How to Keep Kitchen Clean And Organized Equipment

Keep Kitchen Clean And Organized

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There is no doubt, a nasty kitchen is enough to make everyone sick of a family. If we compare a family with a body, the kitchen will be its heart. That’s the reason keep kitchen clean is an important job. Average people think clean all the cooking utensils is enough. But to have a hygienic cooking environment, this is not sufficient.

It should be more scientific, more logical too. This session will feature all the plan and checklist about how to keep a kitchen clean. Follow the checklist what I added below.

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Complete Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Important utensil

  • Pots and pans: After cooking the pots and pans have become too much sticky. And this is the reason for becoming damage soon. On the other hand, if it will clean soon, the pan becomes unhealthy for future use. Clean them with soap, scrubber, and water. Don’t forget to dry them after clean.
  • Plate and trays: Both of plate and trays have very frequent use on cooking. Trays are used Not only for food serving but also carry processed vegetable for cooking. Clean them after each use.
  • Cup and mugs: This is proven the germs will attack us by liquid food. We use the cup to have coffee or tea. And we use glasses to have water. For hygienic drink each time make them clean. And don’t forget to keep them upside down.
  • Basins: No matter how clean your plate, pot or mug if you have a dirty basin. Food engineers have defined it with germs store. This is not possible to clean basin each day. Consider it as a weekly job. But blow boiled water after over your cooking. It will kill all present germs.

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Cooking Equipment

  • Stoves: This is the most uses of cooking equipment. during fry or boil something, the stoves become wet and sticky. It needs to clean regularly. Moreover, regular checkup of the gas passing pipe is important. It will prevent the possible risk.
  • Ovens: Most of the time the inside of oven become sticky. If it will never clean for a long time it will be no longer able to use. You have to clean its inside and outside both.
  • Spoons: different types and sizes of spoons we use in the kitchen. Maintain and proper cleaning is too important there. To make the cleaning process faster-mixed drop of liquid soap with the mug of water. And keep all the spoon sink on it.
  • Knives: The knives are used to cut food and fruits. That’s why nasty knives can spread germs faster. Keep it clean and of course stay safe during clean itself.

Food Stores

  • Refrigerator: A dirty refrigerator will make food hygienic and change it test too. This is the reason make a routine to clean the refrigerator on your routine base. The easiest way to clean the refrigerator is, use the box to pack all the food particularly.
  • Cases: Sometimes we maybe use cases to store and carry vegetable. For the longtime messy it will grow canker. To prevent those problems cleanly.
  • Jar and pots: for various purpose in the kitchen the jars and pots are used. Most of the time we use them to keep spices, sugar, salt, milk powder, and other things. After long use, the wall of inside maybe become sticky with old food powder. It has to clean with round tip brush. And before use, it makes sure it is dry.

Surface and air Passing System:  

  • Exhausting fan: To exhaust the air of kitchen we everyone use the exhausting fan. It blows the air from inside. Make sure the exhaust hole is clean. Else it will suck dust and spoiled the cooking environment.
  • Floor: During the time of cooking, it may tumble juice, water, spice or food. As a result, the floor becomes viscous. A dirty floor can spoil the cooking environment.
  • Chopping board: Chopping boards are directly included with the cooking case. This is why it needs to clean regularly. A dry and clean chopping board will increase food cutting potential. And will consume your time.

Make a Kitchen Cleaning Plan for a Long Time

Noting will happen properly without a plan. This is the reason is suggest you for making a proper plan to make kitchen clean. First of all, you need a routine. The proper combination of your routine given below. As additional you should keep dust carrying basket. On your plan keep a towel on your kitchen. It will help to dry your hand. And the dry hand is the secret of time-saving. But the plan should be well planned that it will never make you stressed.

Perfect Kitchen cleaning routine structure

To keep kitchen cleaning I drop a checklist here. But after the first look, it can make anyone demotivate. But the hack is, you can do all the particular things in without huge hard work. Thing is avoided to do all those things each day. Few of things are important like an urgent. Like washing plate, knife, spoons and chopping boards. You can consider it as daily work.

At the same time few tuples also urgent but I do not become dirty too fast. Like cases, floors, oven, and stoves. Clean then randomly after a week. Rest other things you can clean after over the month. Like Exhausting, refrigerator and other. Because those become messy slowly. This is how you can make the total process easier.

Important Kitchen Cleaning Equipment

  • Soap and mug: Keep soap and mug on your kitchen. For the kitchen, the liquid soap is too appreciable be bar soap. Keep a mug or basket or water. It will help you to clean.
  • Brush: Different size of brushes are appreciated in the kitchen. Variation of brush size and shape will help you to do various work.
  • Air blower: For clean the surface, air exhaust hole, and another close place, use air blower. It will consume your time and afford obviously.

When the question to keep the kitchen clean regularly comes to people, an average of them has become confused. maybe they think it will take more time to complete all the kitchen work. But the funny thing is, it is better to make kitchen cleaning routine as a part of your daily task. Proper organization of work will consume your time and afford. Moreover, it will ensure your healthy lifestyle.


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