Nutribullet Lean Reviews and Buying Guide

Nutribullet Lean Reviews

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In this Nutribullet lean reviews, we are going to reveal all about this blender. So, Keep reading Nutribullet 1200w review and analysis from expert center

The ButriBullet Lean 1200W Hi-Speed Blender/mixer system is the newest addition of this brand. It has a powerful motor, convenient mugs/cups, speed settings and other useful features that you need for blending food items. But The Lean blender is a little special from others. It also comes with “Boost” powder and 7 days of loose weight program targeting all health conscious people. And that makes it different from other Nutribullets. But Nutribullet LEAN is newer then  Nutribullet Prime.

Nutribullet can be your best companion in the kitchen where you made different dishes for you or your family. Its good at blending liquid items and equally good at grinding dry items like a seed, nuts, etc. but you can’t grind coffee beans with it but can making frothy latte is possible with it just by following few techniques.

Nutribullet Lean Reviews That Provided  Massive Information for NutriBullet Blender


Nutribullet is one of the popular brands of blender making companies. It comes with some FANTASTIC models at first when blenders were not huge but big. We used a pitcher, grinding cups for different types of mixing, grinding and all. Nutribullet teaches us that a mixer could be equally smarter and convenient but powerful.

They first started the bullet shape container is different size with lid for a direct sip or carries in the bag. That means you can take your smoothie or juice inside your blending pitcher.

The best thing about this brand after the easy-to-go facility- it’s affordable. Anyone can afford and from a single person to a family person can find a better size of a model for daily or occasional usage.


Here we are going to discuss all the features and facility of the new Nutribullet lean 1200 watt blender/mixer system. So you can understand the blender and shop more wisely. Have a look below.


NutirBullet Pulse technology is an excellent option for comfortable and convenient blending. The Pulse feature allows you to mix food ingredients according to your demand. To use this technique to push down the mug and twist it. Don’t lock the cup into its set position if you are going use pulse. Make sure the blade lid is well matched with the motor base. Now on the blender and when need pushes it down to stop blending.

If you don’t want to liquidize the foods then the pulse is a great system to utilize. You can make chunky salsa and guacamole using this technique.


The Nutribullet Lean has got 1200 watt motor that offers high energy to slice, crush, and grind any food. This the highest motor power among all the Nutribullet models. The blender also has authentic OEM part of Nutribullet including high torque base. This motor gives power the bed to cut through vegetable and fruit skin, break through the seed and tear the stems completely. So that, you get the most flavor and nutrition out of the veggies and fruits which not only test well but also very healthy to eat.

But the comparison to other Nutribullet models we found the motor is slightly less efficient to 900 model. The 900 is great at a short time blending. But this one tends to take longer to complete the blending well. High power necessarily not mean efficient in all cases. In this case, the motor is powerful enough to crush, grind any food. For a perfect smooth consistency, it takes little time then Nutribullet 900.


The blender includes two 32 oz. Mugs with measurement marking and one short cup. And all the bullet cups have lids for the store. The mugs have a clear measurement mark printed on the outside which indicated how much greenies, fruits, carbs, and fat leed to add for a healthy smoothie. These mugs are specially made for aiming the lean program of Nutribullet. They are made of BPA-free sturdy plastic and very durable too.


The Nutribullet Lean comes with an extractor blade lid. It has four upward and downward stainless steel blade edge that crushes through the fruits and veggies right after the motor is started. The blade edges are very sharp. There are jig-jack patters one side of these blades and another side is straight. Both the patterns are good for a slice, mesh and blend all the ingredients inside the cup.


This blender offers two speed setting low and high. It’s a great option to blend your sauce, puree, soup etc. in the right consistency. Infect it prevent using pulse option again and again because you have time to observe the blending and stop when its time.


The Nutribullet lean comes with warranty service as like the other blenders. You will get one year of warranty service if there is any malfunction or defect on the motor, container or lid. They will change the entire set (depending on the situation) if there is any major trouble.


  • Suitable to blend fresh to frozen all king of fruits and veggies.
  • Offers two-speed settings for slow to fast blending.
  • Built-in timer automatically shut the blender once blending is complete.
  • Option for carrying meal/smoothie.
  • Comes with plate divider, measuring spoon and seven- days of transformation plans.
  • Quite an operation.


  • Its take more time to blend than the 900 Nutribullet does.
  • Once off after blending the Nutribullet takes to restart.

What is in the box

The Nutribullet lean blender comes with these 13 tools and accessories listed below.

  • One high-torque power base
  • One flip-top lid
  • One lip ring
  • One short cup
  • One portion perfect plate
  • One NutriBullet lean program recipe guide
  • One precision extractor blade
  • Two 32 oz. oversized mug
  • Two lids
  • Two portion perfect measuring spoons

The plastic use made for the cups, caps and other tools are entirely made out of BPA free plastic.

What is Interesting About the Product?

The exciting side about the Nutribullet is definitely its LEAN program.

The company claims that they made this program by consulting a health expert team. The team worked hard to make a plane that could leave on the impact on weight loss within a weak.

That is why they specially made a marking cups and mugs targeting all high protein low fat and carb meals. The goal of this to saying, people, how easy you can eat healthily and how easy you make them.

If you see the recipe book, you can make many testy, healthy, and delicious recipes combining the right measurements and ingredients. Later on, you can add or remove more components in order to make the meal more efficient.

Here we like to mention one thing. The ‘Lean boost’ supply is for only one month- 1 container is for thirty servings. If you use two servings per day means one spoon for each Macroblast, then you will need two containers in one month. Once finished, you need to purchase more tub for further use. Its available in Amazon and the official website of Nutribullet.

This is Worth or Not?

The Nutribullet lean is definitely worth your money if you are going to have a new blender especially for maintaining a healthy diet. The consisting weight lose program is helpful and designed smartly so it can succeed without failing a person.

Now the thing is, if you already have Nutribullet, then having the Lean one will be worth or not. Well, that’s a tricky question. We don’t think if you have a Nutribullet then you can follow the diet recipes by the old one too.  The Nutribullet 900 coffers same recipe book of the lean program.

Even if you have another brand of blender, that can also help you to make healthy meals and drink in order to keep you in shape. There is no need to invest extra in this one only for the ‘7 days weight lose program’.

What the Blender can Make?

The Nutribullet blender is a great way to maintain a healthy routine though make tasty meals and drinks. You can make with it whatever you like. Here we are going to talk about some factors that Nutribullet lean is especially good at. Like,

Microblast smoothies

This blender keeps on highlighting having two “micro blast” smoothies a day which can work to replace two heavy meal. The micro blast is like a green smoothie that contains vegetables, protein, fruits, fats, etc. This one is like other Nutribullet recipe but “Nutribullet lean boost powder” is an additional option of this recipe.

The company claims lean boost powder is a combination of three elements that work for losing weight. the components are

  • Thermogenic “fat burning” elements.
  • An organic vegan blend of plant proteins.
  • Prebiotic fiber for digestion.

You can see details nutrition facts of the lean boost powder on its level.

The plate portion temple

The blender also offers a plastic plate portion template which divided into the three major sections. The plate is made for focusing increase the protein amount and decrease other food ingredients. You can use it according to your diet plane like increasing the veggies and lower the carbs, etc. there are many other Lean recipes available using this “protein perfect” meal target.

Make snacks to spice up your diet

Use the 18 oz. Short cup to make one or two services of salsa, hummus or guacamole. This cup is perfect for store excess food for later consumption.

However, all these diet plans of Nutribullet lean requires only 20 min of walking every day. Depending on age, weight and other physical condition the total Lean diet system is pretty impressive.

How Much Easy to Clean?

Cleaning your Nutribullet lean is effortless. You can use a dishwasher to clean all the lids, blades and cup of following the procedure to clean it by hand.

  • Use regular water and few drops of dishwashing soap to clean your dirty blender cups. If there is the sticky mess inside the cups soak it in warm water for few mins before rinsing.
  • Get a dishwashing sponge that you use for cleaning regular cookware. Never use metal or any harsh scrubber to wash the cups. You can use brush also to clean them.
  • Be cautious when you are cleaning the extractor blade. Use an old toothbrush to cleaning the blades and lids well.
  • After cleaning wipe all the lids, cups and blades with a kitchen towel and let the set on the air for a while. Store all the accessories once they are thoroughly dry.


Q- Is the blender usable with 120v outlet?

A- Yes, it is.

Q- Where can I get replacement cups for this model?

A- You can find them in online shops like eBay, Amazon, etc. including Walmart.

Q- Can I use 900’s cups with the 1200’s motor?

A- Probably not.

Q- Is the blender suitable for crushing ice/nuts?

A- Yes.

Q- What can I do if the cups start leaking?

A- Take out the o ring and clean it thoroughly, then replace it securely and start blending again.

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Overall the Nutribullet Lean offers an attractive package to its customer. The way the manufacturer design the blender, cups, the boost powder, protein templet, and others, people have less chance to fail and not succeed in losing weight.

So, the blender is a better option for beginners. With high motor power and additional convenience, the mixer offers you a perfectly blended meal and drink every time that is ready to enjoy instantly. The using process is pretty simple and very comfortable to clean. So, either you are a health conscious person or not Nutribullet can be a perfect option for your daily meal preparation. And if you want this blender especially for making a change in your daily routine, adding more veggies, smoothies, juice, etc. then don’t look further. It will be an excellent investment for your future life.

This is the Nutribullet Lean review. So, what are you waiting for? Go and click the link give here and purchase the best blender of all time- the NutriBullet Lean 1200W Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer system.

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