Nutribullet Select Reviews and Buying Guide

Nutribullet Select Reviews

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In this nutribullet select reviews, we are going to talk about everything about this blender like what it does or actually offers. So, keep reading.

The Nutribullet Select Multiple Function Blender System is a high-quality blender will all essential features and facilities. This mixer comes with a hi-speed motor, some useful containers, variable speed setting, and some other features. You can make anything with the blender. Like, healthy smoothies, juice, vegetable puree, grind, seeds, nuts, chocolate and so on.

This Nutribullet Select can make your daily cooking or meal preparation much easier. You can make soup, vegetable puree, curry puree in it. Also, making a morning smoothie, baby food, dessert, and another item in it PERFECTLY. It’s easy to maintain and durable blender for your daily busy life.

The Nutribullet facing contest with its main competitor of the ninja blender.  I think this is whey they are very conscious of their every product and model.

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Nutribullet Select Reviews: Multiple Functions Blender/Mixer System 

Nutribullet Select Reviews


Nutribullet is one of the top bullet blender brands in the market. This brand creates all the smart, low-budget, efficient bender that serves any slicing, mixing, liquidi-flying within minimum time. It offers, well customer service, warranty service, and other consultation that anyone could ask for. 
Using those huge bulky blenders are over. And today’s modern life does not give us space, time and patience to maintain a giant mixer for daily use. From now you have a better option from Nutribullets. It offers small, medium and large all size blenders with different power of motor, pitcher, mugs, and containers along with some additional accessories and features. It will not only make your daily task easier but also make daily life better.

Nutribullet blenders are not only for home usage, its perfect for office canteen, shop even great for carrying for long time vacation also.

The Features

Now its time to talk to the technical and other features of Nutribullet Select. So, you could understand its features and choose more wisely. Have a look below.


Like the other Nutribullet blenders this one also has pulse technology. In the speed control unit, there is a pulse stop on the dial. It’s a great option when you desire a fixed consistency on your meal or drink. Using the pulse, you can make salsa, guacamole, garlic and butter sauce, and other dips.


The Nutribullet Select comes with a 950-watt powerful motor. It’s slightly high then the Nutribullet 900 blender and good to handle different food ingredients. The motor includes of OEM part of high torque base just like the other blenders of this brand. It gives enough power to slice and crush fresh cut fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. but it’s not that well at crushing frozen more vegetable or foods. If you add frozen vegetable and fruits inside the pitcher, you have to increase the power to blend its fast and adequately.


The blender comes with one pitcher with two-piece lid. Also, it includes a 900 ml colossal cup and a 500 ml small cup. The pitcher is good at making single or mixed fruits juice. The handle and pouring mouth of the pitcher make it lot easier to pour a drink in the glass. Also, you can store the entire pitcher ins refrigerator if you want to. It does have only max marking but no other measurement marking as the LEAN and Prime do.

Now the short cup and colossal cup. In Lean and Max Nutribullets the colossal cup is made of metal which has isolate features. They keep a drink cold for many hours. But unfortunately, this colossal cup of Select is made of the same plastic that the pitcher does. There is a comfort lip grip that makes easy to drink from it. The colossal cup is good for making smoothies you can make others drink too and carry the container with you outside.

The short cup is a multipurpose use cup, but we think its specially made for sauce, dip, and purres. It has a vessel crip that comes handy during store the cup later.

Nutribullet Select Analysis.


This blender has an extractor blade that is an interchange to all its cups and containers. The blades have simple straight edges that work to slice, crush and blend all the foods. It’s quite sharp and strong to use for a long time. But if its get dull, and you need to replace it then the replacement blade for the model will be tough to find.


The blender includes 5 variable speed settings from 1 to 5. You have a wide range of option to run the blender in different speed setting as you need. Also, it has Pulse, Blend and Crushes dial also for efficient blending.


The NutriBullet SELECT Multiple Functions Blender/Mixer System comes with a warranty too. You get one year of service warranty from the manufacturer from the day you purchase it.

The basis of terms of power Nutiribullet Select Model offer  950 watts is in the middle stage then another model. Nutribullet Pro  900 watts perform as very well to blend. Nutribullet LEAN and MAX both are 1200 watts and very powerful.


  • Has to option for a pulse, crash, and blende separately.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry when you need.
  • Makes several cups of smoothie at a time.
  • Comes with five variable speed settings.
  • Easy to clean and store.


  • No replacement blades are available for this model.
  • Not that good at crushing frozen foods.

What is in the box

The Nutribullet Selec blender comes with these 10 tools and accessories listed below.

  • One Pitcher with 2-piece Lid
  • One Colossal Cup
  • One Vessel Grip
  • One Short Cup
  • One Precision Extractor Blade
  • One Flip-Top To-Go Lid
  • One Resealable Lid
  • One silicon baking sheet
  • One Recipe Book

This is Worth or Not?

The Nutribullet Select is an efficient blender for any house. You can chop onions, light vegetables, nuts, blend green or ripe fruits on it very quickly. It’s also good to make multiple meals or dinks on it using all the vessels and store inside the refrigerator. They are easy to wash also.

You can use this blender with your way. Make cold or hot coffee, milkshake, smoothies, tomato sauce, peanut butter, mouse or anything you love. The blender is safe for daily usage and won’t react with any food ingredients. So, you can make baby food on it too.

How much easy to clean the Nutribullet Select?

Good news is all the lids, container and container/jar/mugs of the blenders is dishwashable. You can work with them any time and put inside the dishwasher to clean. But still, you may need to wash them all by hand. And for that, you should know about some important factors like these.

  • Wet all the used mugs/pitcher and lids in water and soak them for a while. Most of the messy, sticky food will come out by that. Then take a dishwashing sponge and few drops of dishwashing soap and scrub them all. All the container and cover will be perfectly clean without leaving any odor or spots.
  • Use a soft sponge or cleaning brush to clean the lids and mugs. You can use an old toothbrush while cleaning the extractor blades. These blades are incredibly sharp. So chances are you might injure yourself while wiping it with a sponge, even the sponge can be torn up by the blades. Brushes give you protection on that.
  • Don’t use a metal scrubber or anything harsh to scrub the plastic container. It will leave mild to deep scars and make you’re bending accessories old early.
  • When all the cleaning is done dry your all the blender accessories entirely and then store. First, dry them using a clean cloth or tissue paper. Don’t let them air dry all start to finish. Beside that dry them with a kitchen towel and let them sit for a while before storing.

Where can I buy the product?

The product is easy to get from your nearest electronics shop like Target, Wallmart, etc. Also, you can order it from an online site like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba an other sites. Nutribullet has an official site to sell their blenders and accessories too. You can get all the replacement items of Nutribullet, Lean, Prime, Pro including the Select blender. But like we mentioned earlier, we could not find the bled replacement anywhere yet.

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Q- How heavy the motor unit is?

A- Around 3 lbs.

Q- Are the Select and Pro 900 series accessories interchangeable?

A-No it’s not.

Q- Can I chop onion and nuts in it?

A- Yes.

Q- Does the blender comes with another color?

A- No, they come with one color.


Counting the factors mentioned above its clear that, the Nutribullet Select is a really convenient blender for everyday usage. Anyone from any place of the world naive or professional can use and maintain it very easily. All the power and performance of the blender is really incredible for everyday tasks. And the finished meal and drink? Guaranteed you will enjoy every spoon of your meal and every sip of your drink.

So, what are you waiting for? We are the end of the Nutribullet Select review. Go to the link given here to know more details about the product and purchase one of the best blenders of Nutribullet- the Nutribullet Select Multiple Function Blender System.

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