How to Cook Canned Oysters

How to Cook Canned Oysters: According to Proper Cooking Art

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Fresh and properly cooked Oysters is a huge source of protein. Tons of people who love to have this food. No doubt juicy and delicious oysters are one of an expected food beside sea resort. Sense rise to demand to knowing ways how to cook canned Oysters at home or anywhere. Let’s start with the basic ingredient of cooking and then cook by a few easy steps. Before beginning makes your goal to achieve won a line that “few tests of food people cannot forget in his whole life”.

Exigent Ingredient for How to Cook Canned Oysters

This is the way of Turkish traditional recipe.  It may take a couple of hours to cook. So make sure first you have no hurry before start cooking. As essential materials, it needs both seasoning and major food item. All those things are listed in this season below.


  • Onions- chopped it with tiny pieces. At half cup.
  • Salt- 6 teaspoon
  • Thyme- dry and unbroken or semi-broken ½ teaspoon.
  • Pepper- blend pepper ways that it will not like too much powdery. 1 teaspoon is perfect quantity.
  • Ground sage- single teaspoon properly blended.
  • Poultry seasoning- this is for rising up the test. Not more than 1 teaspoon.

Major food item:

  • Milk- sugar-free condense or evaporated milk of ½ cup. Else If liquid milk is available, then volume up to its density.
  • Oyster- need 2 can (regular size) of oyster (with liquid). Bring them out of the can with liquid and then don’t freezing or bake at oven till next instruction.
  • Celery- wash and chopped celery with tiny pieces. It will be also not more than a half cup.
  • Cornbread cubes- 7 to 8 cups.
  • Butter- melted at natural temperature. Don’t oven it for melting else perfection will be hampered. It will be a ½ cup.

Cook canned oyster step by step

Step one:

Put a perfect shape of a pan on the stove. Milk and butter have given on the pan one by one before becoming it too much hot. At last all Oyster put on it (without the liquid. Keep it for later). Move it from all direction with a cooking Spatula to mix it properly. Do this way till 1-2 minute. Remember if the oyster becomes burn or boil the test will be destroyed.

Step two:

After mixing properly, fire down of the stove as it is possible. Then put Cornbread cubes on the pan. Then mix it with oyster again. But remember again, you have to down the fire at the lowest of the oven. At the same time if you notice there large pieces of oyster on the pan that it can’t be cooked inside with the small oyster, then you can cut it.

Time to add the spices. All of them what describe before like salt, onion, thyme and Ground sage mixed with it. Combined it with again Spatula. No need to put additional spices without salt. Check the volume of salt and add more salt if it needs. It needs to more salt, put it and mixed up everywhere.

Step three:

Add the remaining liquid of oyster on the pan with Poultry seasoning. At the 350 degrees temperature, bake the dish for a single hour. The time can be increased if the Poultry cooked exactly. But don’t bake it extremely because of over baking may destroy nutrition from food.


This dish of oyster can be part of your breakfast or dinner. For the present, the dish to each person put a perfect quantity on a plate. Add couple piece of lemon. No need to add extra spice or salt but if possible add some cucumber. Soft drinks or soda water is appreciable with the food.

Make Soup by Canned Oysters

For breakfast and dessert, this is a perfect item to make it is little time. Start to rest it needs half the hour. Moreover, the cooking volume has described below if for 3 to 5 people easily. Because of there all type of food supplement are available on the soup, it will be healthy also.

Ingredient for soup:

  1. Milk – 1 liter (it should be non-boiled).
  2. Oyster – 2 can with liquid.
  3. Butter – 1 tablespoon
  4. Onions – cut them in small pieces without losing juice. 1 tablespoon.
  5. Celery – if should be fresh and chopped. 1 tablespoon.
  6. Salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce

Canned Oysters Soup Mixing Milk


Canned Oysters Soup Mixing Oyster


Canned Oysters Soup

Canned Oysters final

Making soup by the Canned oyster procedure

Fire up the stove at the average and put a pan. Then put butter and wait till melt it properly. Add oyster on it and keep waiting till the border of oyster become fried. When it became fried, it started to kinky. But be careful from it become burn. Because burn oyster does not taste good. Moreover, it never looks good and will not have the desired color.

Time to add other supporting element like milk, salt, pepper, sauce, and onions. No need to raise the fire to do hurry. Even no need to move it with the spoon. When it boiled properly its own way, bring it down. No need to shake to stir the pan. Wait till it becomes as cold as you able to eat.


The soup bowl is the best thing to present here. Distribute equally the soup and oyster at 4-5 bowl. Here asparagus can increase the test. It is healthy also. This is suggested but not mandatory. You may add some asparagus and sauce with the dish of soup. Few Coriander leaf one the soup bowl can rise the presentation beauty.

Nutrition contains to canned oyster:

The exact nutrition calculation of oyster is depended on the genesis place of the specific oyster. Moreover, nutrition also changes when it became cooked. Per 100g food contains 199 calories of energy. Containing other food values have listed below.

  • Vitamin: each 100g food contains 21g protein. A large portion of vitamin it has vitamin A 10% what is important to develop skin tissue and vitamin C 22% to develop teeth and eye. A minimum percent of B and B-12 are also present here.
  • Mineral: highest 5% calcium can be present here. As the food was cooked the ratio of calcium have been down. 50% iron and 11% magnesium also added. To compensate for the erosion of human bone, eye, and other important tissue those mineral are valuable. Even here 210mg sodium and 300g potassium remain.
  • Fat: fats are also important to the human body what store the energy for future use. Oyster has 4.6g fat and here 5% are saturated and 15 of other fat (Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated) remain.

People may become shocked to know about the canned oyster that it contains 20% cholesterol. Actually, when it has cooked with other things, the ratio of cholesterol become down. And it became down to the healthy level.

People often consider oyster as a fancy food. But most of all among them are agree that it is delicious and healthy. It is good for the heart to even have less cholesterol. At the time of purchase oyster check that it has expired it date or not. Even remember the same thing after cooking that don’t serve food after a long time of cooking. Because this is the type of food that can be affected by bacteria easily. If those issues can be avoided then we appreciate oyster as idol food.

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