It will make a fantastic kitchen cabinet decoration. Then, use the small festive lights to help you cover the jar and add more glimpses to it. The best place you can keep this jar is on the countertop that is below the cabinet or above the cabinet. That way, it is going to add a glimpse into the area.

6. Christmas tree

Decorate Kitchen Cabinets Christmas tree

Any time you think of decorating your home for the sake of Christmas, you can attest that the Christmas tree comes to mind. And if you decorate a place without a tree, you will feel the decoration is incomplete. Thus, avoid this by having a small Christmas tree below or above the kitchen cabinets. With the Christmas tree on hand, use a string of battery lights to decorate it. This will allow you to spread the light around the kitchen cabinets area and, in return, have a festive feel.

7. Christmas posters

Decorate Kitchen Cabinets with Christmas posters

Attaching some small paintings or posters that are related to Christmas can help give your kitchen cabinets a perfect festive feel. Take your time to make hand-made canvas paintings that portray Christmas scenes like Christmas trees, Santa Claus and gifts, among many more.

Besides, you can prepare small quotes and attach them to the kitchen cabinet doors. Make sure the quotes stay relevant to Christmas. An excellent way to guarantee this is by using golden, green and red colors to write them.

8. Christmas cards

Decorate Kitchen Cabinets with Christmas cards

During Christmas, a lot of people share Christmas cards. And because many people do not read them, it is wise to attach them to the kitchen cabinets. Take your time to attach the cards to the cabinets professionally. This will attract the people around to read them. Besides, you will be sure that your kitchen cabinets look beautiful.

9. Ribbons and bows

Kitchen Cabinets with Ribbons and bows

Another superb way that you can use to decorate kitchen cabinets during the Christmas season is ribbons and bows. These things with festive colors help impact a festive vibe to the kitchen area. It is one of the simplest methods to decorate your cabinets for Christmas. It is advantageous to you if you already know how to create bows from ribbons. But, if you don’t know, worry not. You can learn how to make them by watching online videos. Gladly, it is simple.

After making beautiful ribbons and bows, attach them to the kitchen cabinet’s doors. A perfect way to attach the bow in one corner and allow the ribbon to hang from the bow. Red and green bows and ribbons will help give the place a more festive vibe.

How to prepare to decorate your kitchen cabinets for Christmas

Decoration needs creativity. It is not something you decide to do and begin. In fact, there are some helpful preparations you need to make. They are as follows.

  • Clean first

Prior to decorating your kitchen cabinets, you must clean them first. And not just cleaning, ensure they are squeaky clean. When cleaning, make sure you chase away all the dust bunnies. Doing that will give you the confidence to place the garland of lights.

When everything is spotless, have the confidence to begin the decoration.

  • Think out of the box

Before decorating, think of the look type you want in your kitchen. For instance, determine if you want something more statement-making or more subtle. Furthermore, decide if some textures or colors fit perfectly on your kitchen cabinets.

Note that you don’t have to stick to the traditional greens and reds; you can also work with white and black, gold and silver. But only use them if they can fit your aesthetic. Black, gold and white are very pretty. Independent of the color you choose, it is advisable to keep it consistent across all your cabinet doors.

  • Add some shine and sparkle

This is the fun part of your Christmas decoration. Gladly, this is easy. Hence, you can do it yourself. With only a few items, you are good to do your ornament.

How To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas Easily

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you put decorations on top of kitchen cabinets?

It is worth decorating the top of your cabinets. This is because it helps showcase your favorite items and keep all the required supplies within reach. These clever solutions will inspire you whether you cook in a small space or have loads of additional room.

What do you put in upper kitchen cabinets?

Mostly, people use the upper kitchen cabinets to store dinnerware, glasses and dishes. However, you can use them to store small appliances, mixing bowls, small pantries and spices.

Is decorating above kitchen cabinets out of style?

The short answer to this is no. In fact, there are so many ways that you can decorate the top of your kitchen cabinet. These ways will inject textural interest, modernity and decorative style into your kitchen. Luckily, there are numerous exciting styling designs and techniques to select from.

How do you make a cabinet wreath?

One of the best ways you can use to add some holiday cheer to your home is by making a cabinet wreath. Gladly, it is an easy process. Some of the things you need to make a cabinet wreath include a wreath form, a cabinet door, holiday decorations and a hot glue gun.

With the essentials in order, start by measuring your cabinet door circumference. Afterwards, cut a piece of the wreath from this size. Then, hot glue the wreath form to the cabinet door’s center.

Next, you need to decorate your wreath with holid
ay decorations. Here, you can choose to use bows, ornaments or other festive items. Hot glue help attach the decorations securely. When you are sure the wreath is finished, hang it on your kitchen cabinet’s door and enjoy your holiday.

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