How to Use an Omelette Pan – Hacks and Secret

How to Use an omelette pan

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There is nothing new to describe omelette pan. I believe all the people of the civilized country are familiar with these cooking tools. But the proper way to use omelette pan is not known to all. Maybe this is the reason during cooking they have a burn or semi-burn their omelette item. Often people think using extra oil is the solution. But after eating it works to supply extra fat and cholesterol to our body. Therefore it is not the solution. I tried to present a complete user guide through my omelette pan reviews.

After long observation, I design a few ways to use the omelette pan. Surely it will be hygienic and efficient. Here you are brows those things in this page.

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The Precise way to use the Omelette pan

Two types of omelette pans are available in the market. Folding and normal omelette pan. The most common procedure is given below.

Use on the stove:

During the time on the stove, you will enough freedom to the change the heating and another cooking parameter. At the beginning time of cooking put down a slice of butter on the stove with low heating. After melting spread the butter with a spud on all the pan. It will rescue your pan from the early burn. Then start cooking with low fire.

If you are preparing an arid recipe, then stirred the food randomly with a spud. Unless it will burn and stuck it on the pan. But in order to the recipe item, it can be stirred less fast.

Use on the oven:

Cooking on the Oven is pretty easier than the stove. Emollient the inner portion with oil or butter. Then process all the vegetable, spices and other things. After processing all the omelette ingredient put it on the pan. And cover it with the lid. Keep notice on the outer portion of the pan, that there is no liquid ingredient Sprayed on the body. 

Then put the pan on the oven. Depends on different food item it needs different time to cook. After over the bake bring the omelette pan out and wait till the temperature turns to down. Then put the cooked food on a bowl and sink the pan on water. It will be helpful for cleaning.

Important tips during use omelette pan

  • Air passing system: If you are cooking on the stove, you should make sure first about the air passing system. It is necessary for your comfort and proper cooking as we as. Keep a ventilation system or ventilation fan on your kitchen.
  • Use proper lid: Most of the people does not use a proper lid during cooking. To have perfect egg omelette you should use a proper lid. For omelette pan there are lids are available on the market which is built with a hole. It contains inner heat but helps to reduce unexpected gas.
  • Medium heat: If your omelette in the oven, then it may be not mandatory to notice the heating. But while you use the stove to cooking you have to select the medium heat. It will better for both pan and food.
  • Cooking spud: There are few cooking spuds are available which are made only to use on omelette pan. Use different sizes of those cooking spud. Those will helps you
  • to move inner foods during cooking.
  • Use holding Rag: People are mostly used to have kitchen apron for cooking. But For safety purpose, you should have gloves. As an alternative of gloves you can use old cloth or holding rag.

Take Care of Omelette pan

An omelette pan maybe always wet by oil. While you use the pan frequently, you do not need to clean it each day as important. Just keep it in the dust-free place. But when you get a pan for rare use, you have to clean it regularly. Use normal kitchen soap bar and scrubber. Relinquish the use of sandpaper or metal scrubber. It can destroy the cooking friendly coating from the pan.

Sudden the pan become burn because of your unconscious mind. Then soap bar maybe does not work properly. Use baking soda and lemon juice to clean the burn. After putting a combination of soda and lemon, use the normal scrubber to clean. 

Things you should avoid:

  • Avoid Bound: During the time of cooking it must generate the Vapor and gases. If the gases do not have enough space to divergence the gases it may cause of the accident. At the same time, food will be loose the proper taste. Avoid any type of bound space while you are using omelette pan. If possible install your stove at the close of the window, or get an exhaust fan.
  • Rusty pan: After a long gap, old pans can become rusty. Cook does not prefer the rusty pans because It is not a proper selection to cook. A rusty pan is not able to at least omelette items. It is better it change the rusty pan or repair it.
  • Overheating: When you are cooking, always select the medium heat, there is no special need. At the time of cooking in medium heat, you will get enough time to cook. On the other hand overheating steps can burn your food from outside and it remains provisional at all.
  • Oily or broken grip: It does not need to explain how broken grip of omelette is risky. At the same time, the only grip is also risky. Each day tons of people have slight burn for oily grip.

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On day to day cooking there no chance to deny the importance of omelette. From that corner, it is important to know the proper way and hack of it. It is not only necessary to keep the proper food taste. The issue of hygienic is also involved with this. All the thing will become perfect if you have a few concern and careful steps. Moreover, people of most of the country are considering cooking as an art. Even omelette of an egg with perfection is not out of similar art. Good luck to you to accept all the art.

How to use an Omelette Pan: Video Action

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