How to Store Smoothies for the Week Safely

How to store smoothies

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To prevent the waste of food, we have to concern to preserve food. On natural condition, smoothies can be hygienic 12 hours long. But this is not enough when we prepare excessive smoothies. This is the best thing to preserve those for the future.

There is a lot of ways to store smoothies for the week long. But in the day to day life, you maybe prefer all the way to use. Here we are ready to inform you the easiest way how you store smoothies for the week long. Even those ways are perfect for any condition in any country.

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Ways to Store Delicious Smoothies on a Very hygienic way

People may think, long storing plane maybe kill a few of the nutritional value of food. But it is the challenge to them that make smoothies in each morning. Few of the time in the busy day it becomes hard to manage time for preparing smoothies. But if you have enough caliber, then go for making it. If you don’t have, then I suggest the way to storage smoothies for a long time.

Keep in the Freezer Within a few Rules

So many ways have. Here you have to understand the difference between refrigerating and freezing. Refrigerating is a long time storing way to keep the food understand temperature. Freezing is also a long time food storing process. We will freeze the food like ice there. We will use the freezing process because here you will able to keep your smoothies good longer than one week. Keep following these steps below.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to keep the smoothies on the proper jar. Jar of glass is the proper thing to keeping them. But beware to select jars. Shoulder jar is the best option to keep. Because the jar of shoulderless will break during it become freezing. Clean the jar from both of inside and outside.

Step 2:

On this step, you will put the smoothies on the jar. Put it carefully and keep notice that, the level of smoothies will not cross the shoulder. Never fill-up the jar fully. It will break the glass during the melting. Moreover, it will help you while you think to use it.

Step 3:

Use a tray to keep all the jar in the common surface. Put the tray on inside of the freezer. Make sure the temperature is enough to freezing. After become freezing it is ready to storage one week long.
When you are going to have smoothies, put one jar out of the freezer. Keep it on natural air. No need to apply heat or use the oven for melting. When it will melting properly it is ready to have. Use some mint leaf and sugar to increase the test. You can have cookies or chips with smoothies.

Tips to keep your favorite smoothies for a long time

Use fresh ice:

On those countries where the temperature is too hot, smoothies have become rotten faster. There the fresh ice is a good preserver and it gives relaxation also. Normally smoothies can bearable till 12 hours. But after using the fresh ice it becomes fresh for at least 2 hours more. Remember nothing can alternative to fresh ice. Polluted ice can make the smoothies unhealthy.

 Avoid sour:

Fruit like lemon, orange is sour but full of vitamin C and other food nutrition. But if you have the plan to store smoothies for a long time you should avoid sour. Because those fruits contain citric acid which is too much chemical active. By various reaction, it can make the drinks undrinkable faster. This is true that other fruits contain acid. But sour fruit has more sour.

 Use honey:

In nature there is nothing can alternative of honey. It is totally non-gangrenous. At the same time, all types of food value exist in honey. If you add honey to make the smoothies sweet, it becomes healthier and it will take more time to rotten. But you should concern about the quantity during mixed honey. Because excessive use of honey can spoil the flavor of smoothies.

Avoid hot temperature:

Increasing temperature helps to make active the chemical reaction which is liable to make foods rotten. This is how scientifically we suggest to you to avoiding the hot weather to keep food. People of the various country are making storage under soil which is cold inside. And they store their food there to keep it good for a long time.

Forbear stagnant career:

Most of the time we use stagnant career on warm weather. This is a too bad idea to contain food or juice. If you can keep a stagnant career with food in under temperature, then keep it. Otherwise, it will rotten faster and become totally uneatable.

Caution to have stored smoothies

Cleaned store:

“Stay hygienic” is the first rules for having healthy food. No matter jar or refrigerator the place you use to store smoothies should be clean and germ-free. Before and after of the using clean all the jar. And make sure they are properly dried after cleaning. On the contrary, a clean refrigerator is also important.

Expire to use:

Everything has its own expire time. After over expire smoothies turn to become unusable. Because of any kinds of natural chemical reaction inside of smoothies, it becomes unhealthy. Be concern that you have your foods before expire.

Putrid smoothies:

There are many reasons green smoothies can become Putrid. When it became Putrid it has huge malodor and lost its test. Best thing is avoiding it. We appreciate people to stand against wasting food. So be alert to putrid those drinks. Best thing is drink as soon as possible. And make a habit to contribute food to poor people.

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Final Words

In the market, there are so many preservation medicines in the market. We appreciate you to avoid this medicine to smoothies. After preservation, for a long time, it may be lost its own flavor and test. Stop using artificial things to keep flavor as It is. Keep saving food from wasting.

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