7 Best Cheap Food Processors Reviewed 2024

Best Cheap Food Processors

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You want to prepare your food, clean the kitchen, and drive to work, right? The only way to be able to do this is to invest in the best cheap food processors. This kitchen appliance is the sole reason workers across the world are not frustrating their employers because they are right there on their desks on time.

How can simple kitchenware help you arrive early at work? Is it possible to have the best budget food processor that will help you cook your meals faster? Interestingly, it is very possible to find high-quality food processors for the kitchen that are quite reliable. But, first things first. 

Top 7 Cheap Food Processors At A Glance

The Origin of a Food Processor

The first food processor was manual. You had to be able to rotate physically the blades for it to work. However, things have really changed for the better. Modern good cheap processors use electricity. With the press on a button, you are likely to do your kitchen chores within a few minutes.

The contemporary history surrounding the electric motor takes us back to Germany. In 1946, Electrostar, a Germany-based home appliance manufacturer became the first one to design a food processor.

PS. The concept of a food processor is similar to the modern blender. In fact, the two kitchen appliances resemble in many ways. However, a few differences separate the two.

This debut best value food processor had several accessories that made it look different from the blender that existed before. For an instant, Electrostar included attachments to the food processor that make it possible to make ice cream, slice bread, and knead the dough.

Back then, commercial food processors were very expensive. Only the elite or hoteliers managed to buy a quality food processor. As the demand for more food processors continued to grow, there was the need to come up with ideas on how to make the processor available for the common people.

One of the ways manufacturers came up with was to reduce the size of the food processor. Earlier versions of the food processor were heavy and required a lot of electricity to run. Since then, many people could now access a cheap food processor for the kitchen. Besides, modern best multi food processors do not consume a lot of electricity. Hitherto, you will find a portable food processor for your kitchen that will not even consume a unit of electricity even if it runs for 2 hours.

From Germany, the concept of the food processor spread to other parts of Europe. The first destination of a food processor outside of Germany was in France. Although this happened nearly 20 years later, many people embraced the idea and started to use cheap food processors in their kitchens instead of the knife.

In 1973, the first food processor arrived in North America. Here, the food processor was quickly accepted and after a short while, many homes had a compact food processor. Today, almost every household in the U.S has a powerful food processor.

After the U.S, the food processor arrived in the UK a year later. From these humble beginnings, this kitchen appliance has transformed to become the most versatile tool that many people cannot do without. For instance, instance, my aunt says, “In my kitchen, my best friend is the Hamilton Beach my husband bought me when he was my boyfriend.”

The words above show how some people have fallen for the best cheap food processor. You too can feel the same once you find the best inexpensive food processor you are looking for.

Types of Food Processors

Food processors have not evolved much since Germans invented them. However, with the advancement of technology, you would expect a few changes. For instance, contemporary high-quality food processors have amazing abilities yet they consume less electricity. Besides, these kitchen tools require minimum attention compared to traditional food machines.

For now, food processors are grouped into two:

• A chopper (manual machines).
• Electric food processor.

The two main differences between them are one uses electricity to run while the other one does not and that the modern electric food processor comes with additional attachments. Otherwise, there are those householders who would rather stick to their 1968 crank-operated food machine than purchase a 2017 version of the Cuisinart Custom food processor.

Best Cheap Food Processors To Look For This Year

If you have been in the search of the best value food processor, you are not far from getting one. This section features 7 good cheap processors you can choose for your kitchen chores. See if you can find one machine that will help you from these popular food processors.

1. Ninja (NJ110GR) Food Chopper

The 200-watt powerful motor delivers great electric energy to chop, grind, blend or mince your ingredients. It is the best affordable food processor that can accommodate 16 ounces in the bowl. Ninja (N110GR) is also the best value food processor due to the four-blade set that prepares your food in no time.

Notable Features

• A powerful 200-watt motor.
• Uses pulse speeds technology.
• It is BPA free.
• The patented Ninja blade system allows the user to mince, dice, chop, blend or puree any fresh ingredients.
• It comes with a 2-cup (16 ounces) bowl capacity.
• Feature anon-slip base and a splashguard.
• One-year warranty.
• There is an added storage lid.
• Dishwasher safe removable parts.
• Four blade set makes the stacked blade technology for efficient results.

What We Like:

• he non-slip base keeps the food processor stable while the splashguard avoids spills and leakages.
• Easy to clean dishwasher safe parts.
• Storage lid keeps your food fresh after preparation.
• Perfect for small meal preparations such as preparing baby food or a one-person meal.
• Powerhead is well designed and easy to handle.

What we don’t Like:

• Food may get stuck in between the blade spinning gear and the motor making it hard to clean.

2. Hamilton Beach (72850) Mini Chopper Food Processor

This 3-cup black electric food processor is an affordable best budget food processor. You will only need to stack and press and within a few minutes, you will have a ready meal. It is the best inexpensive food processor that speeds up meal preparation by mincing, chopping or mixing. Grab this compact-sized kitchen partner and make your cooking easier.

This 3-cup black electric food processor is an affordable best budget food processor. You will only need to stack and press and within a few minutes, you will have a ready meal. It is the best inexpensive food processor that speeds up meal preparation by mincing, chopping or mixing. Grab this compact-sized kitchen partner and make your cooking easier.

Notable Features

• The powerful processor features the stack and press technology. The user only requires to stack the processor’s bowl on the base then the blade, ingredients and the lid.
• Cord storage area underneath the base.
• A 350-watt powerful motor.
• Features the one-touch ease of use. Add the ingredients to the bowl, press the lid down to beat and then release to stop.
• Dishwasher safe blade, bowl and lid.
• Comes with an in-built oil dispenser.

What We Like:

• The built-in oil dispenser comes in handy when you are emulsifying your food.
• Easy to clean parts thanks to the dish washable parts.
• Convenient to use and fast with the stack and press technology.
• Assembling the whole unit is easy. No twisting and locking needed.

What we don’t Like:

• It does not come with an instruction guide.

3. Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini Food Processor

A nice homemade meal is a great way to eat healthy food. With Cuisinart DLC-4CHB mini food processor, you can make small meals or even chop herbs. The smart blade that auto reverses makes this machine versatile. You can process either hard or soft meals with the 4-cup food bowl.

Notable Features

• Wipe to clean touchpad and dishwasher safe parts.
• A 4-cup (24 ounces) work bowl with a handle.
• Smart power auto-reversing blade that has 2 processing options.
• It features a stainless steel blade that has blunt and sharp edges.
• It comes with a recipe/ instruction book.
• It has 18 months limited warranty.
• BPA free.

What We Like:

• The handle makes it easy to grip the food processor.
• Four cup bowl is convenient for preparing small meals.
• Easy to clean.
• Inexpensive and good quality.

What we don’t Like:

• It is not efficient for handling heavy tasks such as making the dough.

4. ZYLISS Manual Food Processor

This easy pull food chopper is great for slicing vegetables. It is a cheap food processor that you can use as dicer. The handheld green kitchen aid machine comes in handy when you need to cut even the toughest foods. May it be hard carrots or soft cheese, the chopper’s blade will chop, blend and puree with ease. It focuses on durability, design, functionality, cleanliness as well as safety during use.

Notable Features

• Features a multi-blade that blends ingredients within seconds.
• The top and bottom booster arms on the bowl prevents food from getting stuck.
• A great traveling companion due to the hand-powered design.
• It comes with a 5-year warranty. Suitable for blending, pureeing, chopping, and preparing ingredients.
• It has a 24-ounce capacity bowl.
• Dishwasher top rack safe.

What We Like:

• Easy to clean.
• Great for camping, small kitchens or traveling due to its hand-powered design.
• Made of durable materials.
• The bowl has a self-scrapping mechanism, thus there is no need to stop and scrap food from the bowl sides.
• An inexpensive food processor perfect for preparing small meals.

What we don’t Like:

• It does not come with an instruction manual.

5. Proctor Silex 72500RY Mini Food Chopper

A vegetable chopper made of high quality and durable materials is a great investment in any kitchen. Proctor Silex 72500RY mini food chopper offers a 1.5-cup capacity so that you can comfortably and quickly process your food. It greatly reduces the food preparation process with its powerful 300-power motor. The pulse speed will provide you with the start or stop control that lets you chop, mince or puree your food. A transparent bowl allows the user to see how the food is being processed.

Notable Features

• A 1.5-cup transparent bowl capacity.
• The lid, blade and the bowl are all dishwashers safe.
• Suitable for chopping vegetables, fruits, cheese, herbs, nuts, and chocolate among others.
• The pulse control function offers control on consistency.
• A 300-watt powerful motor.
• Features a removable blade.

What We Like:

• The base is stable to avoid accidents in the kitchen.
• The great mini chopper that is easy to clean thanks to the removable blade, lid, and bowl.
• A modern look that complements many kitchen styles.
• Perfect food processor for a two or one-person household.
• It is well tested to ensure reliability as well as durability.

What we don’t Like:

• The plastic bowl cracks easily.
• Not strong enough to handle hard vegetables such as carrots.

6. Black+Decker Electric 1.5 Cup Food Chopper (HC 150 BW)

This white and improved assembly food chopper is among the cheap commercial processors in the market. The 120 volts one touch food processor offers the user great value for their money. With less than $10, you will be able to make tasty side dishes to accompany your main meal. Time spend preparing the main dishes will be greatly reduced too. If you are a person who loves a great looking kitchen, this appliance will complement your kitchen décor effortlessly. The one-touch control pulse is able to operate the stainless blade for a smooth and fine cut.

Notable Features

• It comes in white color.
• Uses the one-touch technological advancement to control the processor’s blades.
• It has a 2 years limited warranty.
• It uses 120 volts, which is equivalent to 70W.
• It has oil holes.
• Features removable dishwashable parts.

What We Like:

• The 70W power is enough for mincing, chopping or slicing different ingredients.
• Oil holes add to the food chopper convenience. Add oil to vinaigrette and hummus without a mess.
• Easy to clean up after use. Toss the removable parts into a dishwasher and you are good to go.
• The one-touch operating pulse control makes chopping simple.
• A 1.5-cup capacity is excellent for making simple side dishes or even baby food.
• Easy and quick to assemble.

What we don’t Like:

• It can be difficult to use to some users.

7. Hamilton Beach (70760) 10-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach (70760) is a top quality food processor, which reduces the meal preparation time. The affordable food processor comes with a powerful 500-watt motor that can do most meal preparation tasks effortlessly. It is able to chop onions, shred cabbages, grate cheese, mix sauces as well as prepare pesto. Get this kitchen companion that will turn a large family meal into a feast. You can use it for smaller food portions preparations too.

Notable Features

• The lid can be flipped over for easy and compact storage.
• Features a powerful 500-motor.
• Large feed mouth that can fit a whole block of cheese.
• Reversible shred or slice disc and a chopping blade.
• There is a space for storing the cord.
• Chopping blade, bowl, lid, and the reversible disc are all dishwasher safe.

What We Like:

• Able to prepare a variety of foods within a short period of time.
• Compact and easy storage as the lid can be flipped over.
• The powerful motor delivers sufficient power that can carry out a variety of tasks.
• A large feeding chute reduces the time needed to precut the ingredients.
• It is easy to clean up the food processor after use.

What we don’t Like:

• It is a bit expensive.

Benefits of Using the Best Cheap Food Processor

Saying that a food processor is an important tool in the kitchen, is an understatement. This kitchen appliance has saved many families a lot of time they would use elsewhere. You too can find it very helpful especially if you choose yours from among the best-selling food processors for your kitchen. Look at these benefits of using the best affordable food processor:

Fast Cooking

There is no doubt this is the primary benefit of the best multi food processor. Think of how long it could take you to chop, dice (if necessary), slice, grind and mix all the ingredients that you intend to.

Traditionally, you would be required to use a knife to carry out all these tasks. Thankfully, with the help of a high-quality food processor for the kitchen, you only need to have all your ingredients ready and change different types of attachments.

I’m not saying that a food processor, however expensive it would be it would cook. That is not the point. But, think about it for a moment. Isn’t it fair that you can now save time by pouring all the ingredients into one large bowl or pan after preparing them using a compact food chopper?

Healthy Living

In many homes, the first time they ate a complete meal (balanced) is when they used the food processor. As mentioned in the previous point and at the start of this article, everyone wants to eat a good meal. But the challenge is usually how to prepare a delicacy.

With a good cheap food processor, it is not hard to ensure all the ingredients blend well and faster. It is possible to add more vegetables, fruits, and whole nuts into a mixture of already-kneaded dough. All these are made possible thanks to the food processor. It would be tiresome if you were asked to do all those tasks manually.

You can add spices to the mixtures if you wish, sit and follow your soap or enjoy your blockbuster as the food processor prepares a nice dinner cocktail at the background.


By now, you know that a food processor cannot be compared with a knife. While it is true that a kitchen is never complete without a knife, having the best value food processor is of absolute importance.

Whether the food processor is small or big, it can help you perform different tasks. Here are some of the jobs the best multi-food processor can help you perform in the kitchen. Looking at these chores can give you a clear picture of how important a high-quality processor is.

Grind nuts, dried fruits, and different types of spices, meat, and other seeds.

Slice different types of leafy and other vegetables.

  • Chop meat.
  • Dice and chop carrots.
  • Slice different types of meat and meatballs.
  • Grate vegetables, fruits, and prepare cheese.
  • Shred vegetables, cheese, and all types of fruits.

Mix different types of ingredients to make juice, breakfast and dinner cocktails.

PS. It is not an exaggeration that you can use a multi food processor to prepare any food in the kitchen.

Helps You Become A Professional Chef

If you are new to cooking, using a professional food processor is the best way to learn how to be a good chef. The more you see how this portable cooking machine mixes ingredients to form a delicious and healthy meal, the closer you are to becoming the best cook.

Other people take many years to learn a simple task in the kitchen. But with the help of a food processor, it will not be long before you learn the tricks. You need to be observant. Besides, you need to learn to be keen on what kind of ingredient mixes with the other to make a perfect meal in the kitchen. If you do so, you will be a professional in preparing not only delicious food in the kitchen but also healthy meals that build the family.

Prepares Large Meals

It would be hard for some families with more than five members to make meals that satisfy each of them. Interestingly, families that use the best cheap food processor do not find this a problem. To them, preparing meals that satisfy each of them is a very simple thing.

Even when these families have visitors, it is not a challenge to fix quick large that all present members can eat to satisfaction. In the end, you will be able to join the rest on the ‘high’ table to enjoy the meal that you prepared instead of taking a lot of time lying on the couch because you are tired.


You do not have any reason why you cannot get yourself the best cheap food processor. It will help you cook fast, prepare large meals that serve the whole family, eat and live healthy and serve cool drinks that crown the occasion. As you look for the ideal food processor, beware of the different types of attachments that will help you achieve your objective.

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  1. Hamilton Beach (72850) Food Processor Mini Chopper:
    I bought this for my Mom and it works amazing! I used it to bake pumpkin pie bars, I barely pressed down on it and it chopped the pecans instantly and perfectly!! I recommend this!!

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