How to Make Bulletproof Coffee Without Blender

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee Without Blender

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A good day starts with a cup of warm creamy coffee. This is the norm in most homes and families around the world. Have you heard of a new and upgraded drink on the market? Do you prefer a unique, quality home-brewed coffee? If the brand coffee is a common drink in your home set-up, then you know that a bulletproof coffee blender is an important tool.

In the past, it was not easy to find a bulletproof coffee blender in many homes. Things are very different today. Now than any other time in the history of the Americans, the equipment is a common item in most upper-class kitchens and offices.

Recent research reveals workaholics, athletes, and some long distance drivers list bulletproof coffee as their favorite drink. This class of people also buys a bulletproof coffee blender for use in their homes. The kitchen appliance saves them time in between their busy schedules.

However, you can still ask, can one enjoy their favorite drink without using a blender? While the general answer is ‘Yes’, a broader look suggests otherwise. Bulletproof coffee is good because it has low carbohydrates. This makes it a good drink for those struggling with high-fat content in their bodies.

So, how can you prepare bulletproof coffee? What is the experience if you have never prepared it? Are you going to like it? Is it worth having a bulletproof coffee blender in your house?

This article will address all the above questions. Besides, it is the only write-up that will help you get the real experience of preparing bulletproof coffee, one of its kind in today’s coffee market.

Learn the exciting simple steps of making coffee without a coffee blender! Get to know the good, the bad and ugly facts if any on bulletproof coffee. Your journey starts now!

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Enjoy Video Making Bulletproof Coffee without a blender

Why is it Called Bulletproof Coffee? 

Dave Asprey is the bulletproof coffee founder. Mr. Asprey got this term, abbreviated as (BPC) from a formula of his own coffee beans, and some few basic ingredients. The coffee is derived from healthy fats blended together. Unsalted butter and medium-chain triglycerides coconut oil, abbreviated as (MCTs) combined with coffee beans were his secret basic ingredients. 

 In simple terms, bulletproof coffee is a recipe from the above ingredients. The mixture can be prepared with or without a bulletproof coffee blender. This easily-made mixture forms a unique foamy and creamy drink. You will love it when served warm. 

The Process of Making Bulletproof Coffee Without a Blender (Details) 

Some moments and situations can result in making bulletproof coffee without a blender. Such times occur when camping, moving into a new house, traveling, and at times due to remote area working conditions. However, some people prefer making their coffee without a bulletproof coffee blender.

 Here is a simple process of making bulletproof coffee without using a blender:

Basic Ingredients Assembled Are:

  • 1 Tablespoon of MCT Oil 
  • 8 Ounces of Bulletproof Coffee (covered well to prevent contamination).
  • 1 Empty Mason Glass Jar 
    (not plastic due to classical residue). 
  • 1 Empty Mug. 
  • 1 Tablespoon of Grass-Fed Butter. 
  • 1 Small Wire Whisker.
  • A Insulation (cloth).

The process preparing bulletproof coffee:

  • Get a clean mason glass jar.
  • Add in MCT oil and the butter. 
  • Take a small wire whisker and drop inside the mason glass jar. 
  • Add the pre-boiled bulletproof coffee measuring 8 ounces. 
  • Cover the mason glass jar with an airtight lid. 
  • Grab the insulation (cloth) and wrap in the mason glass jar – that is if the glass jar is not an insulation type. 
  • Shake well until creamy.  
  • Pour the steamy read serve bulletproof coffee into a mug.  
  • Coffee made without a blender is ready to serve while still steamy! 

Bulletproof Coffee Making Video Action

Advantages of the above process instead of using a blender

  • The whole process of preparing the coffee needs less cleanup and water. 
  • It is faster, takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and serve. 
  • There is no need to use electricity. 
  • The task is easy, healthy and comfortable for all to use in the family except young children. 
    The process prepared from anywhere and anytime. No time is coffee time!
  • Use of ordinary equipment from the kitchen – most of these items are readily and locally available.
  • Different video demonstrations are available on YouTube for those interested in preparing it. 
  • Basic ingredients are available to buy both online and in stores near you.

Why Bulletproof Coffee is Bad for You 

  • The America Heart Association (AHA) advocates for a limit of saturated fat in people’s diet. A small amount of the fats, 13 grams of saturated fat per day, is recommended. To get this amount of grams, you need 2 tablespoons of butter. Too much of such fats is likely to cause high cholesterol, which results to heart-related diseases and stroke.
  • When one replaces coffee as an option to a healthy breakfast results in the loose of essential nutrients in the body. Bulletproof coffee lacks fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals that a body requires daily. Opt for a healthy breakfast to begin your day and not just surviving the day on a cup of warm bulletproof coffee for an energy boost and focus of the mind.
  • Some studies recommend reducing your calories intake. Fats in the bulletproof coffee do not cut weight suddenly. Once stored in the body, they form into saturated fats. 
  • This brand of coffee tends to make some people lazy. Sliding back to their unhealthy eating habits is the order of the day. Those who prefer drinking the coffee believe the term ‘bulletproof’ refers to a miraculous way of cutting their weight.  
  • MCT oil may cause running stomach and aches especially to people with sensitive tummies. If one experiences such then intake reduced and done away with completely. 

Why Bulletproof is Good For You 

  • Bulletproof coffee is good for burning body fat by driving metabolism into overdrive.
  • Drinking the coffee boosts one’s energy; remaining focus and alert the better part of the morning break, stretching to the afternoon. 
  • Bulletproof coffee is known to help lose weight because of the low carb diet in it. 
  • When taken in the right quantity, bulletproof coffee reduces cancer and heart-related disease risks.
  • Improves physical performance throughout the day. To achieve this, keep a habit of drinking bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning. This acts as a brain booster and keeps you alert and fresh in the better part of the morning.
  • The healthy pure fats help one to manage hunger during the morning hours. The unsalted butter and MCT oil added to the coffee, plays the trick to some people though.

Can Bulletproof Coffee Help You Lose Weight? 

Daily intake of bulletproof coffee helps to keep your weight down. This coffee keeps the gym away! Never again will you worry about starving and high calories intake to cut your weight. However, one must continue to watch healthy habits.  

In addition, eat healthy meals besides taking coffee. This habit is encouraged since bulletproof coffee does not contain all that the body needs to be healthy. Remember, MCT oil has no calories.

 Can Bulletproof Coffee Make You Fat? 

Bulletproof coffee consists of fats thus a high-fat drink. Reducing the amount of fat intake will scale down on the saturated fats stored in the body. Keep in mind, drinking the coffee without managing the low carb diet, will result in being fat.  

It is challenging to say bulletproof coffee makes one fat or not. Coffee is just but a caffeine drink that helps carb hunger thus keeps one satisfied during the morning period.  

It is important to note that a healthy body is as a result of a healthy mind. To reduce weight you need to focus on food and out-door related activities. Some of the out-door activities include walking, climbing stairs, swimming, running, horse riding, and playing different games. You cannot rely on drinking bulletproof coffee to lose weight.

A balanced diet in every meal is the order of the day! For the body to get vitamins, mineral salts, and other essential nutrients, you need to take many fruits. Fresh juicy fruits are rich in fiber. Notable fruits that can supply the body with fiber include oranges, mangoes, pawpaw, and watermelon.

Vegetables and cereals that are rich in proteins are also recommended. You can consider generously eating nuts, green grams, tomatoes, spinach, green peas, fish, liver, and milk. These are some of the foods to include in your daily diet.

 Why is Bulletproof Coffee Still a Trend? 

The popular blend mixture has been on our shelves for several years. Bulletproof coffee has made profits because of personal experience shared by the founder and entrepreneur Dave Asprey. He claims having bulletproof coffee as a starter in the morning in place of breakfast has magical benefits.

According to Mr. Asprey, his coffee improves the functioning of the brain, reduces cancer and heart-related diseases, provides energy and is the best remedy to those suffering with obesity.  

The hype caused by good marketing is one of the trending reasons. The good taste comes from the mind and not the tongue. Everyone believes the secret to the bulletproof coffee is the taste and not its value and benefit.  

Bonus Point: 

Slowly sip your bulletproof coffee that is if you are not a strong brew fan. Sipping will do the trick and miss the bitter brew taste on your tongue. Drop in some coconut oil to add a nutty flavor. Get the real experience from drinking the coffee itself.

Bulletproof coffee made without blender is simple and quick. Relax and feel free to drink your coffee, but you must do so in moderation. To achieve the experience, you cannot harbor a faulty bulletproof coffee blender in your kitchen. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the feeling that gives you first-hand experience with the refreshing espresso flavor taste.

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