10 Best Grill Covers Reviewed 2024 And Buying Guide

Best Grill Covers

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It can be extremely enjoyable having a barbecue together with people you love. One of the best ways to keep the blast moments lively again and again is to invest in a good barbecue grill. When not in use, a grill is normally stored outside. Therefore, you need to be mindful of your grill to protect and maintain it. The only way you can be sure of this is by investing in the best grill covers.

Purchasing a grill cover will not only keep the grill looking good but also lengthen its lifespan as well as save you the need to keep cleaning it before every use. However, it appears most people do not know what a grill cover is. If they do, they know little than they should. 

For this reason, you need to know what this tool is, how it works and what it does. 

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What Is A Grill Cover?

A grill cover is a protective textile product made to fit over a grill as cover and shield it from the destruction caused by weather conditions like moisture, rain, sun, wind, and snow. It also helps keep external contaminants at bay such as birds’ droppings, anthills, dust, and broken twigs and branches. 

Why Does A Grill Cover Rust? 

Rusting is bound to take place when water comes into contact with any object made from non-stainless materials. Since a grill cover will mostly remain outside, thus exposed to all types of weather conditions, rusting must take place if the fabric used to make cannot resist rust.

It is important to carefully select your grill cover carefully, to ensure you purchase a cover made from waterproof fabric.

Do Grill Covers Prevent Rust? 

Yes, grill covers are supposed to guard your barbecue grill from any external condition that would cause fast wear and tear. A sub-standard cover collects and retains moisture around your grill causing corrosion and rusting.

It is therefore paramount that you buy a sturdily made, fire-resistant, and a water-resistant grill cover for maximum protection of your grill. Ensure also that it is well-fitting on the grill to give no room for entry of external elements. 

Are Grill Covers Heat-Resistant?

Grill covers made from heavy-duty and durable materials are capable of withstanding intense heat and resist burning. They cannot be easily damaged by heat but this does not mean that they are wholly proof of intense heat effects.

Can You Wash A Grill Cover?

Proper maintenance of your grill cover will undoubtedly help you prolong the durability of your product. The good news is that washing a grill cover is an easy process. Just like anything else sitting exposed outside will collect dirt, it is therefore imperative to carry out a regular cleaning session.

You first remove any large debris accumulated from twigs, branches, birds’ droppings, and dust. Proceed to rinse off by running water over it. Scrub the surface of the grill cover using soapy water. You should give more attention to areas with concentrated stitching. Finish by rinsing off using a hosepipe and spread it in the sun to dry.

Spray an anti-mildew spray to stop any harmful effect brought about by fungus.

You can commit to thorough regular cleaning after every 3-4 months. Do not use a washing machine.

What Grill Cover Do I Need?

Grills can be very costly and regardless of what material they are made of, nobody likes to watch their valuable investments waste away in harsh weather and other external elements.

The best grill cover will create a barrier between your grilling equipment and all external elements. When looking for the best grill cover, pay attention to few key features:

What The Cover Is Made Of

It is possible that you will not be gentle on your cover while putting it on or when removing it. You probably will be pulling it off instead of carefully folding it. For this reason and that, the fact that it will remain exposed to elements you require a cover made from high quality, robust and heavy-duty material. Buying thin covers will only lead you to replace them before long.

Select a well-fitting cover for your grill, not too tight or too loose. A loosely fitting cover allows in moisture, which eventually causes rust and wearing out of your grill. On the other hand, a tight one is difficult to put on and remove. A close fit is the best since it will be easy to put on and off as well as keep humidity away.

When To Put Grill Cover On

Your grill should be kept covered as long as it is not in use. This will help reduce exposure to elements that would cause damage to your appliance.

After every grilling session, wait until the grate cools down to a degree comfortable for touch or below 200 Fahrenheit Clean it thoroughly, and then put your cover on.

How To Put On Grill Cover

Placing and removing the cover on a grill is an easy task. You simply hold the cover by its sides and slip it on your grill.

Popular Grill Cover Comparison Data

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How to make Grill Cover

What Is The Best Grill Cover Material?

Grill covers are normally made of three different materials namely Vinyl, Polyester, and Canvas.

A polyester-made cover is treated chemically, light in weight, and dries up quickly after washing. It is ideal for use in any kind of climate and weather. It is versatile but its durability is questionable.

Vinyl covers are highly water-resistant but it is advisable to buy thicker gauges because lighter ones spoil faster and may need frequent replacing. However, they offer great protection from snow and rain.

Canvas-made covers offer the best option. It is a heavy-duty, tough material that can be formulated to be both fire and waterproof. Compared to others Canvas is affordable and simply the best grill cover material.

Here are the 10 Best Grill Covers you Need to Look for This Year and Beyond:

1. VicTsing Grill Cover, Small 30-Inch

VicTsing Grill Cover

VicTsing is one of the best grill covers with approximately 30 inches that can fit on most grill brands. Notable grills this lid covers include JennAir, Holland, Brinkmann, and Char Broil. It is made of waterproof material that does not get ripped off easily.

Notable Features

  • Heavy duty long lasting material – this grill cover is made of 100%polyester material that is water resistance. It is also resistance to other elements like UV, dust and wind. This protects the grill from unfavorable environment as strong sunshine, rain, snow, insects, heavy rains and wind especially when dealing with outdoor grill.
  • Rip-resistant: the grill cover is strengthened with strong stitches and adhesives that improve the water repellency ability. The bound edges provide protection and prevent the grill cover from cracking and tearing.
  • Has handles on both sides, this enhances the fitting and removal of the grill cover. It also has a magic tape at the base of each side that helps during tightening of the cover. A tightened cover cannot be blown away easily.
  • This heavy-duty grill cover comes with a pouch for easy transportation and also for storage when not in use.


  • It is easy to handle.
  • The material is heavy-duty, strong and durable, and does not crack or tear easily.
  • It can be used on an outdoor barbeque grill as it is resistant to wind, rainstorms, snow, strong sunlight, and UV.
  • It is easy to transport and store as it comes with an extra pouch.
  • Has magic tape that improves the tightening of the cover to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.
  • It can perfectly fit several grill brands.


  • Too harsh sunshine may cause fading but the function is not altered with

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2. Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Most online stores recently ranked this type of grill cover no. 10 out of 84 best grill covers. It is suitable for Weber grill brands.

Notable Features

  • The veranda covers have inner bound seams that strengthen the cover. In addition, it has high-density bound seams for durability.
  • The handles are padded to enhance comfort.
  • The cover can fit a barbeque grill of 58” length, 24” depth and 48” height. This means it can fit several brands like Weber Genesis II, spirit gas models among others.
  • The grill cover fabric is water resistance with a protective hydrophobic backing and a splash guard edge.
  • Wide collection: There are over 140 shapes and designs of veranda style from Classic Accessories.
  • Custom-fit cover: The cover has an elastic hem that allows adjustments to fit and tighten the barbeque grill.


  •  Can fit several grill brands. 
  •  The cover material is waterproof. 
  •  The covers are strong and durable. 
  •  Allows adjustments to fit the barbeque and allows tightening of the grill cover. 
  •  The handles are padded and comfortable to grip. 


  •  Not designed to entirely cover the wheels or base. 

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3. Homitt Gas Grill Cover

Homitt Gas Grill Cover

This is one of the best grills. It is affordable and can fit most other brands hence no worry that you might have bought the wrong fitting. It is made of tough material that can last long and durable.

Notable Features

  • Heavy-duty fabric grill cover with PVC cover – this cover prevents the grill from dust, snow, water and UV.  With this cover, there is no worry the grill can be damaged whether indoor or outdoor.
  • With the dimensions of 58” long, 24” wide and 48”high, the cover can fit most grill brands.
  • With the PVC layer, this makes the cover more durable and difficult to tear or rip.
  • Has hooks and straps that can be used to make the grill cover tight and prevent it from being carried away by wind.
  • Has handles on both sides making it easier to fit and remove.
  • Has a carrying bag for storage when not used.
  • Can be easily cleaned by hosing it down with water and drying in the sun


  • Easy to clean.
  •  The cover can be used on most grill brands due to its dimensions.
  •  Has straps and hooks that can be used to tighten the cover on the grill.
  •  It is made of heavy duty material that can withstand brutal weather conditions.
  •  The material is durable and tear-resistant.


  •  The cover may fade after a long period of use.

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4. VicTsing Grill Cover, Medium 58 – Inch

VicTsing Grill Cover, Medium 58

This grill cover is bigger than its 30-inch sister. It is waterproof, made of heavy-duty fabric, and fits other brands like Weber, Brinkmann, Jenn Air, Char-Broil, and Holland.

Notable Features

  • Has water resistant PVC layer that makes last longer, protects it from fading, wind, rain and strong sunshine.
  • It has straps on both sides. This helps to fasten the cover at the bottom to prevent the cover from the blowing wind.
  • Has double handles on each side. This makes fitting and removal of grill cover easy.
  • Easy to clean – cleaning is simple at it requires washing with water and putting it on the sun to dry.
  • Easy to store – this grill cover has carrying bag tor storage.
  • Compatible with several grills – the grill cover can fit most 58-inch grills.


  • Cleaning the cover is easy.
  • With an extra bag, storage is easy when not in use.
  • Can fit other 58-inch grill brands.
  • The cover is waterproof, UV resistant, and resistance to dust, wind, rain, and sunshine.
  • Easy to handle, fit and remove from the grill.


  • Sometimes the grill cover can fade especially under very harsh weather.

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5. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553/7107

rill Cover 7553

Kingkong 7553/7170 is one of the few Kingkong grill covers in the market that continue to record high sales. It can easily fit Weber Genesis 300 series brands and Char Broil 4 burner.

Notable Features

  • Can fit other grill brands like Weber Genesis 300 series (E- 310, E- 330, EP-310, EP -330, S-310, S-330) Char-Broil and Weber Genesis II E-310.
  • Does not fit Weber Genesis II E-410.
  • This grill cover is made up of high-quality fabric that protects it from harsh weather for a long period.
  • The material is waterproof, UV resistant and does not tear off easily.


  •  Easy to clean.
  •  It is durable.
  •  It is affordable.
  •  Comes with a stainless steel brush, cooking thermometer and tongs.
  •  Can fit another grill brand nicely.
  •  Fits perfectly well on the grill.
  •  Do not fade.
  •  Makes the best grill cover and is most preferred according to many users.


  •  It can be used for outdoor barbeque grills as it is resistant to water, dust, and sunshine.
  • You might find some moisture on the grill lid if being rained on.

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6. Weber 7107 Grill Cover

Weber 7107 Grill Cover

A good grill cover is a sure way of protecting your quality grill from elements such as rain, ice as well as bird droppings. When you think about the best grill cover, then think about the Weber 7107 Grill Cover. This wonderfully designed cover is more breathable even in cold conditions. The manufacturers have also made it easier to place and remove the cover thanks to the softness of the fabric.

Notable Features

  • This grill cover is made of 100% polyester fabric.
  • To ensure a good fit, Velcro straps are added to the cover.
  • It has a joined storage section for easy storage of the cover when not in use.
  • Velcro straps are added to ensure that the cover is secured on to the grill. This will prevent strong winds from blowing the cover away.


  • The cover has a generous warranty of three years.
  •  Provides an all-year-round shield from the weather elements such as harmful UV rays.
  •  Rugged like vinyl but pliable and more breathable in even extreme cold.
  •  The cover soft material allows for easy removal and placement of the cover.


  •  The cover can be too tight thus making it harder to place over the grill.
  •  The warranty is limited. 

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7. Char-Broil 2-3 Burner All-Season Cover

Char-Broil Burner All-Season Cover

Char-Broil 2-3 Burner is a medium-duty cover for your grill that will protect it from the elements. It is specifically designed to cover the grill with two to three burners. It can also cover a wideness of 52 inches. Char-Broil 2-3 Burner All-Season Cover has side straps to keep it fastened to your grill.

Notable Features

  • An amazing grill Cover designed to cover grills with two to three burners perfectly.
  • Made with 300D polyester.
  • The inner lining is made using PVC.
  • The easy to use side closure will keep the cover secure around the burner.
  • This cover comes in the dimensions of 23×52×38 inches


  • Able to withstand harsh elements such as rain, wind, frost, and dust. This will surely make your grill free from rust and other dirt. 
  •  Easy to put on and off your grill. This is due to its large fit. 
  • The cover straps secure it against being blown away by the wind. Covers with no secure straps can easily be blown away leaving your grill bare. 
  • Made of thick, durable material that easily covers 2-3 burner grills. This makes the grill cover durable. 


  • If you have a grill with more than 3 burners it may not fit well. 

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8. Texas Gas Grill Cover

Texas Gas Grill Cover

When in search for the best grill cover then choose Texas gas grill cover. The cover comes with an added grill brush and BBQ tongs. It is also made with the highest quality polyester that will protect your grill all year round from all elements. The cover is made of materials that are heavy duty and durable.

Notable Features

  • Able to fit the S series and Genesis E grills.
  • The cover is of premium quality and it is water resistant. Your grill will also be protected from the U.V rays.
  • The material is crack resistant.
  • A polyester 600D with PVC backing will surely prolong your grill’s life.
  • Comes with a grill brush as well as BBQ tongs.
  • Equipped with Velcro straps, which hold the cover tightly on the grill. This avoids the possibility of the cover being blown away.


  • Made from quality materials thus ensuring durability.
  • Easy to use. You can easily slip it on and off the grill.
  • A sleek look design that will enhance and blend with your outdoor space.
  • The cover comes with two BBQ equipment that will enhance your experience in grilling.


  • A bit too long.

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9. VonHaus BBQ Grill Cover

VonHaus BBQ Grill Cover

Also known as, the storm collection, this grill cover is the perfect choice for your outdoor grill. It is a heavy-duty and waterproof protector of your outdoor grill. It comes in a grey color, which is a wonderful color for your outdoor area. You only need to completely cool your appliance before putting on the cover.

Notable Features

  • This cover is specially made using 600D polyester.
  • Made using a PVC lining.
  • It is suitable for propane, charcoal, electric, hickory, and Texas barbecue grills.
  • A full size of 60(L) × 26(W) ×50(H) inches.
  • Has an elastic hem with fastening clips, drawstrings and toggle for an easy fit.
  • The cover comes with a zip for fastening the accessory pocket.
  • Covered air vents included.


  • Easy to fit thanks to the elastic hem as well as the fastening clips.
  • Air vents reduce the growth of mold by halting condensation.
  • The accessory pocket with a zip is perfect for storing your BBQ utensils.
  • Guaranteed durability due to high-quality polyester material.
  • The cover’s PVC waterproof lining is effective in protecting against elements such as rain, wind, frost, and dirt.
  • This cover is UV resistant.


  • Not cooling your appliance before putting the cover on can damage the cover.

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10. Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

The best grill cover should offer the best protection to your grill for a long period. With this cover, you are guaranteed a heavy-duty grill cover for all elements. It is suitable for Charbroil, Brinklmann, Weber, and others.

You will love this cover because it is waterproof and is UV resistant.

Notable Features

  • It is wind resistant. This is due to the Velcro straps attached to it. This will prevent your cover from being blown away by the wind.
  • Made of a heavy duty material. The Oxford material is lined with PVC.
  • The cover grill cover comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • This grill cover can fit popular grill brands. They include Charbroil, Brinklmann, and Weber grills.
  • Has dimensions 24” Width × 58” Length × 48” Height.


  • Built with heavy duty material that makes the cover more durable.
  • The grill cover lifetime guarantee assures you that even if the cover fades or gets ripped, you can get it replaced.
  • It is wider than most grill covers thus, it is easy to fit on your grill.
  • It is able to match most popular brands in the market.


  • It can be a bit pricey.

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Grill Cover Buying Guide

The above review has so far helped you have a glimpse of what the market offers. While there are many such grill covers in the market, you will soon realize not all offer the same quality service. For this reason alone, you need to take your time to do more research.

For instance, would you not look at a few important specs if you were to buy your dream car? It is the same case if you want to purchase the best grill cover. You may want to look at things such as weight, ability to retain the heat, whether it rusts or not, waterproof ability and such like.

Let’s now look at some of the important factors you need to look at when you are sourcing out the ideal cover for your grill.

Grill Material

The best grill cover material should be one that has the ability to retain heat for a longer period. Do not be fooled: Not every grill cover in the market offers the exact quality service you need it for.

Others will retain the heat for a short time, while quality gas grill covers will retain the heat for a longer period.

Texas grill covers for instance are famed for their ability to retain heat for a relatively longer period. It is the same case with Weber grill covers.

Kingkong grill covers on the other hand, have made a name for themselves as ‘heavy-duty grill covers’ the world has ever created.

Remember that different grill cover materials help achieve different types of chores. For now, three main materials are famed for making best grill cover material namely vinyl, polyester, and canvas. When choosing any from the three main materials, you should put in your mind the purpose of the grill cover.

Polyester and vinyl are good grill covers that work best in withstanding certain outdoor conditions such as cold, moisture, and little amounts of drizzle from the snow. Besides, these two are a cheaper option if you are on budget.

If you store your grill in a place that does not have a shade, I’d rather you go for a canvas grill cover. It is excellent in guarding your grill against any water. For this reason, it sells as the best waterproof grill cover.

The other thing about canvas is it will last longer. The material is known to last longer than its competitors do. My advice is; no matter the price, if the grill cover is durable, go for it.

Does It Have A Tie Down?

Why is a tie down important? Remember, if your grill is in the open, it needs a strong grill cover. A good heavyduty grill cover with tie downs will ensure your grill is covered even when strong winds are blowing.

Some of the things you should look for include straps, hooks, and elastic hems. Essentially, look for anything that can help hold the lid to the grill body.

Grill Model

The model of the grill is another factor. The worst mistake you would make is to think that all grill covers do the same job. It is true that they cover the grill. But, it is also important to know that the size, the model, and even the way these lids cover is different from one another.

Therefore, rather than coming with a rough estimate of how your grill is, ensure you have the exact dimensions of your grill. This way, it would be easy to find the best gas grill cover that serves the purpose.

You are not left without help. Most of the grill covers in the market today, come with model numbers that correspond with the model of the grill they will fit. It is therefore prudent to know your grill type, and model number before you do the purchase of the cover.

Grill Cover Lining

Is it necessary for a cover to have a lining? The answer to this question is a resounding ‘YES!’ A quality grill cover must have a good lining. As you will see, if the lining is of a bad quality, the cover will not be able to retain any heat at all. Whatever heat would be captured in the grill will evaporate within seconds if the lining is made from a low-quality material.

Note that flannel and felt, two materials for making grill cover linings may not be the best options. Rodents like chewing these materials and may even use them to build their resting places.

It doesn’t mean you cannot find a quality grill cover without lining. In fact, I have seen nylon, polyester, and vinyl-made covers that do not let loose any heat. Besides, they are durable.

Does The Grill Cover Have Vents?

Vents are not necessary. However, it is one of the features of good lid. Best grill cover for Weber Genesis, for instance come with vents. Some of the grills are sensitive to moisture especially if the inner part is hotter while the outer part is extremely cold.

Gas grill covers with vents allow air to escape from the grill thus halting unwanted moisture to accumulate inside the grill. True that not all covers come with this feature but it is would be an added advantage if your grill cover has holes.


Think about this: will you purchase a grill cover that requires you to hire an expert to service it every month? Hardly! Ideally, a good grill cover should be one that is easy to maintain. Personally, I prefer DIY things.

Whether the cover has harbored substantive amounts of dirt, you wouldn’t feel the pain if all you need is to remove it, deep it in the water, clean it and then leave it to dry.

Remember, if you choose the wrong material, you will spend a lot of money cleaning it or even doing various repairs. Sometimes, a wrong material will force you to spend long hours trying to scrub off some stubborn dirt. Why waste a lot of your precious time while you can save yourself the agony by choosing the right grill cover material?


A grill cover with additional pockets will go a long way. It is simple logic! A quality grill cover with added pockets will help you find enough space to carry or even store important accessories. Some of the things you can carry in the additional pockets include gloves, brushes, pliers, knives, skewers, and many other tools.


Select a well fitting cover for your grill, not to tight or too loose. A loosely fitting cover allows in moisture, which eventually causes rust and wearing out of your grill. On the other hand, a tight one is difficult to put on and remove. A close fit is the best since it will be easy to put on and off as well as keep humidity away.

Does It Resist Water?

Water or moist conditions are great enemies facing your grilling appliance. If you store your grill outside, you must get a heavy duty waterproof cover to offer maximum protection against humidity that easily corrodes surfaces. 


Wind can blow away your cover if it is not securely fastened onto the grill. Buy one with velcro, buttons or cinch string. This will prevent any occurrence of your cover getting blown away.

UV protection

Continuous exposure to sunlight will eventually lead to a faded and not good-looking grill cover. Ensure you buy one with maximum protection against Ultraviolet rays. 


Any good quality product comes with a warranty. This is a sure indication that the manufacturer is confident of his merchandise. Do not purchase a cover without warranty it might cause you to cough more of your hard-earned money because of overlooking meaningful details that appear less useful.


Conclusion I agree it is not an easy thing to finally get the best grill cover. However, with this vast knowledge shared herein, I’m certain you are more knowledgeable than before. This puts you in a better place to make the right decision. For now, you are able to choose from among the many, a quality grill cover that will help you meet your expectations.

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