5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Juicer

Best Results In Juicer

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You have brought a juicer for kitchen and now want to taste the deliciousness of the juiced fruits and vegetables. Well, you can use the juicer right out of the pack and be satisfied. However, if you want to maximize the delicacy of your juicing ingredients, you need to know the tricks to get the best out of your juicer.

To help you with the cause, we will discuss 5 little tricks to achieve the best results in juicer to taste the fresh delicacy and taste, even without any recipes.

We have included easy to apply tips, flavor balance and mixing tips as well as the texture of the different ingredients to maximize the effects of the juicer.

So, let’s get-go!

Difference Between Juicer and Mixer

Before we start talking of the tricks and tips for the juicer, here’s a little focus on the differences between a juicer and mixer.

This discussion is enormously essential since many people consider a juicer, a mixer or blender or even a smoothie machine the same. Also, many people think that putting the fruits and vegetables in the juicer or mixer will yield the same result.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that this is a BIG HOAX. You can whiz up your favorite juicing ingredients in a blender or mixer and expect the same result as you used to get from a juicer. Also, the thickness of the juice will vary.

A smoothie machine will come up with the thicker result and maintain the texture rigidly, whereas a juicer is made to bring the most of the liquids from the juicing ingredients. Also, a juicer won’t work with all vegetables and fruits such as herbs, and leafy greens. So, you need to work separately with a juicer and smoothie machine to maximize the effect.

What’s more, the proper use of the kitchen appliances will increase life too.

5 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Juicer

When we talk about achieving the best result from your juicer, remember that it is mainly about blending the different flavors properly. Also, the focus is on getting the most liquids out of the ingredients through the squeezing.

Almost little or no attention is essential for the juice texture. It is because, in the majority of cases, the juice texture maintains an optimal level unless gone horribly wrong. Also, a custom-tailored juice gives you the freedom to pick the right proportion of sweetness, sour or nuttiness in the juice.

However, all these are dependent on the right use of the juicer at your kitchen. So, here we bring the five most useful and practical tricks on the juicer to get the most out of the kitchen appliance.

1.Maintain a Standard Formula:

When you want a really good and tasty and most importantly, a healthy juice, it has a common formula. The formula is focused on mixing an array of different flavors and ingredients. It contains the following flavors and tastes-

  • Something sweet,
  • Something tart,
  • Something high-yield
  • Something earthy,

And maybe a bit of herbaceous or spicy.

However, it may vary slightly depending on your taste buds. Also, you may want to add some nuttiness on the juice too. Whatever may be your delicacy preference, we have enlisted standard and favorite ingredients here. However, even this one isn’t perfect since the choices are indeed endless.

Earthy: The earth flavor mostly includes greens and root vegetables. The green veggies broadly include spinach, kale, beet greens, whereas, root vegetables include celeriac, sweet potatoes, and turnip.

Sweet flavor: The sweet taste mostly includes almost every kind of fruits you may imagine off instantly. It may be an apple, melons, grapes, pineapples, oranges, kiwis, pears, berries, etc. It is to be remembered that some of these fruits will also serve as citrus ingredients for your juice.

Tart: Tart or sourness adds a superior difference in the juice delicacy. You can opt for limes or lemons as the source of the tart.

Greens vegetables: If you don’t mind tasting some healthy greens, we recommend you using broccoli, dandelion, mustard green, lettuce, kale and spinach. It will add a different flavor and bring extreme color variation too.

Herbs: Although many people dislike eating herbs, these are high in nutrients and also, serve as herbal medicine. You can seek for mint, cilantro, basil, or parsley for juices.

High-yield: These ingredients are ideal for getting the most liquids out of them and maximize the juice amount. These high-yield items broadly include melons, celery, tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers and more. Also, if you want to serve juices for many people, we recommend these items highly.

Spicy: Do you love Asian spices? If yes, you can mix some hot peppers, green peppers or gingers with the juice. Nonetheless, use them judiciously.

Since you have the liberty to choose from such a wide range of ingredients, the variations of the juice is virtually limitless.

2.Less Experiment and be More traditional:

This tip may sound like a weird one but is effective. We recommend you to mix those food ingredients for the juice that you are comfortable at eating. Yes, it feels like a commonsense, but not many people follow it always.

We have, in fact, observed many people mixing whatever they get around them in the juicer and results into an awful taste. Hence, you should be strict to those juicing items which you regularly eat and the taste bud is ready to welcome them gleefully.

So, when you own a juicer, focus on being traditional instead of experimental. Just know that if a vegetable makes a good salad, the chances are high that it will also make a good juice. You will only need to alter the amounts in the juicer- that’s it.

Oh yes, don’t forget to add a high-yield ingredient, so it fills up your glass.

3.Should you Peel or Leave it as it is?

This is a common question with a tricky answer. Many people are confused about their juicing ingredients and ask whether or not they should peel the ingredients. Many people prefer keeping the skin, and it is fine as long as you find it tasty. We have observed many people even to keep the pineapple skin on during the juicing process.

Also, if you don’t like peeling off the skin, make sure the vegetables and fruits are grown organic. It will help you get a healthy juice.

Nonetheless, the following list includes ingredients that you must peel before use:

  • Waxed products
  • Citrus fruits: It will remove the tangy oil and also the skin bitterness.
  • Kiwis
  • Also, peeling some ingredient might bring a visually astute result.

So, the choice truly depends on your preference.

4.Don’t Forget the Proper Balancing:

While watermelon is a high-yield ingredient, you shouldn’t use watermelon for the juice only. That’s being said; it is advised that you maintain a proper balancing between the high-yield and high-potent ingredients.

Also, adding a bit of ginger, green pepper or salt in the juicer will bring a different taste and flavor that you would cherish. Again, watch out the behavior of the ingredients in the juicer for the maximized results.

Finally, always maintain a proper balance between the intense items and flexible mellow items. It will not only give a friendly vibe but also keep the juicer in good condition.

5.What About Leafy Greens?

Many people like to drink juices of leafy greens these days, mainly because of their health values. And when you use leafy greens, there’re mostly three flavors you can play with for the juice. Lettuce and mints roughly fall under the natural flavor.

Arugula, dandelion, and mustard are considered as the source of peppery flavor. Finally, chard, kale, and green beets add up to the list of earthy flavor.

The neutral or natural flavor is the easiest to work with and goes well with almost juicing ingredients. And when you use the earthy taste, don’t forget about the cajoling. Last but not least, the peppery flavors are incredibly and ardently impossible to hide.

So, when you use peppery flavors as a casual item just like the star of the show. Also, you can avoid them entirely if you don’t like the taste.

People are fanatic of using kale and mint in almost all of their juice and smoothies items. These bring both positivity and negativity in the forefront. The right side is that if used correctly and in a balanced way, kale and mint are perfectly suitable for your juice recipes. And the wrong side is that if used injudiciously, these can feel like an angry mob fighting hard in your stomach.

The Bottom Line:

A juicer is a handy kitchen appliance to help you maintain a healthy diet for an improved lifestyle. And to boost your health, we have introduced these 5 little tricks to achieve the best results in juicer with the least effort.

When you apply these tips and suggestions, you will reach us to say thanks for helping the taste buds tasting something unique and delicious. Also, these tips will help you use the most of every juice ingredients, which is a plus point too.


The 5 little tricks to achieve the best results in juicer include balancing the flavor, working with the green leaves and decision making about the peeling.

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