7 Best Wall Mount Range Hood Reviewed and Buying Guide 2024

Best Wall Mount Range Hood

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In most circumstances, we get to hear several cases where people suffer from smoke choking, and a good number end up breathing their last. Do you ask yourself how such a problem can be solved at home? The best answer to that is by installing the best wall mount range hood in the kitchen. Although not a major kitchens appliance, a range hood will help you save a lot of money that would end up in the hospital. You may even safe the lives of your loved ones who may suffocate upon inhaling smoke from the kitchens. Typically, a kitchen hood or a range hood is a mechanical machine that hangs above the cooker in the kitchen to help eliminate fumes, airborne grease, and heat, steam, and combustion elements from the atmosphere.

In this article, I will take you through 7 top the world has ever produced. Additionally, I will address important concerns such as how to install one, how to remove range hood filters, what you need and how to clean them, and factors to consider before you decide this is the right for me. In addition, I will also talk about when and why it is necessary to use  in your kitchen and when do you need a wall mounted range hoods. And at the end of the presentation few frequently asked questions (FAQs).

7 Top Wall Mount Range Hoods At a Glance

Have you very little time? Then take a look at the list bellow. This is just a list. There are individual descriptions of each item in the review section. Lets look this. 

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The 7 Best Wall Mount Range Hood You Must See 

We all need a comfortable environment with fresh air to make our lives happier and lovely. Many are the times most of us despise the fact that we need a conducive atmosphere, especially in the kitchen. Such kind of perception is very wrong.

1. Cosmo 30-Inch 668WRCS75 Wall Mount Range Hood with Ducted Exhaust Vent

In case you just moved into a new house with a modern kitchens, here comes the best wall mount range for you. The item comes in a perfect size; thus, you don’t have to worry about space.

Product Information:

The item is very vital for ventilation purposes; it has efficient airflow that features 30 inches and 380 circumferences.

This feature facilitates the proper flow of air and eliminates the noise of competing range hoods. It will ensure your surrounding is well sorted with a stream of fresh air to keep you rejuvenated.

Cosmo wall mount is cost-effective. Why? This is because it is easy to clean filters; you do not have to purchase new filters after a short period of service.

The item comes with a safety guarantee. It has a warrant of five years whereby you are free to refund the product if one of its parts breaks down.


  • It provides a bright and high lumen for better visibility.
  • It is friendly to the user and easy to clean.
  • Rounded corners to reduce head crapes.
  • Rust free material of stainless steel.


  • Sometimes the manufacturing quality could be reduced.
  • It could be noisy if not correctly installed.

My View

Cosmo 668WWRCS75 is among the best wall mount range you could opt to have at home. With the control power buttons, I find it very easy to use. Despite the many advantages, we all know that everything comes with a negative feedback. Sometime it could end up producing so much noise to make the environment unconducive.

Video: Cosmo 668AS900 Wall Mount Range Hood

2. Cosmo COS-668AS750 Wall Mount Range Hood 380 CFM

If you have been looking for a quality range to elevate your kitchen to greater heights, then your problem is solved. With durable stainless steel, you are in a better position to get what you have always desired. The filters are dishwasher safe to ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained

Product Information

Latest European design to ensure it is compatible with various types of kitchens decors. You do not have to worry about the size of your kitchen since the machine has a perfect size to fit ideally occupying a small portion of the area.

When it comes to ventilation, it is the best. It has a maximum airflow with a circumference of about 38” to make sure smells and odors are with a lot of ease.

The item features three-speed motor, easy to clean stainless steel, touch control panel to make it friendly to the user, and efficient LED lighting to provide better visibility during the night.

The two matching dishwasher arc flow filters ensure superior filtration to trap the oil and cooking grease. The package includes a set of instructions, 6-inch duct pipe, chimney flue duct covers, and a backdraft damper.


  • Dishwasher friendly filters.
  • It is user friendly with the control power buttons.
  • Energy-saving lighting solution.
  • It quickly neutralizes odors.


  • The two LED lights sometimes provide very little light.
  • It could fail to meet your expectations in terms of size.

My View

It is the best item you have at home to make your kitchen a lively place. It is easy to operate with the power buttons and does not require an expert to serve you accordingly. Well, I know sometimes the LED lights could disappoint, but this is something that can be put easily.

3. Cosmo 63175 30” Wall Mount Range Hood with Efficient Airflow, Ducted, 3-Speed Fan,

Probably how your kitchen looks like makes you happy, and maybe you think it is the best you could ever have. However, that could not be the real truth. Installation of Cosmo 6317530 wall mount range in your kitchen improves the living standards with better lighting and clean air.

Product Information

The product comes with premium brushed stainless steel that is strong enough to overcome high heat, oil, steam, and grease.

It features a chimney that has three seamless sides easy to clean and maintain. With the power control buttons, you are in a better position to install having prior experience or not.

The filters are dishwasher to make it easy to clean. The fact remains that we all want to live in a clean conducive environment according to the ministry of health recommends.

The item comes to give you and a clear and bright kitchens with two watt LEDs that has a high lumen lighting for better and improved visibility.


  • It is easy to fix.
  • Dishwasher safe .
  • It provides enough light.You do not need an extra bulb.
  • It is user friendly. No sharp edges.


  • Full power could be boisterous.
  • The chimney could be extra-large to need an extra room.

My View

It is the best wall mount range you can have at home. It is straightforward when it comes to washing and easy to fix, as well. Although at times, it is very noisy and annoying, I would still vote for it.

4. Cosmo 63190 36-Inch Wall Mount Range Hood with Ductless Convertible Duct

You need this item at home. It is the best when it comes to keeping your kitchen area clean and free from odors. Cosmo 6319036 comes to fulfill all your kitchen goals.

Product Information

The item comes in a modern design to fit a variety of kitchen decors. You do not have to worry about space before this wall mounts at home. With premium gauge thickness, it is easy to clean the stainless steel round corners are user friendly since you cannot get hurt easily.

It features safe dishwasher filters to allow you to maintain high levels of hygiene. There is no need to replace your filters from time to time.

It is cost-effective. Wow, I know these are the kind of items we need at home. None of us wants to keep going to the market from now and then. With the power buttons, it is easy to use, as you only need to push the buttons to control the light and speed of the three fans.

Cosmo range hood effectively ventilates your kitchen without the annoying noise of competing range hood. It features an optional carbon filter kit for ductless.


  • Dishwasher-safe filters.
  • It is a suitable ventilator.
  • It is environmentally friendly. It does not produce annoying noise.
  • It is incredibly durable.


  • Sometimes the power buttons fail to operate.
  • It can be relatively expensive.

My View

It is a user-friendly item where you only push the control button to make your adjustments. However, due to the significant advantages of the product, it can be relatively expensive.

5. Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood with Aluminum Mesh Filters and Push Button Control

Whenever we visit the market, we anticipate getting the best product that will not disappoint us at the end of the day. Installation of Winflo stainless steel wall mount gives you a lovely and digitized kitchens with the proper lightings.

Product Information:

Winflo the most-friendly wall mount range you are likely to find in the market. It is easy to use with the push-button control that does not require any skills or expertise.

It comes to provide the best lighting ever with two bright energy-saving white LED lights that illuminate your cooking area. It features quiet operation to keep low levels of noise for a conducive environment.

The product has an adjustable and telescoping chimney that is suitable for 7.5 feet to 8.5 feet ceiling. The package comes with mounting hardware, flexible duck work, and damper to allow easy installation.

The stainless makes it easy to clean with its smooth surface that is friendly to the skin. It features both convertible ducted and non-ducted charcoal filters.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The machine is silent
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The bright LED lights are energy-efficient.


  • The product comes with no warranty.
  • It is relatively hard to install.

My View

I will go for that product that gives me the freedom to the place it where you want. Winflo stainless steel wall mount is flexible to give you the freedom to explore your kitchen. The ugly part is that it has a zero warrant to mean I do not have the freedom to return the item in cases of breakages.

6. Cosmo 63190 36-Inch Wall-mount Range Hood

You can imagine the service you will get with a 36-inch that is nicely-fixed at your kitchen. Whether you prepare many meals or do many other things from your kitchen, there is no better way to eliminate that odor from your kitchen once and for all.

Product Information:

As you may have seen from the name, its has has a whopping 36 inches. Besides, it features 380 CFM, something that tells you of the range hood’s air cleaning ability.

Although permanent, the range hood’s ARC-FLOW filters are dishwasher safe. That means you do not have to worry about removing and cleaning the filters with using your bare hands.

You can also find optional carbon filters that come with this product. Although optional, these filters are only available for ductless. They too are dishwasher friendly.

The design of the range hoods is another thing you can think of. True to their word, Cosmo does not down its clients. The manufacturer has ensured the product looks stylish. Thanks to their innovative style, the range hoods fit in a variety of kitchens.

Brushed stainless steel body is also a plus because you will not have problems cleaning the range hoods.

The premium 430-grade metal body with a 20-gauge thickness makes it possible for the range hoods to stay for many years.


  • Saves you money thanks to permanent and easy to clean filters.
  • Stylish design.
  • Reasonable CFM and made from premium grade stainless steel.
  • Energy efficient thanks to 2W LED bulbs.


  • Makes noisy when at the highest mode.
  • Buttons may fail after sometime.

My View

While most Cosmo products are good, this one beats a majority of those that are given five stars. The design is  permanent and optional filters that are dishwasher safe and energy-efficiency are some of the things I personally admire. However, you need to contend with the high noise levels.

7. Cosmo COS-63190S Wall Mount Range Hood with Ductless Convertible Duct Permanent Filters

Cosmo will stop at nothing to bring you different products that will continue to give you the best service. For this best wall mount ring hood, the company has employed style, size, and intricate features to bring you this best product. For instance, the range hood features a canopy style with the modern digital touch.

Product Information:

This product is available in two different sizes. The smaller one is 30 inches, while the bigger one is 36 inches long. Whichever you decide is what you get. The price is the same with subtle differences on performance.

Tempered glass visor together with a digital touch are also some of the notable features you are likely to appreciate on this product.

Cosmo COS-63190S features a canopy design. That means, you are able to capture and vent out smoke and other odors from the kitchen fast.

Filters are so easy to clean. Besides, they are made from extremely durable material thus; you do not have to worry about making a fresh order of optional filters soon.

A 3-speed motor is perhaps the main feature.  You can be rest assured that with this kind of a motor, you are able to have a kitchen that is free from smoke.

The product comes with a 5-years manufacturer warranty in which you will receive superior customer care and other related services.


  • Soft buttons.
  • Super bright LED lights.
  • Nice canopy-design.
  • Easy-to-operate LCD touch control.


  • Elicits a lot of noise. You cannot talk when it is on.
  • You may need an expert to install.
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  • Aliqua nulla pariatur elitis

How to Install Wall Mount Range Hood(s)

Conventionally, any home use appliance needs an expert to install. However, it is not always the case. More than any other time in the history, you can install some appliances yourself. 

Assembling the right tools is the first step towards installing your wall mount range hood. Follow these simple steps to install: 

  1. 1Remove the old wall mount range hood, in case there is one, by unscrewing the appliance.
  2. 2With your new wall mount range hood on site, start by removing the cover, followed by the fan, then lastly the filter(s) that are underneath.
  3. 3Put off the power buttons (the range hood’s and the wall socket’s).
  4. 4Using a sharp object, (sometimes this is in the package) make the vent cutout.
  5. 5Make sure there are no obstacles along the way of the vent.
  6. 6Install the necessary and enough ductwork.
  7. 7Ensure you mark the holes where screws will fit as well as the cable(s).
  8. 8Drill the ceiling/ceiling where the brackets will be fixed. You can do this above the cabinet.
  9. 9Ensure the alignments are okay.
  10. 10Connect all the wires.
  11. 11Assemble back the filters and fasten the range hood’s grease guards.
  12. 12Put on the socket and the power button and test your ki range hood.

How to Install Wall Mounted Range Hoods With an outside Vent  

When To Use Wall Mount Range Hoods

Some people think that as long as you have the best range hood, you can use it in any room or as you want. The fact is, range hoods are not home appliances you can use anywhere or anyhow.

This is only used in the kitchen. However, you can also use it in a room that has a lot of smoke emanating from the oven or even where you cook foods. When  you look at those two conditions, you will realize that the only appropriate place to use in the kitchens.

In addition, the term wall mount denotes the place or position where you need to install it.

Essentially, this appliance for home is designed in a way that best fits to be fixed at the wall. Remember, some range hoods are best suited to be under cabinets, others directly over the oven, while others can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

The most important is that if you cook a lot or you feel that there is plenty of smoke and food odor in your kitchen, it is the right time to install in your kitchen.

How To Safely Remove Range Hood Filters

Because range hoods filters contract grease and other notorious dirt such as smoke, there is need to remove them for cleaning or replacement. Stainless steel range hoods filters are so hard to remove but with the right expertise, you can. Activated filters on the other hand are easy to remove and clean.

First, you need to turn off the range hoods. That of course, include fan, LCD screen, and lights.

The second step is to seize the filters at the center and pull them off the range hood. Then lift the grease filter to remove it.

Thirdly, soak the filters in hot water.

How To Clean Wall Mount Range Hood

The state of your range hood’s filters will mean life or death of your range hood. Therefore, unless you know how to take care of your range hood, changes are you will spend a lot of money buying filters each year.

Nonetheless, a nice kitchen should have a range hood with clean filters.

The good thing about most range hood filters is that they are dishwasher safe. Whether permanent or replaceable, dishwasher safe filters are easy to clean.

The first step would be to unscrew or remove the filters, place them in water. You can soak them in water that is mixed with suitable detergents for some time.

But before you decide to place the filters in the dishwasher, you may want to clean the filters using your hands to remove extra dirt and grease before dipping the filters into the dishwasher.

Follow these simple steps when cleaning range hood filters:

What you need:

  • Baking soda;
  • Degreaser such as dawn dish soap;
  • Hot water;
  • Double-textured sponge or brush;
  • Dish or paper towels.


  • Slide to remove filters from the range hood (it is easy for honeycomb filters).
  • Fill a bucket with boiling or hot water;
  • Put in a liberal amount of baking soda;
  • Add dish soap to the mixture;
  • Soak the filters in the basin filled with hot water for about 20 minutes;
  • Using the sponge or brush, remove all the grease and dirt from the filters;
  • Rinse the filters using clean water;
  • Replace them carefully.

What to Consider When Buying Wall Mount Range Hoods

Before you decide what wall mount range hood you will buy for your kitchen, a number of things come in mind. At least, like any other thing you buy to your home, you need to look at certain things. Here is how do you choose wall mounted range hoods.


Size is an important thing when buying a wall mount range hood. Remember, you are going to need space in your kitchen where you are going to fix the range hood. Suppose you buy a range hood with a staggering size of 46 inches if there is any, yet you have a small kitchen, how will it fit? Where will you fit it?


A big wall mount range hood with 100 CFM or thereabout is useless compared with a 24-inch with reasonable strength such as 380 CFM.  With this amount of strength, you are sure to remove all the dirty particles, smoke, and odor from your kitchen in no time.

When you install a powerful range hood, you safe your family because no sign or smell of smoke will litter the air thus guard them against toxins that may lead to health problems.

Energy Star

Energy star or energy certified products are those that have passed the energy test thus approved to be used on electricity. Every time you go out shopping. It is imperative to ensure the product has a seal of approval.

Different wall mount range hoods with different wattages/volts have different energy star levels.

Heat Sensor

Machines that have heat sensors are praised for they act as monitors. Some even turn themselves on whenever they sense any degree of smoke. That way, it is able to alert you to power it so that it can start to clean the air around the room.

In fact, some wall range hoods even start the air-cleaning process on their own once they sense any smoke or odor. With a heat sensor, it realize that the oven has been turned on thus it is the right time to start cleaning the smoke afterwards. What a nice feature!

Thermostat Control

Thanks to its ability, thermostat control feature is designed with the ability to regulate heat inside the unit. With a thermostat control is better because it is able to sense the amount of heat in the unit thus turn the machine on/off.

If the temperature inside the unit is low, which denotes no activity in the kitchens, the TC alerts the machine to switch itself off and vice versa. This is another premium feature you should look at.

Exhaust Timer

As the word suggests, an exhaust timer alerts the machine when it is the right time to vent out any unwanted air from the room. This feature does not work alone but with the help of other features such as heat sensor, and thermostat control that turn on the best wall mount range hood.

Automatic Off

There are times you are busy doing other things in the kitchen or from other rooms while this running. Upon the successful removal of smoke, odor, and any other unwanted particles from the kitchen, a range hood with an automatic off feature will go off, shutting down the machine.

Thanks to this feature, you are able to safe electricity because this will not be running while there is nothing to clean in the kitchen.

Manufacturer Warranty

Whether a warranty is a good thing or a bad one is a matter of personal opinion. Some people, upon receiving the right product, it is needless to check the warranty. This is especially important if the machine does not develop any complications.

A manufacturer warranty, will however, be of benefit in case you receive a different product, faulty, or a part of the machine is damaged. Some companies elaborate in detail what their warranties will handle.

It is important to read and understand fully what is contained in the warranty, what sometimes is termed as ‘warranty terms.’

Video: How to Installation Wall Mount Range Hood ?

Installing a range hood is one of the most crucial home improvement projects. This is because it helps you maintain your indoor air quality, and also saves energy. These days, installing a range hood has become easier than ever before thanks to the vast array of different models and styles on the market. This video will help you basic installation of wall amount range hood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What filters are best for wall mount range hoods?

A: Stainless steel filters, baffle filters, charcoal filters, and aluminum mesh filters are some of the best filter. They are deemed reliable.

Q: What is the best bulb for a range hood?

A: Dimmer halogen bulbs are so far the best. However, LED bulbs are increasingly becoming popular for their durability. While LED bulbs are cool when touching and durable, halogen bulbs are energy-efficient and light up instantly.

Q: What is the best height to wall mounted range hoods? 

A: The best height to mount range hood should be between 20 inches and 24 inches above the cooktop.


There is no doubt that you cannot achieve a clean kitchen, free from smoke and food odor without the use of the best wall mount range hood. However, you have to be keen when selecting the right kitchens appliance that you will be sure will work for your family. In this article, you’ve learnt how extensive you should carry out your research and in my view, there is no better way of landing the ideal it staying around a little longer to find additional tips.

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