Nutri Ninja BL480 Review: The Versatile Blender You Should Have

Nutri Ninja BL480 Review

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You are in Nutri Ninja BL480 Review from the expert. Let me introduce you with the versatile kitchen apparatus, Nutri Ninja BL480. If you are about to purchase a new blender machine, you must check this durable and very convenient appliance that helps a lot in preparing yummy-tasting juices.

In this Nutri Ninja BL480 Review article, you will come to know about the features, specifications, pros and cons, and other vital information regarding this excellent blender machine. On the other hand, a video action will give you an extra event

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What Makes Nutri Ninja BL480 Very Impressive?

 What do you look for in a blender machine while purchasing? You go through its specifications and compare if it’s a worthy investment. The most two important things that make a blender machine durable is- one if it is operated right from the drive motor and two, whether it has enough power to process blending.

The Nutri Ninja BL480 is just an exact match to these criteria. Through the auto iQ operating system, this blender machine processes food for you impressively. You need a high wattage food processor with stainless steel made blade. This blender will satisfy you with all that attributes you are searching in an ideal juice maker.

Since a blender is an essential appliance in every kitchen, you don’t want to waste your money on cheap products. However, at the same time, you have to think about your budget. Like the Nutri Ninja pro bl456,

the Nutri Ninja BL480 is very prudent compared to other blender machines in the market. Its beautiful features make it irresistible to buy. Once you see it, you would like to think about it once again.


  • Pro abstractor blade
  • 1000 wattage power
  • Automated iQ programming
  • Dimension is 12.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight is 7 pounds
  • Includes an 18-ounce cup and a 24-ounce cup
  • It is safe with dishwasher

Main Features of Nutri Ninja BL480

Here you will get every detail of the Nutri Ninja BL480 blender machine’s amazing features that will influence you to give it a try. They are-

Automated iQ System

It comes to you with the computerized iQ operating system that allows blending, pulsating and pausing methods through only one button. Hop and give a start to your morning with the cup of extracts full of nutrients.

Pro Abstractor Blades

It has pro abstractor blades that blend vegetables or fruits, even rice, and seeds perfectly. It completes the process at 21,000 rpm. The edges are rot-proof, made of stainless steel and SAFE with dishwasher. This blending machine can blend frozen ingredients.

Included Plastic Nutri Ninja Cups

This blender includes highly durable plastic Nutri Ninja 18 ounce and 24-ounce cups that are BPA free. These cups can be used for measuring ingredients before blending them.

Consists of Sup And Cachet Lids

It consists of two sup and long lasting cachet lids with an instruction book to guide on the manual program. The instruction book is beginner friendly so anybody can follow the instructions easily.

Powerful Motor With iQ Technology

This efficient blender has 1000 wattage powerful motor along with iQ technology.

Full of Versatility

This Auto-iQ machine provides us with excellent performance. It atomizes maximum ingredients into a smooth texture without any pile and hunk. Whether the food is soft or hard, it makes out flawless smoothies from it. It makes a good quality smoothie for you from the leafy elements like spinach or kale. This blender is good at pulverizing hard ingredients like raw nuts, seeds, ice, and frozen food.

It is also capable of juicing, pureeing and chopping. It has two pre-intent programs and a pulsation mode. With these, it can make out purees from any cooked or raw food. The blender can also chop vegetables as well as grated cheese.

ModernBase Unit Function

The material of its stylish base is good quality plastic. Instead of suction bowls, there is some bottom jotter. While the machine keeps moving during processing, it also continues observing to avoid any failure. 

 What Does More Nutri Ninja BL480 Include?

  • 18 oz Nutri Ninja cup
  • 24 oz Nutri Ninja cup
  • Lip cover 2 for each cup
  • Pro abstractor blades assemblage
  • Guidebook consists of 30 different recipes

 How Does the Nutri Ninja BL480 Works?

This blender has four buttons (pulse, start/stop, blend and ultra blend) with a confined timer display that counts down while performing the pulse or start/ stop operation. The pulse button is for manually controlling the process and only after you press the button it will begin to pulse with the time tracker that counts up by seconds. When you press the start/stop button, it starts for blending till 6o seconds, and it stops when you press the button again.

The two pre-intent programs provide users blending with more flexibility. The Auto iQ blending function continuous for up to 45 seconds and generally mixes natural ingredients. And the Auto iQ Ultra blending function is appropriate for ice, frozen or hard elements. 

Four edged blades are extruding up as well as out and two more inside settled edges. This pro abstractor blade accompanies with a regular 650ml and small 500 ml cups. Once the cups are filled and locked with the blades, the display becomes active for any manual instruction or automated button to be pressed. And then every cup can be tipped with ingredients after being screwed with a toss-top lid to a glass.

What is  The Specialty Of Nutri Ninja BL480?

The Nutri Ninja BL480 has become very popular for its versatile functionality. It has come up with a unique design that makes it stand out from all the blenders in the market. And the best part of it is its automated iQ technology. You add the elements; attach the blade base and then pulse. Its automated iQ program does the rest depending on the hardness of the items. This technology is prevalent among customers, and it is achieving satisfying ratings for perfect juice making.

Another feature that makes this blender special is its single-serve level and smooth blending capability. It is compressed and able to grind as well make the puree out of most of the ingredients correctly.  

What Can Nutri Ninja BL480 accomplish?

This brilliant blender makes your life easier with its one-touch intelligence. This iQ technology accomplishes blending automatically and delivers you perfect results consistently. You need to plug one button, and it completes the job.

There is no more need to do the shaking, stirring or mixing on your own; this mixer will do that for you. This juicer is compulsory for the starting of a fresh morning, a busy day or a sweet evening. Without any guesswork, the fantastic blending method of this blender will always reward you with the smoothest juice and smoothies. Nutri Ninja BL480 is another one Ninja blender for Smoothies from Ninja blender family.

Pros and Cons

You know how electrical machines are. They provide us with so many advantages, but at the same time, they are unpredictable. They are a prominent part of your daily routine. However, every electronic gadget has its flaw. Here, at a glance, see the pros and cons of the Nutri Ninja BL480 blender.


  • This Nutri Ninja BL480 is a powerful mixer. It delivers you proper quality blending.
  • It makes out a perfect smoothie consistently every time without fail.
  • Doesn’t take up massive space of your kitchen as it is less than 36 square inches. After using you can keep it in your kitchen cabinet or drawer.
  • You can take this compact blender outside directly in the same mixer cup along with the sip lids.
  • Its blades are sharp enough to pulse the hard food ingredients flawlessly.
  • Its polycarbonate containers are BPA free.
  • Cups, top cover and blade assemblage –these three are safe of dishwashers.
  • This mixer comes with a sturdy and durable motor.
  • With this blender, you can go with effortless routine cleaning.
  • The setup procedure is straightforward.
  • Awesome at coffee beans crushing
  • Excellent at making any shakes and margaritas
  • Very accessible controlling system.
  • With a handle, the jar sets on base comfortably.
  • Simple volume measurement option.
  • Intelligent functions that ensure good blending result.
  • As the pulse option gives extra strength, can easily blend ingredients altogether.
  • Good ice- crashing capacity.
  • Available with a full set that includes drinking cups and top covers.
  • A very inspiring recipe book comes with it consisting of various recipes to use.
  • Its parts and accessories are always available.


  • You cannot use it with hot ingredients like hot soups.
  • It is very noisy.
  • As it has the capacity of only 0.65 liters, you cannot blend a large volume of juice at the same time.
  • Single serving motor not adjustable for a big family
  • The plastic cups lack durability.

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What is The Customer Review For Nutri Ninja BL480? 

Everything has its good and bad sides. Despite these deficiencies, this blender has achieved good responses from its valuable customers. Not only home cooks, but professional chefs are now also the fan of it, and its versatile functionality covers up its drawbacks. When you get excellent service at a reasonable price, you will surely like to purchase that. Exactly that is happening with Nutri Ninja BL480 customers.

Warranty Details

The Nutri Ninja BL480 blender offers a one-year warranty with it. Within this one-year period, the company provides the responsibility to repair or restore the blender predicament on some terms.

If the customer uses the product in a standard way and any of its parts fail to operate, then the user can ship back the whole appliance to the company with the cash memo as proof of purchasing. You have to pay for the transportation for shipping your product and also have to send that same proof to the company.

Any repairing and replacing of the product is the sole attention of the company.

How Will You compare Nutri Ninja BL480 With Other Blenders?

 Just don’t go with my words. Verify it with your own eyes. Compare it with the other blenders available in the market. You will find it long lasting and very convenient. Its electronic iQ technology and strong motor capacity make it superior in the crowd. You can buy any mixer at a cheaper rate, but the performance wouldn’t be the same. This blender is unique in design, functionality and dependable for your daily workloads and these are points that comparatively make it the perfect one.

What I like About Nutri Ninja BL480 

With our advanced, fast-forwarding busy lifestyle, the Nutri Ninja BL480 blender suits perfectly. It makes our life more comfortable. I like the flexibility that comes with the powerful motors the most. This gadget can multitask with proper consistency perfectly every time. That is why it is on my favorite list.

What I Don’t Like About Nutri Ninja BL480 

It creates so much noise for its 1000 wattage motor. It makes the loud sound of 100DB (decibels), and that is what I don’t like about this mixer. The noise is as much as a motorcycle or drill machine produces. So those who cannot tolerate noise can use a rubbery table mat beneath the blender, and that will help to reduce the loudness.

Where To Buy?

Buying online is now a common practice. You can order the Nutri Ninja BL480 from online on various reliable sites. But it would be best if you purchase it from the Amazon website. You will get there a detailed description of your desired product, and that will help you to make a firm decision on which one you want to buy.

Budget maintaining is another critical fact of shopping. So you must buy your product from where you can get a reasonable and fair price. In such case, I recommend you Amazon as you will get extra facilities regarding credit card while purchasing the blender from them.

Look In Video Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ BL480

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Final Verdict 

In this Nutri Ninja BL480 review article, you must have realized that this gadget has all-around qualities that make it the best blender for all time use. Though it is a little bit pricey, its amazing features and facilities are worth the investment. For starting the day with a fresh glass of juice and maintaining a competitive lifestyle, you can rely on this superb blender.

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