How to Season carbon steel pan

Season carbon steel pan

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A carbon steel pan is very common in modern kitchens. This is made from carbon steel- the alloy of iron and a small percent of carbon (not more than 2 percent).

Carbon steel is quite similar to the cast iron, but a best carbon steel pans have many benefits over iron cast pans. Both of these pans are very common in the market, and both have the capacity to withstand high temperature. However, the carbon steel pans have a smoother surface which makes seasoning easier and it heats up real fast.

Let’s dig into the article and get to know the purpose of using the best carbon steel skillet in the market.

Are carbon steel pans non stick?

Well, not all the carbon steel pans non-stick. There are two types of carbon pans available in the market, one is pre-seasoned, and other is non-seasoned. Non-seasoned pans need to be seasoned before using it. This is because; otherwise the carbon will get rushed easily.

Usually rubbing some oil on the cooking surface and heating it in a definite way can save the iron from rusting. The seasoning also makes the pan nonstick. So, if you have purchased a non-seasoned pan from the market do not forget to season it before. After seasoning, your food will not stick on the surface.

The whole process of seasoning has been described below. Sometimes the entire process needs to be repeated twice or thrice to make the pan perfectly seasoned.

Carbon steel pan seasoning

It is important to season the carbon steel wok properly for getting the best possible result. Here is a way of seasoning the carbon steel pan. This way carbon steel pan is very effective and easy.

Firstly, you need to preheat the pan. Then, place the pan inside the oven or place it on the stovetop. The pan needs to be heated to 400F. Then, keeping the heat steady, keep the pan on the stove for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then, take away the pan from heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Apply a small amount of oil on it. You can either go for coconut or olive oil, but you can go for any vegetable oil. Most of the professionals use a paper towel for applying the oil. The coating needs to be thin and even. Ensure that, you have covered the entire pan surface both inside and outside.

After this, place the carbon steel skillet again inside the over or on the stovetop, leave it for an hour. The temperature should be set to 400F. Your pan will start to get blacken at this moment.

Lastly, turn off the stovetop or oven and leave the pan to cool down completely. Don’t remove the pan from the stovetop or oven rather keep it inside to cool down completely. The complete procedure will take around three to four hours including the cooling process.

You can repeat the process if you are not satisfied form the process. Sometimes, the process needs to be season twice or thrice. This will protect your pan from rust.

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