How to Sharpen Food Processor Blades Properly? See Various Process


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food processor Among all of the kitchen tools, food processor blades are important tools like other blades. In day to day life in the kitchen, we use those blades to process, granule and blend our foods. But the problem will happen when it became Blunt or it becomes hampered by other issues. Here is how complete guidance on Sharpen Food Processor Blades. I have tried to discuss different two way to sharpen the food processor blade.  On the other hand, I have added a Video ACTION   on the sharpening of Blades. Lets we enjoy the process the sharpening of the blade of the food processor.

Importunate  Things You Must Know Before Trying Sharpen Food Processor Blades.

People often want to know about how to sharpen food processor blades and way to revive it again. A dumb knife or blades are not only killed times, but also a deal of spoiled the food quality. This following session all about the way that how to sharpen the out of order food processor blades. Different way and reason of hampered are described as a sequence.

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The reason why blades are crippled after trice

The most interesting matter is any kind of blade provides good enough performance it uses regularly. During the time of regular use, it cannot be hampered by anything bad. But the massive type of problem will occur if it does not work properly. It may Rust by weather and huge damage will destroy its USABILITY. 

Most of the time the blade become broken after the attack of rust. I mean the first word to have a perfect blade, the user should use the blade regularly. Another reason can be the lack of clean. Cleaning and make it free from oil or another sticky element, should be regularly. Those can take blades away from MAJOR  dull.

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Ways How to sharpen food processor blade

So many types and designs of food processor blades have existed now a day. Among them common kinds of stuff are used in the blender, few of blades are hand operated and few of them are used in the mini device. No matter what is the variant of the food processor blade you have, described ways are for commons. After measuring the Convenience of the reader, he can select one of the ways to OVERCOME. 

Way One – Using blade sharpener tools

Many of blade sharpener tools are available in the market. Sandstone and auto sharpener devices are from them. But in this process, I recommend a sharpener tool what looks pretty close to a pen. These tools are not too expensive and able to sharp the zigzag part of the blade.

Step one: Unhook the blade

As usual the blade it hooked with its mechanical base. Sharp the blade during it hook with its base is not a good idea. First, unhook the blade. From the middle of the upside of the blade, carefully press the blade and point a screwdriver to the screw off the blade. Then move it anti clock ways. Wash it if needed. Keep patience for safety.

Step two: Abrade process of the sharpener

Before using the sharpener, one thing should be noticed that the safety of the figure. Because of the middle part of the blade are built with such mechanism what makes it the spin. Try an anti-spin plastic support to hold the blade. Or tap it with surface carefully as it cannot spin with the rest of your thumb. Don’t try to push back wing of the blade with another figure.

Hold the sharpening tool with the selected edge where it was sharp from the build. Remember don’t too pressure there, cause pretty pressure can destroy the apex easily. Start rubbing the tool up to down order. Changing the order can make it dull again. Rub it to each edge till 4-6 time minimum. And of course, do the same thing with all other sharp edges of the same blade.

Step three: Test it sharpness

Before screwing the blade it with its base again, it should be tested. Cutting paper is a parameter what indicate the knife is sharp enough. Try to cut a paper by the blade without your influence. It has to cut the paper by its own pressure. If it can’t able to passed test then back to step two and share it again. Often people rub the sharpening tool with much pressure. It is not a good technique. Rub it again and again but it can’t be too mass.

Way two –Using rock salt to make it sharp

This is the easiest possible way to sharp food processing blade. Sometimes rock salt is not only a kitchen tool or uses to make beauty pack. Often it can be a good sharpener for blades. This is available to your near Grocery and super shops.

Step one: Initialization

No need to open the blade from the food processor or blender device. This way solid pieces of rock salt is mandatory. Powder of seal salt is avoided because it is not able to make good friction with the blade. Collect solid pieces of rock salt and put it in the shell of the food processor and hook it with the blander machine.

Step two: The final process

Then switch on the machine but remember don’t stay blending inside for a long time. Switch on again and again but wait for 4-5 second each time. When all those rock salt become powder, then unlock the shell and check the blade. It became revive and sharp again. As it is a simple way user can consider these things in one or two times each month.

Tips word to sharpen food processor

One thing is always suggested that never forget to clean your materials after use. After having a long day people often become feel lazy because of far tiredness. As a result, things become dull like crippled food processing blade. Stop blending bone by food processing blade during cutting meat or fish. The knife is a better option for those tasks.

At the ending portion of today’s session, I like to mention one health advice. In the healthy concern hour doctor suggests that a dull knife is more dangerous than the sharp knife. Because tarnish metal contains germs what can be transported to food. Before going the rest of this, clean and sharp the blade what you use in your food processor.

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