Vitamix 6300 Review 2024: The Real Fact of Vitamix

Vitamix 6300 Review

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In this Vitamix 6300 review, we are going to learn about all the aspects of the blender including how to take care of it. So let’s begin.

Vitamix blenders are one of the strong, durable, and powerful mixers that anyone should invest. The latest edition of this brand Vitamix 6300 which has the profound effect of the 5200 model, also claims that legendary. The 5200 Vitamix has served for many years and many people like its power, performances, and versatility. However, the 6300 model is similar to its appearance and some features but its way better than the first one.

N.B Vitamix 6300 renewed as  Vitamix Standard Programs Blender.

Why Is This Vitamix 6300 Worth Considering

Having a blender or food processor is necessary to this day. It could add more time and energy to your food preparation. Meaning, you can make a recipe within a short time because all your blending/chopping will be done in less time. So you will get more time to do other works. Here are some essential features of this blender.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)8.8 x 7 x 20 inches
Item Weight10 pounds
ManufacturerVita-Mix Corporation
Model number1891
Date First AvailableApril 29, 2014
MaterialStainless Steel
Cord Size6 ft
Cleaning StatusClean itself in 30 to 60 sec.

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In order to make the best possible smoothies, you need a powerful blender like the vitamix 6300 Blender. The features of this model are amazing and it is a must-have for everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal or snack with minimal effort. We have shown similar to vitamix 6300 blender that other models have similar features.

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Equip with Toughest Motor

The thing that Vitamix 6300 blender special from all is, its motor. Yes, it has got a powerful 2 horsepower motor that can handle pretty much anything. The motor gives the blender power to slice and crush anything frozen like frozen fruits, vegetable slice cubes, meat, etc.

You can blend toasted or raw fresh materials with it well to make perfect juice, smoothie or puree. Make your morning smoothie from scratch, nuts, yogurt, ice, and blend. Within two minutes you will get the ideal smoothie with perfect texture and thickness. However, many people are afraid of blending boiling soups or coffee. (Those don’t own an espresso machine, use a blender to get extra froth or foam from their coffee). But often blender overflow from the jar due to high heat, air pressure, and vapor. But not with the Vitamix. It can blend hot stuff pretty well.

But due to its high power and tornado-like speed, it makes pretty bad noise. Making sound is common for any blender even those are less powerful. So, you could take a little hassle of cooking as you take other stuff. 

Three Pre-set function

This blender will save you time if you are going to make hot soups, frozen desserts or smoothies. How? Well, it has these three preset function to blend ingredients for a fixed time. These settings are made in determining the simple blending time for some particular ingredients for making smoothie/ hot soup/ frozen dessert. Your blender cant adjusts these fix setting based on amount or type of components. Its helpful on hands-off blending. So, after a few days of trial and testing, you figure out how to handle these to make different types of foods. And overall, this function is beneficial.

Better Controlling Unit

The adequately organized control unit Vitamix is genuinely a user-friendly option. The unit is simple- start and stop button, pulse button and a switch for 3 preset blending function and 1-10. This multi-function switch is one of the favorite features of Vitamix blenders. These speed settings are a genuinely valid comparison to other same range blenders. It’s low or no 1 speed let you blend all the ingredients smoothly with time. Lower settings are a much flexible option for chopping or dicing. Also, when you work with a fixed setting, it’s easier to lower or higher the speed with the switch. As much you go higher it cuts and blends everything perfectly.

What tasks is the Blender Good at?

A pulse button is a good option for cleaning the blender afterward. It cleans almost everything stuck on the wall of jar or blends. To add ingredients or check the start/stop switch comes handy. We know these features and controls are available in another model of blenders, in fact, some mixers have more switch/ settings to utilize, but we are not talking about them. It’s the control and response that this unit works on PERFECTLY

What is in the box of Vitamix 6300?

The blender includes one BPA free 64oz. Container, black well fitted cover, a plastic handle with the container, one C-service motor with cooling fan and control unit for multiple operations. This blender is designed to fulfill the maximum users need. You can crush ice cubes, make protein or milkshakes, smoothies, puree vegetables and so one. It’s suitable to do anything that you could do with a juicer or food processor (maximum work or a food processor).

However, the Vitamix 6300  is overall convenient in size and weight. It measures 20.5 inches tall, 8.25 inches wide and 7.25 inches wide and weight 10 lbs. The blender also comes with seven years of warranty.

How Does the blender Compare with others

All the features and performances of the new 6300 model of Vitamix takes it a higher position of top blenders. Those who have already own or had 5200 may think both models are the same. Yes, these two have vast similarities except the pre-set blending programs. The soup, smoothie, frozen desserts pre-made blending option makes this blender really more useful. Also, the Pulse lever is the best extension of this upgraded model. Overall, Vitamix 6300 is a true gadget to invest for your daily meal preparation, and make some healthy testy drinks, desert within secs.

Vitamix 6300 Review VS Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 6300 now renewed as Vitamix Standard Programs Blender. Here you will get the Vitamix 6300 as a new version. I have updated the link and picked some information for the best blender selection for your lovely kitchen.

Vitamix 6300 Review: Positive and Negative Aspects.

Vitamix 6300 Review

Positive aspects

  • The structure of the blender including the controlling unit is suitable for fast and convenient meal preparation.
  • The preset setting is convenient to make a delicious smoothie, silky smooth hot soup/ pure, etc.
  • The potential and durable motor crush all the ice or frozen food in no time.
  • Stainless steel shape and long-lasting blades work perfectly to chop, slice or cut any food.
  • The container has measuring marks for better recipe maintaining.
  • The Pulse toggle lever is an excellent option to clean all the mess after completing your work.

Negative aspects

  • The blender gets hot if working for long.
  • It makes a loud noise which pretty annoying.
  • The size of the canister or jar is tall, which may fit in regular kitchen cabinets.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q- What should I do to avoid overheating the blender?

A- Take a 45 min break middle in two blending. If you need to work with blender for a long time and you have to do multiple items then take 10 min of a break for each mixing.

Q- Does the company offers its all customer service and warranty globally?

A- No, it’s US-based only. Maybe some other countries are included in their service, warranty, etc. It’s better to call VITAMIX or ask your seller either they cover the warranty in your area or not.

Q- Can I make instant ice cream in the blender? 

A- Yes, you can make instant ice cream in the container by adding full cream milk, fruits, sugar, and ice. Give it a quick blend until everything smooths out easily. Enjoy instantly or later after reserving in the freezer.

Q- Does the blend come with any other accessories?

A- Yes, it comes with a spatula, a recipe book, and a DVD (instruction guide).

Q- Can I add anything without open the lid inside the jar?

A- Yes, there is a little opener on the lid which allows you to add oil, vinegar or cubed fruits, veggies inside the blender while it’s working.

How to Use/Maintain the Vitamix 6300

Like every other electric home appliances, you need to take care of this blender in order to maintain its workability and longevity. Read and follow these tips to care your Vitamix 6300 blender properly.

Fill the container in a proper manner

The recipe book that includes with the Vitamix come handy in here. You get so many delicious recipes in the book plus info of how to put food items in the container. Adding food ingredients in the right manner is essential to get a fast and best result. You should get ad liquid first then the dry foods, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits. Any frozen foods or ice will go last. That is how all ingredients will blend adequately with each other and bring out the perfect flavor that everyone would enjoy.

Don’t Delay With Cleaning After Uses

Many of us leave the blender after use for cleaning it later with other dishes. Don’t do that. That’s how food dry and stick on the container, blends, lids, etc. and won’t come out quickly. Also, it causes a bad odor too. Especially when you add a sticky item in the container like peanut butter, Aloe Vera gel, etc., these make really hard to clean.

So, rinse the container right after you are done with blending. If you are in a hurry fill the pot with water and leave it aside on the counter. That is who you can avoid any clogging or damage the container, lid or blades.

Clean the Container Correctly

To clean the container fill the container with clean water, add 2/3 drops of dishwashing soap, and close the pot with the lid. You can add lukewarm water too for better cleaning, especially for oil. Then start the machine from low settings to high for 1 min. Stop and give it another swirl for one more min. After that give the entire thing a gentle clean. Vitamix 6300 RENEWED is as Vitamix standard program blender. It has a self-cleaning system that can clean within 30 to 60 seconds. 

Now take a paper towel or dry clean cloth and clean the blades, lid, And container one by one. Leave them air for 30 min or more until its dry out completely. Store them in the box or kitchen cupboard for next usage. 


It’s obvious any electrically engineered product can give trouble at least once in its lifespan, even its best in quality. If you are noticing recently your Vitamix started to make sound differently, slow in performance or fail to work correctly then you should consult with a professional. Contact your sale or company to get the proper help. If your warranty is valid, the company will send or suggest something to get rid of any problems.

There is an instruction DVD guided with the blender that might help yours on this. This DVD has some troubleshooting advice/ solution to fix some simple problems. If you don’t understand that professional help will solve the matters.

Some other safety tips to follow

  • Use the blender in maximum speed often. You might use low to mid-speed to thinking that it saves the motor. But actually, it’s not. The highest speed active the thermal protection entirely and keep the engine cool. So, use the top speed when you could.
  • If your container becomes cloudy over time clean it with white vinegar and warm water mixture. Soak it for at least 3 hours. After that scrub the pot with a soft sponge and let them dry with the first towel then air. Be careful with blades; they are very sharp.
  • Have you lost your user manual? You could download it from the official website of Vitamix. If there is no manual for your particular model email the customer service.

Is the blender have any issue?

Yes, just we mention earlier the blender gets hot easily including make some loud sound. It’s better to use the blender in an open space. To maintain the proper ventilation and keep the machine cool there is a cooling fan inside the frame of this Vitamix. All the Vitamix blender has this feature.

So to keep the blender cool, use it in a space where air can flow easily. Also, avoid dump or wet places to run any electric appliances.

Vitamix 5200 vs 6300 a comparison On Video

Final Thoughts

At the end of the Vitamix 6300 research, all we can say is that it’s a part of C series and has most of the essential features and design of 5200. This 2-horsepower c-series motor offers excellent strength and power to deal with anything rough and tough. Motor engineering is carefully designed to take a load of pressure and heat, so it doesn’t burn out quickly. As you know C-series blenders are widely used binders all over the world and still count in one of the durable machines. And the Vitamix 6300 model is come to form this series.

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