How to Use meat smoker grill Properly

How to use meat smoker grill

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People who like party night must be familiar with meat smoker. Once upon a day, only people from cold countries are used this. But now Day by day it becomes one of the popular cookware in everywhere. Often I face some problem them people are asking to know what the using procedure or similar thing. Even I saw some of them suggest many wrong ways to use. In this presentation now we study how to use meat smoker grill.

It seems to like the perfect time when I should write for the correct way to using meat smoker. For those people who suggest those wrong idea, I will mention those oversights. To over those mistakes, here you will have some tips. And of course, those things are from my experience.

What you can be cooking by using a smoker grill?

I saw many people who use different cookware to arrange a party. But you can reduce the amount of cookware which can replace with meat smoker. Different type of without meat or beef, which you can cook on meat smoker.

Bacon Explosion, smoked fish, Smoked Lobster Tails and buttery corn with cob are the example of those dishes. Beside those grilled chicken, smoked turkey or grill duck are possible to cook in the grill. The specialty of cooking in the smoker is you will get the signature Smokey smell and flavor of smoker that you will have in the food. No doubt a lot of people like this food vibe of the smoker.

Proper Way to Use meat smoker Grill

So many types of meat smokers are obtainable in the market. Charcoal, gas and electric operator smokers are those who have the most priority. Because of the charcoal operated smokers are maintaining proper hygienic issue and food taste, people love to have it. Let you know the exact step to use it.

Step 1: Make Ready

At the begging, you have to assemble all the part of the smoker. If it will be the charcoal operated smoker, keep the proper amount of charcoal to it. During the charcoal up, its ash may be put on the grill. In the market, you will have the metal brush which is used to clean grill. Don’t forget to remove the contaminants cell to it. Keep it and use after charcoal on the smoker. Before fire up, check properly the air vent and the firebox.

Step 2: Fire up

Having a smoker thermometer is important here. It will help you in many ways. When you think the meat smoker is ready to fire, then install the thermometer on it. And fire into the smoker. At the first portion of the fire, put some wood chips which is very good to make initial fire.

Step 3: Start cooking

After fire up waits for certain of time to make it hot. At least 204 degrees Fahrenheit is the minimum range when you can start cooking. Now the way of cooking it depends on you.

Random people use foil paper on the grill. That’s are used as the bed of cooking. And of course, the bed of foil paper helps to keeps the spice and oil of the meat with it. But if you have a proper cooking pan for the smoker, then it can be a different thing there.

Video Presentation: How To use Meat Smoker Grill.

Case of Gas and electric smoker

Interestingly gas smoker has become hot faster than the charcoal smoker. Even cooking on it will save your lot of time. On those case, you don’t need to use any fuel or charcoal. But It should be important to keep some safety distance when it is a gas smoker.

Electric smokers are also Cook faster like a gas smoker. Keep shoes and rubber hand gloves on your hand. It will keep you safe from electric shock. Remember, No matter how much dedication we pay for our work, but safety is always important.

How to clean after use the grill

  • Grill cleaning: The grill is the most important part of what should cleaning properly. Use a wire brush and Grill cleaning liquid to cleaning the grill. Keep away from using Alkali type soap or acid. Graze the brush with liquid cleaner and then wash it with enough amount of water.
  • Cleaning inside of meat smoker: Mainly the oil, spice and different type of sauce makes inside of the smoker sticky. No need to clean it with soap water. Because soap water is not suitable for inside the metal coating of the smoker. Rather you will have some suitable scraper what you can use to clean inside of the smoker. After scrapping the sticky things and bring those out, use tissue paper for final cleaning.
  • Charcoal holder cleaning: I saw someone use a vacuum cleaner to clean charcoal holder. Usually does not contain anything without ash of the charcoal. So for faster cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is a good idea.

 Caution during use the smoker grill

People are so creative nowadays. in spite of it is used to meat cooking, people now cook fish, mushroom and another random dish on meat smoker. This is so interesting. Even different size and price of the smoker are available in the market now which is the reason people can buy it anytime. if you have proper knowledge of its use and maintenance, then it will become one of useful cookware to you.

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