Nutribullet Max Reviews Nutri Bullet N12-1201 Max

Nutribullet Max Reviews

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In this Nutribullet Max reviews, we are going to reveal all about this blender. Keep reading.

The Nutribullet N12-1201 Max hi-speed Blender system is one of the best blenders of the brand. This mixture comes with a powerful motor, suitable containers, variable speed settings, and other helpful features. Its an ideal type of home blender that quickly make juice, smoothies, puree, grind nuts and chocolates in no time.

So, this Nutri bullet Max can be your best companion in the kitchen. It’s designed to take a heavy load of daily meal preparation. Like, making morning smoothies soup for lunch, milkshake for evening and dessert for dinner. You name it, and Nutribullet will present you all within a short time without creating any mess. And also remember it that the Nutribullet select blender offering you multiple functioning systems.

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Nutribullet Max Analysis From Expert’s Center. Nutribullet Max Analysis


If you count all the leading smart blender names, then NutriBullet would be top of the list. The makers of Nutribullet try to create something futuristic that does fit our modern lifestyle. And they are succeeding. The size and shape is the living proof of it. You don’t need to use those bulky binders with multiple, pitchers, mugs, and other things. Instead of that you much smart option to make all things using single or only two containers.

Nutribullet blenders are not only for home usage, its perfect for office canteen, shop even great for carrying for long time vacation also.

Another good thing about this blender is, it comes under budgets. You don’t need to waste too many bucks to buy any of the Nutribullet models. Especially, if you are single or have only 2-4 family members, then Nutribullet blenders are perfect for you.

The Features

Now we are going to talk about the technical features of Nutri Bullet N12-1201 Max. From here you will understand the product more and choose more wisely. Have a look down below.


The unique feature of the Nutribullet max is its Autocycle technology. Its a series of programmed long and short pulses that works two different way. That is the way food ingredients get around better either for an extended period of short.


The Nutribullet Max comes with the same power of blender as Nutribullet Lean does, the 1200 watt motor. The motor is powerful enough to cut, crush, and grind any food. It also includes the OEM part of high torque base like the other Nutribullet does. The motor gives the blender the great power to cut through the stems and break the seeds so they could incorporate with each other with the rest of the ingredients well. That is why all the items blend by Nutribullet become extra delicious.


This bender comes with a one-liter pitcher with lids. Its made of BPA free plastic. A pitcher allows you to add an item without unscrewing the blends every time like the cups or mugs. All you need is attach the extractor blade and pitcher lid on it that is all. This pitcher has only a “max” marking on its wall. There is no other measurement making on it. The size of the picture is convenient for making a large amount of juice, smoothie and vegetable puree. When you are planning to make smoothie or juice for two/ three people the pitcher comes most handy.

The Nutri bullet Max includes some other pots for making or storing drinks- a large cup and a traveling mug. You can create different items in this mug. The traveling mug has an isolator which keeps the drink cold for up to 8 hours. That means you can make smoothies in the morning and carry it in a gym or office and enjoy after several hours of making.


This best blender of Nutribullet includes an extractor blade. The bade lid has four upward and downward stainless steel blade edge that crushes through the veggies and fruits once the motor is on. The blade edges are very sharp and stay sharp for a long time. So when you are going to wash it be careful, or you will end up cutting your finger.


As we mentioned earlier, the blender offers two auto speed settings. There is no other setting to increase the speed or decrease it. The mixer has an auto shut off feature too. Once you start the blender, it will stop in after a certain period.


Like other, other Nutribullet Nutri Bullet N12-1201 Max also comes with a limited time of warranty. You get one year of warranty service after purchase with it.


  • The liter size pitcher is really convenient for making a large amount of drink or meal.
  • Dishwasher-safe and very easy to clean.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry if needed.
  • Very powerful 1200 watt motor.
  • The auto-shut program let you on the blender leave it unattended.


  • No other option for speed control.
  • Not so well at grinding dry ingredients.

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What is in the box?

The Nutribullet Max blender comes with these 12 tools and accessories listed below.

  • One high-torque 1200 watt power base
  • One stainless steel drinking vessel
  • One 32-oz vessel with grips
  • One 1-liter pitcher
  • Three lids

The plastic used to make for the cups, caps and other tools are entirely made of BPA free plastic.

Nutribullet Max reviews: Performing and Unboxing Video

This is Worth or Not?

The Nutribullet Max is a simple but an efficient blender to use. It has a lot of options to make a different kind of meal and drink. You can use it for 2-4 meal preparation with the 1-liter pitcher, make a single serving smoothie in the mug and also take it away outside and drink when need.

If you are looking for an all-purpose, serve blender that yes, it’s worth your time and money.

What can the blender make?

Like, any ideal blender, Max can make all mixing, crushing and grinding. You can add two- four or more ingredients like green leaves, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nut on the pitcher or mug and blend them. But here is one thing, the blender neither container is good at grinding dry ingredients well. You have to incorporate the dry elements with liquid ingredients to make drinks.

You can blend soups or vegetable puree inside the pitcher even its boiling hot. But don’t use the metal or plastic mug to do so. Otherwise, stem pressure will make overflow the hot liquid outside.

How much easy to clean?

The cleaning process of Nutribullet Max is not that hard. All the lids, extractor blades, cups, and pictures (except the motor base) are washable inside your dishwasher. So, it will save a lot of time and energy to keep them clean daily. But if you are going to clean them by hand follow these rules given below.

  • Before cleaning the cups/pitcher, wet them and clean of the food residue inside. Use dishwashing soap and a song to secure the well. Don’t use any harsh scrubber to clean the metal or plastic cups of the blender.
  • You can use an old toothbrush to scrub the blade and lids. The brush will give you more close and secure cleaning while cleaning the blade. Also, you will clean better around the cover.
  • After making peanut butter or mayonnaise cleaning the cups is really annoying. For that soak, the container is warm water and let that soak for 5 to 10 min. The sticky butter will come out very quickly.
  • When all the cleaning is done take a clean cloth or paper napkin and wipe all the mugs, pitcher, lids and blade. Now let them sit in open air for a while. When they are thoroughly dry store them in the cupboard or the box.


Q- Is the blender crush flaxseed well?

A- Yes.

Q- Can I make a small smoothie in the picture?

A- Yes, but in this case add the liquid first.

Q- Is the product 220v?

A- Yes.

Q- is the motor can crush pulverize ice?

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A- The manufacturer does not clearly state about pulverize ice, but you can add 2/3 cubs of ice in your smoothie.


Overall, the blender Nutribullet Max offers both features and services that you need for blending food ingredients every day. It has a high power motor, different size of a container, lids, auto-shut off function and autocycle system.

The Nutribullet Lean and the max is the same at motor power. The main difference is the pitcher who is the advantage of having the max over Lean. Anyone either he is naive, or pro can handle the blender and maintain it. And the best part is, you get the chance to make easy and fast, healthy drinks whenever you want. It does not only give you the benefit of having smoothies or juice all day. You can serve a guest a quick recipe using this blender. So, overall the best investment for your healthy life an future.

We are at the end of the Nutribullet Max review. So, now what are you waiting for? Go and click the link give here and make a purchase of the NutriBullet Lean 1200W Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer system today.

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