19 Best Portable Blender for Travel Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Portable Blender for Travel

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A portable blender will save you from haul out the big blender when you need just one serving of drink or morning shake before going to work. This tiny gadget is reasonably powerful as opposed to its size. Moreover, the best portable blender for travel can keep its service outside of the home.

Thinking about, where you can plug to run a blender outside? Well, there is a blender with USB connection, so your laptop even can charge up this mini blender and make a glass of freshly blended drink in seconds. USB blender review here let’s see.

In our joyful and hassle-free journey, we consider some blender that has a need-based feature.

5 Portable Blender for Travel from amazon best seller list

  • Should portable blender USB functioning.
  • Small travel blender
  • Smoothie maker with USB functioning.
  • Travel baby food blender.
  • Travel size blender.
  • Mini travel blender.
  • Portable battery blender

Here we selected 16 high-quality portable blenders for travel. These are versatile, affordable, and safe for long time usage.  Is Portable Blender Any Good? Seven ways you can be certain. Why Portable Blender had been so popular till now?  So check them out.

16 Best Portable Blender for Travel Reviews

1. Portable Blender TOPQSC Smoothie Blender USB Juicer Cup

The TOPQSC portable smoothie blender is an ultralight blender for those who are always in a rush. This blender gets charged through the USB port, and once full it can blend multiple times. The speed of this blender is 2000 rmp. 

It takes 20 mins to make a cup of perfect smoothie for one. The mixer comes with 500 of BPA-free plastic jar or bottles with 304 stainless steel four leaves blades. For charging it has 2.0 USB port also. TOPQSC has to juice specialty.  So we called it the best portable juice blender. It is also a portable bottle blender. 

On the other hand, you can choose a glass jar blender for a lovely journey. For USB-powered blender TOPQSC is the best for me. Its call also travels size smoothie blender. 

When you put inside ingredients and start to on button its runs for 5-20 mins depending on how much ingredients are inside to complete blending. 

If needed you can again begin the blending. The blender doesn’t come with any cup holder, nor the bled bottoms are detachable. You can clean it either inside a dishwasher or fill and blend it again with warm water.

Hope TopQSP small travel blender will be the best selection as Portable Blender.


  • The lid is a screw on easily. 
  • Holds a lot of liquid. 
  • The smallest blender for travel. 
  • Cute color and design. 
  • Safe for making baby foods. 
  • Fast operation with perfection. 


  •  No usable with hard ice cubes. 
  •   The blade is attached to the bottom. 

2. Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sports Bottle

Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender

Oster BLSTPB 250 is the best portable blender bottle. To get the complete performance of the Oster BLSTPB-WPK blender including a travel sports bottle. Its a 250watt blender and suitable to curs any fruits, vegetables, etc. in no time. For crushing the ice cube and other frozen ingredients, it can power up to 400watt.

The size of the blender is 15.25*5*5 inches and comes with 16 inches power cord. The weight of the blender is only 1 lbs. The colorful design and construction of the mixer are awe-inspiring. This individual size of the blender with a sports bottle fits your busy and fast lifestyle. With the single touch, it works nonstop to makes your favorite drink instants at work, gym or in the home.

The blender only has features for on and off, no pulse option/button to use. You have to hit the button and release it for a while to create a pulse. During the break, don’t forget to shake your bottle. BLSTPB 25 is a portable shake blender. 


  • BPA-free safe bottle.
  • Crush ice, frozen fruits and nuts easily.
  • A recipe book is also included.
  • Light, easy to use and beautiful color.
  • Affordable price.


  •   The blades are not detachable.
  •   Taking of the bottle is little hard from blender base.

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3. Magic Bullet Mini, High-Speed Blender, and Mixer

Magic Bullet Mini High-Speed Blender

 The name of Magic Bullet is known to almost everyone around the world. With the help of tv networks, Magic Bullet brand succeed to established their work, customer service and most important the versatility of this blender in earlier days.

That is why we had to include this Magic Bullet Mini. It’s a two-in-one gadget that can work as a blender and mixer. With the blender base, there is a mini cup, and the blending bottle comes with it; and makes a smoothie, puree, protein shake, milkshake or anything you want to make. Its also known as a travel magic bullet.

This blender’s size is 9*59* inches and weighs 3.28 pounds. Because of 2 cups and bottles, two lids and the blending motor it weighs this much. The bowl, container, and covers are made of BPA-free plastic and also easy to clean. The bled part of this magic bullet is separable and stays sharp for a long time.


  • Suitable to use every day for mixing, grinding and blending.
  • Takes only 10 sec to make a smoothie.
  • Blend dry ingredients very well along with the wet ingredients.
  • Ideal for 1-2 people.
  • Comes with a bonus recipe book.


  • Little pricey.
  • The cups are not dishwasher safe.
  • Ingredients often stuck on the bottom.

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 4. Portable Blender Single Serve Personal Blender

Portable Blender Single Serve Personal Blender

Now I’m telling a portable smoothie maker blender. Here is one of the versatile best portable blender in reasonable price. The Portable blender single serves personal blender perfect for making different type of shakes and smoothies. This one is very light and convenient in shape to travel with. it comes with a 400 ml BPA-free bottle with a well-fitted lid with feather of a portable personal blender.

This blender is a USB chargeable blender with 2000 mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. For the first time, it takes 2-3 hours to charge fully. Later one hour of charging is enough to keep it working. The blade bottom of this blender is removable so that you can clean the base separately. Compare to others this one comes with six high-grade stainless steel blends. These latest 22000 per minute and can pulverize vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients very smoothly.

In addition, the blender is a smart protection device; it has a magnetic sensing switch, dishwasher safe accessories, and a high-grade durable motor. Overall, quality kitchen appliances which also usable for outdoor use.


  •  Blend every item smoothly. 
  •  Lightweight, small, and easy to use. 
  •  Easily charged up from the laptop, computer or any other device with the USB port. 
  •  Includes very sharp six 3d blades. 
  •  Easy clean. 


  •  The cord is very short. 

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5. Hamilton Beach (51103) Blender with Travel Lid

Hamilton Beach Blender

 If you want to invest in a personal-size blender than the Hamilton Beach (51103) Blender is a perfect option to consider.

It has a 175 watt motor with 14 oz blending jar, a drinking lid, stainless steel cutting blades and a sturdy base. The blenders consist of an on/pulse button that is great for one-touch operation.

The blender has auto shut features that stop working after 5-20 sec depending on how much ingredients you fill in. The bottle lid has a drinking spout so one can directly sip from the bottle without pouring is a separate cup.

Another exciting feature of the blender is, it has sleek space to coil the power cord in the base.

The blades work fast to slice, crush or blend any fresh to frozen ingredients and make a perfect mixture that one can enjoy. The jar of the blender also works as a portable travel blender cup which fits in almost every car drink holder.


  • Work faster.
  • Nice ergonomic design.
  • One button blend including the plus option.
  • Easy to store also.
  • Six color options.


  • Not suitable to blend boiling hot coffee.
  • The lid leaks sometimes.

6. Portable Blender Mini Travel Juice cup Bbtops Fruit Mixer personal Size Battery Operated Juicer cup

Portable Blender Mini Travel Juice cup Bbtops

Here is another very affordable option for the best portable blender for travel. The Bbtops Fruit Mixer Personal Size Battery Operated Juicer Cup USB Charging Sports Juice Maker for daily and occasional drink making. The blender is made of safe food-grade materials and very powerful. It has safety features like sensing technology that won’t let the blades run if the bottle is not locked or appropriately attached. So its strongest portable blender. 

It comes with two batteries; these 4000 mAh dual batteries design would make 10 cups of juice once fully charged. Besides the other four bladed blenders, it has six sharp, powerful blades that easily slice or cut fruits and vegetables and blends them. But that does not mean it can handle whole or large cubes of fruits. You need to cut them one inch less shape for blending. 


  • Excellent for making a vegetable puree, baby food along with health drinks. 
  • Easy to carry on camping, gym, sports, and travel. 
  • Can make 10 cups of juice after one full charge. 
  • Easy to carry handle. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Vibrant color and beautiful design. 


  •  The bottle is small then advertise. 

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7. Golds Gym Supreme Strength Personal Power Blender 300 Watt with Travel Sports Bottle Silver

Golds Gym Supreme Strength Personal Power Blender

Gold’s gym a rewound brand for many health items offers a personal power blender that could solve your everyday nutritious drink-making problem. The Golden Gym Supreme strength personal power blender is a fantastic blender that works to blend hard to soft any piece of ingredients within no time. The mixer has the 300w motor that offers 20000 RPM speed each sec. Also, it has 1 mm stainless blades that work so great even crush dry ingredients like nuts seeds, etc. so you can make perfect smoothies and other health drinks in no time.

The size of the blender is 5*4.2*6.4 inches and weight 2 lbs. all the cup and lid of the mixers is asked of BPA-free plastic and usable for washing in the dishwasher.


  • Perfect size for one/two person.
  •  Handles ice cube and fruits very well.
  •  Dishwasher safe and scratch-proof lid and cups.
  •  Includes safety features don’t let the blades active until the jar not sit properly.
  •  Easy to cleaning.


  • Tiny drinking spout.
  • Some user complaints that is last less than one year.

8. Portable PopBabies Personal Blender With Rechargeable USB

Portable PopBabies Personal Blender

If you are a person who loves different shining colors in your kitchen, the deal is Portable PopBabies Smoothie Blender. The kitchen tool comes in Carolina Blue, a rare color in the kitchen. PopBabies best rechargeable portable blender nowadays.

Notable features with the Portable PopBabies blender, you simply put the ingredients, press, blend, and drink at ago.

  • The tool has a petite size that is considered one of the most compact sizes for a modern kitchen. You can use it at home, while traveling, in the office, or even in a commercial kitchen.
  • Portable PopBabies is strong. The blender is fitted with a powerful motor. Thanks to the motor, you can crush seeds, frozen fruits, and ice cubes among other things.
  • The kitchen tool has certification from responsible hygienic bodies such as RoHS, CE, and FDA.
  • You can wash the blender together with its cups inside a dishwasher without the fear of messing up with any of its components.
  • There are no worries when it comes to the time of using the machine. You can use it while charging.
  • Portable PopBabies is ideal for smoothies, shakes, baby food, and protein shakes.
  • You can use the tool whenever you want whether it is during charging or when you are traveling. The large-jar capacity helps you not to refill the reservoir every time.


  • Washable in a dishwasher.
  • Versatile because it can prepare a variety of cold drinks.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Excellent color.
  • Affordable.
  • Portable even when traveling.
  • Approved by responsible bodies.
  • Large jag.


  • Has a small opening.
  •  No cord.
  •  May leak after some time.

9. Oster My Blender BLSTPB-WBL 250W

Oster My Blender BLSTPB

Many people who work out each morning and evening need something to rehydrate them when they have lost water from their bodies. The only way to do so is to carry a nicely-prepared juice using Oster 250-Watt blender.

The blender is made in a way that makes it possible to prepare smoothies, protein shakes, and café grape among other drinks.

Notable Features

  • Oster BLSTPB-WBL has a 250-Watt is BPA free thus you should not be worried about your health and that of your loved ones.
  • The plastic container is made from a clear yet hard material that can withstand any harsh conditions.
  • With a staggering 20 oz capacity, the plastic jag is also dishwasher safe.
  • The kitchen juice-making tool has sharp and powerful stainless steel blades that have the ability to crush almost everything including ice cubes.
  • Oster 250W kitchen blender is convenient with easy-to-operated buttons. Even a young kid can operate the blender without a big deal.
  • For easy preparation of your juice, you simply fill the bottle with ingredients, and twist clockwise and wait for the specified time. The drink will be ready to serve in a matter of seconds.
  • As a health enthusiast, you may also appreciate the manufacturer’s 12-month warranty against any industrial defaults.


  • Does not consume a lot of electricity.
  • A large bottle jag that does not need constant refilling.
  • Health friendly thanks to a BPA free material.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Ideal for preparing a variety of smoothies and cold drinks.
  • Stainless steel blades do not rust.


  • Hard to open and clean.
  •  Contents may spill if lid not closed tightly.

10. Smoothie BILACA Single Serve Personal Blender

10. Smoothie BILACA Single Serve Personal Blender

Are you tired of blenders that slip from the table, counter, or kitchen cabinet when you are eagerly waiting for your drink? If this is what you’ve been going through, the answer is Smoothie BILACA blender.

The tool comes with a non-slip base that gives the blender maximum firmness that allows it to stay put even if you blend the whole day.

Notable Features

  • The manufacturer has put two bottles each containing 500ml to help you carry and drink your juice.
  • Smoothie BILACA is fitted with a 300W power motor that helps crush whatever ingredient put inside the blender.
  • While other blenders have still stainless steel blades, BILACA’s blades are detachable. You can remove the 4 blades, clean and sharpen them whenever you want, clean the container, and return then safely on their position.
  • The housing of any blender is also important. BILACA’s cabinet is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the material, the blender will survive for many years in spite of constant falls.
  • The blades, the bottles, and the 18 oz blender container come with lids. Thanks to the lids, it is safe to use the blender without the fear of incurring cuts from the blades. Besides, the lids help you not to spill your drink off the bottle and from the blender.


  • Extremely durable due to a stainless steel BPA-free body.
  •  It is safe to use the blender thanks to the blade lid.
  •  It does not spill the contents.
  •  The non-slip base assures you of safe and secure blending.
  •  Easy to clean because the blades are detachable.
  •  The in-built safety lock is an amazing feature. Unless you turn it, the machine won’t start.


  • Very noisy.
  •  Only dishwasher-friendly.

11. Hamilton Beach 51101AV 14-Oz Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach 51101AV 14-Oz Personal Blender

Many people are tired of using one type of blender for a long time. The worst of it is if the blender is available in one color. Thankfully, Hamilton Beach 14 oz personal blender is different.

The blender is available in 5 colors namely raspberry, black, red, Monaco blue, and white.

Notable Features

  • For fast and reliable blending, the kitchen appliance has a 175W motor that is capable of crushing fruits and making sweet milkshakes.
  • It is a one-touch blender thus you only need to place your ingredients inside the machine, click and you are good to go.
  • Hamilton Personal Blender has a 14 oz jar that comes with a suitable lid to prevent your ingredients from spilling. The interesting thing about the lid and the jar is that they are dishwasher friendly.
  • While other personal blenders come with additional containers such as cups and bottles, Hamilton’s jar serves as the jug, blender bottle, and cup. After blending your drink, you only turn to detach and you are good to go.
  • The item measures 5.2 inches x 4.2 inches x 12 inches and weighs 1.8 lbs. The entire blender body material is BPA free, making it hygienic and healthy to use.


  • Portable with no extra messes such as bottles or cups.
  • It is BPA free thus, you should not worry about health and hygienic implications.
  • The 175W motor saves you a lot in electricity usage.
  • You can carry it anywhere you want because it doesn’t need additional staff to use it.
  • The availability of different colors makes it a great tool for family members. Each can have the same brand with different colors.
  • The lid and the jar are dishwasher safe.


  • The 14 oz jar is small. It may need constant refilling.
  •  Not be ideal for ice cubes and frozen fruits.
  •  The motor may not run for a long time nonstop.

12. Portable 21-oz Single Serve Personal Blender (With Travel Lid)

12. Portable 21-oz Single Serve Personal Blender

Keyton, the maker of the blender ensures it produces quality appliances for home, office, and travel use. This time, it is with the 21 oz personal blender with a BPA free body. FDA and UL certify the blender.

Notable Features

  • The compact blender has the ability to crush whatever comes on its way be it ice cubes, mixed fruits, frozen fruits, and pulverize milk and protein shakes.
  • With a 300W motor, the blender is ideal for use in big restaurants and in busy kitchens.
  • Once you set up everything, you need not be present when the blender does its job. You need to touch on the start button and the blender works on its own.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.
  • The single-serve personal blender has a streamlined and sleek design, which makes it easy and possible for travel. Even when in your kitchen cabinet or office drawer, the personal blender adds décor to the surrounding.
  • Thanks to the 21-oz jar, you can carry the blender when going for personal exercises at the gym or when attending an outdoor sporting event. It has a sports cap, which you can remove anytime you want to drink your smoothie.
  • The blender measures 5” x 5” x 15” and weighs 2.7 pounds.


  • It has a large jar, which means you will prepare your drink once. No constant refilling needed.
  • It doesn’t need your presence to prepare your drink. With a touch on the button, you can be doing other things while the blender does its job.
  • The blender is dishwasher safe.
  • Sleek and streamlined design for easy and convenient carrying.
  • Powerful enough to crush and prepare a variety of drinks, smoothies, and shakes.
  • FDA and UL certify the blender thus no need to worry about health issues.
  • It does not overheat!


  • It is heavy.
  • The drinking hole is small.

13. USB Safety Electric Portable Blender for Juice With 420-530ml Bottle

USB Safety Electric Portable Blender for Juice

If you are a person who loves colored appliances in your kitchen, USB Electric Safety fruit juicer is the right thing for you. The blender has a sleek and compact design with a pink color.

Notable Features

  • The blender is pink but you can find other colors you can choose such as red, black, and green.
  • USB Electric Safety blender has rechargeable batteries, a USB port, and a mini body that is ideal for any outdoor activities. Thanks to the features, you can carry the blender when shopping, traveling and watching a match from the field.
  • Made from a high-quality material that is environmentally friendly. The food-grade PP has low inflation, high strength, extra transmittance, high-temperature resistance, and high hardness.
  • All the blades in the blender are made from stainless steel, which is a quality material that ensures no rusting.
  • Holds up to 530mls.
  • You cannot use the blender while charging it.


  • Safe to use because you must first charge it to full charge then use it. You cannot use it while you are still charging it.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The blender is waterproof.
  • Compact and portable design makes it easy to carry it around.
  • Weighs only 22.9 oz.
  • The blender comes with a manual to guide you on how to use it.
  • Stays for a long time before you recharge it.
  • It is easy to use the blender thanks to the manual.
  • You do not have to worry about the heat because the material doesn’t heat.


  •  Small bottle capacity.
  •  May waste your time if not fully charged because you must charge it before you use it.

14. Hamilton Beach 51102 Personal Blender Ideal For Smoothies and Shakes

Hamilton Beach 51102 Personal Blender

Hamilton will stop at nothing in producing the world’s best portable blenders. The latest in the market is Hamilton 51102, a 14oz personal blender for shopping, traveling, and going to the gym.

One of the things you will appreciate about this blender is it has a lid that once locked, does not allow contents inside the blender to spill.

Notable Features

  • The blender is available in five unique colors namely, raspberry, Monaco blue, black, white, and red.
  • There is no much difference between Hamilton 51101AV and Hamilton Beach 51102. The two blenders use a 175W motor to crush ingredients into what you want to drink.
  • To operate it, you simply need to press on a button, sit back and wait for your shake, smoothie, or for your ice cube to be crushed.
  • The machine comes with a 14-oz bottle, which you can use as a cup when the juice is ready to drink.
  • Hamilton Beach 51102’s lid is one of the standing out features you will love. Once you lock the lid, you will be sure the juice in the bottle is safe no matter how far you travel.
  • The design is compact, ideal for those who stay in small and squeezed spaces.
  • While people struggle to ensure whether their health is okay, Hamilton Beach 51102’s body is made from a bisphenol A-free material. This means you do not have to worry about your health.


  • BPA-free.
  • It has a compact design, which is a better option for those in small spaces.
  • It does not spill its contents.
  • Allows for quick and easy drinking thanks to the lid with spout.
  • The lids and the jar are dishwasher friendly.
  • For easy storage, the blender comes with a wrap at its cord.
  • The sturdy base allows for stability whether you are storing the item or using it.
  • Does not consume a lot of electricity thanks to the 175W motor.


  • Small capacity.
  • May not crush a variety of things such as ice cubes and frozen fruits.
  • Emits a chemical smell when in use.

15. Smoothies Blender Personal Size 300 Watt Travel Sports Bottle (Black)

Smoothies Blender Personal Size

This blender is highly versatile, suitable for blending different types of food not just fruits.

Notable Features

  • Made from food-grade material that is BPA-free to protect you from any illnesses.
  • It has a high-quality motor made from copper that does not cheap with continuous use.
  • Can pulverize ice, blend regular vegetables and fruits as well as harder vegetables like carrots and beets.
  • Weighs only 3 pounds and is only 9 inches in height, making it highly portable.
  • It comes with a travel lid that is spill-proof so that you can comfortably carry it to the office, gym or to school.
  • Easy and safe to use, only working when the bottle is fixed into the LOCK position in the blender.
  • Protected from overheating.


  • The blending bottle doubles up as a portable drinking bottle.
  • Fits a variety of blending needs, from baby food to smoothies to food mashing.
  • The bottle is highly portable and compatible with many drink holders in most cars.
  • Made from high-quality Tritan material. The material is BPA-free thus, will not put your health in danger.
  • The bottle is light and can be comfortably carried around even when working out in the gym or when jogging.
  • The 4-leaf blade is made from stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and durable.
  • Reduced chances of injury and food wastage since the blender only works when locked in place.


  • The bottle is slim in the middle and food is stuck easily at the top.
  • The sipping opening is a bit small for larger chunks of food.

16. La Reveuse Smoothies Blender

La Reveuse Smoothies Blender

Another high-quality blender from La Reveuse is this versatile blender meant for all types of food and even ice. On the affordable side, this blender gives more that it costs.

Notable Features

  • The sports bottle is highly portable and doubles up as the blending container.
  • The blending jar is made from high-quality Tritan material that is also BPA-free.
  • The blending jar can hold up to 18 ounces or 550ml of liquid.
  • The copper motor is powered by 300 watts of power, making it fast.
  • It can blend a variety of food materials, from hard solids like carrots to softer fruits like avocados.
  • It only weighs 3 pounds and has dimensions of 3” x 9”.
  • It has a simple operation mechanism, only needing to be placed and twisted so that it locks into place.


  • Easy and safe to operate, only working once the locking mechanism is activated.
  • The blade is made from stainless steel which is durable and will not be affected by rust.
  • A strong blade that can pulverize even hard food materials like apples and carrots.
  • The blender jar doubles up as a bottle that can be comfortably carried to work, school or during a workout.
  • The blending jar is dishwasher safe.
  • The material of the jar is BPA-free and safe for consumption for both adults and children.
  • The water bottle fits in with most drink holders in cars.
  • It can easily blend frozen fruits.


  • The middle part of the blending jar is slim, making it easy for bigger pieces of food to get stuck and slow down blending.

17. Sboly Smoothier Blender

 Sboly Smoothier Blender

Whether you want to make a healthy smoothie to push you through the day, pulverize ice for a drink or puree your baby’s food, this is the blender for you.

Notable Features

  • Made from high-quality Tritan material that is BPA-free to protect from adverse health effects.
  • Features one-touch operation where you lock the blending jar into place and simply touch one button to power the blender.
  • 300-watt motor gives the blades a high speed that can blend any type of food material.
  • The blending jar doubles up as a portable bottle and cup.
  • Silent operation despite the powerful motor.
  • It has 4 stainless steel blades for high blending capabilities.
  • It has a feature to prevent overheating and facilitate automatic recovery.
  • The blending jar can fit up to 20 ounces of solid and liquid materials.
  • It comes with a silicone ice cube tray for a readily cold drink.
  • Packaged with a bottle brush for easy washing of the blender.
  • All the materials are dishwasher safe except for the part holding the motor.


  • High-quality stainless steel blades that easily cut through food materials of any type of hardness.
  • BPA-free construction removes the chances of illness.
  • Fits food material of up to 600ml, fit for a full day of drinking.
  • The high-powered motor is also silent and can be used comfortably in the office or school.
  • Highly portable, suitable for working out in the gym or moving around within the car.
  • Additional materials like a silicone ice tray give the blender.
  • Multitasking capabilities and reduce blending time.
  •   The parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher to maintain hygiene.


  •      It does not adequately crush larger pieces of ice or fruit.

18. Mialoe Portable Blender

Mialoe Portable Blender

If you are looking for a portable blender that combines great working capabilities with a beautiful design, then this is the blender for you.

Notable Features

  • Blending cup made from toxic-free food-grade material that is also eco-friendly.
  • Features 6 3D blending blades for maximum capabilities.
  • The blender cup comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery to power several blending cycles.
  • Comes equipped with a USB cable so that you can recharge your blender through a regular power socket or through your phone or laptop.
  • 3 magnetic sensors under the body of the cup that attract the magnets on the machine. 


  • Six stainless steel blades to grind and blend food material into a smooth paste.
  • The powerful motor makes it easy to blend even hard food materials in a short time.
  • Large battery powers several blending cycles without needing a recharge.
  • Portability increases as it can be recharged by any sort of USB machine like a laptop or a phone.
  • The magnetic sensors ensure that the cup is in place before the machine works, ensuring safety.
  • Features in-built automatic recovering and self-cooling capabilities to ensure a long life-cycle.
  • A strainer at the top sees to it that larger debris does not get into the cup and harm the blades.
  • The motor is silent and can be used discreetly even when out and about.
  • It can hold up to 380 ml of food material.


  • You have to peel the fruits before blending especially if they have a lot of fiber.
  • Only one power mode, taking longer for bulkier fruits.

19. Cozibot Portable Blender

Cozibot Portable Blender

This item is completely different in appearance from the other items on our list. It looks like a hot water flask, making it incredibly unique and highly functional.

Notable Features

  • The blender measures 3.2” diameter by 8.75” height and weighs 1.09 pounds, making it highly portable.
  • Cone-shaped blending cup.
  • 2 high-powered blades for blending, grinding and pureeing.
  • Sealed with silicone rings around the blending cup and the base of the motor.
  • Detachable cup and motor base.
  • It has a safety protection lock and requires two button pushes to start.
  • 4000 mAh rechargeable battery with a battery level indicator.


  • The double-push button design for startups prevents any accidental startups which can be dangerous.
  • The silicone rings around the cup and the motor prevent any liquid from leaking out.
  • A locking mechanism ensures that the blender does not run until the cup clicks into place
  • 4000 mAh rechargeable battery enables up to 20 blending cycles without needing a recharge
  • It comes with a micro-USB for recharging using a phone charger or other machines like a laptop
  • 2 blades ensure maximum blending performance while using power economically to prevent wastage
  • Weighs just a little bit more than 1 pound, making it very portable for using when working out or while in the office.
  • Designed to prevent staining by colored fruits like carrots and to make it easy to clean
  • It is mint green in color, making it attractive and fashionable to carry around.


  • Battery drains if not used daily.
  • It comes with detailed specifications for loading which if ignored can be disastrous for the blender

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Q- Can this blender could blender leafy greens?

A- Yes, they can blend any chopped and frozen greens like baby spinach, kale, celery, etc.

Q- Are these travel blenders safe for making baby formula?

A- If the travel blender bottle is made of glass or any BPA-proof and FDA-approved materials then yes.

Q-How durable these blenders are?

A- If maintain a portable blender properly would last 3-7 years.

Q- Is it ok to blend hot stuff inside the portable blenders?

A- You add warm liquids to makes your drinks. But boiling liquids are not an option here.

Where can I buy a Portable blender?

To shop for any of those best portable shops you have a lot of options.

Your nearest electrical goods store, super shop (Target, Walmart, etc.) offers these and other brands of travel-friendly single blender/mixer at a different price. Also, an e-commerce site like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and others offers this type of mixtures as well.

If you click the link given here for specific products and get direct access to Amazon’s page to learn about the product and buy it instantly.

Why Did People like this portable USB blenders?

Suppose from now you can carry your whole refrigerator during camping or at the office, how cool would be that?

No, the technology does not improve that much neither the magic that makes it happen but you have a little option to make instant juice, smoothie or anything from scratch.

A portable USB blender not only produces fresh juice but also they let you carry the entire product anywhere anytime.

A single-serve little mixture let you make one or two serving of fresh drink with its tiny powerful bled bottom that could surprise your partner and co-workers by sure.

If you are a gym-rat and need to take healthy drinks like protein shake, and all, sooner or later you will need and love it.

Also, many people with a particular health issue or those who are on a diet or have a baby need to use a portable mixture to get fresh instant and healthy food and drink anytime indoor or outdoor.

But all you need is to have a supply of fresh small cut fruits, vegetables, and liquid.

How to get the most out of a portable blender?

We all know how to use a blender. Still, you should learn everything when you got a new electric product in your hand.

The best thing is to read the user manual of it, get info about how to take care of it. It will help you to understand how to get the most service/performance out of a gadget too.

Here are some essential factors we share that you should before using a portable blender. Have a look below.

  1. Fill 2/3rd of the blending battle to make juice, smoothies, pure, baby formula or protein shakes.
  2. Always make sure the lid is tightly on and securely attach to the motor base.
  3. Don’t use the bottle in microwaves.
  4. Don’t fill the container with hot water/milk/coffee.
  5. Shake the bottle while it’s running. If the ingredients are filled in highest point take a 2 sec interval/pulse shake the blender and then start it again.
  6. Add the liquid ingredients first and then add fruits and leafy vegetables inside the jar.
  7. Once the blending is done, before open the bottle from the motor base, turn the blender upside down and carefully detach the container.
  8. When you are going to clean it fills the container half of water and few drops of liquid soap. Turn the lid on tightly and then run the motor for 510 sec. All the dirt will come off quickly.
  9. After cleaning the blender dry everything well with a paper towel or clean towel before storing them.
  10. If you use it outside of the home, after using it make sure its at least clean with water to prevent unwanted odor and yeast build up.

Final thoughts

Our editor’s pick for the best portable blender is Portable Blender Single Serve Personal Blender. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB connection to power the blender. The best thing about the mixer is straightforward to use and carry anywhere. You can make all kinds of drinks for one in this and carry the bottle in your bag if you don’t want to take the motor base. Besides, it’s affordable and lasts for a long time.

Overall, all the 8 best portable blenders for travel reviews gives here is suitable for use every day or in different occasion. So, find your right one and enjoy testy healthy juice, shake, etc. at any time.


8 thoughts on “19 Best Portable Blender for Travel Reviews and Buying Guide”

  1. Jennifer Reynolds

    Your article provided some useful tips, thank you. However, what are your testing procedures? Do you actually test the products or just base the info on other people’s reviews from Amazon? I noticed all the products featured are Amazon products. Is that because you are affiliated with Amazon? Unfortunately these days many reviews are biased or fake so one can no longer read them with confidence. I’d love to find a reputable honest blog site that I can count on for reviews with confidence. A site more focused on facts and personal experience so they can provide helpful nonbiased info and not solely focused on pay. The internet is overrun with blogs making claims on this and that but very few actually test or have first-hand experience. Instead, they just compile lists based on info that they can’t corroborate. It’s hard to tell another’s tone via written words but I don’t mean any disrespect nor accusations. I truly just want to know how you based your decisions on what’s best?

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