Best Rated Food Processor Reviewed to Buy 2024

Best Rated Food Processor

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You cannot claim you love good food if you do not know how to cook. Whether you are a gourmet, casual cook or a professional chef, you will only claim to love good food if you know how to prepare it. Interestingly, you do not have to go to school to learn how to prepare a nice meal. With the best-rated food processor, you are on the right track to preparing a delicacy everyone will enjoy. What is a food processor? How does it work? What types of food processors do I need to know? These are IMPORTANT questions worthy of knowing.

At A Glance 7 Best Rated Food Processor

What Is a Food Processor?

The first electric food processor was made in Europe. To be precise, this food machine was made in Germany. Since that time, much advancement has been made. However, the original idea of the work of a professional food processor has always REMAINED.

Although the first food processor was invented in 1946, it took 27 years for the food processor to arrive in North America. Before the arrival of this important kitchen appliance, many Americans used to take long hours preparing dinner for a small family. It took much longer preparing a meal for a family of 5 or more people. But, soon, this would change.

With the arrival of a large food processor, families could start to prepare dinner at odd hours but they would not be late to serve it. This made families stay closer because they now could use more time talking before they start to prepare meals.

Although not many people embraced the idea to use a multi-food processor at first, many families later accepted the tool. Today, every American family owns a high-quality food processor. Why a sudden change of mind? They have realized how fast, effective and timesaving a red food processor is.

So, what really is a food processor? Well, if you must know, a food processor is an extension of a knife. A top-rated food processor is a modern kitchen appliance that does more than what a traditional knife can do.

While you need to use your knife to chop, shape, and sometimes slice food in the kitchen, a food processor does more. It chops, shapes, grinds, slices, almost all types of food in the kitchen. It even makes juice!

The modern compact food processor uses electricity. You can now begin to tell the speed at which it will do its job.

What is more, the latest models of commercial food processors have the ability to make fruit juices, grind every sort of vegetables, knead your bread dough, create nut butter, and even whip up your cake batter. All these will come at the convenience of a press on the button.

Types of Food Processors

There are two types of food processors. The main difference between them is what they use to run. The two are:

  • Manual food processors (choppers).
  • Electric food processors.

As already stated, a food processor and a chopper are the same things. While the main difference between the two is that a food processor uses electricity to run while the chopper is manual, there is more.

A food chopper can only help you chop a small amount of food in the kitchen. It is really time-consuming considering its size as well as the fact that it is manual.

The other thing you should know about a food chopper is it is not used to make liquids such as vegetable and fruit juices. The main purpose of a food chopper is to chop food.

Functions of A Food Processor

As I have already tipped you, a food processor is an important kitchen appliance. With it, almost all the groundwork in the kitchen is considered done.

Modern professional food processors are much better than choppers and can do scores of work in the kitchen. Here is a list of some of the chores any highest rated food processor can help you do in the kitchen:

• Slice meat.
• Chop meat.
• Slice vegetables.
• Chop and slice fruits.
• Grate cheese, fruits, and vegetables.
• Grind nuts, meat, spices, dried fruits, and any edible seeds.
• Shred vegetable, fruits, and cheese.
• Some models can mix and knead the dough for different uses.
• Puree, pulp, and mash your baby food.

Food Processor Vs Juicer

Between a multi food processor and a juicer, which should I go for? Many people ask this question. Well, to know what you need or to make the best decision, you need to be able to tell the similarity and the difference.

At first, it is easy to think that either of these appliances is enough. However, if you take a closer look, you will decide to have both of them. One reason why some people will decide to stock one of them in the kitchen and say, “I got what I wanted!” is that they all use blades to chop, grind and even squeeze certain types of food. But, is it really true that either of them is enough?

As already seen from the previous parts, a food processor has a tremendous job. In fact, I’d say a multi food processor than a blender. Then, you need to look at it this way, what is the work of a blender? Are there chores a blender can do but the food processor cannot? The answer is yes!

Although blender blades are blunt, maybe you have realized that they make nice juices. In fact, the best cocktails in the world are made using high-quality blenders. So what is the secret? A blender has an extremely powerful motor, usually above 350W.

Besides, blenders have deep bowls or jugs. This is an ingenious way to ensure the juice does not spill over when beaten inside the blender. This is different from food processors that come with shallow bowls.

On the other hand, food processor blades are super sharp. It is true that the motor may not be as powerful as that of a blender but be warned, even when cleaning a food processor is not an easy thing. You need to wear protective gloves lest you risk your fingers.

Food processors do all the work you intend to do using a knife. They make work easier and faster. You do not use a lot of energy with a good food processor in the room. Nonetheless, if you want to ensure everything is done perfectly, you need a compact food processor and a blender in your kitchen. But there’s more you need to know…

Food Processor Vs Vitamix Blender

Again, you cannot be able to tell which of the two you can live without (if you really have to) until you have some specific information about each of them.

Because you already know the functions of a professional food processor, what you now need to know is what you can use a Vitamix blender for.  On this, I am not going to show you functions but a few things that Vitamix does professionally.

• Soups.
• Condiments.
• Smoothies (you get many of these in large restaurants).
• Almond milk (homemade).
• Blender muffins.
• Make baby food.
• Grind coffee beans.

With that knowledge, would you say one can replace the other? Hardly! My advice to you is to have both of them. While you can say a Vitamix blender does what a food processor can do, the highest rated food processors perform a lot more than the best Vitamix blender.

Surely, that answer is not hard to understand. To make it very clear, a food processor will chop and shred different types of vegetables. On the other hand, Vitamix blender cannot perform these tasks, if it does, not as an electric food processor.

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7 Best Rated Food Processor You Need To Look For This Year

The list below contains some of the world’s reputable commercial food processors. You will find a majority of these kitchen appliances in high-end restaurants worldwide. Top chefs recommend these brands knowing exactly what each of the large food processors. See if you can get yourself a good food processor from these 7 top-rated food processors that have been specifically handpicked for you.

1. Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor is a rated food processor thanks to its ability to scrap its own bowl. You will spend less time during your food preparation as you will not need to stop and scrap food from the food processor bowl sides. It also comes with a reversible disc that slices and shreds at the same time.

Notable Features

• An S-blade made of stainless steel. The blade is made for pureeing, mixing and chopping.
• A great motor that uses 450 watts.
• Features a ten-cup bowl.
• The reversible disc is suitable for slicing and shredding foods such as mushrooms and cheese.
• The bowl scrapper is able to scrape the bowl sides.

• A bowl which is BPA free, blade and the lid are all dishwashers safe.
• The reversible disc is well labeled thus no guesswork in your next food preparation.
• Different blades are suitable for use with various functions. The chopping blade, slicing disc and shredding disc.
• Bowl scraper saves time as you do not need to stop and scrap food from the bowl sides.
• Ten cup capacity enables the user to handle large food volumes all at once. No need to sop and empty.
• The chute is large enough to fit large food such as a whole cheese block.

What we don’t like:

• The food processor is unable to make bread dough.

2. Hamilton Beach Food Processor (70725A) 12-Cup

This stack and snap food processor as well as a vegetable chopper is an ultimate choice for those who make large volumes of food. Hamilton beach food processor has a 12 cup capacity which enables you to process amounts of food all at once. It is quite simple to use no twisting is required. The amazing food processor comes with an easy to read manual.

Notable Features

• A big-mouthed feeding area.
• The bowl is sealed with a pour spout.
• Strong 450-watt motor.
• Features the great S-blade that can chop nuts, meat, onion, garlic among other essential cooking ingredients.
• Reversible shred or slice blade for slicing foods such as cucumbers, squash, mushrooms among other foods.
• It comes with a capacity of 12 cups.
• It has a cord storage area.
• A simple guide gives details on which knife is appropriate for various uses.

What we like:

• An easy snap and stack model that saves on time needed to assemble it.
• It is easy to clean.
• It comes with a function guide that reduces the guesswork. It makes it easier to use various knives.
• The big chute area reduces the time needed for pre-cutting your ingredients.
• The spout and sealed bowl will prevent leaks.

What we don’t like:

• Food particles may get stuck in between the blades causing a health hazard if not properly cleaned.

3. DFP-14 CPYAMZ Cuisinart Custom Food Processor

The 14 cup food processor is going to transform your large meals cooking from a slow to a fast and easy experience. The motor makes the food processor handle large volumes of food pretty fast with the 750-watt power. Use it for your next big home event to chop vegetables, shred cheese or knead the dough. Worry less about tedious cleaning as the food processor has dishwasher safe fragments. It’s different from Cuisinart Mini Food Processor through upgraded features

Notable Features

• A slicing disc made of stainless steel, chopping blade, and a shredding disc.
• 720-watt large motor. It has an on and off or pulse buttons.
• Lexan work bowl that can accommodate up to 14 cups of food.
• An extra-large feed chute.
• It comes with a spatula and a recipe/ instruction booklet.
• The food processor parts are dishwasher safe.
• It has a 5-year warranty on the motor and a 3-year entire unit warranty.

What we like:

• The large feeding chute reduces the time spent pre-cutting the ingredients.
• Easy to clean as you can use a dishwasher to clean the parts.
• It has ease of use.
• Comes with an instruction booklet.

What we don’t like:

• Food can remain lodged under the blades making it hard to get it out or clean.

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4. Ninja (NJ110GR) Food Chopper

The express chop food processor has a 200 watt and 2 cup capacity bowl. It is excellent in mincing, grinding, chopping, blending and meal preparation. The non-slip base keeps the processor steady. A storage lid is added for keeping your food fresh after processing.

Notable Features

• A 16oz (2 cups) bowl capacity.
• Features the amazing stacked blade technology with a 4 blade set.
• One year warranty.
• BPA free.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Ergonomic 200-watt motor.
• Splashguard and the non-slip base keeps the food processor steady.
• Features a storage lid.
• It has an on and off chrome power button.

What we like:

• The well-considered power head is easy to operate.
• Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.
• Perfect for small meal preparations.

What we don’t like:

• Food may get stuck between the blades making it hard to clean. This poses a health risk.

5. KitchenAid 3.5 Cup KFC3516AQ Mini Food Processor

When you need to prepare a simple meal for one or two people, this is your best electric food processor. The kitchen aid 3.5 Cup KFC 3516AQ mini is a good food processor for making simple baby meals. It has a uniquely designed made of stainless steel that purees and chops, it also locks for easy pouring.

Notable Features

• A 3.5 work bowl cup with a locking blade.
• Features a pour spout and handle for convenient serving.
• The stainless steel blade makes chopping or pureeing easy.
• Able to produce fine or coarse results with the pulse operation and the two speeds.
• Dishwasher safe. The bowl, blade, and lid are all dishwasher safe.
• It has a cord wrap.

What we like:

• Compact food processor design makes it easy to store.
• Multifood processor that is easy to clean.
• Lightweight and suitable for everyday use.

What we don’t like:

• The lid may be hard to open or close.

6. Cuisinart FP-85V 8 Cup Elemental Food Processor

Are you tired of reloading your food processor all the time when preparing large volumes of food? If so, get this food processor. With the dishwasher safe removable parts, your work is made even easier. Get quick work when pureeing that soup, chopping nuts to slicing tomatoes.

Notable Features

• An 11-cup bowl.
• Blade lock patented system.
• Removable parts that are dishwasher safe.
• Rubberized high, off, low and pulse controls.
• A powerful 550 watt motor for everyday food preparation tasks.
• A wide-mouthed feeding chute that can accommodate whole fruits.
• The seal-tight advantage technology locks the blade and seals bowl.
• Shredding disc is reversible while the slicing disc is adjustable.
• Features a stainless steel mixing/chopping blade.

What we like:

• The food processor is easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher removable parts.
• A large feeding tube that can accommodate whole fruits reduces the preparation time. No need of precutting fruits.
• Bisphenol (BPA) free.
• A heavy-duty food processor that is easy to operate.

What we don’t like:

• The lid may break with continued use.

7. Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL Food Processor

This professional food processor will inspire you to produce perfect food. It can also be used as a commercial food processor in a small café. The multi-processor is able to produce consistently sized food for a great presentation. Whether you want to get nut butter from nuts or slice carrots, this is a perfect choice. The amazing machine comes with three feed chute options and 8 tools of precision. These allow the user to choose how they would like their food processed.

Notable Features

• It comes with multi chute options. The extra-wide chute cuts longer pieces. Mini-feed mouth avoids the long and thin ingredients such as carrots from dropping during slicing.
• Features a multidirectional timer. It can count up or down and stop once the task allocated time is over.
• The motor (1,200 W) is heavy-duty for handling those heavy tasks.
• S-blade that is micro-serrated offers consistent chopping and processing in a swift way.
• It has a 16 cup bowl capacity.
• Made of BPA free material.
• Small ingredients food pusher that serves as a measuring cup too.
• Silicone seal which prevents leakages during food processing.
• It has non-skid rubber feet.

What we like:

• Easy to store as all included accessories are housed in a plastic convenient container.
• Large capacity allows for large volumes of food to be processed at once.
• The large feed chute with multi-options makes it possible to slice vegetables of all sizes and shapes.
• Numerous blade and disc options make is stress-free to get picture-perfect results.
• Non-skid rubber feet assure on safety.

What we don’t like:

• Not all the parts are dishwasher safe.
• The main bowl may crack.

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Things To Look For When Choosing A Food Processor

I bet you do not need any processor but the best-rated food processor. If so, here are 7 things you must look for:

Bowl Capacity

I talked about this point earlier. However, when I talked about it, I was comparing a food processor, a juicer, and a blender. Do you remember what we agreed on? A food processor has a smaller bowl compared to the juicer and blender.

Food processor bowl capacity is usually measured in cups. Ideally, you need a food processor that can contain all the food you want to grind, chop or slice at a time.

For instance, if your family is made up of five people, it is not bad to go for a processor with a bowl capacity of 10 cups. However, if you do not want to repeat the food grinding process over and over, I’d rather you go for a heavy-duty processor above 14-cup bowl capacity.

PS. The food processor bowl capacity majorly depends on the number of your family members.


Yes, this is another serious point. Although a food processor is known to perform many chores in the kitchen, not all food processors do the same. Some can fall short of the functions while other machines can perform most tasks in the kitchen.

PS. I read somewhere that a multi food processor can perform a whopping 33 tasks in the kitchen. The bottom line is, the more the functions a food processor can perform the better for your family.


Let nobody lie to you, a food processor has blunt (not very sharp) blades. However, if you really want to cook like a pro, you need to invest in a professional food processor with different types and sizes of blades.

Note that different bade thickness, size, and or sharpness perform different tasks. As stated earlier, a food processor grinds, purees, chops, and slices different types of foods and vegetables.

The other thing about blades is the material. This is of absolute importance. Conventionally, any slicing tool that gets in contact with water and other fluids need to have rust-free blades. To that end, look for a food processor with stainless steel blades or any other quality material.

Types of Controls

Like any other kitchen appliance, a good food processor should have enough controls. It is true that you do not need much but having ON/OFF, and PULSE is now basic.

Commercial food processors have more controls that ensure you sufficiently work on every food you intend to prepare using the processor. These controls ensure you can adjust to the right speed required to run the motor and turn the blades.


You may argue that electricity is not an issue for you. Depending on the number of times, you intend to use the food processor, it is necessary to check on the power input.

I agree that chopping, slicing or even grinding may not need much power to turn the blades. Nonetheless, have you thought of mixing and kneading dough for your bread and cakes? These may need much power to run thus beware some food processors require 1000W in order to run. But, do not worry. Even with 700W, you can get a good commercial food processor.

Feeding Tube and the Lid

A food process will not work without a good lid. That is the truth! When purchasing an electric food processor, ensure the lid fits tightly. Remember if the lid does not fit as required, it is going to slip in no time once the motor starts to run and the whole unit begins to vibrate. Any food processor with a loose lid will not work because soon all the contents will spill out.

Chutes, commonly known as feeding tubes need to be as wide as possible to allow for easy content filling into the food processor.

Dishwasher Safety

You may not be able to haul the entire food processor into the dishwasher but you will with some parts. With a tight budget and a busy schedule, you may not have the time and comfort of hand washing your utensils. It is, therefore, prudent to purchase a food processor whose most parts you can wash in a dishwasher.


It is clear you cannot do without the best-rated food processor if you really want to make things easier and fast. Take your time to look at the finer details of each of the food processors above. Until the next time, may you find it a joy to grind your coffee beans, knead your dough, and create the juiciest cocktail of the season?

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