Nutribullet Prime Review 2024 and Buying Guide

Nutribullet Prime Review

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In this NutriBullet Prime review, we are going the crack all the details about this one of the best selling Nutribullet blender of all time. Keep reading.

The Nutribullet prime 12 piece blender is a simple but the best product to make a healthy and happy meal every time. It can make a glass of healthy smoothie at the morning, fresh vegetable puree for brunch and testy fruit juice for evening work out. The blender is designed to do all the tasks within a short time. Its a lightweight and straightforward blender that any naive people can even operate.

Compare that other blenders it’s 10 times faster and easy to handle. And the finished product that it makes is equally delicious. And why not it would be. The technology of the Nutribullet prime breaks down and pulverizes the seeds, stems, and skin where maximum nutrition and flavors lie. To make all TASTY and delicious meal, you can follow either your recipe or the recipe book included with the blender.

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Nutribullet Prime Analysis Like Pro


Nutribullet brand is a bender manufacturing company which produces powerful blending motors with pulse technology, bullet-shape blending cups. These bullet shape cups are advanced and more convenient on blending especially if there is a small amount of food. Instead of the jug, they use the cup with screw on the blade unit. You need to flip it onto the motor base of the blender.

Most of the model of this brand comes with ‘sports lids/cover.’ It allows you to store the entire food to blend or carry it in your bag.

All these conveniences make Nutribullet so worth to people especially the single people who want small but smart blender for their kitchen.

Don’t go with the size. Nutribullet has models that can fulfill all your needs form blending to chopping- whatever you need for entire meal preparation.

From smoothies to pureeing, grinding, making protein shakes- there are enormous options to make with Nutribullet blenders. That is why form the beginning to now, its one of the popular blender brand around the world.

The Features

Nutribullet Prime is the compact size of simple blender for daily use. Here are the features of the mixer so you can understand more of it. Have a look down below.


A pulse is an excellent option for any blender or food processor. This feature allows you to blend ingredients at preferable consistency and won’t liquidize completely. To use the pulse technology on Nutribullet prime, just push down and twist the cup. Don’t lock the container into its position. You can make chunky salsa or chop onions following this procedure. Not all recipe requires full 1 min of blending,  like the protein shake. But don’t tend to use the pulse always. It’s not so good for the motor’s lifespan.


The Nutribullet prime has got a 1000 watt motor to provide plenty of power. It’s an authentic OEM NutriBullet part wit high-torque power base. The motor energy shred through the tough vegetable peel, fruit skins, crack through seeds and tear up stems very easily. The motor auto shut off feature after optimal extraction. The auto shut duration is for 60 sec. This feature is somewhat useful and unuseful both.

In some cases, auto shut off feature gives you the freedom to keep the blender running and walk away for other works. But in some cases, only 60 sec is not enough to make a complete juice or smoothie. So you need to start it again.

Speed warranty

Usually, most of the Nutribullet blenders come with 3-5 years of motor, speed, accessories warranty. In the website Nutribullet prime state ‘Limited times of warranty.’ You better check the warranty or discuss the warranty period and conditions with you sellar.


  • Good at making personal customize smoothies.
  • Offers great power to crush frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Simple on/off twist design.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Beautiful cups, vessel grip, and top, flip lids.
  • Quiet operation.


  • Some user complaint that the blende has burning smell issue when used for a long time.

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What is in the box?

You will get form a Nutribullet prime 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/mixture system.

  • One Power Base
  • One Extractor Blade
  • One 28oz Stainless Steel Cup
  • One Recipe Book
  • Two 32oz Colossal Cup
  • Two Vessel Grip
  • Two Lip Rings
  • Two Flip-Top Lids

All the plastic cups and lids of the blender are made of BPA-free materials. The stainless steel cup is not like those simple steel cups, its an insulated stainless steel cup. And it keeps blasts cold for more than 8 hours.

What can it make?

This best blender effortlessly pulverizes vegetables, fruits, superfoods, and protein shakes. Its suitable to crush and mix fresh to frozen foods well. You can make fresh smoothies, milkshake, mayonnaise, sauce, dip, vegetable puree, and many other recipes. For the pure vegetable, don’t pour the ingredients just after boiling them. The Nutribullet prime’s container is not suitable to handle boiling hot liquids.

Just leave it for few mins let the most steam out then go for pouring. The same thing goes for making hot coffees. Don’t pure the boiling milk into the bullet cup. Instead of that blend the regular milk, coffee, and sugar in the right amounts and then add the boiling water. The coffee will turn perfect as you mix the whole coffee, sugar, and milk all together in a blender. You can blend all ingredients then warm it up at microwave too.

Nutribullet prime is good at making protein shakes. It makes protein shake within 30-40 secs. You don’t need to compete for a 60-sec cycle of it. Some recipes may need more time get the consistency you want or like. So after the blender is shut off, shake the bullet or mix the ingredients and with a spoon and blend few more time. Within 2-3 mins your dish will be ready to serve.

How to clean it?

The cleaning procedure of Nutribullet prime is reasonably straightforward. It’s just like the other blenders cups you wash by the hand of the dishwasher. Yes, the blender is dishwasher safe. You just need to put the lids and cups top of the shelf of the dishwasher for cleaning.

If you are going to wash the cups and lids by hand follow this process to do the cleaning effortlessly. Like,

  • Use a soft dishwashing sponge to clean your blender accessories. Don’t use any harsh, metal scrubber these; it will leave scars on the cups. You can use dishwashing brush instead of sponge too.
  • Use the same sponge for cleaning the blades. Be extra careful when you are dealing with extractor blade.
  • Soak the bullet cups and lids in the warm water+vinegar mixture if you blend or chop any stinky ingredients like garlic, onion. These ingredients leave a bad odor even after washing with soap and water.
  • Avoid washing the stainless steel cup to put in the dishwasher unless you are in a hurry. Regular washing in a dishwasher may weaken the metal, and it won’t hold the temperature as it should in future.
  • Always dry the cups and lid using a paper towel or kitchen towel instead of air drying. If you directly air dry the cups and lids after washing then, later on, you would find marks of water on the cup which may Gradually lead to blur plastics. After drying them with a towel let them sit for open air for a while before finally tack them on the cupboard or inside the box.

Splitting like on the motor is a usual thing for blenders. If you face this kind of problem stop the blending and disconnect the power cord. Then just wipe out the liquid and rearrange the cup and the ingredients. The liquid extension may cause this kind of problem. Divided the fluid and fill half of the cup or 3/4th of the container. Then turn the blender again.

How to use a Nutribullet?

The procedure of using Nutribullet prime is extremely simple. In fact, all the other model of this brand is. All you need is to pop the bullet cup on the base, twist and lock it down securely. Then insert the plug, and turn the switch on, that’s all. The motor will start to work for rest of 60 sec. If you need you can blend the ingredients a few more time by following the same procedure. But this time off and on the switch.

For making smoothies put the dry ingredients first (like apple, kale, kelp, nuts, etc.). Later add the liquid ingredients. Do not blend the dry ingredients only. The Nutribullet prime is not suitable for just grinding ingredients. You may find it on other models with milling blades.

It’s better to start with simple ingredients and recipe when you are using your blender for the first time. Try strawberry or banana shake to see how long it takes to complete the task. Later on go for other recipes gradually.

And once again, do not fill the cup entirely or don’t go above the maximum fill line mark. Use the recipe book to make different items with the given measurements.

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Why Did People like this Product?

It’s the quality that anyone appreciates of  Nutribullet blender models. They make sleek but potential blenders to get the job done. Also, Nutribullet Prime has a lot of top-quality parts that beat other cheap, funky knock of mixers. All well-made products from top to bottom that make the excellent pair of your health-conscious life.

People mostly like this product for its sleek, compact size and dominant performance. It makes one or two serving drink per cup which also good for storing later. However, the product is durable and comes under budget too.

Where can I buy the product?

You can easily find the product at your nearest home accessories & gadget shops, super-shops. Also, you can order it online from the official site of Nutribullets, Amazon, eBay, Wallmart, etc.

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Why Is This Product Worth Considering

Nutribullet has some popular model including this one that could impress any user who never tries this brand of product. If your budget is 100 dollars for your new blender than definitely this one worth to try.

The NutriBullet PRIME 12-Piece High-Speed Blender which is improved version of Nutribullet 900 Pro. The design is same both of the models, but the main difference is Nutribullet Prime has to god more blender power and a tremendous insulated container for make and carry fresh smoothies.

Another best thing about the blender is it cost you less than the Nutribullet 900 Pro. So, it’s really a good deal to consider.


Q- Does the blender grind coffee?

A- No, it’s not.

Q- Is it dishwasher safe?

A- Yes you can clean the blender in the dishwasher.

Q- Can I use it in 120v outlet?

A- Yes, its designed for 110/120 volt.

Q- Can I get extra cup and lids for this model?

A- Amazon sells spare parts for different Nutribullet blenders, you can check it there or their official website to get more cups and lids too.


If appropriately maintained your Nutribullet will stay heart and healthy for a long time. Most electrical home appliance’s longevity depends on how you use them and how well you can take care of them. If the product is not made out of crap-cheap things, it will last as long as it should. However, if you are planning to have to get a new blender or going to gift a blender or food processor to someone, then you are thinking right. The Nutribullet Prime is really worth to invest. Its a complete set for any single person or a small family.

So, what are you waiting for? We are at the end of the Nutribullet prime review. Go now to the link give here and purchase the best blender of all time- the Nutribullet prime 12-Piece High-Speed Blender.

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