7 Best Area Rugs for Kitchen Reviewed 2024 And Buying Guide

best area rugs for kitchen

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Do you ask what the best area rugs for the kitchen do to your house? If you must know, good kitchen rugs make your kitchen look lively by adding a nice, soothing them to the interior décor.

If you think it is an easy thing to find the top-rated area rugs for the kitchen, you are wrong. Finding GREAT kitchen rugs is one of the hardest things for people, even those who are versed with interior decor. Nonetheless, not all is lost. In this write-up, I will give you the answers you have been looking for. The aim is to direct you to find the best type of rug for the kitchen.

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When it comes to finding durable kitchen rugs, you must learn the art of searching. These things are not just out there for anyone. In as much as some manufacturers have put the effort to produce the best rugs for kitchen floors, you have a role to play.

You must know where to search, how to search, and what to look for when you are ready. For now, we need to define a few terms with regard to the subject.

You must know where to search, how to search, and what to look for when you are ready. For now, we need to define a few terms with regard to the subject.

What Is A Kitchen Rug?

A kitchen area rug is simply a rug like any other floor rug. The keyword here ‘kitchen’, is important because it differentiates the rug from others. Ideally, you are interested in an area rug that will fit inside your kitchen.

Remember too that the kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. This is because many activities take place inside the kitchen. Besides, water splashes now and again in the kitchen. Because of this, it is important to look for excellent area rugs for a kitchen that can be able to withstand the environment inside the kitchen.

When nicely selected, kitchen area rugs add splendor to the kitchen. The entire house, with each room fitted with ideal rugs, makes a home look extremely habitable. Is this not what you want? If so, make sure you read this article to the end.

How To Clean Kitchen Area Rug

As we have mentioned, even if you have the best type of rug for the kitchen, there comes a time the rug gets dirty. For the kitchen area to remain conducive for its activities, you need to clean area rugs for the kitchen floor. Where do you start?

Remember there are dozens of kitchen area rugs. They come in different sizes, types, and patterns. As such, each type, pattern, and even the size of the rug needs a different type of cleaning. If you master how to clean kitchen rugs, including the rug for the kitchen sink area, you would improve not only the beauty of the kitchen but also make the entire house a haven.

Ways Of Cleaning Kitchen Area Rugs

Although there might be several ways of cleaning rugs in your kitchen, the following are the important ways:

Use A Brush

Using a brush with stiff bristles is key in removing stubborn stains from a kitchen area rug. The number one reason why a hard brush is my recommendation is it has the ability to remove pet dander from your rug.

When using a brush and a little soapy water, ensure you follow the grains of the pattern. This helps you in maintaining the rug pattern, which improves the beauty of the kitchen.

Use Dilute White Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning kitchen stuff, dilute white vinegar has been named a master. Dilute white vinegar does not only help to remove stubborn stains from your kitchen area rug but also restores color and makes the rug shinny.

You can choose to use dilute white vinegar alone or mix it inside soapy water and apply it on the rug as you scrub using a brush. Alternatively, you can use a sponge, which is what many people prefer.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

With the tight schedule and today’s dynamics, many people do not have the time to soak, scrub the kitchen rug with a brush, or even apply vinegar. So, do they leave their good kitchen rugs dirty? On the contrary! Many people have resorted to using a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is so far the best option because it is fast, efficient, and can clean large kitchen area rugs. Personally, I love a vacuum cleaner because it is super fast.

Besides, modern vacuum cleaners can work without your presence. You only need to schedule them and there you go. Given the right settings, high-end vacuum cleaners start and finish cleaning kitchen area rugs, carpets, floor, and the entire house.

You can use various vacuum machine accessories such as a hard brushes, easy to maneuver steering, hand-held, and stand-alone features to complete your work. Some have cords, LED lights; others do not, making vacuums extremely versatile.

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7 Best Area Rugs For Kitchen Reviewed

In this review, I’m going to show you some of the popular area rugs for kitchen that many people use. These kitchen rugs are what you need to improve the kitchen and make it lively. See if you can pick one or two from the list below.

1. Maples Rugs Kitchen Non-Kid Accent Rug Set – Rebecca

Maples Rugs Kitchen Non-Kid Accent Rug

As suggested by the name Maples Rugs Kitchen Rug Set- Rebecca is a 3 set premium quality rug. It is among the best-tated rugs for kitchen that dates back to 1928, manufactured by the maple family in the USA.

Notable Features

  • Maple Rugs Kitchen Rug Set-Rebecca comes in a set of 3: Accent rug of 1feet 8 inches by 2 feet 10 inches perfect for kitchen, Runner rug of 1 feet 9 inches by 5 feet for the entryway and Accent rug 2-feet 6 inches by 3 feet 10 inches for the bathroom.
  • Its 100% polypropylene pile.
  • Comes in 4, outstanding color options.
  • It is lightweight quality makes it easy to roll for storage when not in use.
  • The product is fade, and stain resistance.
  • It’s durable and has a latex backing that is skid resistance and ensures perfect fitting.
  • Machine washable for better and easy care.
  • Has a low profile design that prevents one from slipping.
  • Cons:
  • When beater brush is used to clean pet hair it pulls out the threads.
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    2. Easychan Carpet Rubber Backing Non-Slip For Kitchen & Mat Doormat Area (Blue Mosaic)

    Easychan Carpet Rubber Backing Non-Slip

    If you are looking for a nice-to-fit and lay the rug for the front of your kitchen sink or dishwasher Easychan Carpet Rubber Backing Non – Slip Kitchen Rug Mat is one of the Popular area rugs for the kitchen. It has a vivid design that also makes it suitable for any room. 

    Notable Features

    • Easy chain carpet is 100% microfiber, backed with latex.
    • It comes with the blue mosaic color of size, 17 feet by 23 feet 6 inches.
    • Model number B073RC6B61.
  • It has a nice weight, which makes it easy for any settings.
  • The product is fuss-free resistance, thus easy to maintain.
  • Has an adherence quality that makes it durable.
  • It has a modern fancy design with a loving soft touch that makes it suitable for any room including kids playing rooms, Dining room, and bedroom.
  • Machine wash and hand wash friendly.
  • Has a latex backing that ensures safe activity.
  • The sizes of the rugs fit perfectly in different spots.
  • It is fade and wear resistant.
  • Water absorbent and quick to dry.
  • Designed for stain and moisture resistant.
  • Cons:
  • Has a thin pile that makes it not too comfortable.
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    3. DII Contemporary Indoor Reversible Area Rag Rug

    DII Contemporary Indoor Reversible Area Rag Rug

    A good area rug adds depth and warmth to your house. DII rag rugs are the best area rugs for the kitchen. This can be attributed to their classic design and size. They come in seven various sizes. Besides, they are available in over ten colors. These rag rugs are casual and vibrant adding more boost and color to your home.

    Notable Features

    • An average size of 48 inches. The size of the diameter and color will vary a little bit because the rug is handmade.
    • Completely handmade. This makes each rug unique; no two rugs are the same.
    • The rugs are suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, apartment, dorm room and other rooms.
    • Made from recycled fabric strips.
    • They have 7 different sizes to choose from.
    • There are over 10 colors to choose from.
  • The rugs have a unique look; no rug is identical to the other. This gives you the ability to choose between many hot colors.
  • DII rag rugs are ideal for almost any room. With the various rug colors, you can be sure to get a unique color for each room in your house.
  • They are handmade.
  • The rugs are beautifully patterned.
  • Quality that you can trust. The rugs are made from recycled fabric, they can endure many conditions.
  • Double sided and thus reversible.
  • Cons:
  • The dye may leak from the rug and stain the floors.
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    4. Ottomanson Ottohome Contemporary Collection Modern Runner Rug

    Ottomanson Ottohome Contemporary Collection Modern Runner Rug

    This collection of rugs consists of the best kitchen rugs. They have a rubber backing, making them non-slid. The rugs are the perfect kitchen area rugs thanks to the rubber banking and contemporary design. When you buy this rug that comes in chocolate design, you are assured of quality.

    Notable Features

    • Made of 100% polypropylene.
    • The amazing rugs are stain resistant, non-shedding, fade resistant and non-slip.
    • They come in fashionable and elegant colors.
    • Perfect for use in high-traffic rooms. They can be used in the hallway, dining room, TV room, nursery room, kitchen, bedroom among others.
    • Machine washing is not recommended. Spot cleaning and vacuuming are enough.
  • A durable rug thanks to the high quality material used to make it.
  • Beautiful runner rug that will cushion your feet perfectly.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Spot cleaning with a damp cloth will wipe stains away easily.
  • The rug is durable as it is made of 100% nylon.
  • Rubber backing ensures that the rug is non-slip.
  • Cons:
  • The rug can move if not properly placed.
  • Check Price on Amazon

    5. A2Z Cozy Shaggy Rug Collection

    A2Z Cozy Shaggy Rug Collection

    When it comes to area rug for the kitchen floor, choose this solid area rug. These good kitchen rugs come in a variety of colors. The rug is made in Turkey from 100% polypropylene. They are the best type of rug for the kitchen as they are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

    Notable Features

    • Made of polypropylene. The size is 2’×7’5” feet.
    • Ideal for almost any room, floor, home décor or carpet.
    • The manufacturer gives instructions on how to vacuum and spot clean.
    • There is free shipping and free thirty days returns.
  • A stain resistant rug that is easy to clean.
  • The rug is fade resistant and has no shedding.
  • Variety of colors to choose from, the rug is found in navy blue, light blue, red, and light green.
  • Fast and easy shipping to your desired location.
  • Cons:
  • You can see the bottom of the rug from the top. You are able to see the black backing through the carpet fibers.
  • Check Price on Amazon

    6. Handspun Jute Area Rug By Iron Gate

    Handspun Jute Area Rug By Iron Gate

    Iron Gate makes the most durable kitchen rugs. Highly skilled artisans make these natural and hand-woven rugs. These great kitchen rugs are made of 100% jute yarns, they are reversible for double wear. They are thick and ribbed making them the perfect rug for the kitchen sink area.

    Notable Features

    • Comes in a 2’×3’ feet in size.
    • The rug is handspun by highly skilled artisans. It is made from natural jute. This rug is reversible. Both rug sides are usable.
    • Fit for both casual and formal use. This is because the rug comes in neutral and natural tones.
  • Perfect for protecting the floors with high traffic such as kitchens and doorways.
  • Great looking rug thanks to its neutral and natural colors.
  • This rug is environmental friendly. It is made from jute that is fast growing, biodegradable and renewable.
  • Cons:
  • This rug’s fibers shed with continued use.
  • It is hard to clean. The natural fibers can also fill with dirt and debris easily.
  • Check Price on Amazon

    7. Well Woven Small Rug

    Well Woven Small Rug

    This modern and chic rug comprises pure white trellis on a bright green background.  It is perfect for adults’ and kids’ rooms. Your feet will have an exceptional feel on the 0.4 inches soft pile. The rug backing is made of jute. It is ideal for the wood floors; all the rug’s edges are reinforced for improved durability.

    Notable Features

    • It can be used in almost any room. It is suited for use in the bedroom floor, kitchen floor, doorways among others.
    • The rug size is 1’8” ×2’7”.
    • It comes in a variety of bright and vibrant colors.
    • This rug is made of polypropylene material.
    • A soft velvet 0.4 inches pile.
  • This amazing rug is UV fade resistant. You are therefore, assured that the rug will remain true to its color over time.
  • Popular area rugs for kitchen because they are stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • A 100% jute backing is another added advantage to this rug.
  • If you are tired of rugs that consistently shed, then this rug does not shed. You can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.
  • The rug comes in a variety of vibrant colors that will really enhance the décor of your home.
  • Cons:
  • The rug is not slid proof so it can slide when placed under the doors.

    Check Price on Amazon

    Factors To Consider When Buying Best Area Rugs For Kitchen

    As it were, various factors contribute to buying something. Buying a rug for kitchen sink area or any other rug for the house for that matter is not exceptional. You have to look at a number of things.

    It is true you may have your own reasons why you are going for a particular rug. But, to get the best type of rug for kitchen, a lot more than your sole reason is included. Look at some handpicked factors that should guide your choice.


    Why does the material of the carpet come fast? Wait! What is the essence of a very decorative kitchen are rug with a perfect size but a very poor material? Makes no sense, right?

    Even with choice of the material in your mind, it is prudent to think about your kitchen. What goes around in your kitchen? How busy is your kitchen each day? If you know many activities take place in your kitchen, then you know the density and the material will be thick.

    Flatweave rugs made of cotton are the best option for busy kitchens. Cotton fibers on flatweave durable kitchen rugs are extremely machine wash friendly. Jute, bamboo or the sisal in light rugs are ideal for kitchens with less traffic.

    Quality woolen rugs are also good for your kitchen. One thing you’ll love about woolen kitchen area rugs is they are sturdy. In fact, if you make a good choice, chances are you might land on a very soft rug for your kitchen.

    I have also realized that viscose polyester, polypropylene, and some nylon kitchen area rugs are not a bad option. They offer almost a good feel like their cotton counterparts.

    Carpet Size & Shape

    It is also important to consider the exact size of the carpet you intend to place the rug. Most kitchens do not have carpets. As such, you need to look at the size of the room.

    It is not logic that you can by a 1-foot by 1-foot area rug while the kitchen stretches 18 feet by 15 feet. You’d rather go for something a bit bigger and better. In other words, you do not want the kitchen rug look as if it is misplaced.

    On the other hand, a large area rug for kitchen will look bad on an almost similar-size carpet or room. Some people would say it’d be better for the kitchen to be without the rug.

    Shape is an issue too. The shape of the kitchen or carpet also determines how your area rug should be. If your kitchen takes a rectangular shape, then you’d better go for rectangular kitchen area rugs. Essentially, the shape of the rug should follow the shape of the room.

    Remember, although comfort and value are the biggest factors that you are looking at when buying the rug, other things matter. They include beauty and splendor of the interior kitchen décor. You wouldn’t want your kitchen to scare away visitors.

    Cleaning Fact

    Your kitchen area rug catches dirt. If it remains dirty for a long time, chances are mold, bacteria, and other germs will infest your kitchen. A dirty kitchen is likely to be the source of many health complications to your family.

    The kitchen rug you will buy should be machine wash friendly. If you do not want to use a machine to wash your kitchen area rugs, then go for those rugs that do not have a problem to dry up soon after you wash them.

    Remember your schedule and preference will determine whether you will use your hand or a vacuum machine to clean your carpet. Whichever method you decide to use, there shouldn’t be a problem.

    The important thing here is ensuring your good kitchen rugs remain clean at all times.

    Safety Issue

    Your family’s safety and that of yourself should be your priority. It would be insane, if you knew your kitchen floor is slippery but you go ahead to buy a rug that will catalyze the already slippery state.

    Great kitchen rugs have come with a non-slip back. With this ability, you are sure you won’t fall because the rug shifted away anyhow. A rug with a non-slip back is by far the best on any room and on any carpet.


    What would you say? Are you satisfied with the best area rugs for kitchen review that you’ve just read? It would be my pleasure to learn that this write-up helped you get the best type of rug for the kitchen you were looking for.

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