Omega Juicer 8008 Review and Buying Guide

Omega Juicer 8008 Review

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Day by day our life on earth is becoming busier and more chaotic. Every day we cannot but face a ton of working load in office, and outside as well. In such a rush hour sometimes it is necessary to have some rest with a glass of nutritious juice that gives us more vitality to work more and better. If the juice is to make, then why not prepare it with Omega 8008 juicer that is super cool in performing this task scrupulously. Earlier version Omega 8004  is differ based on white color.

So, here in this Omega juicer 8008 review article, today I am presenting the details of this great juicer including its specifications, features, capability, pros, cons, my final thought, and many more.

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Reasons Why You Like Omega Juicer 8008 Review.

Reasons for keeping Omega juicer 8008 in consideration

In this world who does not want a bit more? I think everyone does, including me. What if you are getting something more without asking for that? Does not it sound more SURPRISING and interesting? Are not you more enthralled to that thing or person that, or who always provides you more? I know you are!

For the same reason you cannot but keep this juicer in your consideration that will provide you with more than your demand. This Omega 8008 juicer is not only a juicer like that of other, but also it is an extruder, a grinder, a mincer, and a whipper. Yes, you have read it right. If you buy it, you are purchasing these all for free.

Moreover, this is probably one of the rarest juicers of the market that offers you a fifteen years warranty for both parts and  PERFORMANCE while other juicers are sold with the highest ten years of warranty. Aren’t you getting more than what is ordinary? Considering all these reasons, I think that you all should keep this Omega 8008 in first consideration while buying a juicer.

Product Specifications

Name of product-Omega Juicer
Model- 8008
Color- Metallic
Weight- 20 pound
Dimensions- 14×6.5×12 inches

Key features of Omega juicer 8008

This cool juicer has some mind-blowing features in it that coerce everyone to check it out at least once. So, here in this Omega juicer 8008 review article you will be introduced to the key features of this juicer. The features follow below in details:

  • Multi-tasks performing system: Besides being equipped with all the super cool qualities of a juicer, this Omega juicer is able of making nut butter out of the nut, grinding spices and coffee, mincing garlic and parsley, whipping up soy milk, making baby food, and ice-covered dessert.
  • Maximum extraction power: This juicer has the capability of extracting the maximum quantity of juice, vitamins, and nutrients even from the least quantity of fruits and vegetables. It means that you will get more nutrition from fewer ingredients, and end up saving some extra.
  • Masticating style: This Omega 8008 juicer is made following the masticating style that gives you the best and the most using or taking the least. However, a masticating juicer always performs at low speed, which is only 80 RPM that saves a massive electricity bill for you. On the contrary, other juicers of the market functioning at least 20 fold RPM of this juicer.
  • Heat minimizing power: As the juicer can perform at a low speed, which is 80 RPM only it produces very less heat inside the machine, and this feature increases the longevity of machine means that you don’t need to be the concern for repairing machine so early. Besides the generation of less heat keeps the juice or anything else made in it at room temperature. For this reason, the juice or the food can be enjoyed without ice, stored instantly for a longer period of time.
  • Oxidation minimizing power: One of the most excellent features of this juicer is that it does not let take place the oxidation process that can change the inner formula of any ingredient causing reaction. This often changes the taste of juice, or food, or even decreases the storing longevity. 
  • Tight chamber: The chamber in which the ingredients are forced by the auger is very tight that lets the ingredients not to stay away from one another, and thus pressing and crushing of ingredients take place very well.
  • Dual-stage juicing system: This juicer has a powerful motor inserted in it with which it operates a dual-stage juicing system continuously. The dual-stage juicing system can guarantee you the lowest waste of your juice means that this system will extract the most quantity of juice from the fruits and vegetables.
  • Automatic pulp discharge: Many juicers in the market can only discharge the juice to your glass, and stores the pulp in it. Users cannot but get the pulp out of the machine manually, which is annoying and time-consuming as well. But this juicer has an auto pulp ejection system for what the users do not need to take extra pressure of cleaning up the inside of pulp storage at once.
  • Five settings: Another extraordinary feature of this juicer is its adjustable end cap is equipped with five different types of settings so that the users can enjoy the highest quantity of juice productivity.
  • Consumption of less voltage: The machine of this juicer is produced in such a way that it can normally work even with 120 volts. This has been added as a great feature so that users mean you can enjoy a glass of cooling juice even when there is a voltage related problem either in your house, or area, and you do not have to pay a massive amount of electric bill for using juicer ceaselessly.
  • Production of dry pulp: This powerful juicer never produces the wet pulp that is often annoying to the users. The drier the pulp, the less the afflictions.

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Pros and Cons

Everything of this world is corrupted in any way, and no producer can deny this fact, and it is a natural matter that good and bad constitute the whole world let alone the 100% accuracy of any product that has been produced by the human. However, this product Omega juicer 8008 is also a combination of good and evil, which is known as pros and cons respectively, though the cons are trivial in number, and thus avoidable. Here in this Omega 8008 juicer review article, I am presenting the pros and cons of this juicer respectively so that you may find it as a suitable one for you.

The Pros

  • Generation of less foam: As it is a low-speed juicer it does not generate that much floating foam on juice surface that makes the juice unattractive.
  • Preservation of original flavor: Any ingredient you put into it including fruits and vegetables, this juicer will preserve the flavor as the original one. So from today no manipulated taste, okay!
  • Faster cleaning facility: Most of the juicers take a lot of time to be cleaned that is annoying to all. Besides we lose our valuable time. But this Omega juicer 8008 is exceptional to this matter as it hardly requires 2 minutes to be cleaned.
  • Easy assembling and detaching: Each part of this juicer has been made in such a way that even a child can attach one part to another within the shortest possible time. Similarly detaching parts from one another is very simple.
  • Glass Mason jar: There is a glass mason jar attached to the juicer for storing juice. So after juicing if you find that you juiced a lot, just store it in the jar avoiding the extra afflictions of storage in the fridge.
  • Particular aptitude: This Omega juicer 8008 is suitable for all kinds of juices, but it is even better for wheatgrass and leafy vegetables. Whereas other juicers get entangled with leafy vegetables, this juicer deals with that like a boss.
  • Sturdier screen: Normally the juicer producers put more emphasis on machine avoiding one of the crucial parts, which is the screen of juicer. But in the case of this juicer, you are going to get a sturdier screen, which is hardly fragile.
  • Quite: As it has been mentioned before that this juicer is a low-speed juicer, for this reason, it is more serene than the other juicers of the marketplace. This juicer is so tranquil that you can talk over the phone standing beside it.

The Cons

  • Smaller insertion path: The insertion path through which ingredients will be put into the main chamber is relatively smaller. But this is not a significant problem as you can avoid it cutting your ingredients into a bit smaller pieces.
  • Requires a bit longer time: As I have mentioned before that this juicer has a dual-stage juicing system that assures the 100% extraction of juice from everything. For this beneficial reason, this juicer needs a bit longer time. But the time difference will not be more than 1 minute to 1.5 minutes.
  • A bit expensive: In the present world money is everywhere, but quality lacks a lot. People are willing to spend more on quality, but hardly find it. So I think this will not be great cons of this juicer considering its pros.
  • A temporary shortage of parts: At this moment the parts of this juicer are hardly available in the marketplace as the producers are being failed to produce parts according to the increasing market demand, which is also a good side that demonstrates the market popularity of this product. However, the production of parts will soon increase, and then there will be no shortage of parts.

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What will you get with this juicer?

With this juicer, you will get multiple things for free. The things or part are:

  • A motor housing
  • Plunger
  • Instructional manual
  • Two cups for juice and pulp
  • Auger
  • Hopper
  • Drum
  • A cleaning brush
  • An adjustable end cap
  • Screen

The most exciting aspect of this juicer

Everything has an irresistible quality or feature that cannot be broken by anything else. This juicer is not an exception to this. It also has a most enthralling feature of what it is exceptional in the market, and that enthralling feature is its warranty and automatic pulp ejection.

Firstly, though most of the juicers in the market offer a ten years warranty, yet this juicer has fifteen years of warranty system. Then, it has an automated pulp ejection system that saves a lot of time, and at the same time, you can get rid of extra cleaning.

These two features of this juicer are exceptional and most enthralling that forced me to buy it.

What do the customer reviews say of this juicer?

The customer reviews of this juicer are very satisfying. In the review section, most of the reviews are filled with positive adjectives. Customers are so much satisfied with it that almost everyone has posted something laudatory about it. But yes, as I have mentioned before everything consists of good and evil, and such is the case with its review section as well. Presence of negative reviews cannot be overlooked, but those are smaller in number, and for that either the customer or the producer was misfortunate.

How to use it?

Usage of this juicer is very simple. You have just to attach the parts correctly seeing the manual. This will not take more than 50 seconds. Then insert your cut ingredients through the insertion path. Switch it on, and wait for some time. Pulp will directly go out of the ejection point, and juice will come out of the juicer tube. Collect it, and enjoy.

Where to buy?

It can be bought online. For that, you have to make an order online using its either official site or, and your juicer will be delivered to your house in no time.

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My final judgment

If you are looking for the best juicer of the market, then you are humbly requested by me to purchase this Omega 8008 juicer spending a bit more, which will offer you the tastiest juice of the world. So, why being miser if the tastiest juice is to be enjoyed sitting at home? Just purchase it, and forget everything by plunging into the sea of peace, drinking the most delicious juice.

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