9 Best Range Hood Under Cabinet Reviewed Buying Guide and FAQ

Best Range Hood Under Cabinet Reviewed

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Ever wondered why people are taken ill to hospitals for smoke choking? Well, you can avoid this by installing the best range hood under cabinet. With market offering a variety of such devices, with exceptional features, you have no idea how installing one such a gadget will help your family save a lot of money and forget about the agony of rushing to the hospital or calling for an ambulance at a time you need to take dinner with your family. But you may ask, what is a range hood? Is there a difference between a range hood, exhaust hood, and a kitchen hood? Does your family really need a range hood? So, we study the best range hood under cabinet for your lovely kitchen.

In this article, I will try as much as I could to answer those and other questions. Besides, I will give you a detailed description of 9 best range hood under cabinets in the market, how to stick a range hood to the wall/ceiling, and a few frequently asked questions. Before I give you my final thoughts about these important kitchen appliances, I will also point out to some of the features you need to look at before you purchase a range hood. Without further ado, it is time to start with first things first …

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9 Top Range Hood Under Cabinet At A Glance

I have listed here the top 9 rang hood under cabinet for at a glance. You will find details product information and reviews for  every rang hood under this section. Here is just a list. 

The 9 Best Range Hood Under Cabinet Appliances You Must See

Whether you have used a range hood under your kitchen cabinet or not, the fact is this kitchen appliance is very important. Once installed, you or your family will not complain of kitchen smoke or food smell when cooking. The air in the kitchen will remain fresh and the environment will be conducive forever. It is with that in mind that you need to explore what the market offers when it comes to the best range hood under cabinet.

1. Cosmo 30-Inch 5MU30 200-CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood 

COSMO COS-5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood Ductless Convertible...
  • Built with cutting edge technology and with the utmost of care,...
  • SLIM SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Slim profile saves space. Great for...
  • EFFICIENT YET QUIET: 3-speed motor, with a noise level as low as...
  • SUPERIOR MULTI-LAYER FILTRATION: Durable reusable aluminum mesh...
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED PARTS: Our customer support team is based proudly...

When planning for your kitchen, a few things should come to mind, namely, saving space, the amount of work needed to install the range hood, and whether you need to hire an expert or not. You need a range hood under cabinet that is slim enough to help you save space in a room that is already filled with several things. This kitchen tool is ideal for big kitchen whether you live in an apartment or condo.

Product Information:

you cannot hear any loudness when the range hood under cabinet is filtering your kitchen air. In addition, you can use it for back or top venting.

The maximum noise level for this range hood is approximately 56dB. Whether you have a duct or not, you can still use this range hood at your kitchen. Besides, there is also an option of carbon filter kit.

To trap more oil and grease, the range hood under cabinet comes with reusable aluminum filter. The range hood features two bright LED lights with each of them able to save a lot of energy because they are 3W each.

Five easy to operate buttons for controlling the machine are placed where you can easily access them. The machine operates on 120V with 3-prong plug and for exhaust, the range hood for under cabinet fits a 5” round duct.


  • Quiet.
  • Ultra light and easy to install.
  • Dishwasher-friendly filters.
  • Brightly lit with inbuilt LED lights.


  • The fan may be stuck along the way.
  • The lights are at the back, something that hinders lighting a bit.

My View

Because of the 3W bright LED bubs, easy of installing, dishwasher-friendliness, and it is quiet operation, this range hood is ideal for big and small kitchens.

2. Cosmo 5MU36 36-in Under-Cabinet Range-Hood 200-CFM

COSMO COS-5MU36 Under Cabinet Range Hood Ductless Convertible Duct,...
  • Built with cutting edge technology and with the utmost of care,...
  • SLIM SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Slim profile saves space. Great for...
  • EFFICIENT YET QUIET: 3-speed motor, with a noise level as low as...
  • SUPERIOR MULTI-LAYER FILTRATION: Durable reusable aluminum mesh...
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED PARTS: Our customer support team is based proudly...

Do not confuse Cosmo 5MU36 with Cosmo 5MU30. These two have almost similar features but there are subtle differences. For instance, this one comes with a backdraft damper, whereas 5MU30 does not. This and other premium features makes Cosmo 5MU36 one of the best range hood under cabinets you need to check out. Besides, you are sure of having a quality range hood that measure 36 inches, a universal size for quality ring hoods.

Product Information:

With excellent multi-layer filtration, reusable aluminum mesh filters, and 430-grade of the best stainless steel material, this 36” best range hood for under cabinet will be the ideal thing for your kitchen.

To help you control the machine effectively, the manufacturer has put 5 buttons. For enhanced visibility even at night, the range hood is fitted with high lumen LED lights. In addition, it comes with a backdraft damper, manual, and mounting kit.

PS. Only compatible with 5” round duct vent to remove the unwanted fumes from the kitchen


  • Reusable filters.
  • Easy to mount and install.
  • Bodywork is made from stainless steel, which does not rust.
  • Thanks to multi-layer filtration, the makes ensures clean environment.


  • You may require additional stuff to install such as HVAC tape.
  • The predrilled holes for installing may not match your kitchen setting thus be required to drill other holes.

My View

Five buttons that are easy to operate and a place where everybody can see is one of the main features that make me recommend this product. Besides, it is easy to mount this range hood on your kitchen wall or under cabinet. However, you have to contend with a one round duct.

3. Hauslane 30” Chef Series PS18 Range Hood Under Cabinet

Hauslane, Chef Series 30" PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood, Stainless...
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Whether you’re remodeling your entire...
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Lingering odors in your kitchen? A thing of the...
  • SAVE MONEY W/ 3-WAY VENTING: Keep your project simple and save...
  • HIGHLY-CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Customize its performance through...
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN AND USE: Simply pop the easy-to-remove stainless...

If you are looking into having the best ring hood under cabinet with stainless body but a matt white base, then you have the answer. Hauslane, the manufacturer of Hauslane Chef Series, a 30” range hood have your best interests at heart. The range hood features a contemporary design thus you will worry less when it comes to designing. Apart from the design, the other thing you will love about this range hood under cabinet is the digital screen that lights up interchangeably, something that illuminates the kitchen with beautiful colors.

Product Information:

The body of Hauslane Chef Series is made from full-grade stainless steel and comes with a bright digital screen that illuminates the kitchen. The machine features 6-speed setting, which enable you customize the machine’s noise level as well as suction power.

It is one of the most powerful range hoods in the market with a whopping 860 CFM with a nice shut-off delay. In addition, it come with reusable dishwasher-safe stainless steel filters, and features a 3-way venting namely rectangular, round, and vertical.

The product weights approximately 41 pounds.


  • Easy to remove and clean stainless steel filters.
  • Highly illuminating LED lights.
  • Powerful motor for suctioning.
  • With six speeds, the suction, and venting power is immeasurable.


  • It is rather noisy.
  • Sticky label inside the vent is hard to remove.

My View

If I were asked to vote for the best powerful range hood under cabinet from my list, I’d say it is Hauslane 30” Chef Series PS18 Range Hood Under Cabinet. Although it is heavy, the machine works perfect. It has a powerful motor with a whopping 860 CFM. That is really powerful.

4. Broan-NuTone 413004 Ductless 30” Range Hood Insert 

No products found.

Chances are your kitchen is brightly-lit, which is a good thing. However, upon installing Broan-NuTone, 413004 Ductless Range Hood, you are likely to improve how your kitchen looks like especially at night. Apart from sucking out bad smell and smoke from your kitchen, this best range hood under the cabinet will help improve ventilation, breathing, and lighting in your kitchen.

Product Information:

The range hood is fitted with incandescent lighting system that accepts up to 75W bulbs (although not included). Thanks to the lighting system, the protective lamp lens has the ability to distribute the bright light evenly not only on the stove or cook top alone but also in the whole kitchen.

Comes with replaceable charcoal filters, 2-speed fan for cleaning the air in the room and the bodywork is made from stainless steel, a non-rusting material that blends with many kitchenware. Besides, the range hood has separate rocker switches so that you can be able to know what to put on or not.

The ring hood measures approximately 30 inches but you need to place it at least some 18 inches over the cook top for nice results.


  • Lightweight at only 10 pounds.
  • Made from rust-free material.
  • Easy to control thanks to the separate control switches.
  • No sharp edges thus you can easily fit under the cabinet.


  • Comes with only 12 months limited warranty.
  • Fairly hard to install. You may require an expert to help.

My View

This is the lightest range hood for under cabinet on my list. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time hiring an expert, I’d say this is the right appliance for you. The edges are smooth thus no scratches on your cabinet.

5. Cosmo QS75 30-Inch 900-CFM Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Ring Hood

COSMO COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with 500 CFM, Permanent...
  • COMMERCIAL SIZED: Heavy duty range hood for residential use built...
  • EASY TO CLEAN FILTERS: Cosmo’s ARC-FLOW Stainless Steel...
  • EFFICIENT AIRFLOW: Featuring 500 CFM airflow, backlit...
  • ENERGY SAVING LIGHTS: The energy-efficient, 1.5-watt LEDs are...
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED PARTS: Our customer support team is based proudly...

If you are tired of buying batteries to operate your range hood, then it is high time you shifted to the new Cosmo QS75 30-Inch 900-CFM best ring hood for under cabinet. This range hood will give you easy time to not only install but also to operate. The only thing you need to contend with for now is its weight.

Product Information:

Contemporary design that features a pro-style canopy, backlit touchscreen that ensure your cook top and the kitchen will be lit for as long as the ring hood is on, and durable yet permanent filters are some of the things you expect on this range hood.

The machine features a 4-speed fan that helps clear bad odor from the kitchen fast. In order to provide better visibility during the night, the ring hood under cabinet comes with 1.5W bulbs. In addition, it features twin centrifugal power motors, and comes with 5-year limited warranty.


  • Dishwasher-friendly filters.
  • Rounded corners reduces head scrapes
  • The ring hood has a backlit touchscreen that is so bright during the night.
  • Promotes beauty and ambience to the kitchen thanks to the model’s sophistication and pro-style canopy.


  • Extremely heavy to carry.
  • The instruction manual is not elaborate.

My View

If you are looking at a machine that lights up your kitchen, removes unwanted odor and gas from your kitchen, and promotes the beauty and splendor of your kitchen, this is the right machine. However, if you have to contend with product weight if you are forced to install it alone.

6. Broan-NuTone 403001 Convertible Range Hood Insert with Incandescent Light

Broan-NuTone 30-inch Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hood with 2-Speed...
  • 30-INCH UNDER-CABINET RANGE HOOD INSERT: Fits neatly underneath...
  • IMPROVES KITCHEN AIR QUALITY: Provides a MAX 210 CFM and 6.5...
  • INTEGRATED LIGHTING: Built-in light with protective lens accepts...
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE FILTER: One-piece dishwasher-safe aluminum grease...
  • CONVERTIBLE INSTALLATION: Designed with a 3.25" x 10" ducted...

This is the second time you are seeing Broan-NuTone on my list. Chances are, you will see more from this brand. For good reasons, the manufacturer is doing some great work. For instance, you have seen that this range hood has a highly effective incandescent lighting that features a protective lamp, which has the ability to illuminate the entire kitchen. In fact, you don’t need to depend on regular lights when at the kitchen because range hood’s is so bright.

Product Information:

The range hood for under cabinet comes with installed 6.5 Sones and ducted opening, which feature horizontal or vertical discharge. You don’t need batteries to operate the machine.

It comes with 2-speed fan that gives you the option to use rear or top exhausts. Like other Broan-NuTone range hoods, this one also measures 30 inches and needs to be installed at least 18 inches above the stove or cook top.

The machine and most of its parts are dishwasher-safe. Lighting compartment can accommodate up to 75W energy-safer bulbs. Broan-NuTone 403001 weighs approximately 12 pounds.


  • Easy to fix even when alone.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The bulb compartment can accommodate up to 75W energy-saving bulbs.
  • You do not need to light your kitchen main bulb because the light from the ring hood for under cabinet is bright.


  • Sometimes the package misses mounting bolts.
  • You may need to add extra brackets, which is another expense.

My View

 Broan-NuTone 403001is among the lightest range hoods for under the cabinet I have seen. You can comfortably install it even if you have no prior knowledge.

7. Broan-NuTone F403004 30” Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Convertible Range Hood Insert with Light

Broan-NuTone F403004 Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet Two-Speed Four-Way...
  • 30-INCH UNDER-CABINET RANGE HOOD INSERT: Fits neatly underneath...
  • IMPROVES KITCHEN AIR QUALITY: Provides a MAX 230 CFM and 6.5...
  • INTEGRATED LIGHTING: Built-in light with protective lens accepts...
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE FILTER: One-piece dishwasher-safe aluminum grease...
  • 4-WAY CONVERTIBLE INSTALLATION: Installs as 3.25" x 10" vertical...

If you have been looking for a quality range hood for your kitchen cabinet, then don’t miss this one. You have what you have been craving for. With easy to clean and maintain aluminum filters, you can never go wrong when you want to clean the air, smoke, and grease from your kitchen.

Product Information:

This product features a 3.25 inches by 10 inches horizontal or vertical duct and operates at 6.5 Sones and 160 CFM. It however, has an additional 7-inch round duct that operates at 190 CFM.

Comes with protective lamp that has a lens that spreads light evenly across the room. The lighting compartment has the ability to accommodate bulbs of up to 75W, a 2-speed powerful fan, and a 4-way convertible system.

Separate rocker switch controls the appliance’s lighting system.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to install. You do not need to hire an expert.
  • Replaceable mesh filter that are dishwasher-friendly.
  • The lighting is bright and distributes evenly.


  • Stainless seams do not come filled.
  • Fan blades are made of plastic, which maybe cheap.

My View

If you are looking for an inexpensive range hood, this is the ideal piece. It will never give you problems with lighting because the bulbs are bright. Besides, the fan features two speeds that make the work of removing bad odor easy.

8. Cosmo 5U30 30-Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood (250 CFM)

COSMO 5U30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with Ducted/Ductless...
  • Built with cutting edge technology and with the utmost of care,...
  • SLIM SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Slim profile range hood saves space....
  • EFFICIENT YET QUIET: 3-speed motor, with noise level as low as 40...
  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION: Durable reusable aluminum mesh filters...
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED PARTS: Our customer support team is based proudly...

After looking closely at 8 Cosmo range hoods, and testing a couple of other range hoods under cabinet, an exercise that took me several months, I can gladly say without fear of contradiction that Cosmo 5U30, a 30” range hood under cabinet is among the best. This range hood is not only powerful thanks to the 250 CFM, but also quiet.

Product Information:

The product has a slim design, which will work for you because most cabinet spaces are not big. In addition, this range hood comes with a 3-speed powerful motor, something that will help you in removing all the dirty fumes from the kitchen.

You will also enjoy the easy-to-push switch buttons that are placed where you can see them vividly. Besides, the range hood comes with 2 bright bulbs. Each bulb is 2 watts. The maximum sound impendence for this range hood is 56dB.

You can decide to do top or back venting using this range hood. You are at liberty to do so because the manufacturer has made the product in a manner that allows for such.

This unit features an inbuilt round duct-ductless and comes with a whopping 5-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Clear and energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Slim design saves cabinet and kitchen space at large.
  • The unit is quite.


  • Fairly heavy at 19 lbs.
  • At times comes with a wrong exhaust.

My View

You can do well with this range hood because it gives you the liberty to decide which duct you will use. Besides, as you have seen, it is super slim thus saves space. Finally, although the 2 bulbs are super bright especially at night, they do not consume a lot of electricity. In fact, they are rated just 2W each.

9. Broan-NuTone 413023 30” Ductless Range Hood Insert with Light, Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet, (Black)

No products found.

Think about how much you will save with the best range hood under cabinet that does not require you to replace the filters all the time. If this is not a thing to you, then what of a range hood with separate rocker switches, which help you to control the machine, thus maintain high levels of air purity and cleanliness in the kitchen? Interestingly, that is what a 30-Inch Broan-NuTone 413023 range hood for under cabinet will give you.

Product Information:

The range hood features non-ducted filtration, has a protective lamp lens that has the ability to accommodate ordinary bulbs as long as they are 75W and below, and measures 30 inches thus fits under most kitchen cabinets.

It also features 2-speed rocker type fan that comes with separate light switch for each. No sharp corners. The bottom of the range hood is hemmed while all the four sides of this ring hood are mitered. The product weighs 12.1 pounds.


  • No awkward scraps and scratches on your kitchen cabinet.
  • The lamp is extremely bright.
  • Easy and safe to use because of the separate switches.
  • Lightweight even if you needed to change position from time to time.


  • Lightweight even if you needed to change position from time to time.
  • The color is not as conducive in the kitchen as its peers.

My View

If you don’t want to create scratches on your kitchen cabinet or you’ve had a bad past experience on the same, this is the right product for you. However, you may need extra brackets and bolts to mount the range hood.

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Why Do You Need A Range Hood?

Although people eat from different places, everyone must eat. For many people, they make food from their kitchen. For this reason, it is important to ensure the kitchen is clean always.

However, it is not easy to ensure high standards of cleanliness. To help you maintain high levels of cleanliness in the kitchen, range hoods play an important role. For instance, while you can sweep, mop, and clean the kitchen floor and walls, it might not be easy to ensure that the air inside the kitchen is clean.

For this reason, you need the best range hood under cabinet that will ensure all the bad odor, smoke, grease, and smell from your cooking is removed completely.

A good range hood will ensure the air in your kitchen remains clean, fresh and the environment stays conducive all the way. I addition, as opposed to other chores like cooking, cleaning, and mopping that require you to be in the kitchen physically, a range hood will be doing its job even when you are not at home.

How To Install a Range Hood Under Cabinet

After successfully removing your old range hood and purchasing your new range hood under cabinet, it is time to install it in your kitchen. Follow these 9 steps that will guide you how to fix your new kitchen appliance:

  • Put apart the cover, fan, and the range hood’s filter that is underneath;
  • Turn off the wall socket, the range hood’s switches, as all other switches that may turn on any part of the machine;
  • Mark at the wall or ceiling where the vent will pass (you can drill the wall to create the vent as well as the electrical socket in case you do not have any);
  • Put in place any ductwork that may be needed;
  • Mark and drill on your wall or ceiling where the mounting brackets will be;
  • Check all the alignments, tighten your mounting bracket, and connect the wires;
  • Reinstall the filters and fasten grease guards if any;
  • Replace the range hood cover by fastening the screws;
  • After checking if everything is in line, turn the wall socket on, and then power the range hood’s switch. If it is working, you’ve just installed your range hood under cabinet

Under Cabinet Range Hood Vs Wall Mount 

kitchen cabinet. In most cases, you will not mount the range hood under any kitchen cabinet.

However, because you want the range hood to remove the unwanted smell that comes because of cooking various types of food, chances are you will mount your range hood closer to the cook top.

A wall mount-range hood, on the other hand will be mounted on a wall of your choice. While the two styles of range hoods serve the same purpose, a range hood under cabinet tends to be effective in eliminating smoke, food odor, and other unwanted smells from the kitchen because of its proximity to the cook top.

Mounting the two types of range hoods differ greatly. Some walls such as those made from stones are excessively hard to penetrate even if you used a special mounting nail. Because of this and other reasons, most people prefer range hoods under cabinets to wall mount range hoods.

Chimney Vs Under Cabinet Range Hood

What I have seen from my research is that given chance, many people would go for range hoods for under the cabinet. One of the reasons for this is easy access to the range hood when cleaning it.

However, those who are struggling with cabinet space, find a better option – a chimney range hood. Whatever you go for, it is important to know why you prefer one to the other.

In my view, a cabinet range hood is fair considering easiness of installation, accessing it in case you want to do thorough cleaning, and can cover the cook top. However, you do not want to forget the power of the chimney range hood.

Chimney range hoods have a unique ability to collect, and vent out all the smoke, food odor and unwanted smell not only from the cook top, but also from the entire kitchen. Installing it might need extra effort as well as hiring an expert if need be.

How to Clean a Sticky Range Hood

If your kitchen range hood is sticky with grease, you can do something to make it shine again. Follow these quick steps to make that happen:

Wipe off any dirty that is on the outside – although the outside might appear blameless, grease may accumulate at some point. It is important to clean using warm soapy water with a towel. If the warm soapy water cannot get rid of the grease, I’d suggest you use acetone. Better still, you can test the chemical’s effectiveness by cleaning a small section first before you decide to use the chemical on the whole body.

Clean underneath the range hood – This area is sensitive because it catches most grease. Remember, this place has the vent. To successfully remove grease, you can switch to using a scrubbing brush. Alternatively, you can add OxiClean, an industrial chemical that is famed for removing greasy stains. If you cannot access OxiClean, you can try a dish soap that is designed to cut the grease.

Remove the filter and wipe it thoroughly – filters harbor most grease. As such, use hot soapy water. For best results, you can soak the filters in hot water for some 20 to 30 minutes before you scrub off the grease. Let the filters dry before you replace them and finally the cover.

How to Choose the Perfect Range Hood Under Cabinet

Before you spend your hard-earned money on any of the aforementioned range hoods under your kitchen cabinet, you need to take into account a number of things. From my experience, many people have done their research hastily, something that has caused them heartache,

You can avoid that by looking into the following things before you decide on which range hood under cabinet you will buy.


There is no right or wrong size for the best range hood under cabinet. What matters is if the range hood fits perfectly under your kitchen cabinet. In most cases, all manufacturers have shown the exact length, width, and height of their range hoods.

When you click on the product of your choice from the above list, the link will direct you to a page where you will get all the product information you are looking for, including the exact measurements of each side. That way, you will be able to see if the ring hood you are interested in is fit for your kitchen cabinet.


Range hoods come with mounting frames. Without a mounting frame or bar, there is no way you are going to mount the ring hood under your kitchen cabinet. Although this is a necessity, something that you’d expect every manufacturer to provide the mounting bar to make your work easier, it is not always the case.

You must ensure the mounting bar suits the place you want to fix it.


Your wall should be made in a way that can be able to hold the mounting bar. Most importantly, it should be the type of wall that that is easy to fix the bar whether you are using bolts, nails, or even hooks.

It is true that most apartments have walls that will not give you hard time when mounting the range hood. However, in a few isolated cases, walls are so hard to penetrate even of you used a special nail. With that in mind, you can think of a wall that is made of stones. Will it be easy to mount your ring hood under cabinet? Hardly!


How far is the ceiling from the cabinet where you want to place your ring hood? Do you intend to fix the range hood on the ceiling? If so, then you also need to ensure the part of the ceiling, which you want to fix your range hood, is strong enough to hold at least 10 pounds.

As you may have seen, some best range hoods under cabinet on this list are over 40 pounds. That is quite a load, right? Nonetheless, with a suitable mounting bar loaded with the right bolts, a conducive wall, and ceiling, you will not go wrong when it comes to installing your new best range hood under cabinet.


Range hood overhead is not everything you need but it is a very important part of a range hood especially if you are fixing the range hood onto the ceiling. A nice overhead should be able to cover a reasonable part of the kitchen, especially the cook top, where most smoke and food odor emanates from.

Besides, a good overhead should be made from a material that is sturdy, does not grease or even attract dirt fast. That way, you are able to maintain and keep it clean all the time.


Range hood ventilation is key. Before you buy any range hood to place under your kitchen cabinet, you must ensure that the ventilation is large or wide enough to ensure the removal of smoke and other unwanted odor from the kitchen.

Whether it is the tube, pipe, or whatever vent that lets out the smoke from the kitchen, the most important should be how ease, fast, and effective the smoke and bad odors leaver your kitchen. In addition, your range hood’s ventilation should not leak along the way before smoke completely exists the room.


In order to successfully remove smoke and other odors from your kitchen, filters play an important role in range hoods. However, you need to understand how the two main filters work. For instance, mesh filters, which do a commendable job in trapping more grease residues compared to baffle filters, are likely to be more expensive in maintaining. In addition, they need regular cleaning for them to offer you the best services.

 Baffle filters, on the other hand, are expensive to buy and replace compared to mesh filters. With that information at your fingertips, it will help you to make a prudent decision


By now, you know that your best range hood under cabinet does not consume a lot of electricity. Nonetheless, different range hoods consume electricity differently, thus, your only concern should be cubic feet per minute, popularly known as CFM, a measure that determines the amount of electricity.

On that note, you need to look at why you need a range hood for cabinet and what exactly you need it do. Strong smells that emanate from frying chicken, deep frying fish, cooking various types of food that have spices, and grilling may require the best range hood under cabinet that has strong power.


Depending on how the range hood is made, particularly the blower level, range hoods can turn out to be noisy. However, you can also get some silent range hoods. Some cities and municipalities across the world have noise restrictions on blower power.

You can also check on those regulations to ensure you purchase the right kitchen appliance.


The height of the range hood under cabinet is debatable. Although there is no rule on the right height of a range hood, it is advisable that the least height be 24 inches and utmost 30 inches.

Everything held constant, a quality range hood under cabinet should be able to help you remove all the stubborn grease, smoke, and bad odor from the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What CFM is best for range hood?

A: The standard CFM for a best range hood is 300-350 CFM.

Q: What is best size motor for a range hood?

A: A single 120V-220V motor will be ideal for a sizeable kitchen. However, if your kitchen is big, you may need to consider a double motor that will be able to power the machine to remove all the smoke from the whole room.

Q: What is the best CFM for under cabinet range hood?

A: A good under cabinet range hood will have a CFM that ranges from 100-250.

Q: What is the best degreaser range hood?

A: There is no single best degreaser for range hoods. Some of the notable degreasers include Zep Foaming, Stanley Home Products, Clorox Professional Multi-purpose, Weiman Gas Range Hood Cleaner, and Krud Kutter All-Purpose Cleaner.

Q: What is the best distance for a hood above a range?

A: The ideal distance for a hood above a range is 20 inches to 24 inches.


You don’t need to work from a non-conducive kitchen when the market offers the best range hood under cabinet you can try. Most of the range hoods under cabinet on this list are appliances I have used thus I have no fear of contradiction that they will be of help to you. If they have worked for me, there is no doubt that they will work for you as well. You only need to ensure that you observe a few things that may be different in your kitchen such as the size of your cabinet,

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