How to Clean Broiler Pan in the Easiest and Hygienic way

How to Clean Broiler pan

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Each of cooking utensil is needed to clean after use. At the same time, it ensures the hygienic and long-lasting use issue. The broiler is also an important and one of the most uses tools from the kitchen. Basically, this is used to bake meat or other foods on fire. After each bake, it becomes full of the burning spot of spices. If it does not clean after each use, it becomes unhygienic and damages soon.

On the web there are a lot of people are suffering from query to clean a perfect broiler pan. I saw all the way there where people suggest for cleaning pan are not too easy. Today I decided to organize this session which is all about the easiest homemade way to clean the broiler pan.

Basic Morphology of broiler pan

Basically, the broiler pan is made with metal. And the metal is coating with a black emollient. Each broiler pan has two part. The first one is the part where is held to food. Another is the lower part of what is look time tray. Both of part has become dirty and full of spots of spice after each cook.

The homemade and easier way to clean broiler pan

Equipment you need: lemon juice, baking soda, brush, and soap.

Interestingly to clean the broiler pan we use a less part of the soap. Here we will use lemon juice and soda. Lemon juice for cleaning is available in the market. If you don’t have then use the extracted raw lemon juice. Baking soda is a common thing from each kitchen. As we know both lemon juice and baking soda is a good cleaner for metal. Let’s follow the step below.

  • Step 1: Detach the pan and the grill of the broiler. Poured the lemon juice on the pan and the grill. No need to put huge lemon juice to clean. Enough amount of lemon juice is needed.
  • Step 2: Cut off the baking soda packet. It if is expired then it will never work properly. Better to buy a new one. Put baking soda on the pan and the grill at the same amount of lemon juice.
  • Step 3: Wait for a few seconds. Once the mixture of lemon and soda on the boiler pan started to bubble. On the lemon juice, it has citric acid. On the other hand baking soda is a carbonate product. After their reaction it makes bubble and it starts to separate between broiler pans and spot making element like burned spices, oil and other.
  • Step 4: After 2 minute of bubbling get a plastic brush to clean the spot. Use of metal scrubber or metal brush is totally impermissible. Make sure you abrade brush all the portion of the broiler. Notice all the pole of the grill while you brush the food holder of broiler pan.

After abrade, all the part clean is up with fresh water. Even then if it will be oily, then use normal liquid soap. Abrade whole things with cotton stuff. Rest of the thing dry both parts.

Remove deep spots: Sometimes because of long use, broiler pan becomes spotty. Even those spots have become pretty close to permanent. People use the chemical technique to remove those spot. But this can be the reason for losing the temper of the pan. But using lemon can be a good solution. One those process you have to use your bathtub or large basin. First of all fill-up the bathtub with water and mixed it up with lemon juice. Sink down the broiler on the water for a night. Then follow the step what already I describe earlier on this. If the spot is deeper, then sink the pan on water for more time.

Safe Broiler pan From Unexpected Spots

A little concern step can save your broiler pan from having deep spots. At the same time cleaning of broiler pan is become also easier. To prevent unexpected spot people are use foil paper to rap the lower pan or broiler. But this is only a part of the solution I guess. The thing what you can do best is coat the grill and the pan with butter, oil or other liquid what are not able to mix with water. This simple step will protect your tool from burning and unexpected Stain.

Things you have to notice all the time

  • Stop using a metal scrubber or metal brush. Because the body of the broiler is cover with heat sensitive coating. These things help the broiler from getting hot faster. While you are going to the metal scrubber to clean, the coating will be cankered.
  • There are so many abbreviated ways to clean. Use of chemical is one of them. But remember it can be a reason for massive harm. The food can be Poisonous. Even the broiler can be destroyed. For that nutritionist are suggested to people for avoiding chemical use.
  • Try to clean the pan after regular use. Never keep it for cleaning after the next use. Accumulated burned oil and spice from the broiler will ruin the taste of food. At the same time, this is not hygienic.
  • Make sure the broiler is properly dry after cleaning. It may be not affected by rust but the hygienic issue has become interrupted. Even while you keep it away from using, you should cover the pan to save it from dust.

Boiler Pan Cleaning in Video


I want to mention one thing is true that broiler pan what is not cleaned properly is not performing properly during cooking. Even old spots are making damage on the temper coating and finally to the pan. So you have to make sure when you are cleaning the pan, that there are not too many major spots. Else it will spoil your favorite Meat Stack dish at candlelight dinner. Even lack of care can make the pan as garbage. There are no arguments that cleaning is the only thing to rescue the tool to become wastes. So be careful with your kitchen tools, foods and have a healthy life.

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