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Best Omelette Pan Reviewed For 2019 And The Buying Guide

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Like any other kitchen appliance, finding the best omelette pan is not always an easy thing. Personally, I have seen many homeowners struggle to find the ideal omelette pan for their kitchen. Remember, this seemingly small kitchen appliance can be a source of joy to your family. So this is a vital issue to choose a proper omelette pan and know the use of omelette pan PROPERLY

Is it really hard to find a good omelette pan that can last for five or even ten years? How long should you take before you buy another omelette pan? These questions remain in many people’s minds.

But why is an omelette pan an important kitchen appliance? This write-up will address this subject. Besides, as you read through, you will also find answers to many other questions that relate to the use of an omelette pan.

Generally, this post will address the following:

  1. Benefits of having an omelette pan in your kitchen.
  2. How to clean an omelette pan.
  3. 10 Popular omelette pans to look for this year.
  4. Things to consider before buying an omelett pan.

You can only crave for something if you know its benefit. Being a kitchen tool, it is important to ensure you buy a quality omelette pan, which can last for a long time. However, you may ask, is it necessary to spend money on an omelette pan?

Benefits Of Having An Omelette Pan In Your Kitchen

Dynamics in this world do not allow many of us to have some 30 or even 60 minutes to take a meal. In fact, if you work outside of your house, you know how hard it is to wake up each day to work. Work ethics dictate that you should arrive on time because your clients will be waiting to be served.

To catch up with work, you usually find yourself taking a bite of an omelette. Yes, there is not enough time to prepare a heavy meal for breakfast. Many people convince themselves that as long as the mix has an egg, flour, some well-chosen veggies, and seasoned with pepper, an omelette is good for breakfast. In fact, others prefer it for a quick lunch or supper.

Do you see why you need an omelette pan? Here are three main benefits:

An omelette is a staple delicious meal for many people in the world. If you are one of those people who do not have enough time to spend in the kitchen in the morning, afternoon, or even in the evening, you need an omelette pan.

My family members love eating omelettes. If most people living in your house love omelettes, it is a sign that you need a quality pan that can prepare the omelets.

It is extremely easy and quick to prepare a few omelettes that can serve as a semi-complete meal to start up the day. When preparing omelettes, you do not have to worry about many ingredients. There are no strict rules when making an omelet.

How To Clean An Omelette Pan

It is not a hard thing to clean an omelette pan especially one that is used regularly. To achieve a sparkling clean omelette pan, you need the following:

  • Hot water.
  • Soap/acceptable detergent.
  • A piece of cloth.
  • Abrasive (when necessary).

Steps Of Washing An Omelette Pan

After using an omelette pan, you need to clean it for the next use. Because it is used regularly, it will not be a challenge to clean it. Follow these steps to clean your stainless steel omelette pan:

  • Boil clean water in a separate pot.
  • Pour the water inside the pan or soak the pan inside the hot water (this process is aimed at removing the sticky oil from the pan).
  • Apply soap on a piece of cloth and use it to wipe the oil and any other food remains from the pan.
  • Rinse the piece of cloth to remove excessive oil deposits and food remains that you gathered from the pan.
  • Using more hot water, repeat the same until the omelette pan does not glitter or shine with cooking oil.
  • Upon ascertaining that the oil is removed from the pan, you can rinse it with either hot or cold water and leave it to dry.
  • If the pan has residue or due to high temperatures, the pan has developed a dark color, you can decide to scrub off the residue.
  • This may require a lot of energy and more time. But, because you intend to clean your pan, continue scrubbing until you achieve the desired results.
  • Some pans need a special kitchen detergent. You can use it together with an abrasive to remove the food residue that is resting at the bottom of the pan.
  • Even when using a detergent and an abrasive, you still need hot water. Do the scrubbing until all the dirt is no more.
  • Using a piece of cloth, wipe the pan with hot or cold water until it is clean.

PS.1. In many cases, you will not use detergent or an abrasive.

PS.2. Not all omelette pans are fit for soaking. It depends on the material.

PS.3. Be careful not to create scratches when using an abrasive.

Now that you know what an omelette pan is, the benefits of having the right omelette pan, and how to clean it, what next? It is time we look into some of the popular omelette pans in the market.

9 Best Omelette Pans To Look For The Year

You very well know that the world has produced thousands of omelette pans. The truth is, not all these omelette pans serve the real purpose they were designed for. How can you identify a quality pan? What features make a good omelette pan? Here are 10 omelette pans to choose from this year:

1. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum 10” Omelette Pan (Black)

Aluminium omelette pan:

I’m pretty sure you will love this omelette pan for two reasons among many. One, you will love it because it is cheap. Yes, it is one of the most affordable pans.

The second reason why you will fall for this pan is that it is a heavy gauge omelette pan thus lasts longer.


  • Made from hard-anodized aluminum to ensure longevity.
  • The interior of the pan is made up of three distinct layers of nonstick material. Two of these distinctive layers offer durability as the other layer ensures nothing sticks at the bottom when you are cooking.
  • It is flat at the bottom.
  • Stainless handle for a firm grip.
  • The pan is large and allows for even spread of heat.
  • Comes with full-time warranty from the manufacturer.
  • A wide surface helps in the easy preparation of your favorite omelets.
  • Heavy-gauge that guarantees durability.
  • The nonstick interior ensures nothing sticks at the bottom of the pan.
  • You can wash in a dishwasher.
  • The bottom is flat. With this, you can cook without problems. The omelet cooks evenly.
  • Nice, long, and sturdy handle.
    • At 3 lbs, it is not light.
    • It may have food residue if you heat it beyond 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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      2. Nordic Ware 10692AMZ Omelette Pan (Italian)

      For a long time, Nordic Ware 10692AMZ Omelette Pan has remained to be one of the premium omelette pans the world has ever produced. One of the biggest reasons is that it is hinge-designed.


      • Compact design. You can fold this U.S-made omelette pan into two thanks to the hinges.
      • Nonstick coating that makes the pan ideal for cooking your quick breakfast.
      • Long stainless steel handle.
      • 8.4” semi-circle base, which makes a full circle when opened.
      • You can be sure that nothing falls from the air or ceiling when cooking because you can close it.
      • I personally fall for kitchen pan that is either silver or white in color. Nordic Ware 10692AMZ Omelette Pan has a distinctive white color.
      • You can achieve a quick clean thanks to its nonstick feature..
      • It is light at 2 lbs.
      • Dishwasher safe.
        • You can achieve a quick clean thanks to its nonstick feature.
        • The shape is not nice.
        • When unfolded, the other half remains out of work.
        • The semi-circle shape is not nice for conventional omelettes.

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          3. TECHEF Nonstick PFOA Free Frittata And Omelette Pan (Black)

          Best non stick omelette pan:

          This Korean omelett pan is perhaps among the first one to use a Teflon coat. With this, you are able to cook without the fear of your pan ending up with massive food residue at the bottom.


          • Semi-circle design with hinges.
          • The pan comes with two handles that should be carefully lifted especially if it has something in it.
          • Fitted with one long stainless steel handle but also has a small curved handle fixed to the end of the lidded pan.
          • Dark nonstick interior to allow nonstick cooking.
          • Approved by different jurisdictional bodies such as European’s EFSA, French ANSES, and U.S’s FDA as well as EPA.
          • Restricted lifetime manufacturer warranty.
          • The item weighs only 1.8 pounds.
          • Provides additional cooking space thanks to the hinge design.
          • Nonstick interior allows for cooking without the fear of leaving food residues.
          • Easy to clean thanks to the nonstick interior.
          • Safe to wash in a dishwasher.
          • Long handle.
          • Lightweight at just 1.8 lbs.
          • Cooks quickly thanks to the increased interior heat when closed.
            • The little handle on the upper pan gets hot super fast.

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              4. TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese PFOA Free Omelette Pan

              Techef omelette pan:

              How better can you describe a pan made from two quality materials-aluminum and stainless steel? You would lack words. Wouldn’t you? The best thing about TeChef – Tamagoyaki omelette pan is that it is has a distinctive rectangular shape.


              • Slope design that allows easy cooking and flipping of whatever you decide to prepare on the pan.
              • The purple color is in itself a sign of royalty in terms of what you prepare on the pan.
              • Over 95% of the pan is made of aluminum. The rest is designed with stainless steel. You can see this from the interior bottom of the pan.
              • A nice long stainless steel handle, which in part is covered with hard rubber.
              • Very light. TeChef Tamagoyaki is not even 1 pound.
              • Beautiful color that compliments your kitchen’s interior décor.
              • The nonstick stainless exterior bottom allows for continuous cooking without the worry of the pan catching up dirt.
              • Easy to clean thanks to the interior nonstick.
              • The long stainless steel handle is safe to hold thanks to the rubber put round the better part of the handle.
              • A nice price.
                • In case of a scratch, the pan will lose its color.
                • The interior base is not wide enough.

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                  5. MyLifeUNIT Nonstick Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan (Black)

                  Mylifeunit non stick omelette pan:

                  Like number  4 above, MyLifeUNIT Tamagoyaki omelette pan is cheap. It also has a rectangular shape. You will love it because of its weight too.


                  • The pan is designed from two durable materials- manganese and aluminum.
                  • MyLifeUNIT also features maifanite stone. While many manufacturers use stainless steel to achieve a nonstick interior, MyLifeUNIT seeks to give this a different approach.
                  • Maifanite allows for a quick and even spread of heat.
                  • Nice slope shape that enables easy omelette flipping.
                  • Uses less heat to cook (around 230 degrees Celsius to cook your omelettes.
                  • Stainless steel exterior base to allow even spread of the little heat.
                  • Comes with a 14 cm handle.
                  • Heats fast even with low temperatures of around 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
                  • Nonstick interior.
                  • Long handle.
                  • Cooks fast.
                  • Nice slope.
                  • Durable materials thus will save you money if you purchase it.
                  • Cheap.
                  •  Weighs only 13.4 ounces.
                    • A short width that leads to small omelettes.

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                      6.  All-Clad 4112NSR2 Stainless Steel PFOA Free Tri-Ply Bonded 12” Omelette Pan (Silver)

                      This 1-ft stainless steel tri-ply bonded pan is indeed the world’s premium omelette pan.


                      • The construction of this pan makes it one of the world’s most sophisticated omelette pans.
                      • It comes with a combination of hard metal, stainless steel, and wood.
                      • The interior and exterior bases are 12 inches wide, meaning you can prepare quite an expansive omelette.
                      • Comes with stainless steel handles. These sturdy handles are safe with contours. Besides, the handle has a permanent fix to the body of the pan using rivets.
                      • An effortless release of food thanks to a nonstick interior.
                      • Nice design and color.
                      • Firm handles riveted to the body.
                      • Wide base for an expansive omelette.
                      • Withstands high temperatures, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
                      • Dishwasher safe.
                        • It is extremely expensive.
                        • The pan is heavy.

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                          7. Tamagoyaki Japanese Rectangular Omelette Pan (Blue)

                          Best japanese omelette pan:

                          IBBM, the maker of this rectangular omelette pan says that they will be your best memory. True to the company’s words, you will love to make your quick breakfast on top of this rectangular-shaped pan.


                          • Comes with a nice slope that allows for easy flipping of eggs.
                          • Magnetic conductive base made of stainless steel. With this material, it is easy to use the pan on either electric or gas ovens.
                          • Easy cleaning especially hand-wash.
                          • The body is made up of aluminum and manganese. This combination creates an extremely durable alloy.
                          • Maifanite nonstick coating stone is another feature you will love because it easily and quickly releases heat evenly.
                          • Long handle (16.5 cm).
                          • Money-back guarantee.

                          • Affordable.
                          • Long handle that ensures you do not get burnt.
                          • Easy to drain the omelette once it is ready.
                          • The stainless steel magnetic conductive base allows for quick heating as well as longer heat retention both of which make cooking easy.
                          • Easy to clean.
                          • Durable dues to the material used to make the pan.
                          • The polymer plastic heat insulator is a nice thing that prevents burning when the pan is red-hot.
                          • Nice color.
                          • Lightweight.
                          • You can return it to the manufacturer if it doesn’t meet your desires.
                            • Not safe to wash in a dishwasher.

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                              8. Cooks Standard 02569 Hard-Anodized Omelette Pan (Black)

                              Hard anodized omelette pan:

                              This premium 8” omelette pan has been in the market for a long time. Although it is small, you will still enjoy preparing a variety of quick foods on it.


                              • Made from hard-anodized metal that is durable.
                              • The material ensures the pan heats evenly and does not develop heat spots.
                              • The interior of the pan is nonstick, allowing for healthy cooking, easy cleaning, as well as quick and easy food release.
                              • Heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
                              • Comes with a long stainless steel handle.
                              • The bottom surface is wide and flat enough to enable even cooking of your omelette.
                              • Tapered lip that enables easy and decent pouring of the pan’s ingredients.
                              • Ideal for electric and gas ovens.
                              • Wide flat surface.
                              • Can cook even with hot temperatures.
                              • The lip finishing allows for decency when pouring out what is in the pan.
                              • Easy to handle thanks to the long handle.
                              • It is light at 1.5 lbs.
                              • Cleaning is extremely easy because of the nonstick interior.
                              • Firm handle that is riveted to the pan’s body. You will not lose your omelette in case you slip. The handle is firm.
                                • The absence of rubber or plastic material from the stainless handle makes it difficult to handle the pan when hot.

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                                  9. Double Side Folding Stainless Omelette Pan By Zerodis

                                  Folding omelette pan:

                                  You will love this pan because of its price. In fact, it is one of the cheapest hinge-designed omelette pans we have today.


                                  • Made using genuine stainless steel.
                                  • Both the exterior and interior surfaces are made of nonstick stainless steel.
                                  • Portable thanks to the hinge design.
                                  • Fitted with two handles, one long handle and a small curved handle on the lid-side pan.
                                  • Deep.
                                  • It is light at 1.4 lbs.
                                  • You will cook many recipes from the two-sided pan.
                                  • Saves space thanks to the folding feature.
                                  • Two handles to ensure stability thus minimal chances of losing your omelette.
                                  • Easy to clean even inside a dishwasher.
                                  • The 100% stainless steel on the body ensures even spread of heat.
                                  • Can comfortably sit on all standard gas or electric ovens.
                                    • The handles do not have plastic. They heat very fast.

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                                      After reading through what each omelette pan has, do you think you are in a better position to choose the ideal pan? Hardly! The only time you will say that you can make a wise choice on the popular  omelette pan is after looking at the following section.

                                      Things To Consider Before Buying An Omelette Pan

                                      Before you press ‘purchase’ button, you need to read these 6 factors. They stand between you buying a quality omelette pan and losing your money.

                                      Shape And Size

                                      With various shapes of omelette pans in the market, one has to consider the shape of a pan he/she may require depending on the serving. Some of the popular shapes are round, hinged, rectangular, and square. Each shape has its own benefits and shortcomings.

                                      The pan size you need will depend on the number of people you need to serve and the number of eggs you’ll use. Generally, an average sized pan is what you need. The pan would be about 6 inches to around 12 inches.

                                      Durable And Easy To Maintain

                                      This is the tricky bit. Cleaning a pan can be strenuous even after enjoying the cooking part. No one wishes to spend time scrubbing a dirty pan. You, therefore, need to select a pan with non-stick surface and dishwasher-friendly.

                                      Utensils And Pan Covers

                                      You need to get a perfect utensil combination to use with your omelette pan. Choosing a correct utensil will make the cooking experience fun and enjoyable. For example, using silicone or wooden spatula to shape and turn an omelette will prolong the durability of your omelette pan. A metallic spatula might scrub the surface of your nonstick pan making it less durable.

                                      Some of the omelette pans in the market have covers while others don’t. You are at liberty to choose the one you may prefer for your cooking.


                                      The market offers a variety of pan materials that will require you to choose. The appropriate material should make shaping and flipping an omelette easy. With a proper pan material, an omelette should not stick on the surface of the pan.

                                      Here are some of the popular pan materials you can choose from:

                                      • Carbon steel – pans made from carbon steel are highly durable and lightweight thus easy to handle and have uniform heat distribution. However, they are not dishwasher-friendly. You should be careful when using them.
                                      • Aluminum – this is the most popular material for an omelette pan because it is cheap, light, and has a faster heat distribution. However, pans made from this material are less durable and are not resistant to scratches.
                                      • Copper – this material is praised for its ability to quick and uniform distribution of heat. In addition, pans made from copper are light thus easy to handle and are very durable. Nonetheless, they can have a negative reaction with some types of food.
                                      • Anodized aluminum – I recommend this material for a heavy task and higher strength. However, heat conduction is not as good as that of pans made from the materials above.
                                      • Stainless steel – pans made from stainless steel are more durable and highly resistant. The only shortcoming is that heat distribution is not as even as that of other materials.

                                      Thickness And The Surface Of The Pan

                                      The thicker the pan is, the more durable it gets. A thin pan may require little heat to avoid overheating which may result in undercooking your omelette.

                                      On the other hand, a very thick pan may require too much heat and will take a longer period to heat up. Therefore, I highly recommend you choose a pan with medium thickness.

                                      A pan surface can have a standard coating or non-sticking coating. When using a non-sticking pan, you should use a wooden or silicone spatula or other utensils to avoid scratching the surface. The non-sticking surface makes cooking omellete quite easy as it prevents food from sticking and it is easy to clean.

                                      Pan Handle

                                      The handle is another factor to consider when buying an omelette pan. The following questions will help you make a better decision.

                                      • Does the handle get heated while cooking?
                                      • How comfortable/easy is it to handle the pan?
                                      • Is the pan firm or feeble when holding or flipping?

                                      While a stainless steel handle may be strong, it might heat up very fast. Therefore, I’d advise you look for a sturdy handle that has either a plastic or rubber insulation.


                                      By now, I believe you have everything you needed to make a better choice. A careful consideration of all the factors above will lead to you having the Proper omelette pan the soonest you need it. Once you have it, ensure it is clean after every use. That way, it will be ready for use the next time you need to grab a quick bite before you leave for work.